Rosie Rivera Husband

Rosie Rivera husband name is Abel Flores. In 2011, she married Abel Flores. They have 2 kids together. Rosie Rivera is an American TV star, whereas Abel Flores is a Christian singer.

Rosie Rivera Husband

Who is Rosie Rivera?

Here are some quick facts about Rosie Rivera:

Name Rosie Rivera
Birthday July 3, 1981
Nationality American
Education Degree in Criminology & Law
Mother Rosa Saavedra
Father Pedro Rivera

A philanthropist, businesswoman, and television personality, Rosie Rivera is a household name. In I Love Jenni and Rica Famosa Latina, you could know her. However, her firm, Jenni Rivera Enterprises, is where her success narrative began. She rose to the position of CEO there.

Rosie’s net worth is $14 million, and she has worked hard her entire life. She has over 1.3 million Facebook friends and 340 thousand Twitter followers on both platforms.

There are almost 1.6 million Instagram followers for Rosie as well. In addition, she has over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Consequently, Rosie Rivera is one of the wealthiest TV personalities in the United States.

Jenni Rivera’s sister, Rosie Rivera, died in 2012, and her life has been plagued by bad news ever since. With her husband and children, Rosie still has one thing going for her despite the tragic news about the Rivera family.


TV personality and entrepreneur Rosa Amelia Rivera hails from the United States. Jenni Rivera Enterprises’ previous CEO, Rivera, is a former board of directors member.

Who is Abel Flores?

Here are some quick facts about Rosie Rivera husband:

Name Abel Flores
Birthday November 13, 1991
Nationality American
Birthplace United States
Age 30 Years Old
Birth Sign Scorpio

Musician and worship leader Abel Flores is a member of the Christian faith. However, Rosie often stated in an interview that he is the right man in her life despite being ten years her junior. Even though Abel was only sixteen when they first met, the sparks flew immediately.

Abel and Rosie originally met at a Long Beach church. According to Rosie’s book, Abel was a member of the church choir, and Rosie had her eye on him from the very beginning. Pedro Rivera, her brother, was also a pastor at the church.

Keep in mind: Abel’s presence filled Rosie with a sense of security, even if they didn’t speak for lengthy periods. On the other hand, Rosie was immediately aware of Abel’s maturity. It’s vital to note that Rosie had been abused as a child, and Abel helped her overcome all of it.

Early life of Rosie Rivera

Rosie Rivera was brought into the world by guardians Rosa Saavedra and Pedro Rivera. Rivera is the more youthful sister to Latin artists Jenni Rivera (expired), Lupillo Rivera and the auntie of artist Chiquis Rivera. Her different siblings are Pete Rivera, Gustavo Rivera, and Juan Rivera.

In 2003 she had baby girl Kassandra with her ex, Chief. A couple of Rosie and Abel had a little girl, Samantha Chay Flores (conceived 2013) and a child, Elias Melek Flores (conceived October 2015)

Carrer of Rosie Rivera

In 2013, the third period of Jenni Rivera’s unscripted TV drama, I Love Jenni broadcasted. Rivera featured in the show as she resided in her sister’s home alongside her family. In late 2014, she and her family started appearing in the unscripted tv series Rica, Famosa, Latina.

In February 2016, Rosie Rivera distributed her first book, My Broken Pieces: Mending the Wounds From Sexual Abuse through Faith, Family and Love, which examines her heartbreaking, extraordinary experience of sexual maltreatment at a young age, and offers her story on how confidence and the adoration from her family helped her recuperate and repair those wrecked pieces.

She is a representative and model for young ladies who, like her, were survivors of sexual maltreatment and offered her story to inspire the aggravation and strengthen any individual impacted by sexual abuse.


Abel Flores has been the mainstay of help and the stone in Rosie Rivera’s life. Two or three have experienced good and bad. Dislike, they confronted no wild times during their marriage. Indeed, they became hopelessly enamoured and got hitched yet were very nearly getting separation at the moment too.

Abel Flores, Rosie Rivera’s Husband: Things To Know

Abel Flores wedded Rosie Rivera when he was only 18. Rosie and Abel have likewise graduated as Chaplains of the congregation they join.

  • On this, they communicated on their Instagram account: “A distinction to be clerics for the collection of Christ.”

  • Abel Flores, a man a decade her lesser, however, with incredible development and confidence in God.

