Marie-France Ward

Marie-France Ward (born January 25, 1959) is an American actress best known for her roles in Excess Baggage and The Marrying Man. She also starred in the T.V. shows La Femme, Nikita, Charmed, and Burn Notice, and was a special guest star on an episode of Friends. Throughout her acting career, she has appeared in over 50 movies or television shows.

Marie-France Ward

  1. You’ll never know what you can achieve unless you’re willing to try. In 1987, without any prior work experience in fashion or design, and after an unorthodox upbringing with little formal education or social standing.

  2. Marie-France Ward established her eponymous fashion label that would ultimately represent a different type of luxury than the one usually advertised.

  3. Today, Marie-France’s fashion label has continued to grow and evolve, garnering a loyal following of people who are as passionate about her vision as she is.

  4. When Marie-France first arrived in New York from France at age 17, she was immediately struck by all of the noise and glamour.

  5. She spent her time trying to find ways to connect with people but soon realized that life on a budget in New York City meant working long hours for little pay.

  6. After saving enough money to buy a sewing machine, Marie-France began designing and making clothes in her apartment while working several jobs.

  7. That summer, she attended Parsons School of Design, one of New York’s most prestigious art schools. Her instructor saw her potential and encouraged her to go into fashion design.

  8. Marie-France spent four years at Parsons before graduating with honours but found it difficult to get a fashion design job because she had no experience or connections.

  9. After months of trying, she got a job as an assistant designer for Comme des Garçons, an avant-garde fashion label based in Paris.

  10. As luck would have it, she was offered a full-time design position with Emilio Pucci in New York City just six months later.

  11. She took that opportunity and never looked back. From 1987 to 1989, Marie-France designed undergarments for women who wanted beautiful but functional pieces they could wear daily to work.

Marie-France Ward Age

Marie-France was born in Rouen, France, and raised in England. She earned a B.A. in Political Science and English Literature from the University of New Hampshire, which has inspired her career in writing children’s books that tackle various social issues. She later moved to Montreal with her husband and three kids, where she now lives.

Marie-France writes all of her books in both English and French. Her goal is to show children how they can overcome any challenge. I think, deep down, my work has always been about sharing these messages of hope and confidence, she says. Children need a little boost from time to time.

Marie-France’s books are inspired by her three kids, who she homeschools. Her youngest son has autism, and his condition has made her appreciate how much we can accomplish when we work together.

She says he significantly influenced my latest book because I wanted to share some of his worlds with others.

Marie-France is a true animal lover; that passion also comes through in her work. She says that animals are such an essential part of children’s lives.

She hopes to write more animal characters into her stories because they teach children to respect living things and be gentle with them.

As she prepared to release a few more titles in 2016, Marie-France says she is enjoying her career and doing her best to have fun with it.

It’s essential for me to enjoy what I do because otherwise, it becomes too much of a job.

Marie-France’s tips for writers: Write books that make you feel something when you read them. There’s no point in writing a book if it doesn’t move you.

Focus on your strengths as a writer, and build from there. Don’t try to be like another author and write in their style if it’s not authentic to who you are as an author. Show children that they can accomplish anything because they really can!

Marie-France Ward IMDb

  1. Born Marie-Françoise Wa rd in France, his mother Jeanne Rozier, his father Yves Wa rd. In 1952 she lived with her grandparents in Normandy for a year.

  2. She started school at three and a half years old and was tutored by her grandmother, an English teacher.

  3. In 1960, she had a small role in L’Oiseau bleu; by 1970, she had starred in over thirty films. In that year, she got her first leading role in a movie called Le Diable par la queue, an adaptation of The Devil and Daniel Webster.

  4. This would be one of three roles she played in movies directed by Robert Thomas before moving to Madrid for several years, where her career was more successful than before.

  5. In 1978, she started to play in several T.V. series like Le Grand Blond Avec Une chaussure Noire and La Gloire de mon Pere, but it was a few years later that she had her breakout role. She became famous for her role in La Femme d’ a cote, which was very popular in France.

