How To Refurbish Your Staircase?

Every homeowner wants their home to make a statement. Stunning home décor can fetch you amazing compliments from your guests. Be it your furniture, walls, paintings, decorative items, floors, or flooring accessories, all are essential to your home’s interiors.

If the staircase is the focus of your home, then giving it a transformation can be very useful for enhancing your home décor. Wood stairs look elegant and classy. If you are planning to go for the wood look then buy oak stair nosing.

You can discuss with the interior designer which type will suit your home’s interiors. Self adhesive stair nosing is hassle-free and easy to install. You can find an extensive range of floor accessories to choose from in the market or online. Always select something that will match your interiors and furniture.

We are presenting some easy ways that you can try to refurbish your stairs. So, let’s get started.


When you want an easy and less time-consuming option, the best is to paint them. You can hire a professional or paint yourself if you have an artistic streak. Pick a vibrant color that matches your interiors and let your stairs add to the aesthetics of your abode. You can also be creative with the design to be painted; it can be a geometric or funky design. This would make your stairs the focus of your home interior and add a quirky touch.

Stair Nosing

Changing the old nosing and installing a new one can give your stairs a refreshing look and add extra safety. Nosing covers the front edge of each step. Nosing for staircase comes in a variety of types, wood and aluminum stair nosing are popular ones. It increases the width of the steps thus making it easier to walk up and down without any tripping risk.

Remove Carpet

If your stairs are carpeted, you can remove it and give an interesting transformation. If the wood stairs underneath are not shiny, you can sand it, add a stain and then polish to give it a finishing touch. You can also change the wood of treads and risers if they are looking old. Oak wood is a great replacement. You can stain it to a darker or lighter tone as per your requirement.

Replace Railing

Change the old railing of the stairs to a new one. It will enhance the look and improve safety. Also, replace the balustrade; use iron balustrade with wood steps to lend a modern style. Select a unique railing design for a refreshing look. Changing the posts will lend an altogether new style to your staircase. You might find it difficult as a DIY task, in that case, seek professional help.

Newel Post

Choose a newel post according to your steps for your stairs. This will give a new lease of life to the steps. Use a big size to draw attention. You can also use a sleek design if it goes well with your home décor. It should match the banister and other posts. Newel post will make your stairs look attractive.

Your home renovation work, especially staircase refurbishment projects might look a daunting task but a little research can go a long way. Strategize according to the budget you have. Which of the above-mentioned tips you would use to renew your steps? You can change the carpet or replace the treads and risers with new wood flooring. You can change the railing or posts or paint it to give it a new look.

Final Thoughts

Using any of these tricks or all of them, you can make your space look stunning.