Pepto-Bismol for dogs

Pepto-Bismol for dogs: Just like humans, dogs also get sick and go through symptoms like diarrhea, gas, and upset stomach which can be treated by over-the-counter medicines like Pepto-Bismol. If you have decided to give your dog Pepto-Bismol for upset stomach or indigestion then you should always consider the severity of symptoms first.

Pepto-Bismol for dogs

What is Pepto-Bismol

Medicines that are used for people might not always be safe for your pets and especially when it comes to dosage then it can be very dangerous. It also depends on what breed of dog you have that can handle the type of medicines given for an upset stomach.

Some expert veterinarians have said that they rarely recommend Bismuth subsalicylate for dogs because it can sometimes cause damage in the intestines and cause blackish stools and bleeding in dogs. If you have been treating your dog with this type of medicine before and it has worked for you then we can say that it’s safe but do not try to give Pepto-Bismol to dogs that never had a recommendation of this medicine before.

And also if the symptoms of indigestion, diarrhea, and gas persist for longer than a week then you should take your dog to a veterinarian before overdosing it with bismuth subsalicylate.

Uses of Pepto-Bismol and how it works

Pepto-Bismol is typically used to treat mild symptoms of gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea, vomiting, and heartburn. Pepto Bismol contains ingredients that fight against bacteria that are causing stomach pain or indigestion.

This medicine is used to treat mild symptoms but if the condition persists for more than a week with high fever and blood or mucus in stools then you should immediately contact your doctor as Pepto-Bismol can not treat such health conditions that require a professional doctor’s attention.

Pepto-Bismol contains a chemical which is called bismuth subsalicylate which is a salicylate that causes bleeding in the gastrointestinal area if used while having a severe ulcer. So make sure you read the ingredients before using any medicine as the manufacturers can sometimes change some ingredients.

Any medicine used without a doctor’s approval is dangerous but in cases where diarrhea and nausea are due to traveling and other mild conditions can be treated by Pepto-Bismol in humans as well as dogs.

How to use chewable Pepto-Bismol tablets?

As mentioned in the instructions of the package of chewable tablets, you have to take the medication through the mouth as needed and the dose of these tablets depends on your age, and also how strong of a treatment you need depending on your condition.

You should not increase or decrease your dose of these tablets without consulting your doctor about it because if you misuse any kind of medication it can cause harmful side effects. Bismuth subsalicylate is being sold in different brands and packaging so make sure you read the instructions before ingesting them.

If you are taking chewable tablets then you should chew them properly before swallowing and liquid form of medicine should be shaken well before using. Pepto-Bismol can react inside your body with other medications if you were using them also, so make sure that you ask your doctor and tell them about all the medication which you are taking so that they can solve this problem of yours.

Your doctor will give you a solution by scheduling all the medicines and their proper timings because if you take all the medications in one sitting then it will cause problems while absorbing them inside your body which will cause chemical reactions that are harmful to health.

Take Pepto-Bismol regularly if your doctor has suggested you gain all the benefits from it. To remember taking the medicine choose a specific time every day so that you do not forget.


Pepto-Bismol chewable tablets are edible medicine that should be taken as instructed by a vet or package instructions. Change in quantity of the dose is not recommended without consulting a vet. Chew them properly. Medicine should be taken in proper timings.

Is Pepto-Bismol safe for dogs?

Every breed of dog has a different tolerance for medicines and their symptoms of illness are different also. so it is different for every dog when it comes to safe usage of Pepto-Bismol in dogs. The first thing to keep in mind is that if the symptoms of diarrhea and upset stomach and other stomach issues persist for more than a week or so then you should immediately take your pet to the veterinarian because if you give them the wrong medicine then it can only harm them instead.

Pepto-Bismol might be beneficial and work for some dogs but still, they should be given a very calculated dosage as recommended by the veterinarian. Overdose of this medicine can cause bladder issues and bleed in some cases. Dogs that are pregnant or are nursing should not be given these types of medicines that contain bismuth subsalicylate.

When to avoid giving Pepto-Bismol to dogs

Typically it is not common for dogs to ingest medicines that are meant for humans but Pepto-Bismol has an exception sometimes depending on the symptoms related to the upset stomach of your dog. So you actually can give Pepto-Bismol to dogs but not without asking your veterinarian.

Pepto-Bismol which is a medicine for stomach and gastric problems in humans contains a chemical called salicylic acid which is also present in aspirin. And these are used as an anti-inflammatory which can cause gastric bleeding and other rash problems in dogs. And this type of anti-inflammatory can also cause blackish stools in dogs which can also be a sign of other health issues.

Here are some situations where you should avoid giving Pepto-Bismol to your dog.

  • If your dog is currently on other medications then it is very harmful to the dog to ingest bismuth salicylate as it can cause bad chemical reactions in their body. Especially if the dog is taking steroids or NSAIDs.

  • As I mentioned earlier these types of over-the-counter medicines are not appropriate for all types of dogs as some dogs tend to have a weak stomach or a sensitive digestive tract. So you should always keep in mind to not give Pepto-Bismol to dogs that have stomach ache and suffered from frequent gastrointestinal problems and have a weak stomach.