  • The couple met, as indicated by Rosie in her book “My Broken Pieces”, in the Christian church of which her sibling Pedro Rivera is a minister.

  • The congregation is situated in Long Beach. By then, at that point, she needed sincerely to remake her life.

Note: Abel Flores sang in the congregation’s Praise ensemble and was 16 years of age, while she was 26 with a 5-year-old girl. Albeit the relationship was initially not invited by certain individuals from the assembly or the Rivera family, they trusted that the kid would turn 18 and were hitched in 2011.

Kids of Abel Flores and Rosie Rivera

The several has been honoured with two lovely kids. Today, two or three structures their own family with Kassey, Sammy and Elias. Abel Flores is intensely engaged with the congregation and has a digital broadcast with Rosie Rivera called “The Power of Us.”

Abel Flores, a Christian performer and love pioneer, says he likes to allow his better half to hang out in all that she does. However, something they are doing together on a public broadcast they sent off this year is called “The Power of Us”.

"Rosie and Abel have experienced numerous deterrents together and have come out more grounded for it.

It makes them awesome advisors for couples; it’s certifiable guidance, "said Jack Hobbs, leader of reVolver Podcasts, in an articulation. “I’m satisfied to invite you to return to and urge your fans to tune in and see an alternate side of themselves.”

Husband of Rosie Rivera

Abel Flores is the one who has been with Rosie Rivera for better and in negative ways. Since they fell head over heels and got hitched, they needed to confront a few impediments.

They were going to separate; however, after their compromise, Rosie and Abel sent off a “web recording” called “The Power of Us”, in which they share their promising and less promising times in marriage.

Age Difference in Rosie & Abel

Currently, the couple makes up their own family along with Kassey, Sammy and Elias. What is your take assuming we know more subtleties in the accompanying exhibition? In the photograph above, we see Rosie Rivera and Abel Flores heartfelt in their recharging of marriage promises. Click on the bolt to find out additional.

He is an applause chief and has a web recording called “The Power of Us” Flores, a Christian artist and love pioneer, says he likes to allow his significant other to sparkle in anything she does.

Be that as it may, something they’re doing together on a public broadcast they sent off this year called “The Power of Us.” "Rosie and Abel have experienced numerous deterrents together and have come out more grounded for it.

It makes them extraordinary, engaging instructors for couples; it’s genuine guidance," Jack Hobbs, leader of revolver Podcasts, said in an explanation. “I’m satisfied to invite them back to reVolver and urge their fans to tune in and see an alternate side of them.”

He nearly lost his family because of betting enslavement; Rosie asked him for a separation. Rosie Rivera uncovered that she was going to separate from Abel Flores because of her better half’s betting habit, Telemundo announced.

Flores is a Christian artist and admirer who has an organization that sells attire and adornments called Abels Worship, as indicated by his Twitter account. Rosie Rivera is a finance manager, humanitarian, and TV character. You could perceive her from I Love Jenni and Rica, Famosa, Latina.

Keep in mind: From that point forward, Rosie needed to assume control over Jenni’s situation at the undertaking; however, in June last year, Rosie surrendered - and its purpose was dubious. Despite the miserable news about the Rivera family, Rosie has one thing that functions admirably in her life: her better half and children.

How Rosie Rivera Met Her Husband, Abel Flores?

Rosie Rivera has been hitched to Abel Flores starting around 2011. Abel and Rosie have gone through various challenges together. Like Rosie’s life venture, everything began with certain perplexing difficulties.

Abel Flores is a Christian artist and a love chief. Her better half is a decade more youthful than her, yet Rosie said so often in her meeting that he is only the ideal man she wants in her day-to-day existence.

Even though they met when Abel was only sixteen, the science was at that point there from the beginning. Rosie felt the well-being and security that Abel gave without having long and profound discussions. In any case, Rosie could see immediately that Abel was experienced past his age.

Something significant to know is that Rosie had endured terrible maltreatment since she was youthful, and Abel assisted her with beating all of that. She discussed that in her book My Broken Pieces: Mending the Wounds from Sexual Abuse through Faith, Family, and Love in February 2016.


Abel and Rosie had their first experience at a congregation in Long Beach. As per Rosie’s book, Abel was a piece of the congregation’s ensemble, and Rosie had her eyes on him from the absolute first second. Her sibling, Pedro Rivera, was a minister there also.

