The Compound Book

The Compound Book

What is the structure of the composed book?

The Compound is a 2008 novel for young adults with a post-apocalyptic setting, written by young author SA Bodeen. The story is about a family who survived the aftermath of a nuclear war in an animal shelter and the resulting conflicts.

Similarly, you may be wondering what the book association is about?

The Compound by SA Bodeen is about a teenager named Eli who has been in an underground bunker for six years and how he discovers that everything he thought he knew was a lie. The theme of this book is to do whatever it takes to survive.

Do you also know what kind of book you are composing?

Thriller novel for young adultsSo what’s the conflict in joining the book?

There are two main conflicts in this book, one is that of the Yanakakis family struggling to have a life in the relationship, whether it is food shortages or depression due to the arid life in constitution. .

What is the yellow space in the link?

The Yellow Room is a place within the structure that houses three children born during the time they lived on the premises. They are not referred to as children, but as food supplements, as they are intended to serve as food for adults who will one day live in the enclosure.

Who is the protagonist of the composition?


Who wrote the composition?

Stephanie StuveBodeen

How many pages does the publication have?

The Compound (novel)

Is substance a film?

COMPOUND, the psychological thriller by writer and director Will Fredo. COMPOUND is a modern tragedy hidden beneath a bold contemporary thriller that all viewers will know.

What is the last part of the book called?

How many books are there in the selected series?

The Compound Book