How to Make a Donation Page on Facebook?

Facebook is a popular social-networking website that lets you share information with others. You can create a Page on Facebook for your organization, such as a non-profit, to find and communicate with others to grow your customer or support base or to ask for donations. For the latter, you can create a tab on your Facebook Page that links to an external page for accepting donations. Try using these steps to make a donation page on Facebook.


Visit Facebook’s homepage. Click the “Create a Page” link under the “Sign Up” button.

Choose which kind of Page best matches the one you are creating. Choices include “Cause or Community” and “Company, Organization, or Institution.” Click the appropriate Page type.

Select the best category for your Page if needed. An example is choosing “Non-Profit Organization” from the “Company, Organization, or Institution” category. Fill in the name of your Page in the designated field.

Check the box next to “I agree to Facebook Pages Terms.” Click the “Get Started” button.

Sign up for a Facebook account if necessary. Follow Facebook’s on-screen instructions. You will need to use a valid email address to complete and verify the account setup.

Begin adding information to your Facebook Page. This will include your email address, which must be valid.
Click the “Info” tab, then click in the relevant area(s) to provide information on your organization or cause. Provide a link to your official website or donation page.
Upload a picture or logo to your Page. To help encourage people to donate, consider using a picture of those who will benefit from the donations or use your company’s or organization’s logo to project professionalism.
Post to your virtual Facebook Wall to update your Page’s visitors. Type in text in the “Status Update” box to add information to your Wall.
Use the “Links” tab on your Page to include relevant links to your Wall posts. A link to your donation page can be included in your posts this way but will get pushed down over time as you post.

Add the Causes App or Donate App to your Facebook Page. The Causes app is only available to non-profit organizations that are included on the GuideStar website and can be used for fundraising purposes. The Donate App works for anyone with a PayPal account
Search Facebook’s Application Directory to find the app. Click on the app and then look for an “Add to Page” option on the left to use the app.
Use Simple Comment Selling if you are ineligible to use the Causes App for your donations.

Create and add a custom tab to your Facebook Page. The tab can serve as a way to link your Facebook Page to another webpage that collects donations.
Determine whether your website’s host server will host your desired content for your donations page. If it does not, you will need to find an app that will support the content for you.
Choose from free or paid apps and install 1. You may need to know HTML coding to use these apps. Examples are Static HTML and iFrameWrapper. Select the appropriate Facebook Page to install your app on if you administrate more than 1.
Design your own iFrames app for a custom tab as an alternative.
If necessary, create a donation webpage using HTML or other programming code, such as PHP. Upload it to your Web server.
Visit the Facebook Developers website. Click the “Set Up New App” link.
Name the app. A suggestion is to name it what you want your tab to display.
Choose to agree to the Terms of Service. Click “Create App.” Go through the security verification.
Enter a description for your app. Upload an icon to help identify your custom tab. You can also upload a picture for your app.
Fill out information to integrate your donations webpage with your custom Facebook tab. In the Canvas URL box, type in the directory where you put your webpage on the server, followed by a slash (/). Leave out the file name of the webpage itself.
Choose “IFrame” for Canvas Type. Select “Auto-resize” for the iFrame’s size.
Under the “Page Tabs” section, enter the name of your tab in the “Tab Name” box.
In the “Tab URL” box, type in the file name for your donations webpage. Click the button marked “Save Changes.”
You should now see a page with information about your app. Click the “Application Profile Page” link on the right.
Add your application to your Facebook Page. Choose “Add to My Page” from the left side of the application’s profile page. Pick the appropriate page for your app if you administrate more than 1 Facebook Page.
Check that your new custom tab is visible on your Facebook Page. To move your donations tab higher in the list, choose “More,” then “Edit.”


How to Make a Donation Page on Facebook?


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