How to get rid of textured skin?..

How to get rid of textured skin??
Incorporate an acid in to your routine.
Start with a Lactic Acid, and if it isn’t effective enough, try Glycolic. The lactic acid will give you a gentle exfoliation while hydrating, the glycolic will exfoliate a bit further.
Ensure they are both used in your night routine. followed by a moisturizer and ensure you use sunscreen during the day. Your skin will be more sensitized after an acid, so sun damage will occur if you are not using SPF and reapplying.

Point2….When it comes to skin texture, it’s important to determine if these bumps are tiny accumulations of ■■■■ skin, white heads or something like excema or rash.

If it’s simply ■■■■ skin, a good exfoliator will do the trick. The two exfoliators I like the best are Exfoliance from Lancôme and Never A Dull Moment from Origins. Exfoliators like these should be used only a couple times a week, on clean damp skin, followed by an alcohol free toner and moisturizer.

If it’s a lot of whiteheads you’ll want to be a bit more gentle. Instead of a manual exfoliator made of exclusively tiny granules, like those above, a foaming facial cleanser with gentle small bead-like granules is the way to go. My all time favorite foaming cleanser with granules is Shiseido’s Pureness Deep Cleansing Foam. These granules helps exfoliate skin, lift away pore-clogging impurities, makeup and excess oil that can lead to blemishes and break outs. The best part is that it’s gentle enough to use daily. Make sure to follow with an alcohol free toner and moisturizer.

Anything you suspect to be a rash, or excema or a reaction to something should be left alone until you see your family doctor or dermatologist. You can cause a lot of damage by taking matters in your own hands.

Point3…“Scaly” skin on your lower eyelids doesn’t sound normal to me.

There is no way to tell what is causing it (or how deep or extensive it is) from a written description, though.

I am not a doctor but “scaly skin” could simply be dry skin, or it could be caused by an allergic reaction (say, to eye makeup, or to a new skin cleanser, or eye drops), or it could be caused by some vitamin or mineral deficiency, or it could be caused by some kind of dermatitis (infection of the skin) or it could be due to a fungal infection, or it could be due to a condition like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or something similar.

There are a LOT of skin disorders, conditions and infections.

I suggest that if using a good moisturizer on the scaly areas doesn’t show any improvement after a week or so, that you make an appointment to see a good dermatologist in your area. After an in-person examination and perhaps some testing, the doctor should be able to diagnose the cause.

When the cause can be accurately determined, then the most effective treatment can be given.