Knowledge worker

Knowledge worker,

Definition of Knowledge worker:

  1. A person whose job involves handling or using information.

  2. Employees such as data analysts, product developers, planners, programmers, and researchers who are engaged primarily in acquisition, analysis, and manipulation of information as opposed to in production of goods or services. Popularized by the US management guru Peter Drucker (born 1909, in Austria).

How to use Knowledge worker in a sentence?

  1. Karen was a highly sought after knowledge worker , and as such was able to select work situations that suited her childrens activities and schedules.
  2. You should strive to have as good of a knowledge worker on your side as you can so that they can have the answers for you.
  3. He was a knowledge worker and that impressed me a lot because I knew the tasks they performed were extraordinary.
  4. Furthermore, the knowledge-based economy has spawned the knowledge worker who is prepared to go anywhere in the world to sell her or his skills.

Meaning of Knowledge worker & Knowledge worker Definition