SEO For Start-Ups

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It assists in improving your website’s visibility for relevant searches. It optimizes your website to get organic traffic from the search engine results. Organic is un-paid traffic. SEO increases the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. Quality traffic means customers who are willing and genuinely interested in your products. Quantity traffic is the clicks made on your website from the results on search engine result pages.

In a single day, millions of people use the search engine to look for something. Over 63,000 searches are received on Google per second in a single day. Up to 95% of all online traffic comes from page 1 of search engines. So, it is prominent to optimize your website to appear on the top pages to increase sales.

Why startups need SEO?

If you are planning to develop a startup or you have a startup and planning to grow your business, then you should consider SEO in your plan. SEO services in Bangalore help you expand your reach.

In the pandemic situation, most of the people are in their homes, and it is hard to reach out to your customers. The only medium that you have to reach out to them is the internet. By creating a website or business profile online, you can connect with them. Even if your business is not much popular and your audience has not heard of it, you can SEO can lead then to your website.

Every business has some aim that it wants to achieve and for which it came into existence. You might as well have some business goals for your startup. SEO can help you to achieve those business goals.

  • Create a brand image.
  • Business expansion.
  • Increase in profit and revenue.
  • Increase in sales.
  • Huge customer base.
  • Customer’s brand loyalty.

Your startup can be a huge success if you use the SEO in your business plan. You will understand how you can use SEO to achieve your business goals from the following:

Set SEO Goals

If you are using an SEO tool for your startup, then first, you need to know why and for what goal you want SEO. Without any specific aim, you cannot get any results and monitor if you’re on the right path or not. You should set what goals you want to achieve from your SEO strategy. By having an objective, you can monitor your results against your objectives. Your SEO goals can be to gain traffic on your website or to increase conversions. The SEO goals you set should follow your business goal.

Competitor analysis

Running a start-up in 2020 is not easy. There are many competitors in the same industry. But it is easy to check and analyze who they are, what they’re doing, and their customer base. For an SEO strategy, the most crucial task is to examine your competitors. Find out what SEO strategy they’re using and how they’re getting ranked. You can also find out what they lack in their SEO strategy and capitalize on it in your SEO strategy. To adopt any SEO strategy, you must see what other businesses are doing and what makes them best in the industry.

Keywords Research

Keyword research is undoubtedly the most prominent part of any SEO strategy. If your keyword game is strong, then you can be in top rankings. Make sure that your keyword appears on your page so that Google understands what your start-up business is all about. Match the keywords with the search intent for the viewer category. Avoid keyword stuffing as it might hack the system. Keywords can help you in discovering any untapped content. You can use the keywords tool to choose the right keywords to target your customers. Focus on the keywords related to your business. It helps the search engine to understand your business and show it in the relevant searches.

Optimize Content For Search Engines

Perform an on-site SEO to optimize your content for search engines. You can optimize your title, headings, description, Meta tags, images so that the search engines can understand your business. Make sure that your website is authentic as it makes the search engine identify your website and business. For optimizing content, consider the following points:

The title and Meta tags of your page should be clear and descriptive and relevant to your business.

Your URL structure should be readable and clear. It helps search engines to understand your website. Include keywords related to your business in the URL to make it more relevant to your business.

Optimize your images by including alt tags in them so that search engines can spot them. Optimizing images helps the users to discover your content.

You can also embed animations and infographics on your website to make its content attractive.

Get Backlinks

Backlinks or inbound links are the links that other websites provide on their website. For a start-up, it is essential to have linkages. If you’re new and want to create brand awareness and then getting these links are the best for your business. Backlinks will give your start-up more coverage for your content.

Building public relations with prominent people in the industry can be very useful for your business. Obtain links from influencers who work in the same domain by building relationships with them and tying up with them. By connecting with trade associations, bloggers, resellers, vendors, and other businesses, you can generate links. The more links you get, the more becomes your chances of ranking on search engines.


Adopting an SEO strategy can help your start-up to achieve its ultimate goal. SEO Company in HSR Layout can help you in getting rankings, more conversions, engagement, and traffic. If your start-up is new, then to create awareness, SEO can be the best option. In 2020 most of the work is being done online using the digital platform. In this era, people connect in the digital world, so it is crucial to connect with them digitally and achieve your business goals.