Definition of Novel:

  1. Not only new but also unusual. Novel implies imaginative but (unlike new) not necessarily unused and (unlike original) not necessarily genuine..

  2. A fictitious prose narrative of book length, typically representing character and action with some degree of realism.

  3. Relatively longer fictional story with characters, dialogues, action, and events, and a plot that ties them all together into a coherent whole.

Synonyms of Novel

Book, Paperback, Hardback, Bildungsroman, Gothic novel, Authentic, Avant-garde, Bauble, Best seller, Bibelot, Blockbuster, Book, Bound book, Classic, Coloring book, Comic novel, Creative, Curio, Definitive work, Detective novel, Different, Dime novel, Dreadful, Epistolary novel, Erotic novel, Firsthand, Folio, Fresh, Gewgaw, Gimcrack, Great work, Hardback, Historical novel, Imaginative, Juvenile, Juvenile book, Limp-cover book, Magnum opus, Modern, Modernistic, Narrative, Neoteric, New, New-fashioned, Newfangled, Nonbook, Notebook, Nouvelle, Novel of character, Novel of ideas, Novel of incident, Novel of manners, Novel of sensibility, Novelette, Novella, Odd, Opus, Opuscule, Opusculum, Original, Paperback, Peculiar, Penny dreadful, Picaresque novel, Picture book, Playbook, Pocket book, Pornographic novel, Prayer book, Problem novel, Production, Proletarian novel, Propaganda novel, Psalmbook, Psalter, Psychological novel, Publication, Recent, Regional novel, Revolutionary, River novel, Roman, Roman a clef, Roman-fleuve, Romance, Satirical novel, Science-fiction novel, Sentimental novel, Serial, Shilling shocker, Short story, Short-short, Singular, Sketchbook, Sociological novel, Soft-cover, Songbook, Special, Standard work, Storiette, Story, Storybook, Strange, Stream-of-consciousness novel, Tale, Thesis novel, Title, Tome, Trade book, Trifle, Trinket, Uncommon, Unconventional, Underived, Unfamiliar, Unheard-of, Unique, Untested, Untried, Unusual, Vignette, Volume, Whatnot, Work, Writing

How to use Novel in a sentence?

  1. The San Francisco entrepreneurs found a novel solution for the difficult problem of finding comfortable temporary lodgings at a reasonable price.
  2. The novels of Jane Austen.
  3. The other day I finished a very interesting novel by Nicholas Sparks, he does such a great job in captivating his readers.
  4. With Jeffs new position as a business analyst, he worked to come up with novel approaches for solving long-term issues in the operations department.

Meaning of Novel & Novel Definition