How to Disable Glance in MI Phone?


By removing the MI glance feature from your MI phone, you can disable glance in that device. On the other hand, turning on the Carousel Wallpaper option in Xiaomi phones would disable the glance feature.

How to Disable Glance in MI Phone?


All of their smartphones come with the MI Glance function. The lock screen’s backgrounds are automatically changed. The wallpaper on your device’s lock screen changes whenever you press the power button.

Fortunately, since downloading wallpaper needs a quick internet connection, this only happens while you’re connected to a WiFi network. There won’t be any buffering if there is a WiFi connection. On the other side, not everyone likes this feature.

They need constant wallpaper for many reasons, such as the desire to constantly view their loved ones. The steps listed below are for you if you don’t like to change your background. The glance function also shows several wallpapers that, when clicked, take you to the main page of the Glance software and contain news or information.

The use of glancing features may not be available to many people or they may not like them. I’m going to explain the benefits of disabling the glance feature to you today. It is a consumer of data. As a result, some devices can experience delay or stuttering. You should occasionally offer unrelated information. interfere with the wall coverings you choose


On Xiaomi mobile devices today, whether they are on the Lock Screen or the screen lock pages, Glance is an automated wallpaper-changing feature. The wallpaper on the Lock Screen can be changed with a glance, adding interest and dynamic.


In the recent MIUI 9 release, Xiaomi debuted a brand-new function called glance. Even when the smartphone is in sleep mode, notifications can be shown on the screen.

Although this seems like a helpful feature, it has given owners of the gadget many issues. Because it also shows commercials, irrelevant news, and a lot of other things. These techniques can be used to disable the glance feature on your MI phone:

By selecting the Uninstall button, the Look app or glance feature will be deleted from your phone. Enjoy your new lock screen, which is free of clutter and ads! When you pick up your phone, the first thing you see is advertising on the lock screen. Receiving adverts on your lock screen is not a pleasant experience.


OPEN PLAY STORE Open the Play Store app on your phone as the first step.
SEARCH FOR GLANCE You must first search for “Glance For Mi” on the Play Store by clicking on the top of the search box and entering “Glance For Mi” there.
UNINSTALL GLANCE The Glance application will then appear, and you must select it by clicking on it. You must choose Uninstall after clicking the side-mounted Uninstall button.


  • After unlocking the screen, return to the home screen.
  • Activate a menu or the app’s settings.
  • Choose Carousel Wallpaper from the drop-down list in the Lock screen options.
  • You may then disable the glance on your MI phone by switching the “Turn On” button to the “off” position.
  • After a brief interval, Glance will automatically disappear from the Lock Screen.


You’ll enjoy a better phone experience if the Glance function is disabled from the lock screen. The next time you set up a phone running MIUI, be sure to take your time and make sure the Xiaomi glance screen is off throughout the process.


This inquiry is influenced by numerous aspects, but let’s keep things straightforward:

  • By showing news and adverts, it slows down the device.
  • Without the user’s awareness or permission, it uses mobile data.
  • Most of the time, it offers a lot of pointless information.
  • It can cause lag and stuttering on the device, depending on your settings.
  • Because the system changes the wallpaper frequently, you are prevented from choosing a particular one.
  • Additionally, it takes up space on your smartphone that could be utilized to make it run more efficiently.


It is safe to disable Wallpaper Carousel because it is merely a supplemental feature and won’t affect the phone’s functioning or performance as a whole. You’ll be allowed to glance on the following page as soon as you choose the “Glance for MI” option; you must turn this option “off” to proceed.

This will allow you to remove the glance feature from your lock screen. Your question on how to remove a glance from the lock screen has hopefully been answered. You can disable the glance feature on your phone if you don’t want to utilize it by removing or uninstalling it.

Using the Closing Glance Feature has many benefits. The use of glancing features may not be available to many people or they may not like them. I’m going to explain the benefits of disabling the glance feature to you today. For the following reasons, it is advised that Glance for Mi be disabled:

  • Some devices may experience stuttering or lag as a result of it using data.
  • You should occasionally offer unrelated information.
  • Obstruct your choice of wall coverings
  • Make some space available on your smartphone.

You can do it on your own without help now that you know how to remove the glance from the Mi’s lock screen. I genuinely hope that this advice proves to be beneficial.


