Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Amazon Prime Wardrobe makes online apparel shopping even more convenient by allowing registered customers to buy a selection of wardrobe staples at no additional cost. In addition to dresses, clogs and other clothing, customers may also try on T-shirts jogging pants, and more in the privacy of their own homes, and only pay for what they keep. In addition to men’s and women’s apps, area, children’s and infants’ clothing and accessories are available through Amazon Prime Wardrobe.

:diamonds: Amazon Prime Wardrobe

As a shopper, you’ll want to read this guide to learn everything there is to know about Amazon Prime. The differences between the Prime Fashion service and other apparel subscription services, as well as standard Amazon Prime ordering, will also be discussed…

The benefits and cons of selling your products on Amazon’s marketplace will also be examined.

:large_orange_diamond: Prime Wardrobe 101

In the realm of e-commerce, “Try before you buy” has become the norm. Prime Wardrobe, like the rest of Amazon’s Prime offerings, is simple to use and completely free for Prime members.

The consumer side of Amazon Prime Wardrobe is examined in this section, including:

  • Do you know how to use Prime Wardrobe?

  • What is the return policy for Prime Wardrobe?

  • When are Prime Wardrobe subscription fees due?

  • What kind of clothing can you get from Prime Wardrobe?

:large_blue_diamond: How is Prime Wardrobe Organized?

Amazon’s Prime members can shop for up to eight items (and a minimum of three) from a variety of clothing brands and have them delivered right to their homes. There is a seven-day return policy for customers who don’t like their purchases after trying them on at home. Only the stuff they keep will be charged.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • After signing into their Prime account, shoppers can see which items are included in the Prime Wardrobe.

  • Enter a keyword that describes what they’re looking for, such as “summer dress.”

  • Consumers can then select the “Prime Wardrobe” box under “Filters” on the far left side of the screen to ensure that they’re just looking at Prime Wardrobe-eligible items.

  • As a last resort, buyers can visit the Prime Clothing landing page1 and search tailored filters such as “Retro Prints,” “The Normal Routine,” and “Sweater-Weather Essentials.”

  • No additional fees apply to Prime Wardrobe returns because the service is included in the monthly fee customers pay for Prime membership.

  • Personal Assistant by Prime Clothing, an added service that costs $4.99 a month, allows Amazon expert stylists to perform their shopping for customers for a price.

:gem: Prime Wardrobe’s Shopper (also known as “Personal Shopper”)

Customers can order the same amount of apparel items as they do with Prime Wardrobe, and the same return policy is in place. Customer service with Personal Shopper is similar to that of HGTV’s “What to Wear Next,” with the exception that clients are the stars of their show.

How well these personal shopping solution works is laid forth in the following paragraphs. To ensure that Amazon stylists are aware of their tastes, customers create a profile and complete a short survey.

Stylists might take particular instructions from their clients. Customers, for example, may tell them that they want a pair of designer jeans in every curated collection.

As an added perk for Prime members, they can preview their stylists’ recommendations and select three to eight pieces to try on in their own homes.

Customers can then return the items they don’t like after a seven-day try-on period. The Personal Shopper service can be cancelled at any moment by customers.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe

:arrow_right: Summary

Amazon Prime Wardrobe orders take 4-6 business days to arrive, compared to typical Amazon Prime orders. After that, you’ll have a week to “test” all of your new purchases before making your final decision on which ones to retain and which ones to part with.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: In What Ways May I Return an Item Purchased Through Prime Wardrobe?

Different parts of your Prime Wardrobe order may arrive at different times, but you can generally expect it to arrive in 4-6 trading days. The eighth trial period begins upon receipt of the last shipment.

Customers can go to their Amazon accounts Your Orders page before this period ends and choose which things they want to retain and which they want to return. Returned packages can be dropped off at any UPS location using the return label provided.

Any return label can be used by a client if their purchases are delivered in various packages on separate days. It is not acceptable to wear a lace dress out for the evening and then try to return it for free; this means that you cannot return an item that has been cleaned and damaged.

