Definition of Gross:

  1. A dozen (144).

  2. Too rude or too rude.

  3. Gross profit or revenue.

  4. (Especially bad deeds) are very clear and clearly unacceptable.

  5. Generate or receive (amount of money) in the form of profit or gross revenue.

  6. Not good or detailed in general or large scale.

  7. Twelve dozen total 144.

  8. Total amount before deduction or rebate.

  9. (Income, rent or interest) without deducting all taxes or other contributions.

  10. No taxes or other assistance are withheld.

Synonyms of Gross

Produce, Indecent, Bicentenary, Pudgy, Takings, In bad taste, Enormous, Broad-bodied, Luxuriant, Broad, Viscous, Indelicate, Pitiable, Pronounced, Gain by, Riotous, Centipede, Arrant, Capital gains, Turn to account, Omnibus, Infamous, Get, Take-in, Tubby, Dumb, Net income, Capital, Comprehensive, Uncultured, Indelicate, Miasmal, Complete, Buxom, Dirty, Uncouth, Commissions, Adipose, Unconscionable, Exuberant, Unseemly, Ungraceful, Doltish, Regular, Offensive, Tercentennial, Unmitigated, Sum, Centennial, Lusty, Income, Box office, Centumvirate, Credit, Loud, Stark-staring, Evident, Coarse-grained, Impure, Debased, Weed-ridden, Unmentionable, Bring in, Barbarous, Percentage, Conspicuous, Blatant, Swollen, Obvious, Animalistic, C, Royalties, Mangy, Absolute, Tercentenary, Undignified, Unbearable, Crude, Disgusting, Roly-poly, Hundred, Doric, Plump, Potbellied, Obvious, Cowish, Coin money, Vulgar, Animal, Surpassing, Objective, Fetid, Bawdy, Perfect, Reptilian, Coarse, Measly, Gross income, Pay, Noxious, Returns, Obnoxious, Damned, Grainy, Uneuphonious, Bullnecked, Out-and-out, Mean, Heinous, Scandalous, Dirty, Regrettable, Substantial, Outlandish, Uncourtly, Indecent, Dire, Unwieldy, Pornographic, Perks, Inclusive, Bloated, Hoard, Receive, Bodily, All-inclusive, Centare, Rank, Dumpy, Bosomy, Cheesy, Intake, Jungled, Neat profit, Proceeds, Sordid, Terrible, Bovine, Stinking, Improper, Squatty, Hateful, Rabelaisian, Clumsy, Malodorous, Squalid, Hippy, Unspoiled, Lamentable, Clean up, Horrible, Impure, Offensive, Blatant, Scruffy, Full, Wrongheaded, Glaring, Villainous, Unqualified, Classical, Tote, Risqué, Ribald, Beastlike, Clear profit, Obscene, Realize on, Ignoble, Miasmic, Thorough, Gate, Low-down, Realize, Take, Centurion, Meretricious, Precious, Cacophonous, Lewd, One and indivisible, Top-heavy, Contemptible, Tasteless, Credits, Receipt, Materialistic, Scatological, Pornographic, Pay off, Perk, Graceless, Cross-grained, Inelegant, Stout, Barbaric, Weed-choked, Unspiritual, Dividends, Corporeal, Reprehensible, Receivables, Net profit, Crummy, Positive, Woeful, Dividend, Comprehensive, Infelicitous, Capitalize on, Entire, Stark, Worthless, Raw, Physical, Scurvy, Unclean, Beggarly, Indecorous, Shocking, Net receipts, Detestable, Evident, Centennium, Rebarbative, Flagrant, Duncish, Beastly, Decided, Fattish, Little, Harsh, Lucre, Dense, Grievous, Ponderous, Execrable, Hefty, Centumvir, Asinine, Granular, Profits, Centistere, Grained, All, Ineducable, Adamic, Scummy, Puffy, Monstrous, Poor, Oafish, Aggregate, Glaring, Sesquicentenary, Imposing, Make a killing, Extreme, Klutzy, Century, Too bad, Unsophisticated, Outright, Beefy, Superlative, Manifest, Noisome, Gettings, Pickings, Excessive, Low, One C, Whole, Depraved, Lush, Scrubby, Makings, Interest, Stocky, Gain, Brutish, Inordinate, Worst, Flagrant, Thick-bodied, Output, Jungly, Portly, Overweight, Shattering, Inconcinnous, Obscene, Grave, Bawdy, Make money, Make, Centrev, Unpolished, Three-dimensional, Beef-brained, Flourishing, Notorious, Consummate, Chunky, Barnyard, Blowzy, Undeniable, Dullard, Sesquicentennial, Fetch, Fallen, Utter, Holistic, Carnal, Podgy, Vile, Fulsome, Vulgar, Wealth, Large, Blameworthy, Clear, Thickset, Loathsome, Cleanup, Gross profit, Distended, Gains, Unrefined, Orgiastic, Make money by, Weighty, Complete, Incorrect, Disposable income, Centenary, Nauseating, Thoroughgoing, Profit, Dysphemistic, Aggregate, Atrocious, Lumpish, Rough, Inconcinnate, Overrun, Lapsed, Totality, Hundredweight, Objectionable, Bicentennial, Weedy, Gritty, Sottish, Turn a penny, Winnings, Crude, Postlapsarian, Chumpish, Return, Definitive, Rake-off, Gaudy, Strapping, Nasty, Frank, Lumpen, Brute, Unseemly, Make, Meaty, Entirety, Cloddish, Foul, Unequivocal, Avails, Corpulent, Universal, Integral, Brawny, Fleshy, Unrelieved, Forbidding, Ribald, Long hundred, Rude, Boeotian, Sickening, Overall, Bulky, Sensible, Square, Unweeded, Brutal, Tangible, Entire, Swinish, Hecatomb, Coarse, Paunchy, Shameful, Centigram, Store, Smutty, Below contempt, Cwt, Filthy, Chubby, Draw, Killing, Impenetrable, Centenarian, Beneath contempt, Perquisite, Earned income, Deplorable, Material, Overgrown, Sad, Smutty, Rude, Repulsive, Egregious, Lewd, Dreadful, Repugnant, Plain, Take in, Duncical, Revenue, Inappropriate, Net, Opaque, Schlock, Pitiful, Uncultivated, Improper, Exorbitant, Yield, Crass, Unearned income, Fleshly, Pelf, Doggerel, Overall, Profound, Take, Get, Circean, Big, Whole, Miserable, Degraded, Awful, Pursy, Scabby, Centref, Total, Nonspiritual, Phenomenal, Wretched, Massive, Abominable, Integrated, Intolerable, Shabby, Gutter, All-embracing, Nefarious, Filthy lucre, Be-all and end-all, Base, Sensual, Heavyset, Petty, One, Mephitic, Beef-witted, Heavy, Unteachable, Paltry, Fat, Gross receipts, The veriest, Centimeter, Squat, Overt, Obese, Odious, Revolting, Turn to profit, Thick, Immoderate, Cental, Bring in, Carnal-minded, Exhaustive, Stupid, Cash in on, Proper, Poky, Total, Shoddy, Big-bellied, Well-fed, Full, Great, Collect, Earthy, Abject, Downright, Sum total, Blockish, Repellent, Afford, Small, Earn, Full-bodied, Despicable, Filthy, Earnings, Abhorrent, Unfelicitous, Rotund, Stalwart, Earn, Centred, Outrageous, Lousy, Receipts, Bestial, Granulated, Commercialize, Paper profits, Rotten, Horrid, Gate receipts, Earthy, Burly, Cumbersome, Gleanings

