Nevada Alexander Musk

Nevada Alexander Musk, the first son of the multimillionaire that is called Elon Musk. Nevada got only 10 weeks to see this world when he opened his eyes. He was born on 18 May 2002 and died on 28 May 2002.

Who was Nevada Alexander Musk

Nevada Alexander

He was the first child of a world-leading company founder. He came with great wealth. But unfortunately didn’t lived long enough.

Full name Nevada Alexander Musk
Nationality South African
Age 10 Weeks
Star Taurus
Birthday 18 May 2002
Birth Place California
Death place California

The Wealth of Nevada Alexander Musk :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

Nevada Alexander Musk came for a very short time from 18 May 2002 and to be honest, he don’t fully enjoy the world as he could enjoy. He was the only happiness of the family when he came to the world. He was the child of Justin and Elon . Justin was the first wife of the Elon musk. Elon college crush was Justine . Justin is also the author of many books like blood angel, lord of bones, uninvited. Justin is basically the fantasy writer .but his name was included in the list of people that needs to go early to where they belong. He died in the same hospital where he was born after 10 weeks. If he was alive, the just like Elon musk, the founder of SpaceX , Tesla, SpaceX, OpenAI, Neuralink, PayPal, and The Boring Company. Then most probably the son would also be called the multimillionaire as he will have an asset of $ 24 billion dollars. Nevada Alexander Musk must have the same or somewhat the greater asset as compared to Elon musk other children. the main cause of the death of the first son of Elon musk was SIDS. Apart from the main disease that had caused the child to go back to where he came from is untold. After the death of the Nevada musk, the whole family of Elon musk was in grief, especially the mother of the child Justine musk shows her grief openly towards the audience. Elon musk in comparison to Justin musk remains to keep quiet on this sensitive matter.

NEVADA AND HIS FATHER ELON :bowing_man:t2: :man:t2:

Nevada was born when the father , Elon musk, was signing deals and making the money as usual . but the greater part of all that was happening in the life of Elon Musk was he was at that time making his organization to SpaceX. But the SpaceX was not fully able to be handled by the company he was handling to. Later after a few months, eBay made their eyes on purchasing PayPal from Nevada musk father for $1.5 billion. During this whole spoon of taking over the companies. The fist born, Nevada Alexander Musk, had come into Elon musk life . Elon musk was seeing his child to get bigger and bigger with the growing ages.

DEATH OF NEVADA :left_speech_bubble:

His, Nevada Alexander Musk, demise was abrupt, and nobody knows that would happen. The nurse of the hospital makes him sleep and put him into the cot but soon after they realize that the child is not breathing .an emergency appeared in whole situation. Emergency staff including doctors and nurse were called . they provide the child oxygen and other life supporting decisions were done to the child. But may be the child has breathed his last before this. The reason that came out after the death of the child was that his brain was not working. After with so much thinking of the doctors and nurses, the final decision was made. Nevada alexander musk was put on the life supporting machines by the doctors. But may be the was the only solution to reduce the pain of the family. because neither did it was expected . neither did the child came back to life when he was attached to the machines. The life supporting machines were turned of by the same people that were caused of the birth of the child, Nevada Alexander Musk . the child remains on this machine for more or half three days



After the child’s death was confirmed the family Elon and Justine was in shock. But soon they both recover from the sudden shock they caused by the Nevada alexander musk. And also, it disses not suit the person of 6 companies to added over the events that make him sad. The two parents of the child needed to push ahead rapidly. The two soon recover from the grief by welcoming more children. Justine and Elon musk welcomed more than 1 child in the next 5 years of Nevada Alexander Musk‘s death. The birth after birth of different children led the parents out of the sad life.

Children of musk after Nevada alexander musk.

  1. Kai musk born in 2006
  2. Griffin musk came into their parent’s hands in 2004
  3. Damian musk born in 2006
  4. Saxon musk brought into the world in 2006
  5. Xavier musk came into this beautiful world in 2004
  6. X Æ A-Xii

Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome :no_entry: :no_entry:

Doctor and paramedics at the hospital where the child was found dead give the same reasons. They said that Nevada Alexander’s demise was the cause of the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. Doctors further said that children often are prone to different deaths besides the viruses . they further added that the disease that led the child to be dead is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome . The causes of this Sudden Infant Death Syndrome are not known until now. Much research done on this disease has not confirmed that what triggers this causes . To which extent then this disease can make the infant go to God again . the reports of Nevada Alexander Musk also don’t show any signs that would tell doctors that he was unhealthy. Furthermore, the real reason of this disease is still under the covers by 2021.

Summary; There came many ups and downs in ELON MUSK life. After the death of his first child, there was a sad environment in Elon’s house. Although still today the reason for death is still unknown of Nevada Musk. The only reason to be known till today was that his death is due to SIDS.

REASONS OF NEVADA ALEXANDER DEATH :arrow_left: :arrow_left:

There have been numerous elements that have been suggested that add to SIDS, however, none of them have been affirmed. And there are no further signs of the disease given that tells that which infant will be getting this syndrome. Nevada was not diagnosed with any Occupational disease.

  1. Specialists say that sleeping positions are also a useful wah to eliminate this disease and this can lead to betterment of the disease. They suggest just the following steps to take :
  2. Always make your child to sleep with their faces in the sky
  3. Always use some time of sleeping pillows to place the child while sleeping
  4. Vaccinations must be made at an earlier notice for prevention of this disease.
  5. Make sur that your bay is sleeping in the same room in which you sleep
  6. Be ware of the devices that are used to calm the child , because that may be the biggest reason for this disease.
  7. Make the immune system of your child strong by various injections.
  8. Make sur that the body temperature of your baby is not too much. High temperatures often lead to brain death.
  9. Don’t make your child sleep in the same bed as you.
  10. The above are some precautions that must be taken to make your child away from this deadly disease. Maybe Nevada was exposed to one of the following reasons that made him leave this world after a few days.