Rosie Rivera & Abel Flores on Instagram

Since Abel likewise felt the same thing, the two began dating not long after. In any case, many individuals - including the congregation and Rosie’s family - were against them. Thus, it was wild for Rosie and Abel in those days.

  • Realizing that no one upheld their relationship didn’t diminish their craving to remain together. It just made them more grounded. Realizing that no one upheld their relationship didn’t diminish their craving to go together.

  • After Abel turned eighteen in 2011 and lastly arrived at his lawful age, the couple burned through no time and secured the bunch immediately. After a decade of marriage, this couple can demonstrate to the world that they’ve made it.

  • Even though Abel and Rosie ALMOST separated once, they could figure out their problems and carry on with the best life they had practically forever cared about. Abel and Rosie shared many of their accounts on a public broadcast and web recording that they do together called The Power of Us.

  • Abel likewise got serious about how he felt dismissed during his time being Rosie’s better half. It’s not something Rosie deliberately does, obviously, but rather she regards what Abel feels.

  • They can make those troublesome discussions look exceptionally simple, demonstrating that they are extremely experienced and regard one another.

I don’t have the foggiest idea on the off chance that that is not what a sound relationship implies. The main role of The Power of Us is to help couples out there to “fortify their security” and “convey.”

Note: Also, it seems like Abel and Rosie have set it in motion. Presently, they have become a symbol for some individuals, and the two have assisted many couples out there, beating their concerns.

When Did Rosie Rivera Almost File for Divorce?

Seeing what they’ve experienced together and how they keep motivating individuals recently, Abel and Rosie constantly appear like an affectionate couple.

Yet, we’ve referenced prior that Rosie nearly sought a legal separation. Anyway, what might occur between them? Everything began when Abel had betting enslavement in 2015. The way that he didn’t tell Rosie for an entire half year aggravated everything even.

Rosie then, at that point, showed him out of the house for a considerable length of time. Furthermore, from that second, Abel recently started to understand that his side interest in betting caused him to lose everything in his life: his family, his home, and cash.

"He was living in an inn, or in his vehicle, in a real sense, and I was prepared to sign the legal documents, and that is the point at which he had the option to respond and say, “I have an issue, and I want assistance’,” reviewed Rosie.

After hearing that, she concluded that she needed to allow him another opportunity because Rosie cherished him, and she accepted that her significant other could change.

Furthermore, Abel never required that additional opportunity allowed; at no point in the future did he put his hands on a deck. The way that Abel treated his words and set that in motion and how Rosie allowed him another opportunity shows us how they are continuously ready to accomplish the difficult work.


Living with somebody we love requires a penance, without a doubt, which should be done from the two sides. Indeed, Abel and Rosie demonstrate to us that they could beat every one of the hindrances.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Rosie Rivera and her husband. Let’s clear them all.

1. Is Rosie Rivera still about Abel Flores?

Rosie Rivera and her husband got married in 2011. But, one year later, Rosie Rivera lost her sister in a tragic accident. This cast a bad effect on the married life of Rosie Rivera. She demanded separation from her husband because she did not want to see her husband seeing her falling apart from himself.

2. What does Rosie Rivera do to earn a livelihood?

Rosie Rivera is working on TV and Youtube to earn her income. Rosie Rivera is known for working on different networks to earn his livelihood.

3. Does Rosie Rivera have kids?

She has three kids. Rosie Rivera and her husband have three kids. Rosie Rivera and her husband are having a great happy life together.

4. When was Rosie Rivera borne?

Rosie Rivera’s date of birth is July 3, 1981. Rosie Rivera is now about 43 years old. Rosie Rivera is a celebrity.

5. Do you know the net worth of Rosie?

The net worth of Rosie Rivera is about $14 Million. Rosie Rivera is earning a handsome amount every year. The net worth is in dollars.

6. What does Abel Flores do to earn his livelihood?

He is an entrepreneur. To earn a livelihood, he has his own business. H is an entrepreneur. He is leading his own business.

7. What is the eye colour of Rosie Rivera?

Rosie Rivera’s eye colour is brown. Rosie Rivera has a handsome body figure. The eye’s colour and other body parts are so loving. Rosie Rivera is a pretty lady.