How to use Gross in a sentence?

  1. The total amount of participants was $ 1,000.
  2. When a teacher orders a large number of pens for his class, he provides a large number of pencils to 144 students.
  3. At the overall physical level.
  4. If the value of your bond is 50,000, 50,000 or more, interest will be paid on a cumulative basis.
  5. John ordered some nails from a local hardware store to complete his gardening project.
  6. The box office crowd is growing.
  7. Fifty-five cans of processed raw milk.
  8. Serious human rights violations.
  9. The tasks we feel required to perform with our subordinates are trivial and material.
  10. The film grossed $ 8 million in the United States.
  11. Although Alicia earned سو 500 a month, she was disappointed to find that almost half of her salary had been deducted for tax reasons.

Meaning of Gross & Gross Definition

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Definition of Gross:

Quantity before fee

The total amount you earned in a given period before tax, such as B tax.

Meanings of Gross

  1. This is equal to twelve dozen of 144.

  2. (Especially bad deeds) is very clear and clearly unacceptable.

  3. (Income, benefits or interest) without tax deductions or other aggregate contributions.

  4. Normal or large scale is not accurate or detailed.

  5. There are no break taxes or other fees.

  6. Make or earn as profit or gross income.

Sentences of Gross

  1. Installed kick drum

  2. The total donation amount is $ 1000.

  3. The work we feel we have to do with our subsidiaries is just rough and tangible.

  4. If your bond is worth 000 50,000 or more, total interest will be paid

Synonyms of Gross

porcine , portly , thick , dense , fleshy , great , massive , overweight , weighty , stout , corpulent , hulking , husky , big , adipose , lumpish , unwieldy , bulky , heavy , chubby , obese


Gross Definition:

The fee will be deducted.

The total amount you earn at once is tax deductible.

Meanings of Gross

  1. (Income, benefits or interest) without tax deductions or other total contributions.

  2. Very rude or abusive.

  3. No general or extensive description.

  4. Generate or earn (amount of money) as profit or gross income.

  5. The number is equal to twelve dozen out of 144.

  6. Gross profit or income.

Sentences of Gross

  1. Rude and ridiculous version of "The Tamed Shiro"

Synonyms of Gross

transparent, insensitive, unsavoury, unconcealed, pull in, clodhopping, boorish, iniquitous, blue, bag, Neanderthal, undiscriminating, locker-room, thuggish, adult, gamy, raunchy, yobbish, imperceptive, out and out


What is The Definition of Gross?

  1. The definition of Gross is: The total amount you earn at one time is tax deductible.

Meanings of Gross

  1. (Especially bad deeds) is very clear and unacceptable.

  2. Without tax deductions or other total contributions (income, benefits or interest).

  3. Very rude or abusive nonsense.

  4. Not general or extensively detailed.

Sentences of Gross

  1. The rude and ridiculous version of "The Teamed Shrew"

Synonyms of Gross

haul in, bearish, callous, naughty, shameless, before deductions, loutish, brazen, undisguised, patent, fruity, disgraceful, before tax, barefaced, naked, philistine, spicy, plebby, close to the bone, rake in