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Raw Nutrition is a leading manufacturer of the highest and finest quality Superfoods, with distribution throughout the United States and Canada. Matt Jansen, Dr. Domenic Iacovone, and Mr. Olympia Classic Physique Chris Bumstead are the founders of Raw Nutrition.

Raw nutrition

Raw Nutrition Profile

Raw Nutrition was founded in 2008 with the goal of becoming one of Canada’s best online resources for healthy living products. The goal is to offer Canadians the most wholesome and nutritious organic raw foods available, as well as the best service possible.

Revenue of Raw Nutrition is $5.6 M. it has 30 employees. The main industries of raw nutrition are: retail, vitamins, supplements and health stores.

Raw Nutrition: Build from the Ground Up

:small_blue_diamond: Dr. Domenic Iavocone, co-founder of Revive MD and a well-respected doctor in the field of hormone therapy and health/fitness, and Matt Jansen, successful bodybuilder, world renowned fitness coach, have teamed up yet again to embark on another business venture.

:small_blue_diamond: RAW Nutrition’s product line includes everything you need to fuel and recover from intense workouts. They’ve already demonstrated to the supplement industry that they have what it takes to build a strong brand by doing things correctly from the start.

:small_blue_diamond: Revive MD, for example, is known for using quality manufacturers, selecting the best ingredients, providing full transparency, stacking supplement facts panels, and developing products aimed at optimising health. Revive MD fills a void left by the sports supplement industry for years, and their rapid growth demonstrates how much their products were needed.

:small_blue_diamond: Although Revive MD is a sports supplement company, they do not sell “standard” performance-based products like pre-workouts, protein powders, fat burners, or amino acids. Matt and Domenic were on a mission to differentiate Revive MD by focusing solely on health and hormone optimization.

:small_blue_diamond: However, after further research into the sports supplement industry, Matt and Domenic were dissatisfied with several products on the market. As a result, Matt and Domenic decided to step up to the plate and create a brand they could recommend to clients. Although health is extremely important, Matt and Domenic also value performance, which is how the idea for a separate brand came about.

Raw Nutrition: Getting Back to the Basics

:small_blue_diamond: Matt and Domenic announced the launch of RAW Nutrition, a new supplement company, in the middle of 2020. Instead of prioritizing health/wellness products, RAW Nutrition is all about maximizing athletic performance.

:small_blue_diamond: RAW Nutrition’s product line includes protein powders, pre workouts, fat burners, and amino acids — the entire standard supplements that our readers are accustomed to seeing. What distinguishes RAW Nutrition from its competitors? Matt has the following to say:

  • “We really wanted to create a brand that focused on the individual raw ingredients and didn’t skimp on the amounts of the most beneficial ingredients in terms of performance.” Our slogan is “from the ground up,” which simply means that we take the most researched ingredients at the doses that has been shown to induce the greatest amount of positive benefit for that ingredient within its individual category and turn them into the best overall products."

  • RAW Nutrition, in summary, is founded on the same principles as Revive MD: quality, transparency, efficacy, and safety. They are working with some of the best manufacturers in the industry to create truly superior products, which cannot be overstated. Regardless of what the label says, manufacturing is criticaling a high-quality supplement.


Raw Nutrition is a prominent manufacturer of the highest and finest quality Super foods, with supply throughout the United States and Canada. Their products are completely organic and have been shown to benefit the human body and mind.

Products of Raw Nutrition

:small_blue_diamond: RAW Nutrition isn’t holding back anything for their arrival. They are releasing seven products right away. RAW Protein, RAW Vegan Protein, RAW Intra, RAW EAA, RAW Burn, RAW Hydropump, and RAW Pump are all included.

:small_blue_diamond: The lineup is jam-packed with essentials, which is exactly what Matt and Domenic had in mind for the brand. As you can see, there are no products that overlap with Revive MD, so you can use supplements from both brands to truly optimize your health and performance.

:small_blue_diamond: Every RAW Nutrition supplement has a fully transparent label and is third party tested to prove label claims, purity, and safety. Matt and Domenic created their formulas with research-backed ingredients and clinically studied dosages, which is exactly what we expect from them.

:small_blue_diamond: The mission of Raw Nutrition is to provide you with the best individual raw ingredients to help you achieve your overall health and fitness goals. Because RAW Nutrition is releasing several products at once, we decided to give you a brief overview of each one so you can decide which one is right for you.

1. RAW Peptide

RAW Protein is a 100 percent micro filtered grass-fed whey protein isolate, which means it’s 90 percent protein by weight and comes from cows that are solely fed grass rather than grain! Whey protein isolate (WPI) is the purest form of protein powder available, with very low carbohydrate, fat, lactose, and sugar levels.