8. Who was ex Boyfriend of Rosie Rivera?

Chief was Rosie Rivera’s ex-boyfriend. Rosie Rivera had an affair with Chief. But, after some time, they had a breakup, and they got separated. And Rosie Rivera got married to Abel Flores.

9. What is the birth sign of Rosie Rivera?

Her birth sign is cancer. The birth signs of different people are different. The birth sign of Rosie Rivera is cancer. The horoscope of every person is different.

10. Where was Rosie Rivera borne?

Rosie Rivera was born in Long Beach, California. Long Beach is a state in the USA. The great singer Rosie Rivera was born in that state.

11. Who kept Jenni Rivera’s money?

In addition to managing the singer’s assets, Rosa Rivera Flores, her sister and trustee, also serves as president of Jenni Rivera Enterprises LLC.

12. Is Rosie Rivera the wife of Abel Flores?

Rosie Rivera and Her Husband, Abel Flores. Rosie Rivera has been married to Abel Flores since 2011. Abel and Rosie have gone through thick and thin together. Still, just like Rosie’s life journey, it all started with complex challenges.

13. Is Jackie Rivera still married?

Last year, Jacqie announced she was in the process of divorcing Campos, the father of her three children, after five years of marriage. The star of the Universo reality shows The Riveras — which also stars her siblings Chiquis, Johnny, Jenica and Mikey — revealed the news on Instagram on December 13.

14. How did Rosie Rivera get rich?

Consequently, when Jenni passed away on December 9, 2012, Rivera became the trustee of Jenni’s finances. According to ABC News, the fortune was around $25 million then. Rivera took over as Jenni Rivera Enterprises’s CEO and was also in charge of Jenni’s music and merchandise.

15. Why did Jenni Rivera call Rosie Somalia?

Jenni Rivera used to call her little sis variations of the name Samantha, including Somalia, Sam and Sammy. Rosie says that since her sister’s death in a tragic plane crash in Monterrey, Mexico in December, she has missed hearing her sister’s voice, specifically calling her by her nickname.


Rosie Rivera married her husband, Abel Flore. The couple has three children. They have a happy family time together. But the death of Rosie Rivera’s sister changed her much. Nonetheless, the couple remained solid and quickly returned from the trial, considerably more infatuated with one another. Not long after reuniting, the couple sent off a digital broadcast called “The Power of Us” (“The force of us”).

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Rosie Rivera Husband. Businesswoman, activist and TV host Rosie Rivera does it all. She has been in shows including “Rica, Famosa, Latina” and “I Love Jenni.” However, her greatest accomplishment was heading Jenni Riviera Companies as its administrator in charge. Rosie’s life, however, has been the subject of several unflattering news stories, particularly since the death of Jenni Rivera’s sister in 2012. Since then, Rosie has filled in for Jenni at the company, although she abruptly left in June of last year for questionable reasons.

This is Rosie Rivera.

U.S.-born TV host and entrepreneur Rose Amelia Riviera was born Wednesday, July 3, 1981. Former CEO the CEO of Rivera & Company, Jenni has extensive business experience.

Rivera originally came to the public’s attention right following her sibling Janet Rivera died, but she became a household name after starring in the language of Spain television shows and eventually taking over the business their family had run for decades.

As a unit, Neither she nor she loved onesmade its debut on the show Famous, Latino, and Rican early 2014. After accusations of financial mismanagement surfaced from Jenni Rivera’s five children in the month of June, 2021, Rivera resigned from her position as CEO of Companies Headed by Jenni Rivera.

Birth Date Rosario Amelia Rivera,July 3, 1981 (age 41), California’s Long Beach, U.S.
Yeara Lively The Future Is Present in 2013
T.V The only Latinas and African-Americans I love are Jenni and Carolina, Famosa, and Latina.
Spouse Abel Flores (m. 2011)
Childrens Three
Relations Chiquis Gutierrez, Juan Ramirez, Lupillo Rivera, and Jenni Rivera are all siblings (niece)

Job and personal life:

The Beginnings:

Rosa Espinosa and Pedro Rivera had a daughter, and they named her Rosie Rivera. Rivera seems to be the younger sister of Jenni Rivera (now deceased) and Lupillo Rivera and also the aunt of Chiquis Rivera. Pete López, Gustavo Rivera, & Juan Rivera are her other brothers.

She gave birth to her daughter Kassandra in 2003, with her then-boyfriend, Chief. Marrying Abel Flores in 2011, they have twins young children.