Inform anyone who might want to disable Wallpaper Carousel on their Xiaomi smartphone about this page. If you need to access your Mi Android phone in a different way to turn off the Wallpaper Carousel feature, kindly let us know in the comments area below.


People asked many questions about disabling the glance screen function on MI phones. We discussed a few of them below:

Q1. How do I get a glance off of my Mi lock screen?

Open the Play Store and click “Search” after typing “Glance For Mi” in the top search field. By selecting the uninstall button on the Glance app and then selecting Uninstall, Glance may be removed. The Glance app will then appear in front of you.

Q2. Describe Mi’s look.

It is an inherent feature of a smartphone rather than an app. The artificial intelligence-based personalized content provided by Glance is offered in a variety of regional languages. The lock screens of Android smartphones may display these languages, including English and other important Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu, and Bahasa Indonesia.

Q3.What does a look on my phone mean?

The Samsung Galaxy S4(GT-I9500) includes a unique feature called glance that allows you to view important data even while the screen is off. By moving your hand in a certain way, you can control your smartphone via air gestures.

Q4: In Realme, how can you disable the Glance wallpaper?

Glance For Realme can be found under Settings > Home screen, Lock screen, and Always-On Display. Turn off Glance For Realme by disabling it. While updating the material, limit the use of mobile data.

5. What secret settings are there in Miui?

Some of MIUI’s best-kept secrets are revealed via a new application created by the XDA Developers community. Instead of having to go through numerous challenging procedures, employing this tool may make it possible to access some of the layer’s concealed settings. To make the required adjustments, you must use the MIUI Quick Settings app.

Q6.Why was Mi Browser deleted with the update?

The Mi Browser Pro and Mint Browser have already been removed from the Play Store. Xiaomi released an update to cease the practice after it was charged with collecting data even when in incognito mode. A few months later, this.

Q7.What is the MSA App for Android,?

The system software is known as MSA, or MIUI System Ads is installed by default on Android smartphones. The Browser app, which delivers notifications to the user’s phone, is used to distribute ads to phones running MIUI.

Q8. Can I change the default MI browser?

Clicking on it will activate the Security app. From the Manage apps menu, choose Browser. At the bottom of the new screen is an option called “Clear defaults.” By clicking this button, all of the app’s default settings will be removed.

Q9. How do I make my phone’s MI browser inactive?

Investigate the Security program. From the Manage apps menu, choose Browser. At the very bottom of the new screen, there is an option to clear the default settings. Simply tap on it to reset all of the app’s default settings.

Q10.Which MIUI Android version is the most recent?

In India, Xiaomi’s latest Android 12 overlay, MIUI 13, was introduced. The company unveiled the Xiaomi 12 series and Miui 13, both of which are based on Android 11, for the first time in December. The company’s global Mi users will begin receiving MIUI 13 in the first quarter of 2022.

Q11.On my Mi phone, how can I enable Glance?

Open the Settings app on your smartphone in step 1. Click the “Lock screen” option after scrolling down. Step 2: Locate the “Glance for Mi” setting under the “Lock Screen” section. On it, tap.

Q12. How can I disable Mi Phone Glance?

Activate a menu or the app’s settings. Choose Carousel Wallpaper from the drop-down list in the Lock screen options. Then, you may turn off the glance on your MI phone by switching the “Turn On” button to the “off” position. After a brief interval, Glance will automatically disappear from the Lock Screen.

Q13: How can I turn on Glance?

Tap the Air gesture under Motion Gestures. Next, activate the Air-gesture as displayed below. e). All functions under Air-Gesture will be opened as soon as the Air gesture is activated.

Q14.What is Glance on the Lock screen?

In categories like news, entertainment, technology, sports, fashion, and travel, Glance uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver personalized content via video storytelling and live streaming. By doing this, users can keep informed about trends and advancements in their areas of interest without having to look for them specifically.

Q15.What is a Glance screen?

  1. In the Samsung Galaxy S4(GT-I9500), Quick Glance is a unique feature under Motion that enables you to read critical information even while the screen is off. This function falls under the genre of Air-Gestures, which allows you to control your smartphone by making certain hand gestures.

Q16. How do I disable the carousel background?

As an alternative, you can pick the app by going to settings and selecting “All Apps”. The Wallpaper Carousel app can then be “Disabled” by selecting that option.

Q17.How do you employ Glance?