During the 30-day return period, if a consumer decides to return an item or goods they’ve purchased after the conclusion of the try-on time, they can do so for a full refund.

:large_blue_diamond: When Do You Pay for Prime Wardrobe?

At the end of the seven-day try-on period at 11:59 p.m. local time, customers will be charged for any items they still have in their possession.

:name_badge: Kinds of Clothing that Are Available on Prime Wardrobe

Amazon Prime Wardrobe has a wide range of inexpensive to designer-level priced items from tiny labels and national companies.

Some of the most well-known brands are:

  • Levi’s

  • Calvin Klein is a well-known brand.

  • The J.B.S.

  • Theory

  • Italian fashion house Armani Exchange (AIX Armani)

  • Lucky Brand is a well-known brand

  • Alex and Ani’s

Depending on the season and the latest fashions, certain brands may promote specific apparel products, making it very easy for shopping streets on the fence to pick what to put in their Top Wardrobe package.

There is a “Elevate Your Everyday” page on Amazon’s Daily Ritual brand, which is linked to Prime Wardrobe, where customers can browse simple, comfy yet stylish essentials like jersey blouses and poplin trousers.

Numbers Brands
1 Levi’s
2 The J.B.S.
3 Lucky Brand
4 Calvin Klein
5 Alex and Ani’s
6 AIX Armani

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Amazon Prime vs. Prime Store vs. Clothing Subscribers

Through commerce, subscriptions, and web services, Amazon has ingeniously developed viable revenue streams. People in 2021 will no longer want to shop at a store: malls are deserted; the prospect of a pandemic makes it even less desired, and the number of options for TBYB grows daily.

StyleSnap, a service that allows users to take a picture of an article of clothing and search for it online, joins Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe is another fashion-forward move.

Stitch Fix and Nuuly both provide subscription services, but there are still some people who aren’t sure whether they’d be better off using Amazon’s old-fashioned method of purchasing items.

Looking more closely at some of Prime Wardrobe’s advantages over its competitors and Amazon Prime, as well as its advantages: In addition to the commitment required by most subscription services, a monthly styling fee of $10 or more is usually required as well (in addition to whatever you pay for the clothes you keep).

Unless you use the Personal Stylist service, there are no obligations or fees associated with joining Prime Wardrobe. Prime Wardrobe’s TBYB apparel service was praised by Business Insider James Brain for allowing customers to choose just what they want, as opposed to most other services.

which includes a built-in stylish component regardless of whether the customer wants it or not. Unlike Amazon Prime, you don’t have to pay anything upfront with Prime Wardrobe.

Returning an article with Prime Wardrobe means paying nothing upfront, unlike with Amazon Prime, which charges you and then sends you a check for the returned item.

Prime Wardrobe is perhaps the greatest online retail choice for people who wish to buy clothes online—in bulk—and who aren’t brand-obsessed but open to many diverse designs.

:arrow_right: Summary

To finalize my Prime Try That You Buy order, I had to enter a credit card number other than my debit Mastercard. Payment by debit card is not accepted by Prime Wardrobe for orders totalling more than $300 before taxes and discounts.

:beginner: Prime Wardrobe as Inspiration for Small Businesses

With the success of Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe, other firms have even jumped on board with their versions of the model. There is a San Francisco-based company called TryNow, which provides technology to online merchants using Shopify Plus.

4 TryNow already has raised $12 million as of March 2021 for the company’s future growth. This TBYB landscape has caught the eye of investors. To sell your products on Amazon, you need a powerful digital marketing strategy.

Customers who utilise Amazon Prime Wardrobe enjoy numerous advantages, as we’ve shown. But what about sellers? As a clothing brand, you may be asking if your products would display on Prime Wardrobe if you sell them through Amazon.

:orange_square: According to Amazon

List of Prime Wardrobe-eligible products and the upper and lower limits number of things that can be purchased. At our sole discretion, we may adjust the price per order at any time.