They’re parents to a girl, Hannah Chay Flores (born in 2013), and a boy, Levi Break up the monotony Flores (born October 2015).

Net worth $3 Million
Date of Birth Jun 26, 1985 (37 years old)
Place of birth Los Angeles, California, U.S
Profession Singer, actress, television personality, author, entrepreneur


I Love Jenni, Jenni Rivera’s new show, returned for a third season in 2013. Rivera and her family shown up in the show since they were frequent guests at her sister’s home. Late in 2014, she and her family made their debut appearance on the program Rica, Famosa, Latina.

In her first book, My Broken Pieces: Patching up the Injuries From Sex by the power of God, love, and family (published in February 2016), Rosie Rivera details the traumatic, life-altering experience with the sexual abuse she endured as a child and describes how her faith.

The love of her relatives helped her heal but also mend the wounds she suffered as a result. Rivera’s first book, My Broken Pieces, helped her overcome her trauma and gain resilience while also serving as a resource for other survivors of sexual abuse.

She uses her platform to encourage and inspire other young women who, like her, have endured sexual abuse, and to help those who have also suffered from this trauma find healing and resilience.

Rosie Rivera and Abel Flores:

Since 2011, Rosie Rivera and Abel Flores have been happily married. Both the good times and the bad, Abel and Rosie have weathered them together. Yet, similar to Rosie’s life path, it began with some difficult obstacles.

Christian musician and worship leader Abel Flores. Rosie insisted many times throughout the interview that her spouse, 10 years her junior, is the only man she will ever need.

It didn’t matter that Abel was only 16 when they first met; the sparks flew right away. Even without having profound chats, Rosie felt protected by Abel.

She spoke about her experience in her 2016 book titled All the Pieces of Me: Trying to mend the Wounds of Sexual Abuse With The importance of religious belief, family, and romantic love.

At a Long Beach church, Abel and Rosie first met one other. Rosie claims in her diary that she first saw Abel while he sang in the church choir. And so was her brother, the Reverend Pedro Rivera.

Abel reciprocated her feelings, and the two quickly became a couple. The church and Rosie’s family were among the many who opposed them. That means things were rough for Rosie and Gabriel back then.


It didn’t take long for Rosie to see that Abel had maturity much beyond his years. It’s crucial to understand that Rosie had been subjected to terrible abuse from an early age and that Abel played a pivotal role in assisting her in making a full recovery.

Rosie & Abel Flores Discuss How They Overcame Obstacles:

Even though they knew no one else shared their feelings for one other, they chose to remain a couple anyhow. They came out much more powerful as a result.

Even though they knew no one would approve of their relationship, that didn’t stop them from going out together. When Abel turned 18 in 2011, they wasted no time getting married as soon as he could legally do so.

They’ve been married for almost a decade, so everyone knows they’ve made it. Abel and Rosemary almost split up, but they were able to work through their problems and create the life of their dreams together.

As seen in the episode “REJECTION in MARRIAGE,” this famous couple may have serious but humorous exchanges with one another.

Rosie talked about the hurt she felt as a youngster and how she dealt with being rejected by males, friends, and even family members.

Abel also discussed his feelings of rejection from Rosie during their marriage. Rosie doesn’t do this on purpose, but she acknowledges Abel’s feelings even when she disagrees with them.

They are so mature and respectful of one another that even challenging talks like this seem effortless on their part.

As far as I’m concerned, that defines a good partnership perfectly. The Power of Us’s main goal is to assist couples in “strengthening their link” and “communicating.”

“Our society considers so many objects as throwaway, but relationships including marriages shouldn’t be characterized as such,” Rosie remarked in one of her films for The Power of Us.

It appears that Abel and Rosie already had implemented their plan. They’ve since become a cultural phenomenon, and their story has inspired other couples to work through their difficulties.

Abel and Rosie have shown their love for one other in The Strength of Us, and they continue to do so on social media.

They frequently share adorable photos of themselves along with extensive descriptions. The couple frequently posted about their shared history on social media, almost as if they intended to broadcast their joy to the world. Let’s be honest: everyone covets your possessions.


Abel and Rosie have a radio show or podcast called The Strength of Us in which they discuss many of their tales. Everything from how it feels to be rejected to tips for maintaining a happy marriage to the shocking truth behind why Rosie almost got a divorce is discussed. Part two is coming next.

