How To Draw Shoes

How to draw shoes? There are six easy steps to draw shoes, make a rectangular box, mark. The points for curved lines, draw the curved line, make space for laces, and create detailing then color. These steps are easy to learn for everyone.

How to draw shoes

How to Draw Shoes in 6 easy steps

So, shoes are easy to wear, and are they easy to draw as well? And when you put them every day then it is easy to draw. You may think then that tying your shoelace is hard to learn and if you know how to tie them then it can be easy to tie. In this way, once you know how to draw shoes then it is easy for you. We have created simple 6 steps in which you will learn easily and we assure you our guide will really help you. We will help to make sneaker shoes and let’s start :

1. Drawing shoe step:

If you think sitting down and wearing your shoes Is hard then drawing a shoe can also be hard no it is not. Start with a ruler to make the flat base and in touching the end of the line curve the lineup and reach to the start. So, finish the base of your making a curve line in the end.

2. Make the outline of your shoe

In the second step you need to draw your shoe outline, this is a tricky part at first. Remember, this step is tricky then it is recommended to make it first with a pencil. This part could be a little tricky at first, so I would recommend drawing with a pencil first and then going over it in pen later. From the base of the shoe, make a curve and vertical line. Then make a horizontal line sharply where the shoe opens. From there make a curve line coming from the front shoe base. Draw a line in the end till shoe opening. While using your pencil you can make a place for the laces. This is a tricky step that needs time and attention.

3. Now add in some laces

In this step, you will learn to make laces the shoe indents you created previously in the slope. Laces are made with curved lines and some circular shapes. Once you draw the holes finish drawing laces with straight lines.

4. Add in some details of the shoe

The first three steps help you to create the base, the last three steps will help you to draw the details. Make horizontal lines from the bottom to the base and make curve lines.

5. Add in the final details

Now you have read the end, the tricky parts are done. You can add detail and do not be afraid of making your own designs. Make curve lines, add buttons, patterns, or stickers choice is yours. Create in a way, you wish to purchase sneakers for you.

6. Add some colors

After detailing your shoe coloring is a must, this is the easiest step to color it with your choice. Pick your favorite color and start coloring the stickers, base, and accessories. In this way, you can draw replicas of your favorite brands. Now! The drawing is complete.

As you see all six steps are easy and amazing. And we hope you learn and enjoy it.

The mountain crest from the back of shoes and the tongue of the shoe you draw represents the toe.

How to draw shoes for beginners

:one: Draw a rectangle box, to the length of your drawing this will help you to make the drawing easily.
:two: Draw a straight line at the bottom of the rectangular box. This will help you to make the sole.
:three: Draw a curved and long line in one side of the rectangular box till another side. This process will help to make the outline.
:four: Make the detail, draw curved lines from the sole to toe. Make a short curved line for detailing.
:five: Rub the line which was drawn for guidelines and make a neat outline.
:six: Add laces to the shoe body, reach to the toe making curved lines slightly from shoe top till toe, this area contains the laces. So, make curved lines till the sole of the shoes.
:seven: Draw the laces and make each lace neatly using curved lines.
:eight: Rub the guidelines for laces.
:nine: Finally, add some more details. Draw a curve and parallel line to tongue till sole.
:keycap_ten: Color your shoe with your favorite color

Remember to draw the first draft and make your drawing with a pencil then outline it with a marker

How to draw shoes from the front

Making shoes from the front has 8 clear steps. Hope you will easily learn it so let’s go.


Before making the shoe drawing make sure you have too the accurate measurement of your drawing, the drawing which has a front view pose. Now measure the feet of your model, it must be the size of the model head and make the ankles touch the ground. Start your drawing from the center of the leg and pull it below. In this way, front feet are made.


In the second step, divide the line in the center into three equal parts. Start from ankle now draw two parts with a pencil. In addition, make wide in the horizontal eclipse. So, keep in mind that the proportional of the base is equally drawn, the feet must be wider than the ankles.


In the third step, the toes need to be refined, making a curved line which is the pointer of the ellipse and which helps you to quit at the centerline. Again assure that the arch is a little wide with the rest of the foot. While if you are making shoes with open toes shoes then the thumb is occupied in the inner half of the toes this is because you need to make the arch in an oval shape.


In the fourth step, the front view of the shoe must not be too much deep, or not too flat to keep it balanced. Whereas, from the lower division made in second steps has suggested you check the best place to make the curve of shoe. Now draw a thin curve under the big one. In this way, the realist touch comes in your drawing.


Sole is not needed inside views, it is important for front view shoes to make soles. In different styles or designs, you can be made different kinds of shoes, and follow the rule. Remember, the sole is longer in the center and shorter in the end. However, it is parallel to the ground.
There is also has a small parallel to the ground part right in the middle.


There are some designs for shoe stripes that are drawn like straps in the foot or legs as you make in fashion illustrations.


Color the shoes you made in the front view. And the color the base of shoes with light shades and the sole must be shiny to get a real touch.


Make shadows and color the footwear and designs. As said before sole in dark shade and blended.

How to Draw High Heel Shoes

Here you will learn how to draw high heel shoes. These steps are yet simple and drawn quickly. There are four quick steps to draw high heels, high heels have a unique and different
look than sneakers. Now our goal is to make them simple and easy. Take your favorite
sketch pencil and then outline it with your colors and give them shades.

1. Draw the Upper Part of the Heel

Start with making the outline of the upper part of your high heel. Now you find the breakdown curve where you can enter your foot. Now draw the back-making curve of your shoes.