  • The Glance feature makes switching between apps simple.
  • Open the Air command panel while using the application.
  • Click Glance.
  • At the bottom of the screen, the app will only be visible as a thumbnail.
  • Tap and hold the thumbnail and drag it to Remove at the top of the screen to close the minimized app.

Q18.How do I use Google Glance?

  • Fortunately, the procedure is not too complicated.
  • On your Android 12 device, go to the home screen.
  • Press and hold the At a Glance widget.
  • To access the menu for modifying At a Glance on Android 12, select “Customize.”
  • The relevant Settings option will be highlighted in Google’s UI.

Q19: What city is at a Glance in?

Click “widgets.” To access your Google widgets, scroll below. Although the previous “Google Now” widget is still present, it will display the message from your screenshot above. You should see the “At-a-glance” Google widget after scrolling through the other ones. To move something on the screen, long press, hold and drag.

Q20. Glance uses more battery, is that true?

Battery life is considerably improved when utilized with the Qualcomm Glance lock screen software. But not everyone may enjoy the Glance app.


I like having this capability on my phone. We can modify the backgrounds with this feature. We can select their physical location or online. We can also put our photos on the lock screen. The Xiaomi glance screen feature will be automatically turned on when you turn on your brand-new Xiaomi smartphone.

The presence of adverts at random, however, is the worst part of this feature. All you need to know is how to handle it independently if you want to get the look off your Mi’s screen.

Every time we open the phone, a new wallpaper from the chosen pictures will replace the lock screen wallpaper. Please contact us if you have any queries regarding turning off glances on the MI phone.

How to Disable Glance in MI Phone? If you don’t want to use the "Glance For MI" feature, you can turn it off by clicking the link and then unchecking the box on the next page. By doing so, you may disable glance on your phone’s lock screen. Most MI customers are clueless about disabling the glance feature on the MI lock screen. Because of this, even if they wanted to, they would be unable to turn off the function. Glance for Mi, an app designed to keep users engaged and informed, is pre-installed on all Mi devices.

Turn off glare on Realme or Xiaomi lock screen:

Type Private
Industry Artificial Inteligrnce
Founded 2013 (9 Years Ago)
Area Covered Worldwide
Key People Naveen Twari
Products Roposo
No of Employes 1000
Parents Inmobl

One thing that both Realme and Xiaomi devices have in common is a surplus of advertising and unnecessary software.

While it’s perfectly OK to use a custom wallpaper as the lock screen’s background, you may encounter wallpaper adverts that lead you to questionable websites or Google Play in an attempt to get you to download their wares.

It’s possible that the Glance app is to blame for this. While frequent wallpaper swaps may appeal to some users, people who want to maintain a special image or wallpaper on their lock screen as a reminder may find them distracting.

The wallpaper swaps may be the result of the Glancing app. Here’s a comprehensive, how-to instruction for consumers who wish to remove Glance Ad from your lock screen on Realme and Xiaomi devices.


Smartphone makers are always coming up with new ways to shove adverts down your throat, and one of those new methods is on your lock screen. After the first setup, the wallpaper here on the lock screen will automatically rotate every time you open the phone.

The Glance App:

That Glance isn’t an app is one of its most intriguing features. The Play Store won’t carry it since it isn’t an app.

It’s not just a fancy add-on; it’s a genuine component of the phone, or maybe even a built-in function. This implies that users will need to invest in a smartphone that supports the function to make use of it.

It’s now compatible with the whole range of Samsung and Xiaomi devices, including the newly released Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro.

Other versions include the Samsung Galaxy A, M, and J series, the POCO F1, and a wide variety of Xiaomi smartphones.

It is ready for usage right from the start without any additional configuration. Glance offers three distinct types of material, which can be categorized as follows:

First-Order Switching:

  • On the lock screen, Glance is activated for the first time.

  • Whenever you wake up your phone, you’ll see fresh material, such as an image and a news headline.

Mode 2:

  • In the second mode, you’ll have the chance to learn more about anything on the computer that piques your curiosity.

  • If you’re using a Galaxy or a Xiaomi, the procedure will be somewhat different.

  • On a Samsung smartphone, you may access the pull-down menu by swiping it down from the middle of the screen.

  • To access the Xiaomi gadget, either click refresh or tap the button located next to the headline.

Mode Three:

In the third and simplest Glance mode, users of Galaxy and Xiaomi phones need to scroll upward or downward to see new and varied material.