RAW Protein contains 100 percent grass-fed whey protein isolate for maximum gains. Because of its high concentration of essential amino acids – specifically leucine – and quick digestion/absorption rate, WPI is one of the best protein sources for fueling muscle growth and aiding recovery. RAW Protein contains 25g of protein, 1g of carbohydrates, and 0.5g of fat per serving, making it ideal for post-workout nutrition.

If that isn’t enough, RAW Protein also comes in gourmet flavors like Peanut Butter, Vanilla Milkshake, and Gourmet Chocolate. But what makes this protein powder truly unique. It’s one of the few products available that is naturally flavored and sweetened with Sweetly Stevia.

The supplement industry is rife with artificial sweeteners, and while we’re not opposed to them, it’s a good idea to limit your intake, and RAW Protein is a great option for that! Furthermore, by using Sweetly Stevia, RAW Protein can still provide that delicious flavor you’re looking for — it’s the best of both worlds.

2. Vegan RAW Protein

Following that, we’ll go plant-based with RAW Vegan Protein! Vegan protein powders have grown in popularity over the years, but the majority of them still taste earthy and gritty. Furthermore, some plant-based protein powders have subpar formulas because they do not combine the right protein sources with adequate amounts of the nine essential amino acids.

Animal-based proteins, such as whey protein powder, do not have this problem because they are naturally rich in essential amino acids and are classified as a “complete protein.”

3. Vegan RAW Protein

RAW Vegan Protein is a complete protein that combines multiple plant sources for optimal results. Because essential amino acids are the building blocks of protein and cannot be produced by the body, they must be obtained through diet and/or supplementation.

Several plant proteins are classified as incomplete, but you can get around this by combining two or three plant proteins to get the best amino acid profile. As a result, if a vegan or plant-based protein powder only lists one protein source, we strongly advise against purchasing it is especially if your goal is to refuel, recover, and repair muscle tissue.

RAW Vegan Protein is an excellent example of a high-quality vegan protein powder because it contains a blend of pea protein isolate, brown rice protein, fava bean protein, and mung bean protein. RAW Vegan Protein contains 20g of protein, 2g of fat, and 2g of carbohydrates per serving. RAW Vegan Protein, like RAW Protein, is naturally flavored and uses Sweetly Stevia as the primary sweetener.

RAW Nutrition also added a non-dairy creamer to give the protein a smoother, creamier texture and to enhance the flavor. Raw Vegan Protein is also available in a variety of dessert-like flavors, such as Peanut Butter, Gourmet Chocolate, and Vanilla Milkshake.

4. RAW Burning

With protein taken care of, it’s time to feel the burn with RAW Nutrition’s powerful fat burner, RAW Burn! Before we get into what this product has to offer, let’s get one thing straight. Fat burners aren’t magic; they only work if you do. The most important aspect of losing fat is to follow a healthy diet and exercise routine.

However, as long as those two things are in place, you’re getting enough sleep per night, and you’re managing stress as much as possible, a well-formulated fat burner can significantly help speed up your results — and that’s where RAW Burn comes in.

RAW Burn has a one-of-a-kind formula that will help you achieve your composition goals faster. It was created to create a fat-burning environment by increasing thermogenesis. RAW Nutrition understands that using extremely high doses of caffeine, as the majority of fat burners on the market do, is not a sustainable approach.

Caffeine is a good fat-burning ingredient because it can help suppress appetite, provide energy, and stimulate lipolysis. However, too much caffeine can have negative side effects, and you quickly develop a tolerance to it, requiring you to consume more to achieve the same results. As a result, it can quickly become a downward spiral.

5. RAW Pump

RAW Pump is a stimulant-free pre-workout that contains several ingredients backed by research to help you perform better and get an epic pump! RAW Pump’s formula contains potent ingredients like L-citrulline, agmatine, lion’s mane extract, alpha-gpc, taurine, and a PricePlow favourite, Nutrition21’s Nitrosigine.

Both L-citrulline and Nitrosigine are potent nitric oxide boosters, causing blood vessels to vasodilate and allow more blood flow to circulate throughout the body. Lion’s Mane Extract and Alpha-GPC will help improve your mental focus without the use of stimulants, so RAW Pump can be used even for late-night workouts.

A non-stimulant pre-workout designed to take your workouts to the next level. RAW Pump is designed to improve your focus, connect your mind to your muscles, increase cellular hydration, and promote blood flow, oxygen, and nutrient delivery to your working muscles.

RAW Nutrition also included a generous serving of Himalayan pink salt to help you get the most out of your workout. Sodium is a vital electrolyte that aids in overall hydration and muscle contraction. RAW PUMP is available in a variety of tasty and refreshing flavors, including Pineapple and Watermelon.