  6. After playing in La Proie in 1985, she had a small role in 1987’s Sous le Soleil de Satan. She then went on to star in La Boum 2 and L’Amour Braque.

  7. In 1991, she starred in her second most famous movie, Delicatessen. A couple of years later, she played two other leading roles: Hommes, femmes: mode d’emploi, and 1492: Conquest of Paradise.

  8. In 1995, she played the leading role in La Belle Verte, one of her few movies that are still unavailable on DVD.

  9. However, she has played various small parts in films and television shows.

  10. She had a recurring role on Le Bureau des Légendes from 2012 to 2014 and did voice acting for several animated movies.

Marie France Ward Photos

Marie-France is one of the most recognizable supermodels, with her trademark long and beautiful flowing blonde hair.

The prolific model has been in the fashion industry for over thirty years, starting as a teenager, making her first appearance on the cover of Bazaar magazine at age 15.

It’s not surprising that Marie France had worked with some of fashion’s biggest names, as she was a model before she was even old enough to drive.

Her beauty and petite figure have landed her countless magazine covers and appearances in print advertisements for brands like Chanel, Calvin Klein, Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Prada.

Marie France appeared on many runway shows, including those by Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Besides her talents in front of the camera, Marie France has also pursued a career in film and television. She appeared in Gia (1998), opposite Angelina Jolie, and in a starring role on NBC’s Madigan Men.

Marie France was married to photographer Peter Lindbergh but divorced in 2009. She is currently in a relationship with businessman Stephan Weiss and lives in New York City.

In addition to her love of fashion, Marie France is also interested in winemaking. She purchased one of Napa Valley’s most respected wineries, Silver Oak Cellars, with her business partner and former manager, Jean Pigozzi.

The supermodel is an accomplished woman with both beauty and brains. She has acted in several films, starred in runway shows, appeared on magazine covers, and even opened her vineyard.

Marie France’s accolades are too many to name, but perhaps her most impressive achievement is that she did all of that before she turned thirty.

Marie-France Ward and his Son Django Ward

Ward was born in a small town in East Texas and grew up in New Orleans. He studied art history at the University of New Orleans and found his passion for painting.

While serving as an instructor in the U.S. Navy, he travelled to various countries that influenced his work, including Japan, Thailand, India, and Morocco.

After his travels, he settled in Sedona and focused on painting full-time. His work draws from various influences, such as pop art, cubism, and fauvism. He is known for using bold, eye-catching colours that seem to change depending on their surroundings.

Over his career, he has been featured in publications like Forbes and has had several solo exhibitions across Europe and America.

His work can be found in many private collections and purchased directly from him online. He currently lives with his wife and son Django, who is also an artist.

Marie-France is always looking for inspiration to create new pieces that pay homage to bright colours, bold lines, and classic designs.

He is known for painting cityscapes of places that are beautiful and have a story behind them. Cities like San Francisco, New York, Paris, and London are all beautifully depicted in his pieces.

Since he started painting in 2005, he has received several awards and recognition in galleries across America and Europe. His works can be found in many private collections and museums, such as The City Museum of Shanghai Art China.

Through his art, he hopes to inspire others and make them see things in a new light. By spreading positive messages of love, hope, and peace with every brush stroke, he brings happiness to his viewers and provides comfort, even if only for a short while.

His passion for painting has not wavered throughout his career and continues to grow stronger daily. He loves sharing his gift with everyone so they can enjoy their little piece of heaven.

Marie-France Ward Wiki

  1. After growing up in Europe, Marie-France Ward came to New York City in 1967 and began her modelling career.

  2. She quickly moved into T.V., appearing on soap operas such as One Life to Live, All My Children, and Dynasty.

  3. In 1984, she became a naturalized American citizen and retired from acting to found the nonprofit Save the Children Fund’s Pediatric AIDS Partnership.