Methods for Permanently Disabling or Removing Glance Screen on Any Device:

Some of you may be delighted by the constantly shifting backgrounds, but if you have a low data plan, it may get a little unnerving.

With that in mind, this explanation will examine three reliable approaches to permanently obliterating Glance Screen from your Android device.

It is possible to study the steps involved in creating your custom 3D wallpaper for use on an Android device.

When it comes to Android phones, Glance Screen is an overlay that sits over your system’s lock screen and provides you with new, dynamic backgrounds every time you lock and unlock your handset.

Despite appearances, this function is mostly used by smartphone makers to target you with promotional ads right on your lock screen. Depending on the manufacturer, this function may be called:

MIUI-powered Xiaomi/Redmi/POCO smartphones have access to the Glance Screen.
A glance at Samsung’s OneUI-powered gadgets.
Lock screen wallpaper for iQOO/Vivo Devices with FunTouchOS.
Lock Screen Magazine for Realme Devices with RealmeUI.


The glance screen replaces your lock screen’s wallpaper with ever-changing commercial wallpapers, thereby erasing any personal content you may have had there.

Surely now is the time to disable Glance Screen:

Settings app Open the Settings app on your Xiaomi phone.
Lock Screen Scroll down and tap on Lock Screen.
Wallpaper Carousel Tap on Glance for Mi or Wallpaper Carousel
Turn on The ‘Turn on’ option will be on by default.
On Button Tap on the button to turn it off.

The glance screen function, which gives your phone a different appearance each time you unlock it, may seem fascinating at first. However, it does have certain drawbacks:

  • Uses Up Bandwidth The dynamic lock screen backgrounds use a lot of bandwidth every time you unlock your phone.

  • Glance Screen uses a lot of memory, which might slow down your device or cause it to stutter.

  • Ads on these resizable lock screens may become unpleasant and irrelevant if they include content that isn’t timely or relevant to the user’s interests.

  • Used Up Vital Space The often updated lock screen wallpapers, together with the device cache files, use up valuable space on your mobile device.

In light of the drawbacks of utilizing the Glance screen, let’s take a close look at three simple ways to completely disable it on your Android smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ):

Here we discuss some questions frequently asked by people.

1. Can I use Glance without worry?

Through the successful completion of an audit by an ANAB-accredited third-party auditor, Glance has proven that it is committed to the highest standards of information security and that it has implemented measures to protect the privacy, integrity, and accessibility of its customers’ data following ISO 27001.

2. How’s the app Glance for Mi?

Because of the data use, it is suggested to turn off Glance for Mi. Some devices may experience stuttering or delays as a result. Make occasional unrelated content offerings.

3. Is there a special reason why my phone displays the word “Glance”?

The lock screen images and accompanying text in Glance’s several categories—technology, food, face, animals, and birds—are continually changing. Instead of being an actual app, “Glance” is an AI-powered feature that displays photographs and data depending on your preferences.

4. Forever uninstalling Glance for Realme: what’s the procedure?

Here are the steps you need to take to uninstall Glance from Realm 8 Pro: Select Home screen, Lock screen, and Always-On display in the settings menu. (find Realme’s Glance now) Switch off. I hope this works, Glance is driving me nuts!

5. Can you explain what Realme Glance is?

realm is Glance’s proprietary lock screen content curation platform for its smartphones in India and Jakarta. This partnership will allow Glance to strengthen its foothold in these strategic markets while also providing realme users with a superior content experience on the lock screen.

6. Does one assume that the Glance app originates in China?

In India, an AI-powered software startup called Glance is making its way into the market, intending to bring custom content to smartphone lock screens. Glance is a product of InMobi, a global technology firm created in 2019 by Neel Tewari, Rohit Singhal, Manoj Saxena, and Piyush Mehta and based in Bangalore.

7. To what extent does Glance function as a mobile application?

Instead of being an app, smartphones include a function called “Glance” that gives tailored information powered by artificial intelligence and is available in many regional languages.

8. Glance lock screen describes what?

The glance was designed to be used primarily as a customizable lock screen. When you switch on your phone, the display will refresh with new information such as wallpaper, headlines, and videos.

9. What exactly does Glance do?

When he walked into the room, she looked up from her book. Noun He glanced over his shoulder at me for an instant. Early this morning, I decided to give the newspaper a quick scan. These usage examples of the word ‘glance’ are chosen automatically from various internet news sources to suit the current phrasing of the word ‘glance’.