  • Some dogs might be allergic to the ingredients that are present in Pepto-Bismol and aspirin so you should avoid giving them these types of medicines as they can be fatal.

  • Dogs that are nursing or are pregnant should especially avoid taking medicines like these without a veterinarian’s approval. Ingredients like bismuth sulfate and aspirin can be very harmful to pregnant dogs.

Pepto-Bismol for dogs

What happens when dogs overdose on Pepto-Bismol?

If you ever suspect or feel like your dog has overdosed on Pepto-Bismol or any Other over-the-counter medicine then you should immediately call an emergency veterinarian as this type of situation can be fatal to your dog. Ingredients in medicines like bismuth salicylate and aspirin can work as a poison for dogs if they have overdosed.

You must be wondering how you would know if your dog is been overdosed?

Here are some symptoms that can show the overdose of Pepto-Bismol in dogs and if you ever suspect these symptoms in your dog, contact your veterinarian immediately.

  • Extreme gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea, vomiting, and blood in the stool.

  • Overheating or fever.

  • Change in the pace of breathing.

  • Kidney failure symptoms.

  • Extreme fatigue and weakness.

  • Central nervous system disorders like seizures, tremors, and Collapsing.

What is the proper dosage of Pepto-Bismol for dogs?

The calculation for the amount of dosage that should be given to your dog depends on several factors like the weight and age of your dog. Also, it is different among the breeds of dogs and their tolerance of ingesting a medicine. The power and strength of medicine are also a center of concern if you have decided to give Pepto-Bismol to your dog.

The dose of Pepto-Bismol given to the pet also depends on the symptoms it has and the severity of it. These are all the reasons why you should contact your veterinarian before giving any type of dose. The most recommended dosage by veterinarians of Pepto-Bismol is 1 teaspoon of Every 10 pounds of body weight in dogs. and should be given every 8 hours from the last dosage.

But again this is not an official recommendation for every dog as all of them are different and the situations regarding the symptoms are also different. One more concern about giving these types of medicines to your dog is how to administer the medication to your pet which means how to convince your dog basically to take the medicine.

Your veterinarian can tell you different ways to administer Pepto-Bismol to your dog as this process requires experience and good handling because some dogs might find the medicine bitter which ends up in your pet vomiting the medicine out.

Pepto-Bismol for dogs dosage explained through chart

This chart will show you the amount or quantity of Pepto-Bismol you should give your dog depending on its weight. Whatever dosage is required for your dog should be given every 6 to 8 hours.

Dog’s weight Dosage
1. 10 pounds 1 tablespoon
2. 20 pounds 2 tablespoons
3. 30 pounds 3 tablespoons
4. 40 pounds 4 tablespoons
5. 50 pounds 5 tablespoons
6. 60 pounds 6 tablespoons
7. 70 pounds 7 tablespoons

Alternatives to Pepto-Bismol for dogs?

If your dog is showing symptoms like extreme diarrhea, vomiting, or other severe gastrointestinal problems then you should not even bother to try Pepto-Bismol, instead, you should take your pet immediately to a veterinarian. Pepto-Bismol is usually given to dogs for conditions that are not severe and the symptoms do not persist for more than three to four days.

But the suggestion would be that not to immediately give over-the-counter medicines to your dogs without asking a veterinarian. However, the best type of alternative to bismuth subsalicylate or any other over-the-counter medicine is to reduce the amount of food portion for your dog when they are going through an upset stomach and gastrointestinal problems.

Veterinarians also suggest fasting for dogs until their system gets normal and is ready to digest properly. But if the symptoms are not getting better with other alternatives to Pepto Bismol then you can give Corrective suspension, Imodium, and Pepcid. these are safer options for dogs.

Some experienced pet owners prefer using pureed pumpkins to cure mild stomach problems and indigestion in dogs. As it is a harmless and easier way to cure mild tummy problems. Also, you should always take your dog for regular checkups to their veterinarian as frequent symptoms of stomach problems can also lead to serious health problems if not treated.

Pepto-Bismol appearance in X rays

When you go to the veterinarian because your dog is sick and is showing symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, and indigestion then they go through an X-ray for their abdomen. That X-ray shows any blockage or some indigestible material that is causing the stomach to be upset. And Pepto-Bismol tablets appear as opaque objects inside a dog’s abdomen when they are going through an X-ray.

That’s why it is very important to tell the veterinarian if you have given your dog Pepto Bismol tablets before they go through an X-ray scan. For gastrointestinal issues in dogs, the veterinarian performs an x-ray to search for any foreign bodies inside the intestines and abdomen of a dog.

And if they find Pepto-Bismol shown as an opaque foreign body then it can lead to unwanted surgical removal. So it is very important to let your veterinarian know if you are giving them any medicines like bismuth subsalicylate.

Pepto-Bismol for dogs

Side effects of using Pepto-Bismol

Usually, there are not many side effects that can be fatal it is very rare when it comes to having side effects from using Pepto-Bismol. Some very mild reactions when you are using bismuth subsalicylate are dark greenish stools and dark tongue but they disappear after you stop taking the medication.