The Near Divorce of Rosie Rivera:

When you consider all Abel and Rosie have experienced together and how much they have inspired people, it’s hard not to think of them as hopelessly in love all the time.

Of course, we did already report that Rosie was on the verge of divorce. Thus, it is difficult to imagine a future for them together.

In 2015, it all began with Abel’s gambling habit. The reality that he kept it from Rosie for a full six months just made matters worse.

As Rosie explained during one of her interviews, “when I opened his laptop, I saw a debit card that was not mine, it was simply his, with a financial institution that we did not identify with, which left me extremely confused as there was a large amount of cash interaction, which came inside and ended up going out every day, and I did not understand where that funding had come from.”

She elaborated, "He had a deck addiction, and he lied about it for six months. It wasn’t with another lady, but after all the lies, I felt like there was no chance for us.

After that, Rosie banished him from the house for three months. And from that instant on, Abel knew that his gambling obsession had cost him his family, home, and financial security.

To quote Rosie: "He was residing in a hotel, or even in his vehicle, basically, and I was prepared to sign those divorce decree, and that’s when he was capable of responding and say, "I have such a condition, and I need assistance.

Rosie, who still loved her husband despite this, decided to give him another opportunity after hearing this since she thought he was capable of improvement. Abel too learned from his mistake and never touched another deck again.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ):

Here we discuss some questions frequently asked by people.

1. Can you tell me what Abel Flores does for a living?

Christian worship leader Flores claims he steps aside so his wife Rosie may steal the show. Rosi and Abel’s relationship has grown stronger as they’ve overcome their challenges.

2. In what range does Jenni Rivera’s estate fall?

At the point of her passing, Mexican-American singer-songwriter, actor, TV producer, and businesswoman Jenni Rivera was worth an estimated $25 million.

3. Have Rosie and Abel divorced?

Abel Flores, Rosie Rivera’s husband. It was in 2011 that Rosie Rivera and Abel Flores tied the knot. The relationship between Abel and Rosie has weathered many storms. Rosie’s life story is one of triumph against adversity, yet, even so, the beginning was fraught with difficulty.

4. How did Rosie Rivera get her money?

Consequently, Rivera became the receiver of Jenni’s finances after her death on December 9, 2012. ABC News reports that the wealth was only around $25 million at the time. Rivera became CEO of Jennifer Rivera Productions and oversaw all of Jenni’s business operations, including her music and merchandising.

5. Is there a kid somewhere that Chiquis Rivera is raising?

Chris is now the stepmother to Lorenzo E. Mendez Ronquillo’s daughter from his prior wife after the two tied the knot in June 2019. Lorenzo is the former frontman of la Authentic Banda El Limón.

6. In what year did Rosie Rivera become a mother for the first time?

About what age was Rosie Lopez when she become a mother? Rosie Rivera had her first kid at the young age of 16. An intriguing detail is that Rosie’s mother, like Rosie, gave birth to her at the age of 16.

7. How much will Selena Gomez presumably make in 2020?

In 2022, Selena Gomez is expected to have earned $85 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth. Selena’s current wealth is the result of several causes, including brand collaborations, beauty, and apparel lines, as well as her Instagram endorsements and TV/film career revenues.

8. Should we assume that Rosie Rivera is a mother?

Rosie Rivera and Abel Flores are expecting their second child. The 34-year-old woman announced the arrival of her child on social media.

9. What is Lexi Brooke Rivera’s annual salary?

With over 7.30 million YouTube followers and counting, Lexi’s wealth continues to grow from year to year. An income of almost $1 million per year is more than plenty for Lexi Rivera.

10. With whom did Jenni bequeath her estate?

According to NBC Latino, Rivera left a “note” with specific instructions for her sister Rosie on the care of her four minor children and the management of her many commercial and music interests following her death.


For Rosie Rivera, Abel Flores has always been there as a steadying influence. Through it all, the pair has remained strong. It’s not like their marriage was completely smooth sailing. They did fall in love and eventually married, but there was a moment when a divorce seemed imminent. Despite this, the pair remained resilient and eventually emerged from the experience even more deeply in love with one another. Soon after reconciling, the pair started a podcast called “The Power of Us” (“The power of us”) in which they discuss the highs and lows of their marriage.

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