That said, even if you are unable to sell your apparel and accessories through the Prime Clothes catalogue, you should still think about doing so.

Consider the following advantages of selling on Amazon, as well as the pitfalls to avoid as an Amazon seller: Reach a broader and more diverse group of potential customers throughout the world.

For years, Amazon has worked tirelessly to earn the confidence of its millions of customers. Allow the professionals to handle all of your shipping needs by selecting Amazon’s fulfilment service

:arrow_right: Summary

After the last item is delivered, customers have seven days to try on the clothing at home. Like them and pay for what you keep. You can return them if you don’t like them and won’t be charged. We don’t charge you for delivery or return.

:question: Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Following are the most Frequently Asked Questions.

:one: How much does Amazon Prime Wardrobe cost?

Prime Wardrobe is a free service for Prime members that allows you to try on clothing at home before making a final decision to purchase them. After your last item arrives, you have seven days to try it on at home, and you can return what you don’t want. As long as they’re returned, shipping is free for both ways.

:two: Where can I locate my ideal wardrobe?

Prime Wardrobe-eligible clothing, footwear, and accessories are available for purchase. The items can be found on Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe page or by searching for items marked with the Amazon Wardrobe badge.

:three: If you do not even return Prime Wardrobe, what happens to your account?’

Title to the items in your Prime Clothing order will pass to you whenever we charge you the total cost for any items you choose to keep after the trial period has ended, or if you do not return any items to us.

:four: What’s causing the delay in the delivery of the Prime Wardrobe?

In the beginning, you may have to wait four to six days longer than usual to receive your order from Amazon because of the way they package everything together. In addition, the size of the package you receive may differ from what you’re used to, depending on what you ordered.

:five: The Amazon Prime Wardrobe isn’t what I expected?

For a typical return, the first step is to visit Amazon’s returns facility. To see if your item is eligible for a return, select “Return Items.” If you’re able to return it, just pick “Kohl’s Dropoff” as the return method when you checkout. Your item will be picked up by a Kohl’s employee and returned to you.

:six: Your credit card may be frozen if you use Prime Wardrobe?

The moment you click “keep” on an item during the checkout process, your credit card will be debited. To avoid any confusion, Amazon does not wait for your return package to arrive before charging your credit card. However, they will correct any inconsistencies—reimbursing you for returned products that you mislabeled as keep or vice versa—once the box arrives.

:seven: Is apparel from Prime Wardrobe worn?

when amazon prime wardrobe began, these were some of the seller’s key concerns: If an item has been opened, Amazon considers it 'used. This site does not allow the sale of “used” clothing."

:eight: What is the best design for my Amazon store?

Take a picture of your clothing and submit it to Amazon’s app; you’ll get a list of products that look just like those in the photo. They’re so similar that it’s uncanny.

:nine: Is there a way to try out Prime Wardrobe before I buy it?

It is a Prime-exclusive program that allows you to try out eligible goods from women, men, children and baby clothing, shoes and accessories before you make a final decision to purchase them. Only the things you decide to keep will be charged to your credit card after a seven-day trial period.

:keycap_ten: Prime Wardrobe comes with Prime, or is it an add-on?

When you sign up for the Prime Wardrobe program, you’ll be able to test out the outfits you’ve selected at home. Unlike Stitch Fix, Prime Wardrobe’s Personal Shopper service charges a styling fee.

:orange_book: Conclusion

Please allow 4-6 business days for delivery of your Prime Assortment order The two-day shipping isn’t horrible, but I guess we’ve become accustomed to it. During the checkout process, I discovered that they only accepted credit cards as a form of payment, neither debit cards nor gift cards.

Products that are sold on Amazon must be safe, authentic, and suit the needs of the customers who purchase them. You can’t sell anything used or preowned on Amazon like you can on a flea market. The chart below shows which Amazon categories allow used items.

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