Definition of Superficial:

  1. It doesn't matter, and it doesn't matter. He made some quick changes to the document, none of which he would complain about or take notice of.

  2. Current or level or present.

  3. False or artificial. He says he is very interested in the conversation, but that his behavior is definitely superficial.

Synonyms of Superficial

Surface, Outmost, Negligible, Meager, Formal, Ostensible, Fourth-dimensional, Sciolistic, General, Draggy, Half-baked, Uncritical, Dabbling, Snap, Ho-hum, Pale, Tiny, Stylized, Volumetric, Dry, Flying, Outside, Fatuous, Poky, Stiff, Fribbling, Perfunctory, Extrinsic, Instant, Impersonal, Futile, On the surface, Smattering, Half-assed, Ponderous, Foolish, Swift, Blah, Peripheral, Critical, Asinine, Shallow-headed, Vacuous, Trite, Festinate, Feverish, Exomorphic, Low, Passing, Blank, Stodgy, Exterior, Shoal, Miniature, Spatiotemporal, Dead, Pedantic, Shallow-pated, Flimsy, Knee-deep, Picayune, Open, Half-cocked, Bloodless, Arid, Furious, Nugatory, Slap-bang, Ankle-deep, Outside, Shallow-rooted, Not deep, Slight, Insipid, Drearisome, On the spot, Fringe, Thin, Outstanding, Two-dimensional, Dilettante, Catchpenny, Short, Etiolated, Cold, Vapid, Prompt, Barren, Solemn, Volatile, Appearing, Meaningless, Slender, Exterior, Inconsiderable, Fade, Lifeless, Proportional, Outlying, Cosmetic, Depthless, Hollow, Seeming, Amateur, Stuffy, Formulary, Jejune, Unimportant, Empty, Public, Vain, Pointless, Urgent, Shallow-witted, Leaden, Hasty, Last-minute, Shallow, Space-time, Plodding, Sketchy, Slapdash, Spherical, Inane, Slight, Three-dimensional, Spatial, Spiritless, Light, Flat, Outermost, Windy, Fluffy, Outward-facing, External, Footling, Low-spirited, Insignificant, Inconsequential, Idle, Airy, Epidermic, Little, Silly, Dreary, Surface, 3-D, Dusty, Birdbrained, Sophomoric, Sterile, Expeditious, Peripheral, Trivial, Dull, Amateurish, Nominal, Inexcitable, Shallow-minded, Nugacious, Dryasdust, Featherbrained, Trifling, No great shakes, Flighty, Wooden, Dimensional, Hurried, Apparent, Space, Outermost, Pallid, Elephantine, Petty, Skin-deep, Tedious, Heavy, Frivolous, Picayunish, Slow, Small, Speedy, External, Conventionalized, Unprofound, Quick, Effete, Insubstantial, Outer, Epidermal, Dismal, Immature, Colorless, Pedestrian, Few, Unlively, Otiose, Stereoscopic, Tasteless, Outward, Birdwitted, Frothy, Characterless, Cortical, Out, Visible, Legalistic, Outer, Roundabout, Formalistic, Immediate, Fribble, Dilettantish, Formalist, Cursory, Cubic

How to use Superficial in a sentence?

  1. Although the girl was in several clubs, her interest was only superficial and she had no desire to help the homeless, children or refugees as she said when she joined the group.
  2. The building was soon damaged.
  3. Appearing on a human level often does not reflect or represent the exact representation of our inner pattern.
  4. Advertisements for the product in fashion magazines show a luxurious and superficial lifestyle that is inaccessible to most viewers.

Meaning of Superficial & Superficial Definition