Definition of Engine:

  1. Computing: Central piece of software (core) around or to which other features and functions are built or added, such as a search engine.

  2. Engineering: Device used in converting any type of energy into mechanical work.

  3. A machine with moving parts that converts power into motion.

  4. A railroad locomotive.

Synonyms of Engine

Motor, Mechanism, Machine, Power source, Drive, AC motor, Corliss engine, Otto engine, Wankel engine, Aeromotor, Air engine, Alembic, Anvil, Apparatus, Appliance, Arc-jet engine, Axial-flow turbojet, Beam engine, Bearings, Blowing engine, Boiler, Caldron, Cam, Cam engine, Camshaft, Capacitor motor, Commutator motor, Compensated motor, Compound motor, Condensing engine, Connecting rod, Convenience, Crankcase, Crankshaft, Crucible, Cylinder, Cylinder head, Diagonal engine, Differential, Direct-acting engine, Donkey engine, Drive, Dynamo, Dynamotor, Electric motor, Enginery, Facility, Fire engine, Fixture, Flywheel, Gas jet, Gas turbine engine, Gearbox, Gears, Generator, Hot-air engine, Hydraulic engine, Hydro-jet, Impulse duct engine, Inverted engine, Ion engine, Ion rocket, Jet, Lathe, Locomotive, Machine, Machinery, Mechanical aid, Mechanical device, Mechanism, Melting pot, Mortar, Motive power, Motor, Outboard motor, Pancake engine, Piston, Piston engine, Piston rod, Piston-valve engine, Plasma engine, Portable engine, Power plant, Power source, Propeller-jet engine, Propjet, Pulse-jet engine, Pumping engine, Radial engine, Ramjet, Ramjet engine, Reciprocating engine, Refrigerating engine, Resojet engine, Retort, Rocket engine, Rocket motor, Rotary engine, Rotary-piston engine, Rotor motor, Servomotor, Shunt motor, Steam engine, Supercharged engine, Synchronous motor, Test tube, Three-phase motor, Traction engine, Transducer, Transformer, Transmission, Turbine, Turbojet, Turbojet engine, Turboprop, Utility, Variable-speed motor, Vernier engine, Vertical engine

How to use Engine in a sentence?

  1. The roar of a car engine.
  2. And a final word… In about three years it will be time to mark the bi-centenary of the first successful use of a steam railway engine anywhere in the world.

Meaning of Engine & Engine Definition

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