Main Event Prices

Main event prices vary depending on countries. Different factors like the type of game, time, and location of that game affect its costs. These prices are mainly in the range of 9$-25$. But it depends on the number of hours, persons and days. You can buy main event tickets online. Please search for the main event near me to enjoy the near possible games. Similarly, for the main event, Saturday prices vary.

main event prices

What is the main event?

The main event is fun in one place; it provides hundreds of facilities to the people. The main activities are bowling, billiards, laser tag, gravity rope, & video games. Thus, it is considered the best venue for people of all ages to enjoy. You can enjoy it whether you are an adult, a child or with your family.

Event organizers organize events to boost recreational events for the people. And their best bet is to offer budget-friendly facilities to the users and to entertain the people at their maximum. Enjoy the games on the playground or the video games online. Plus you can enjoy the meals along with games. The rates for different games and different meals are different. By searching for main events near me, you can choose lunch or dinner according to your choice.

Games in the main event:

You can buy and sell the main event tickets through INTIX and Ticketmaster UK. Main event tickets are available for the following games.

  1. Laser tagging

  2. Bowling

  3. Billiard

  4. Gravity rope

  5. Climbing

  6. Video games

  7. Golf

  8. Match

Cost of the main event

If you want to know about the main event near me prices, we’ll help you understand this. Main event prices vary in countries, and organizers update them on their official websites. Cost is the main point of this activity. For a whole day of activities, it costs only $24.95 mostly. Buy the main event tickets from a different website or their official website.

You can enjoy whatever action you want at this price, available at the main event. Main event prices are very reasonable; almost everyone can enjoy this. But the costs of the event depend on the activity you choose. You should know that these prices are much lower than the same games in different playing areas. The main event is very reasonable and offers budget-friendly prices.

Main event pass prices:

Only $12 is the cost of an unlimited pass to the main event. One can enjoy all games, pool, and meals at this price. It is the best choice to enjoy all this fun stuff and food at the same place and low prices. Or you can simply buy the main event tickets.

Climbing prices in the main event

Climbing is an expensive game worldwide, but main events have created rock climbing at comparable low prices to other gyms. So, one can enjoy a costly rock climbing experience at low prices during the main event. They suggest the climbing prices per hour and fix the rate according to the following.

Hours Price ($)
half 8
1 10

Bowling & the cost of bowling:

As a recreational activity, the players love bowling. They roll the ball to attack the target or pinball. Bowling/person per game is a general rule in the main events. 1-person and 1-game point out to the frame of ten plays. And you can complete it in 10 minutes. But for kids or babies, the time is increased. The simple rule here is the more young you are, the less the budget. Main events give the rate/hr as below,

Activity Prices
Per lane 40$/hr
scout hire $ 4.00
Replay $ 6.50/person/game

Main event Mini-Golf prices:

Mini-Golf is a club-and-ball game in which we use the club to hit the ball in the holes. However, we count strokes to check the efficiency of players. We don’t need a specific playground to play the game of golf sports. So, we can easily design this game for any main event.

An indoor golf miniature course of 18-holes during the North Austin Main-The clubs organize the event to entertain the participants so they can enjoy Golf during the main event. This game’s cost is different on weekdays than on weekends. If you search for the main event near me, The prices of games there per person are as under;

Day Price/person ($)
Mon 9
Tue 9
Wed 9
Thurs 9
Fri 9
Sat 7
Sun 7

Want to play Golf with your friends and family? You can reserve main event tickets using the official website of the main event. You will enjoy this game according to the rates mentioned above.


They arrange an indoor golf playground, termed mini-golf, so the golf lovers can enjoy this game during the main event at reasonable prices, which are different on different days of the week. So, one can enjoy mini-golf in the main event at low prices on weekends.

Laser tag in the main event:

Laser tag is an indoor recreational and amusing activity in which the main event uses infrared radiation-emitting guns to target the designed object. Sometimes, players wear infrared radiation-sensitive uniforms to count the number of targets. No one hits the player directly in this game, so it is painless. The weapon emits only radiation of a particular wavelength to hit the target object.

The time of the Laser tag game is short. Therefore, it lasts for only fifteen minutes. However, Twenty people can play this game simultaneously during the main event.

Price of laser tag in the main event:

It is an expensive game, and the main event charges $57 per person to play this game. Indeed, this game is costly because of the devices used in this game which are infra-red radiation-sensitive. Moreover, these radiations are uniform and have a radiation-emitting ■■■.

Is Laser tag a painful game?

In this game, the Laser emits only radiation from the ■■■. However, any bullet does not hurt the player. Consequently, it is a painless game you can play quickly many times.


Laser tag is a vast game for people of all ages. You can play it outdoors and indoors, and now its tournaments at the local, national and international levels are arranged.

Main Event Video Games

They offer several video games in the main event with a good sound system and play areas. They designed the play areas according to particular game requirements. However, the cost of each game is different depending on the game requirements. Following are the popular video games available at the main event;

  1. Pac-man

  2. Space Invaders

  3. NBA Jam

  4. Donkey Kong


The main event is full of fun, providing food along with fun for all age groups at the same place. Children mostly love to play video games in this modern era. Therefore, several video games are available in the main event with valid main event tickets. One can enjoy and test his skills by playing video games at the main event at variable main event prices.