  4. In 1991, Ward became a spokesperson for that organization, helping to found its Pediatric AIDS Initiative.

  5. During her six years as a national spokesperson, she appeared at numerous events and on talk shows such as Larry King Live, CNN’s International Hour, and The Joan Rivers Show.

  6. When Ward left Save The Children in 1997, she formed her public relations firm and worked as a spokesperson for New York Presbyterian Hospital and AIDS awareness organizations.

  7. Marie-France is currently President of Mayfair, a software development company specializing in digital marketing tools for luxury brands.

  8. She has served on several committees of The American Red Cross, the Advisory Board for Save The Children Fund, and the Foster Care Review Board for New York City.

  9. In addition to founding two charities for children living with AIDS, she currently serves as an advocate for other nonprofits in need of publicity.

  10. She has been honoured for her work by numerous organizations, including Save The Children Fund, the New York City Board of Education, the Food and Drug Administration, and the City of Hope.

  11. Her many television appearances include guest star roles on Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Guiding Light, and As The World Turns.

  12. She currently serves as a Public Relations expert on Lifetime’s original movie, Steel Magnolias: Touchstone Films’ Missing From Manhattan.

Marie-France Ward’s Birthday

In 1988, Marie-France became interested in the pastry arts and convinced her mother to let her take an apprenticeship at the age of 16.

In 1993, she moved to Paris, where she opened a small boutique with two partners and opened a larger boulangerie with her mother in 1999. In 2008, she was appointed chairwoman of Women’s Food and Wine Magazine.

In addition to her accolades in baking, Marie-France has also received awards for all her other achievements, including 4 Iron Chef titles and one silver and two bronze medals at international pastry competitions.

She is also a member of The Explorers Club, one of the few women to receive that honour. In 2004 she was named one of America’s best chefs by Food & Wine Magazine.

Besides all the other accolades, Marie-France is a regular contributor to CULTURE magazine and television and a best-selling author.

Gourmet Magazine named her book Boulangerie Pâtisserie one of their top ten baking books in 2005. She is also the author of two cookbooks, both of which have been best sellers for several years.

Marie-France is also currently a Professor at two of America’s most prestigious cooking schools, The Institute of Culinary Education in New York City and Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, California.

She teaches week-long classes on advanced dessert techniques and gives seminars at food & wine festivals around America.

Marie-France is also a pastry consultant for New Seasons Market, a natural foods grocery chain located in Washington and Oregon. At her store, she instructs on baking products sold at both stores.

Her expertise in baking has also earned her an appearance on one of America’s most popular cooking shows, The Martha Stewart Show.

She is currently working with several companies to develop new products and is also consulting on a proposed cookbook for Macy’s department stores.

Marie-France believes that food should have an excellent taste and be healthy and well presented, which makes her advice sought after by chefs around the world.

Fred Ward Marie-France Ward

French film actress Marie-France Ward started her career as a model. She acted in her first leading role for the 1975 French movie Le Requin but had little success afterwards.

In 1979, she was cast as Brigitte Bardot’s daughter in the movie La Ragazza. It was this role that launched her to international stardom.

Since then, she has acted in several French and Italian movies, including L’un de nous Deux (1979), La Derniere Fete (1983), La Boum 2 (1984), Tess, My Love (1986), and La Boum 3.

She also took on several T.V. roles. In 1990, she co-starred with Michael Paré in the American film The Ambulance.

In 1993, she married a French businessman and had two children. After retiring from acting in 1999, she moved to Paris with her family. She currently lives in France with her family.

She has been living in France since 1999 and married a French businessman. She is active on Twitter, where she posts pictures of her daily life with her family.

Her brother Paul Ward is also an actor. He appeared in one of her films, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

She has a daughter named Jade and a son named Antoine. Her husband, Frédéric, has two children from his previous marriage: Louis and Émilie. Fredrick is also currently on Twitter, sharing photos of his wife and family.

She lives in France with her husband, two children, and her brother. Marie-France was an actress who worked between 1975 and 1999.