Needless to say, this is a very impressive formula, and while other supplement companies overdose on caffeine while underdosing on every other ingredient, RAW Nutrition is doing the exact opposite. If you need a caffeine boost before your workout, stack RAW Burn with RAW Pump for an epic combo.

6. RAW HydroPump

If RAW Pump isn’t enough for you, RAW Nutrition also has a product called RAW HydroPump that can be stacked with it for even more pumps.

RAW Hydropump is a single-ingredient product that can be mixed into almost any pre-workout; each scoop contains 6g of glycerol powder (as Glycersize)! RAW HydroPump was designed to increase blood flow, promote cellular hydration, and improve exercise performance.

RAW HydroPump contains 6g of GlycerSize per serving for an even better “water-based” pump. Glycerol is well-known for producing what we call “water-based” pumps, as its primary mechanism of action is to draw fluid into the cells, resulting in hyper hydration.

This is one of the reasons why RAW HydroPump and RAW Pump work so well together, as the ingredients work on different pathways but all work together to boost your pump. Furthermore, being hyperhydrated is beneficial for maintaining peak performance because it prevents dehydration during exercise.

Although glycerol is a very effective ingredient, it typically causes clumping when added to a comprehensive pre workout formula. As a result, rather than putting glycerol in RAW Pump, which is already impressive in its own right, Matt and Domenic decided to use it in a completely different product.

This keeps the main pre-workout from becoming clumpy and gritty while still allowing you to add glycerol if desired. You can also adjust the dosage depending on how much pump you want. Having GlycerSize (65% glycerol powder) as a stand-alone product is a wise move that few, if any, brands make.


As we discussed with the protein powders, essential amino acids are critical for optimizing muscle protein synthesis, which fuels recovery, repair, and growth. Leucine, isoleucine, valine (the three branched amino acids), histidine, phenylalanine, lysine, methionine, tryptophan, and threonine are the nine essential amino acids (EAAs) that you must obtain from your diet.

RAW EAA contains all nine essential amino acids, which aid in recovery and hydration. Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) were the most popular amino acid supplement until research discovered that supplementing with all nine essential amino acids was superior. As a result, EAAs now dominate the market, and RAW Nutrition recognizes this.

RAW EAA contains nearly 10g of EAAs per serving and is available in a variety of refreshing flavors, including Watermelon and Pineapple. RAW Nutrition wanted to make sure the flavors worked well with their other products, such as RAW Intra-Workout and RAW Pump, so you could easily incorporate them into your workout routine.

RAW EAAs, on the other hand, can be used as a stand-alone product! Because they help prevent excessive muscle protein breakdown during intense training, EAAs are typically consumed intra-workout. If you’re looking for a supplement to help you recover faster, RAW EAA is a great choice.

8. Intra-Workout RAW

RAW Intra-Workout is the final product in RAW Nutrition’s launch lineup! RAW Intra-Workout, as the name implies, is intended to fuel you through gruelling training sessions and kickstart recovery before you leave the gym.

RAW Intra has you covered on those days when you need an extra boost. RAW Intra-Workout contains 25g of highly branched cluster dextrin carbohydrates (HCBD). It also contains coconut water powder, alpha lipoic acid, D-ribose, himalayan pink salt, and a variety of other ingredients that will boost your performance.

For good reason, HBCD is quickly becoming one of the most popular carbohydrate supplements on the market. HBCD does not cost massive insulin spikes, which often lead to a crash shortly afterwards, it digests quickly, and it does not cause gastrointestinal distress making it ideal for intra-workout use.

The last thing you want is to feel like you have a brick in your stomach because of the carbs. HBCD is a game changer and the carbohydrate of choice for many elite athletes. Although consuming carbohydrates during a workout is not strictly necessary, it can significantly aid in recovery, hydration, and providing your muscles with a quick energy boost so they can continue to pump out the reps.

In Short

Every product is designed to help you achieve your desired goal, whether it’s muscle building, fat loss, or better joints care, to name a few. RAWR focuses on products that make you look good on the outside while also taking care of you on the inside.

Boosting Performance by Using RAW Nutrition

:small_blue_diamond: RAW Nutrition is solely concerned with performance, whereas Revive MD is concerned with optimising your health. Matt and Domenic’s work with these two brands is brilliant. They are perfect complements, with no overlap! Revive MD covers everything from multivitamins to body health, but they never release a protein powder or pre-workout supplement.

:small_blue_diamond: RAW Nutrition comes into play here. Protein powders, fat burners, intra workout supplements, amino acids, creatine, and pre-workout supplements are among the premium sports nutrition products available. RAW Nutrition’s slogan is “Built from the Ground Up,” which means they use only the highest quality, research-backed raw materials to create a complete product.

