Motivating anyone is probably one of the most difficult tasks on the other hand motivating students is more difficult. But we should keep trying to motivate anyone it can help them to achieve something in a better way. But unfortunately, there are many unmotivated students who need a lot of motivation.

Everyone hates school at starting even during the studies in school everyone hates. There are many reasons to hate but if we motivate students mostly people will not hate school and will show interest in studies. If we motivate students some of them will get motivation but some will don’t care what you say they just ignore it and continue hating. In fact, 70-80 percent of students don’t care has little to do with teachers themselves. Most important is if the teacher tries to motivate students he/she will understand. Researches describe that if the problem is in school or at home, teachers can do a lot of inspiring students.

How to motivate students

There are many types of teachers some are good at teaching, some are good at motivating but there are teachers who can do both and students will learn more things from the teachers who have both qualities whether its online education or on campus education.

Motivating students who don’t care is a comprehensive and practical guide for reconnecting with discouraged students and reawakening their excitement and enthusiasm for learning. Everyone wants motivation from someone but if you think you are demotivated by people then there are many books that will also motivate you or there are many online services that will also do the same thing, for example, cheap reliable essay writing service.

So here are some methods through which we can motivate students who don’t seem to care.

Stop talking so much

This is the most effective method for motivating students because more students will like to hear straight otherwise they will how much he/she is talking and will ignore it. Even if they do hear what you are talking about and will call it lecturing then your message will last for seconds or for some minutes.

Show students how achievements benefit life

This is a conventional method but most probably it works. Tell students that getting good grades leads you to get a good job or working hard will help you get a comfortable life. If you think you don’t want to do a job then think that by working hard you can buy a home, car or anything you want just you have to work hard and you succeed.

Create challenges that students can master

Ask students for complete challenges for example if you are a teacher and you have assigned homework and you see there are some students who can’t do all that work and won’t do it. Then you should ask him/her first that how much you can do from all this if he/she saying some questions that he/she can do. Then you should ask him/her to prepare for those questions which he/she has selected. It will help students in many things like at least they will try to do it and hope they will practice those questions.

Students that lack motivation has been so accustomed to thinking that they can’t be successful, so they should give small opportunities and when they will get those opportunities successfully after that they will learn something that if they can achieve this so they also achieve more.

Focus on the teaching and learning process

Every teacher should focus on the teaching and learning process just by thinking some time ago they were also a student. This should be kept in mind by every teacher. It will help them to treat students with patience and it will help students to work properly. For example, if you are assigning a task to students and there is a deadline on which students have to submit that task. So after giving the submission date teacher should think that is it an appropriate date for students? Is it enough time? and think if they were students and should have got this type of task, are they able to do it in that time? so by thinking these things students will also get some motivation to doing work. They can also get online education degree.

Establish a relationship

This does not mean every teacher should be a friend of every student. This is not right. But at least you should create a good relationship with students. So that they will work without any fear and talk to you freely without any type of fear. Because most students are not able to speak in front of teachers because they will think about what the teacher will say or what other students will say. So tell them to ask whatever they want and you should respect whatever they ask at least they are trying.

Give rewards for an immediate gain

Use this strategy to obtain a quick change in behavior. Give rewards to every student for what they have done even they have done a small thing. If you give them a reward even for a small thing they will think to do it again otherwise they will think why should we do this is a very small thing and it will impact on the students and they will be demotivated.

Teachers should be optimists

Every teacher should be an optimist. Every teacher should believe in every student they should think that every student can change. Everyone should remember that change is a roller coaster ride; means sometimes you will be up and sometimes you will be down and others are in the upper position. So students will have ups and downs even as they move forward. Like all of us, students will revisit old behavior, even as they try to acquire new behaviors.

Persuasion over-leverage

Use leverage and persuasion to help change students. Leverage asks, how will I get this student to work? Persuasion asks. How will I show this student that when he gets his homework done his life improves in a way that he gives value to himself?

Try a variety of things

Be courageous enough to integrate new knowledge, if you think you should try something else to change student then you should try it. Because everyone has its own size means everyone has its own power to acquire something.

Emphasize efforts

We know every student makes efforts to get good grades but some student’s efforts will come and they get good grades and some students fail to get a good grade even they have also made efforts. So we should always emphasize their efforts because it will motivate them and they will try to make more efforts otherwise if we will demotivate them they why we make efforts even we are not getting good grades.

Praise mistakes

By doing mistakes people will learn something otherwise they will not learn something new. So students also make mistakes in their career so we should always praise their mistakes because at least they have tried to do it. We should think that it is not his/her mistake even they have tried but make by mistake could not succeed. So we should motivate their mistakes.

Challenge a failure mentality

Teachers need to reach out to the students who have a negative conversation with themselves. Probably 85 percent of the conversation is that which we do with ourselves even we are a student or not. For example, there are students who think that this can’t be done by us or this very difficult task, etc. So the teacher should find those students and ask them about their problems. So the teacher should provide extra information to those students or whatever they want to complete. If the teacher thinks it is possible to provide then he/she should provide them.

Redo, Retake, Revise

Everyone makes mistake and they should be provided with another opportunity. Also, students make more mistakes and should give them extra chances to do the task. If a teacher thinks student won’t give an assignment their best on the first try so teacher enacts a small penalty like marks deduction and give students another chance and if a teacher thinks student can’t do their best in second try also teacher should enact another penalty for marks deduction and give them last try otherwise they will not get any mark.

Create an accepting and supportive atmosphere

Create an environment in which no one should be fear of making mistakes so that every student should try at least once if they make any mistake they will try again otherwise if you will not support and there is not any supportive atmosphere then students will not even try for once.