HP Lovecraft’s cat name was “■■■■■■ MAN”, which was bought by his family for him. The name “■■■■■■ Man” was given by his family, when hp Lovecraft was too young only 5 years old, in the year 1899.

Name of HP Lovercraft's cat


Howard Phillips Lovecraft or commonly known as HP Lovecraft was an American writer of horror, suspense, science, culture and weird fictional stories. He was born on August 20, 1890 and died on March 15, 1937 at the age of 46, in United State. He is well known for his creation of the Cthulhu Mythos, which has inspired a large number of artists, games, literature, music and etc. At the age of 16, he wrote the astronomy column in the Providence Tribune. He also wrote short stories for Weird Tales magazine.

In 1913, he wrote a critical letter to a pulp magazine that ultimately led to his involvement in the movie industry. He is the most influential plus dominant horror writers of all time. Apart from short stories, he wrote many creative poetries, letters and novels. According to a guess, he wrote approximately 100,000 letters during his whole life time. He also worked as an editor in the industry.


HP Lovecraft’s father, Winfield Scott Lovecraft, soon died when he was young. Winfield Scott was diagnosed by psychosis- the condition which affects brain’s functioning – he was hospitalized for 5 years and then died in 1898, when HP Lovecraft was 8 years old. He was then raised by his maternal grandfather and mother and sometime by his aunts. His grandfather, Whipple, became father figure to Lovecraft during this crucial time.

His interest in writing increased day by day during childhood and then in adolescence. His interest further increased when he started going to libraries. His earliest known literary work started at the age of seven with the poems restyling the Odyssey and other mythological stories. His grandparents supported him during the start of his career.


Howard Phillips Lovecraft died in his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island on March 15, 1937 (aged 46). He was diagnosed with cancer of the small intestine of the last stage. At that time, Lovecraft was penniless. Lovecraft spent his last days suffering from the pain of his cancer, as well as malnutrition.


He was famous for his horror fictional stories and novels. Some of his famous writings are mentioned below:

  • The Call of Cthulhu – this was Lovecraft’s most influential story, a masterpiece, which resulted in his popularity.
  • The Dunwich Horror.
  • At the Mountains of Madness – this was his best known work after Cthulhu.
  • The Whisperer in Darkness.
  • The Shadow Over Innsmouth.
  • The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath.
  • The Shadow Out of Time.
  • Imprisoned with the Pharaohs.

Apart from these fictional stories, he also wrote poetry which gained so much fame. Some of his poems are follows:

  • Despair
  • The cats
  • Sunset
  • The city
  • The bride of the sea
  • Little tiger
  • The Messenger
  • Fact and fancy … and many more.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft was a great American writer with unique thoughts. He spent a horrible childhood, early death of his father makes him feel somewhat lonely, but his grandparents and mother always supported him. HP Lovecraft cat became very famous because of the name of his cat.


He was not such animal lover type person. But, his love for cats was indefinite. Lovecraft had a definite preference for cats. Actually that might just be too soft a word for Lovecraft’s feelings for cats. He only owned cats during his entire life. Cats also show up a few times in HP Lovecraft’s fiction, like in “The Cats of Ulthar”, “The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath”.

According to him cats are the true gods bringing prosperity to the land in exchange for food, scratching posts, and protection from the scoundrel dogs.

When Lovecraft was 5, he was given a cat by his parents with a racial epithet for a name. Being 5, it’s doubtful that he named it, but that it was named by his parents or other adult relatives. The only pet he had was cat, he never owned any other animal, but he did make friends with many strays, which he gave such names as “Little Sam Perkins” and “Old Man”.


The name of HP Lovecraft’s cat was ■■■■■■ Man. The word ■■■■■■ comes from Spanish word “nagro” which means “BLACK”. His cat was black in color so that’s the possible reason it was named as ■■■■■■ man. Well, name is very weird, but Lovecraft, as a racist man, named his kitten. This name has often been cited in discussions of Lovecraft’s racial attitude.

Cat remained with him for 14 years. In 1904, cat was disappeared, either died or ran away. This was again a very sad time for HP Lovecraft. After this, he never had any pet. In few of his letters – which were extracted after his death – he mentioned his cat a few times. He wrote that he missed his ■■■■■■ Man.

■■■■■■ Man


Word “nagro” or “■■■■■” is actually a slang or vulgar word used in African-American Vernacular English for black people. Word ■■■■■ – now taken as a meme material – but back then this word was considered extremely offensive or abusive to be used. So, rather than using this word, “N-WORD” was used. Lovecraft was a very racist man. Lovecraft did not hold all white people in uniform high regard, but rather esteemed the English people and those of English descent.


The Rats In The Walls is a short story written by HP Lovecraft in September 1923, published in March 1924. The story was written by him in the memory of his cat. The cat character in the story also had the same name as in real life “■■■■■■ Man”. But after controversies, the cat was renamed to Black Tom or Blackie in 1953 during the later allusions to the story.

SUMMARY: Apart from good writer and poet, he was very fond of cats. He owned a cat named ■■■■■■ Man. ■■■■■ is used as a slang word, which means black. He was a very racist man. Due to this, he always remained under controversies.


What is Cthulhu called?

Its name was given to the Lovecraft-inspired universe where it and its fellow entities existed, the Cthulhu Mythos in his book “The Call of Cthulhu”.

What was HP Lovecraft afraid of?

He was scared of invertebrates, people of other races, temperatures below freezing, old age, marine life, ocean, desert, rats, dogs and many more.

Where is HP Lovecraft buried?

His grave can be found in Swan Point Cemetery, a large, well kept, park-like cemetery on the outskirts of the city along the banks of the Seekonk River.

What religion was HP Lovecraft?

He was a strong atheist. Atheist in simple word means disbeliever. A person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God.


HP Lovecraft’s cat name was ■■■■■■ Man. ■■■■■■ word introduced from Spanish word nagro which means “black”, used as a gross or slang word in Africa and America. His cat was dark black that’s why he named so. He was proud of being a racist. He went through very miserable childhood, after his father’s death, but his other family members somehow managed his loneliness.