:small_blue_diamond: It’s similar to how Revive MD achieved such success: by never cutting corners and providing consumers and athletes with products that truly make a difference. Matt and Domenic were dissatisfied with the sports nutrition supplements on the market. As a result, they took it upon themselves to create a brand that met their high standards.

:small_blue_diamond: Needless to say, if you want to improve your performance, try RAW Nutrition. To receive more RAW Nutrition news, deals, and reviews, sign up for the PricePlow newsletter below.

RAW Nutrition: Unrivaled Quality Produces Unrivaled Outcomes

:small_blue_diamond: After seeing what Matt and Domenic accomplished with Revive MD, there’s no doubt that RAW Nutrition will quickly establish itself as a major brand in the sports supplement industry. It’s very smart of them to keep the two brands separate and focus on different areas — health/wellness vs. sports performance.

:small_blue_diamond: However, we would argue that the two are inextricably linked, because if health is not prioritised, performance will suffer. Fortunately, you now have two brands that cover all of your bases and do everything correctly. PricePlow is pleased to see that RAW Nutrition was founded on the same principles as Revive MD, and that their labels speak for themselves.

:small_blue_diamond: Clinically studied dosages, innovative ingredients, and fully disclosed labels are available for each product. Not to mention, Matt and Domenic work with high-quality manufacturers and conduct third-party testing to ensure that what’s on the label is in the bottle.

:small_blue_diamond: RAW Nutrition is preparing to take on the sports supplement industry, and we can’t wait to see how quickly they grow with the support they’ve already received. If you’re looking for supplements that actually work, RAW Nutrition is the way to go. Subscribe now to get exclusive access to PricePlow’s industry news, reviews, interviews, and deals.

:small_blue_diamond: Furthermore, carbohydrates and sodium are two of the most important factors in achieving a skin splitting pump, along with hydration! We recommend taking RAW Pump pre-workout and RAW Intra-Workout during your training session if you want a high-performance stack. Prepare to be as tounded by how much your performance improves just from that combination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some frequently asked questions related to raw nutrition.

1. Is raw nutrition Canadian?

Raw Nutrition was founded in 2008 with the goal of becoming one of Canada’s best online resources for healthy living products. Our goal is to offer Canadians the most wholesome and nutritious organic raw foods available, as well as the best service possible.

2. What is raw EAA?

RAW Essential Amino Acids help athletes achieve an increased response of muscle protein synthesis after resistance exercise. A balanced EAA formula’s composition creates a highly anabolic environment within the human anatomy during and after various types of exercises.

3. What kind of protein is raw?

Raw whey protein is created by separating the whey from the solids. There is no removal of fat or lactose, and no artificial flavorings are used. This means there is less protein, but beneficial nutrients that promote muscle growth are still included, which would otherwise be missing in 'Whey Protein Isolate.

4. What does Chris Bumstead own?

Chris Bumstead, the Olympia Classic Physique champion, collaborated with his brand Jacked Factory to develop his own supplement line. Bumstead announced this week that the line will retain its original ingredients and dosages while being renamed and rebranded due to his departure from Jacked Factory.

5. Are EAA supplements worth it?

An EAA supplement outperforms a BCAA supplement because you need all of the essential amino acids to build and repair muscle. However, if you get enough protein from your diet, adding more essential amino acids will not provide any additional benefits.

6. What is the difference between BCAA and EAA?

The primary distinction between BCAA and EAA is that BCAAs are also known as Branched Chain Amino Acids and comprise three of the nine essential amino acids, whereas EAAS consists of all nine essential amino acids.

7. What are EAAs used for?

EAAs help the body create vital proteins that are used to build tissues, organs, and muscles. They also help to optimise liver function and neurotransmitters in the brain. Histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine are the nine essential amino acids.

8. Can you get enough protein from raw diet?

Try eating peanuts, pine nuts, and almonds to get enough protein on a raw food diet, as they all have a high protein concentration. Aside from nuts, you can include protein-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet, such as avocados, kale, pomegranates, and collard green.

9. Is raw protein safe?

The only disadvantage of consuming raw whey protein is that it contains all of the fat that was originally present in the milk because it is unprocessed. On the plus side, it contains a lot of glutamine and branches chain amino acids, which are important for bodily functions.

10. Do I need both BCAA and EAA?

EAAs have been shown to not only preserve but also improve lean body mass. Finally, research has discovered that in order to get the best response from amino acids, you should supplement with both BCAA and EAA supplements.


Raw Nutrition produces Raw Protein, a protein supplement. It ranks 226 out of 434 protein supplements and received an overall recommendation of thumbs up based on several factors such as effectiveness, research rating, ranking, protein content, and nutrition label transparency.

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