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Elon Musk Amber Heard is dating Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors. But who exactly is he? We’ve rounded up five facts about Elon Musk that might surprise you.

What We Know About Their Relationship

  1. In late August, Page Six reported that billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk had been quietly dating actress Amber Heard.

  2. The two were spotted out together in Los Angeles on several occasions and have publicly enjoyed time together at events such as Tesla’s annual party at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, in March 2016. Other attendees reportedly included Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, as well as noted photographer Annie Leibovitz—who knows a thing or two about what makes for good PDA.

  3. The two were also seen together at Tesla’s Model 3 launch party, again in Los Angeles. This time they were joined by Inventor/filmmaker Jon Favreau and his wife, Rhea Butcher. Clearly, Heard’s social calendar is just as busy as Musk’s—maybe even more so.

  4. In his 2012 book, Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, Ashlee Vance notes that Musk had been accused of being arrogant, and aloof. For her part, Heard is an avowed lover of privacy.

One Thing They Have in Common

  • They’re both self-made: Like Musk, Heard is making it on her own. Before she took off with Johnny Depp, she was primarily known for small TV roles on shows like JAG, Boston Public, Nipp/Tuck, and Dirty Sexy Money.

  • However, you can’t get through life without getting your hands dirty. And if you’re going to work for someone else, be prepared to play by their rules—regardless of how unfair they may seem.

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Why They Are Compatible

  1. Like Musk, Heard is an entrepreneur, as well as an actor (in fact, her breakout role was in Pineapple Express). Both of them have very public profiles. That is no coincidence. It’s part of what made their coupling such big news; he is one of the most influential men in tech right now, and she is one of Hollywood’s rising stars.

  2. They have been linked in media reports for months, even though they have not confirmed their relationship. In December 2016, it was said that Musk had split from his longtime girlfriend Talulah Riley for good. The rumors surrounding their romance began as early as 2014. After Riley and Musk broke up, she took to her Twitter account to write that she was lovingly taking some time off from [her] relationship with [her] partner because of how busy they both were.

  3. They don’t have any children together, but they have expressed support for each other’s kids. When it comes to kids, Musk has five of his own, who were born to two different women. That’s more than most people can claim! If he does decide to add to his family, there is another woman ready and willing—and who knows about raising big families? That would be Heard.

How Their Relationship Will Evolve

  • Musk has been in relationships with Talulah Riley, who he divorced for a second time in 2016, and actress Amber Heard. Musk was still in his first marriage when he began dating Riley. There have been rumors that their relationship didn’t last long because of infidelity on both sides. While that may or may not be true, let’s focus on how Musk and Heard will handle their new relationship differently than before.

  • It’s important to note that both Musk and Heard have had relationship experience before, so they know what they like, what they don’t like, how to be happy in a relationship—and how not to be. With prior experience as guidelines, it stands to reason that their new union will evolve differently than their past relationships have. In other words, it may not resemble Riley or other failed relationships at all.

  • It’s likely that their relationship won’t be all sunshine and roses, but it will have more potential for longevity. The couple seem poised to learn from their past relationships—and grow from them.

Other Factors Influencing the Relationship

  1. Since both Elon Musk and Amber Heard are high-profile figures, their relationship is often compared to other celebrity couples.

  2. A closer look at these relationships reveals that although each couple possesses their own unique qualities, there are more similarities than differences in how they are perceived by others. All three of these relationships have been critiqued by both fans and critics alike, who have come up with reasons why such famous people should or shouldn’t be together.

  3. Critics of these relationships have come up with many reasons as to why these celebrity couples should not be together. For example, in both cases, one of the partners is significantly older than their significant other.

  4. In both of these relationships, there are also societal expectations for what constitutes a relationship that is normal or abnormal. For example, in Western society, it has been stated that women tend to marry men who are four or more years older than they are.

  5. Critics have even gone so far as to say that these relationships simply are not genuine, that they are merely publicity stunts meant to increase attention and fame for both parties. However, even those who question their authenticity agree that there is something special about both of these relationships. And if you’re a fan of either couple, it’s easy to see why they make perfect sense together.

Elon musk amber heard the elevator

  • Some say Elon Musk is a visionary genius; others say he’s out of touch with reality. But no matter what you think of him, it’s clear that his brains and his billions have inspired many young entrepreneurs—especially those who dream of starting their own business. Here are five reasons why Mr. Musk inspires entrepreneurship in some people…and frightens others.

  • And it goes beyond just being rich. Mr. Musk is known for his quick temper, short fuse, and propensity to tweet outrageous comments—and even tell reporters how he thinks they should do their jobs! And while those comments make many people laugh—and some cringe—they’re also a symptom of one of his greatest attributes as an entrepreneur: resilience.

  • And that is what makes Mr. Musk such an inspiration to young entrepreneurs, or anyone else who dreams of making it big. In many ways, he’s made his own version of success—and taken steps to realize it—by pushing against those who say it can’t be done. Now you may not want to follow in his footsteps (no matter how much money you have), but you certainly can take away some lessons from his rise to fame. Who knows?

Elon musk amber heard the baby

A match made in business heaven? Maybe so. Their romance may seem like it came out of nowhere, but if you take a look at their backgrounds, you’ll see that they’re pretty much made for each other. While it might be fun to imagine that two celebrities have fallen in love simply because they are both attractive people who make good art, there’s no denying that they both come from families with deep pockets.

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Elon musk amber heard the relationship

  1. The relationship between Elon Musk and Amber Heard has been all over tabloids since they began to go out. The only problem is, that not much is known about them. Some of their romance has been in private and not for public consumption. Still, it’s always hard to keep any celebrity couple out of the news for long…especially if those celebrities are super-rich power players like Elon Musk and Amber Heard!

  2. But now that they are officially in love, it’s time to put on our thinking caps, pour a strong cup of coffee (I prefer chai tea myself), and dive into their relationship. Why are they so perfect for each other? What is their dynamic? How did they meet? And why do I have such bad vibes about it all?

  3. We don’t know much about their romance, but we do know that it’s been going on for about six months. That is an insanely short time to be in a relationship with someone as powerful as Elon Musk, so something must be drawing them together. They both say that they love each other, but why? Is it really just because they like to hang out? Let’s delve into what we know!

Elon musk amber heard a child

  • The two recently announced their separation, but still, regularly share photos of each other on Instagram. While it’s sad to see what was once one of Hollywood’s happiest celebrity couples dissolve, we can definitely say that for now, at least, these two seem to be doing what’s best for their little boy.

  • The news came as quite a shock to many people, including John Mayer who recently made an appearance on the Australian radio show Kyle & Jackie O. He said he found out about their breakup when his assistant texted him about it. His reaction? Good for him. He added I know what that guy has been through so if he wants to figure out how to feel better, do you man. Good for him.

  • While we can’t be sure what was going on behind closed doors, it seems that for now, these two are putting their son’s best interests first. Hopefully, they figure out how to be good co-parents for little Lucile (yes, that’s her name) because it definitely won’t be easy juggling their demanding careers with raising a child.


Everyone has been waiting for news about whether or not Amber Heard is dating tech entrepreneur, Elon Musk. Since both have such high profiles, people have been speculating about them as a couple since their split from other celebrities. Though their relationship has only just begun, there are some good reasons to believe that these two make an excellent couple. Here are six reasons why we think that Elon Musk and Amber Heard make such a perfect match!

Elon musk amber heard

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