The doctor will only suggest you this medicine after knowing the fact that the benefits of the medicine are greater than the risk of any side effects. Although if you see any signs of vomiting, dizziness, dry mouth, and dehydration then you should stop using the medicine and consult your doctor for safety.

If you suspect any serious and unusual side effects like ringing ears and deafness in one ear then you should immediately contact your doctor although these types of side effects are very rare. Allergic reactions to Pepto-Bismol also rarely happen and if do then make sure you read all the ingredients if you have any doubt that you might be allergic to one of them.

If your condition does not get better after two to three days of taking this medicine then you should consult your doctor and stop using the medicine. Self-treating to a greater extent can harm you and you should not take any medicine even if those are over-the-counter medicines without your doctor’s approval.

If you have any other health condition and you are not being diagnosed by any doctor then taking Pepto-Bismol can cause bleeding in the gastrointestinal area.

Why avoid giving Pepto-Bismol to your dogs

Medications that are used to treat stomach problems in humans do not sound right when you give the same medicines to your dogs.

Here are some reasons that you should avoid giving Pepto-Bismol to your dogs which might convince you to always take your dog to the veterinarian before giving them any medication.

  • Because of taking Pepto-Bismol tablets your dog can go through unnecessary abdominal surgery which is a fatal risk to take. As mentioned before Pepto-Bismol tablets look like foreign objects such as plastic, coin, and another opaque object that should not be inside a dog’s body.

  • Pepto-Bismol when given to dogs can change their color of stools into grey or black which by the way can also be a sign of Melena in dogs. It is common for the color of stools to change after ingesting bismuth subsalicylate but if the veterinarian does not know about their intake of Pepto-Bismol then they might indicate that your dog has a gastrointestinal disorder and the blood is being digested out of the system.

  • Your dog can get gastrointestinal disorders or ulcers after taking Pepto-Bismol because it contains an ingredient like aspirin and they can be fatal to a dog’s body if taken in greater amounts. Aspirin is used for inflammation and it can cause bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract of dogs.

  • Pepto-Bismol can cause negative reactions and dangerously impact pregnant dogs or nursing dogs. Do not give any medicine to pregnant or nursing dogs without a veterinarian’s approval.

Frequently asked questions

Some related questions are answered below:

1. What kind of Pepto Can I give my dog?

You can give chewable tablets to your dog but keep in mind that you give the appropriate dosage. 8.5 mg per 1 pound is a perfect dosage for them.

2. What can you give a dog with an upset stomach?

Below are a few things that can be fed to the dog to feel better:

  • Bone broth.

  • Canned pumpkin.

  • Ice cubes.

  • Withhold food.

3. Will Pepto-Bismol help my dog’s upset stomach?

Yes, Pepto-Bismol can help in a dog’s upset stomach because it reduces gas, relieves diarrhea. It is also approved by (FDA).

4. What can I give my dog for diarrhea over the counter?

The immediate treatment you can give your dog is Loperamide (Imodium®) it is the best medicine you can give to your dog but you can give 1mg per 20 pounds of bodyweight-only one dose. If still diarrhea doesn’t resolve you see a veteran.

5. Are scrambled eggs good for a dog’s upset stomach?

Yes, scrambled eggs are a good option for upset stomach of dog, because it is easy to digest and rich in protein.

6. Why does my dog keep getting an upset stomach?

Some of the common dog’s upset stomach reasons are:

  • Having new food.

  • Having unusual chew that is rich in fats.

  • Environmental change.

  • Fast eating habits.

7. What do vets prescribe for diarrhea?

Vets prescribe Flagyl the famous antibiotic it treats diarrhea, upset stomach, bowel, and gum disease.

8. How quickly does Pepto-Bismol work?

Pepto-Bismol works within 30-60 minutes, you can repeat it after 60 minutes. 8 doses can be taken during 24 hours.

9. Can you put Pepto-Bismol in the fridge?

Yes, you can put Pepto-Bismol in the fridge but it is not necessary to keep it in the fridge and make sure you do not freeze it.

10. Should you drink water after taking Pepto-Bismol?

Do not take Pepto-Bismol for more than 1wo day. Take plenty of water while you are having Pepto-Bismol it will fulfill the fluid requirement that is lost during diarrhea.


Pepto-Bismol is a medicine used for treating heartburn, vomiting, indigestion, and other stomach issues. It is considered to be one of the over-the-counter medicines and should be taken according to the instructions given on the package. Pepto-Bismol for dogs can also work if you use it properly and follow the instructions given by the veterinarian. Dogs have different breeds and bismuth subsalicylate might not work for all the dogs and it also depends on their age, weight, and their severity of symptoms. Pepto-Bismol for dogs can cause some side effects including blood stools which is not a good sign and can lead to other health issues. The bottom line is to make sure you visit the veterinarian regularly for your dog’s health and should not take any over-the-counter medicines if the symptoms persist for more than two days.

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