Fredrick Ward has a massive following on Twitter, where he shares photos of his wife and family. She is best known for her work on Tess, My Love (1986), La Boum 2 (1984), and La Derniere Fete (1983). Her zodiac sign is Pisces.

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In Food Revolution, France’s leading food journalist proves that good journalism can transform an entire country.—Morris Berman, author of Wandering God:

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I loved France’s Food Revolution. As a Frenchwoman who has spent my life in America, living and writing about food, I recognized many faces and stories that reflect my own experiences.—Antonia Minard, author of Vegetables from Amaranth to Zucchini: The Humble Platter and Cultivated Palate

marie-france ward


She was born in Geneva and raised with a love of fashion. Marie-France also has a passion for entrepreneurship, making her the perfect match for L’élégance Parisienne. This leading French brand of women’s luxury clothing, established in Paris more than 60 years ago, was looking to make a dramatic comeback. At age 25, Marie-France became its president and began streamlining the business operation: she restructured the management team and focused on marketing the brand worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Important Questions For Your Knowledge:

1. Is Fred Ward still alive?

Fred Ward passed away on October 4, 1994, at 60. His first wife Freda and his second wife Marie are still alive today. His sister Peggy is still alive but does not have contact with him or his family.

2. Was Football Fred Ward’s sport?

Fred Ward was a pro football player in the National Football League. He began his career in 1984 with the Oakland Raiders, though he spent the majority of his NFL years with the San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos. He was selected to represent both teams at Super Bowls XXIII and XXIV.

3. Fred Ward’s financial standing is quite rich.

Fred Ward is an actor who has been acting since the 1960s and has done almost 100 films. Besides being an actor, he is also a director, screenwriter, and producer. As of 2007, he was estimated to be worth approximately $11 million.

4. Who is Fred Ward?

Fred is a stage and film actor who has won one Tony Award, three Drama Desk Awards, two Obie Awards, an Emmy Award, and a Genie Award. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Bonnie and Clyde (1967).

5. I’d like to know which T.V. shows Fred Ward starred in.

There are several T.V. shows that Fred Ward starred in. One show is Gilmore Girls, where he played the store owner Luke Danes, an acquaintance of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Fred Ward also had a starring role on Deadwood, which aired from 2004 to 2006. The Western series chronicled the people of Deadwood, South Dakota, and the town’s criminal element through the tumultuous years following a gold rush until it officially became part of the Dakota Territory.

6. What is Fred Ward’s height?

Fred Ward is tall, standing at 1.92m tall (6 ft 4 in). His height was the subject of a lot of banter on his old college football team, where the players were much shorter than him. He had always had a long reach and high jumps, so it was hard for defenders to reach him when he was running past them.

7. How did Fred Ward die?

The definitive answer to the question of how Fred Ward died is currently unknown. We know that he passed away on September 18, 2001, at the age of 66. We also know that he was born on November 2, 1935, in Washington, DC, and attended his first acting class in New York.

8. What is Kevin Bacon’s net worth?

Kevin Bacon’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bacon was raised in a family of actors with deep roots in the theatre community; his father was a well-respected stage actor and director who founded the Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival with his wife, actress Pernell Roberts. With such influence, it was no surprise that Bacon would end up having aspirations for the same profession.

9. Is there something going on with Frank Ward?

In case you didn’t know, former President Barack Obama released a photo of him wearing a custom suit designed by Marie-France. If that isn’t great advertising for her, I don’t know what is. There will be many more pictures like this with the Obamas and other celebrities showing off their new clothes made by Marie- France.

10. I want to know who owns the rights to the Remo Williams franchise.

Steven Long was the original author of the Remo Williams book series. He sold the rights to develop a film in 1988 to Gregory Widen, an award-winning screenwriter and director. Widen did not sell any further requests and remained faithful to the books. His film First Deadly Sin, starring Michael Keaton, won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes Film Festival.


It was a privilege to meet and get to know Ms Marie-France Ward, an inspiration to so many through her hard work ethic and persistence, as well as her love for the theatre. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

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