2. Draw the Heel

After drawing the curve starts with the back part of the heel. So, make it wide from the top and narrow from the bottom. In this stage, you can add heels of your choice. The bottom of the can be wide or narrow. Make it thick and give a perfect touch.

3. Add the Detailing & Finish the Line Drawing

In this stage you add details of your choice, add stitches or make details to the sole, you can
also design it as your favorite branded heels. Make the stitches draw a line with a pencil
then draw the dark strokes. Now make a perfect outline, it is your choice to use markers as

4. Color the Shoe

Take your collection of colors to make it red, green, black, or whatever you want. Coloring your shoes is quite tricky. Color the outline dark as it is shady, then color the surface smoothly. Now take a piece of tissue or cotton blend the color to get a shady look. If you like to make it dark again color it to make it bright. In this way, you can make your favorite high heel or shoes, color them, draw them, cut them or paste them anywhere you want. You can also make flat shoes like this.

How to draw shoes in 4 ways

You can make different shoes easily and quickly

Making High Heels for Beginners

  1. Make a curved line and a straight line you are making heels.
  2. Add a guideline for making feet.
  3. Make the basic design.
  4. Add more designs
  5. Draw the features of high heels
  6. Erase all the unimportant parts

How to make Tennis Shoes

  1. In the guideline make an oblong.
  2. Make another oblong at the end of the oblong.
  3. Make the basic shape.
  4. Add the features of shoes.
  5. Make a rough draft.
  6. Draw the basic features
  7. Erase all the rough detailing.
  8. Color the shoes as you wish.

How to make sandals

  1. Draw a circle that must be small and big and oblong for heels.
  2. Connect the sides and circles
  3. Make the sole to make the bottom of your sandal.
  4. Now draw the strap with two arching with each side of your sandal. Now connect, the circle to serve the ankles.
  5. Draw the outline of your sketch.
  6. Erase the rough drafts.
  7. Now you have drawn your own sandal.

How to make men’s shoes

  1. Make two lines
  2. Now make two ovals
  3. Now make two lines and four rectangles
  4. Draw the connections
  5. Make the detailing and shading
  6. Erase the rough draft
  7. Now color
  8. It’s the end

:star: SUMMARY

How to draw shoes? With clear steps and tutorials, here you learn simple tips to draw shoes. Like making a rectangle, drawing the base, drawing curved lines and laces then color. See it’s too simple. In this article, you will learn to make sneakers, shoes for beginners, and shoes from the front and high heels step by step.

How to draw shoes for kids

Shoes for kids are easily drawn. There is a variety of shoes for kids it can be sneakers and clogs for kids. Sneakers for kids are made as same as adults shoes

How to draw a stylized sneaker

  1. Make the foot of a child
  2. Make the sole from the bottom of the feet
  3. Make the curved line below the ankle near the shoes.

Now you can make the front and back of shoes and the curve is connecting the front and back of your shoes. Then add the curve draw curved lines and make the shoe front. And the zigzag shows the shoelaces. In the right curve, you can see the tongue. Now color and add detailing. Now, there are different styles and features in kid’s shoes.

How to draw clogs for kids

Drawing for kids is easy and adorable and clogs for kids are very simple to make. You see little girls wearing clogs in their frocks or skirts and a boy wearing clogs in summer shorts. Clogs are from resin they are elastic, can be used in water, and have lightweight.

  1. Draw the foot of the child.
  2. Now draw two parallel lines and curves in the heels of shoes the again draw a curve from the bottom of the shoe till the top of the shoe. Now make the outline of the shoe…
  3. In the third step, draw the end of the chunky sole in the outline of the foot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequent questions people often ask: How to draw shoes? These answers can solve your problem. So check it out

1. How do you draw a shoe easily?

Shoes are drawn easily, first draw a rectangle, draw a straight line, draw a curved line
outline the shape of the shoe, make the details then color your shoe

2. How do you draw a pair of shoes?

Making a pair of shoes, first draw the bottom of your shoes like you are making a curve
shape for both pairs equally and then make the back of shoes.

3. How do you draw women’s boots?

Make the feet and draw the shape of your boots, make long boots till the knees, and draw it
straight with a slight curve at the front.

4. How do you draw shading shoes?

After making shoes, sharpen your pencil too, it’s time to shade your drawing. Keep the
the sharp point where you want to make shadows, now rub the pencil-like you are coloring then it’s done.

5. How do you draw straight shoes?

It is possible and easy, if you are drawing shoes on feet then it is easily drawn. Make around
curve at the front not too narrow nor too wide and add details.

6. How do you draw human shoes?

Create the base, make a curved line down till the end of the shoes, make it wide as it goes
down. Add a curved line from the bottom where you have drawn the sole.

7. How do you draw the front of a shoe?

First, make a trapezoid line which must be straight, and a diagonal line crosses the straight
line to make the shape. In the end, make an oval to give it a look like front shoes.

8.How do you draw easy legs and shoes?

Draw two parallel lines to make the feet, the line interacts with a round shape at the top, then
draw parallel but curved lines. Make the stripes of the shoes.

9.How do you tone shoe sketch

Shoe sketches can be toned with shades evenly. Keep the shading line in one direction. If you want to make it lighter than give little pressure.

10.How to draw girl school shoes

For making school shoes divide the shoes from the top. Make the stripes as you are making
black shoes and a little oval shape in the front.


How to draw shoes? Reading the whole article with clear steps and tutorials. Here you learn simple tips to draw shoes. Like making a rectangle, drawing the base, drawing curved lines and laces then color. See it’s too simple. In this article, you will learn to make sneakers, shoes for beginners, and shoes from the front and high heels step by step.

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