Last but not the least, it said by a specialist that Pregnancy Milk and Baby should be taken extra care.

Causes of Nevada alexander musk death :cherry_blossom: :cherry_blossom:

The following reasons are the major cause of the death of the firstborn, Nevada alexander musk

  1. The brain of Nevada alexander musk was not fully made. The sleeping and respiration-controlled part of the brain was not functional enough to keep the child breathing stable in sleeping. Also, there were found variations in the breathing of the child.
  2. The weight of the child was too low. The baby was born prematurely and that is the main reason for the low weight. also, the baby of Elon Musk called Nevada Alexander Musk also had difficulty breathing and respiration
  3. Also there may be the reason that Nevada alexander musk was experiencing respiratory issues.

Father of Nevada Alexander :family_man_woman_boy:

The Father of Nevada was Elon Musk. Elon used to spend his early life in Pretoria, South Africa, and later moved to Canada. In Canada, he studied two subjects in physics and business in two years. After studying business and physics, Elon Musk left for California in America. After reaching America, he further studies Phd in the physics domain. He studies the energy domain in physics. Musk in previous ages studies an undergraduate degree. He studied economics subject in undergraduate. it was the economics knowledge of musk that led him to further enhance his money in his bank account. Elon Musk also learned material sciences and finance subjects in his time at the University of Pennsylvania. He at that point selected at Stanford University for a Ph.D. in applied material science, however, he further changes up his mind and follows the business domain. Elon Musk thinks that business is for him, so he did not need to follow the economics anymore.

Zip2 :globe_with_meridians: :globe_with_meridians:

His first business project was called Zip2, which he made with his sibling. Alon musk sold this zip2 project for $307 million in year of 1999. Elon musk says that zip2 was the successful project of his life . but as every project has ups and downs, so is the zip2. zip2 brings lots of frustration and disappointment to elan musk. Zip2 was formed in 1995 when he made the decision to make a company with this brother. Apart from the zip2 founding members, Elon also has a sister .

SpaceX- web programming :

The web programming organization was effective when it came under by Compaq for $340 million, this led to the company to become one of the richest men on the earth. The profits that Elon musk got buy this project was incredible. Elon musk after the SpaceX programs also made another organization under his name was The business skills that Elon musk has don’t hide the ways of success to Elon. He further converts this banking online platform to another company that was called pay pal. Pay Pal revenue makes Elon become richer . the revenue of Pay pal was US$25.885 billion as of 2020. The company Pay Pal was made in 2000 buy Elon musk. The success led money crept to Elon musk by days and nights. Pay pal after sometimes was purchased by eBay for $1.5 billion, driving Elon’s abundance into the billions.

Elon musk creations

He is the originator of the aviation and space company called SpaceX, and the author of Tesla, which produces electric vehicles. He additionally plans to make benevolent computerized reasoning through OpenAI. Perhaps the objective of all this technological renovation is to lessen the temperature of the earth. His company includes lots of computer programmers. So if you want to work under him. You should learn How To Learn Artificial Intelligence Yourself?. Elon’s many creations are Inventory turnover for the whole world.

Elon’s Personal Life :anger: :anger:

After Nevada Alexander’s demise, Elon had more children with Justine Wilson. The parents welcomed 5 children after Nevada Alexander. The 5 children were being brought into the world through in vitro treatment. After the birth of all the children. Both parents lived happily with 5 children. But due to some misconceptions, they isolated their paths in 2008. It was a long marriage that Elon musk has had with any of his wives. After all, the two, Elon and Justine, were the parents of 5 children altogether. Elon was a brilliant student since his childhood. If you want to How to make money as a teenager in 2020 then you should read his autobiography of life.

Nevada Parent’s separation :hole: :bomb:

Following their partition, he started a relationship with another Canadian Talula Riley, and they decided to live together two years after their dating, yet they didn’t last long .They were separated after two years only. There were many confusions in their relationships. But the two decided to keep those apart. They married each other after two years, but the relationship was not strong for both. The relationship of Elon with Talula Riley became to a halt in 2016. The main reason that is according to rumors is that Elon was in a relationship with someone else. After the divorce with Talula Riley, the multimillionaire, Elon Musk started dating Amber Heard, but this also not last long. After Elon Musk decided to sell Zip2 in 1999, then after 2 years in 2002. He was found again dating a Canadian singer called Grimes, (Claire Elise Boucher), and from 2002 to 2020 they are together.



There is a lot you need to know to get more knowledge about the world millionaire as of 2020.

What is the name of Elon Musk child born in 2020

The name of his last child is X Æ A-12. The name of the baby was taken from his mother, Grimes, old song name.

Can there be doctors’ mistake to not make Nevada’s condition stable?

No, absolutely not. Nevada was said to have SIDS. In SIDS, doctors can’t do much to save the child.

How long did Nevada survive

Nevada survived for 10 weeks. He breathed his last on 28 May 2002.


Although the first child’s death brings sorrow to the family. But instead, the two parents make themselves out from the sad part. This shows the nature of the Musk that you can’t become sad about small things in your life. After Nevada, Nevada and Justine witnessed the joy of their 5 children’s more.