Special main event prices offer:

Come to the Main Event on Monday night and enjoy ALLYOUCANPLAY’s activities or arcade games for just $10.95 per guest! The offer is valid from 16:00 to the end of business hours. Food and arcade games get so much more when you buy them together! The combo of food and fun starts at just $17.95!

Fun Cards

A card with a prepaid balance has a magnetic stripe that you can simply swipe the card and enjoy any activity in the main event. Most people pay their Saturday main event prices with fun cards.

Choose six delicious main courses and receive a $10 fun card for just $17.95. Enjoy food, have fun at the same place, and save time. There are different opportunities and offers for you.

Save even more with a $20 + admission Fun card for $24.95. Moreover, use the best price: a $30 + entry Fun card for just $32.

Expiry of Passes:

Passes once paid for the main event, will never expire. Their balance remains intact, and there is no time limit to use this balance.

Happy Hours at the Main Event:

Happy hours are the hours specified by the main event organizers, in which the participants can enjoy free meals and games. At the main event, the following are the happy hours one can enjoy.

Day Happy Hrs (Pm)
Sun 4-7
Mon 4-7
Tue 4-7
Wed 4-7
Thurs 4-7


The main event organizers schedule happy hours so customers can enjoy different entertainment activities, games, and meals. One should try to attend the main event during the happy hours. Even you can search for main event prices Saturday to get the best possible happy hours at the weekend.

No Age Restriction

There is no specific age limitation to participate in the main event. Still, different activities have their specifications, just like a height of 48 is required to play gravity strings and laser tag. In the pool area, under 18, a child must be with their parents or legal guardian.

So, mainly there is no age limit all can enjoy equally, but for precautionary measures, one should keep children away from the pool. The age limit is not because games for all age groups and activities for all age groups are available during the main event. Main event prices, especially on Saturday, offer games without age restrictions.

Internet and Wi-Fi Facility:

Nowadays, it is more like a global village through extensive networking. Internet is the main component of that network. The availability of the internet has become very necessary for us. So, how can the main event possibly neglect this significant component of our lives? Internet is the main facility that you can get at any main event. So access to the internet and network sharing is available during the main event. Win a pass of $5 and enjoy playing unlimited on this main event. The internet is required not only for data sharing but also for online competitions and video games.

Birthday Parties by the Main Events:

Another target of the main events is facilitating birthday parties for youth and kids at very reasonable prices. The main event serves delicious meals & arranges all decorations for a birthday event. Furthermore, the main event, birthday parties, are pocket friendly for the users. In addition, they always give you a warm welcome to come with your friends and dear ones. This facility makes your day special. They are responsible for providing excellent sound effects and music and beautifying the mall.

In childhood, the source of happiness is celebrating and enjoying friends’ birthday parties. And this facility starts at the main event at $11.99/head per 2 hrs. Secondly, during this period, the participant can participate in about all games & activities. Further, there is a 10$ bonus per fun card for every person in this celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Some of the questions related to main event prices are:

1-How much can you play at the main event?

The main event includes bowling, laser tag, Golf, matches, and video games.

2-How much does the main event laser tag cost?

It is an expensive game, and the main event costs $57 per person for this game.

3-Does the credit of the main event ever expire?

No, it saves the credit for use; this will never expire until you use this in the main event.

4-How many gaming centers does the main event maintain?

The main event maintains 39 gaming centers across the United States.

5-Main event provides the facility of birthday parties’ celebration?

Yes, the main event provides a birthday party facility for a meager price, starting at $11.99 per person. In addition, there are birthday party games for adults.

6- Does the main event offer video games?

Yes, the main event has several video games.

7-Does the main event has an internet facility?

Yes, the main event has an internet facility.

8-Is there happy hours at the main event?

Yes, the main event offers happy hours.

9-Does the main event has the opportunity of fun cards?

Yes, the main event gives this facility. No doubt, you can play card games there.

10-Does the main event have the activity of Climbing?

Yes, the main event has a climbing activity.

11-Are rates of the main event higher than in gyms?

No, the main event rates are comparatively lower than other gyms.

12-Does the main event has a pool?

Yes, this is a part of the main event.

13- Does the main event has activities for the old age group?

Yes, the main event has activities for all age groups.

14-Does the main event have a golf facility?

Yes, the main event has a golf facility.

15-Is the Laser tag in the main event a painful game?

No, this is not a painful game, only radiations. Moreover, the purpose of radiation is to target objects at the main event.


The main event is a budget-friendly opportunity to enjoy many games like Golf, Match and recreational activities like rock climbing. Moreover, it also includes video games and pool games. Besides games, the main event organizes parties such as birthday parties and other events at reasonable rates. In final words, the main event is the best choice of any recreational activity for kids to the old. So, you can choose this and reserve your main event tickets for any activity and celebration from the website. One can enjoy the most incredible gaming experience and fun at reasonable main event prices.

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