10. In Android, what information may be viewed quickly?

When it relates to Android’s proprietary features, Pixels are given a lot of special treatment. The helpful At A Blink widget is one such choice for Pixel devices. The widget’s name gives away its purpose: it provides quick access to information such as the current temperature, the time, and the location of any scheduled events.

11. Where can I find the instructions for modifying my Glance preferences?

You’re At such a Glance should be located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Select the “Customize” option by holding down the button for a while. Tap the gear icon next to At a Glimpse on the Settings screen that loads up. You’ll be presented with a menu of available options.

12. How does Glance monetize its service?

The company’s business strategy is built on the trifecta of mobile advertising, creator/influencer-driven transaction, and digital commerce.

13. Just what is the Google-backed app Glance?

Founded three years ago, Glance is an Android lock screen app that feeds you news, media, and games. According to Techcrunch, Google is financing the project, and the service should be available on mobile devices in around two months.

14. In a Nutshell, What Is Android 12?

This is a function that the Android 12 Pixel Home Screen automatically includes with the At a Blink widget. It has taken the place of the many Google widgets we’ve seen in the past, and rightly so. To access the Home Screen, simply unlock your Android device.

15. What exactly is Samsung’s dynamic lock screen?

When you step away from your desk, for instance, the display screen might lock to prevent tampering. On Android and iOS, however, a “dynamic lock screen” refers to a special sort of wallpaper that changes in real time.


The backgrounds may be changed to suit our tastes. Their shop and website are both available to us. The lock screen may also be customized with a picture of our choosing. When we open the phone, the wallpaper just on the lock screen will be replaced with a new one that we’ve selected from a gallery. Please ask in the comments if you have any further questions about this piece. Then post a question below for us to answer. We promise to get back to you as soon as we can.

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By removing the MI glance feature from your MI phone, you can disable Glance on that device. Then again, turning on the Merry go round Backdrop choice in Xiaomi phones would impair the look highlight. Most MI clients are ignorant regarding debilitating the Look on the MI lock screen. Along these lines, regardless of whether they needed to, they would not be able to switch off capability Look for Mi, an application intended to keep clients connected with and informed, is pre-introduced on all Mi devices.

Glance working

All of their cell phones accompany the MI glance function. The lock screen’s experiences are consequently different. The Backdrop on your gadget’s lock screen changes when you press the power button.

Luckily, since downloading, Backdrop needs a speedy web association; this occurs when you’re associated with a WiFi organization. There won’t be any buffering on the off chance that there is a Wireless association. On the opposite side, not every person enjoys this component.

The means recorded underneath are for you if you could do without changing your experience. They need a consistent backdrop for reasons such as continually longing to see their friends and family. The look capability likewise shows a few backdrops that, when clicked, take you to the fundamental page of the Look programming and contain news or data.

Looking elements may not be accessible to many individuals, or they dislike them. I will make sense of the advantages of handicapping the look element to you today. It is a shopper of information. Subsequently, a few gadgets can encounter a delay or falter. You ought to, at times, offer irrelevant data. Obstruct the wall covers you pick.

Best way to Disable Glance on Phone

In the new MIUI 9 delivery, Xiaomi appeared fresh out of the box new capability called Glance. When the cell phone is in rest mode, notices can be displayed on the screen.

Although this appears as a supportive component, it has given proprietors of the contraption many issues. Since it likewise shows plugs, insignificant news, and many different things.

These procedures can be utilized to handicap the Look highlighted on your MI phone:

By choosing the Uninstall button, the Look application or look element will be erased from your phone. Enjoy your new lock screen, which is liberated from mess and Ads! When you get your telephone, you primarily see publicizing on the lock screen. Getting adverts on your lock screen is certainly not a lovely encounter.

The First method of Disable Glance

PLAY STORE OPEN Open the Play Store application on your telephone as the initial step.
GLANCE SEARCH You should initially look for “Look For Mi” on the Play Store by tapping on the highest point of the pursuit box and entering “Look For Mi” there.
GLANCE UNINSTALLATION The Look application will show up, and you should choose it by tapping on it. You should pick Uninstall in the wake of tapping the side-mounted Uninstall button.

The Second method of Disable Glance

1 After opening the screen, return to the home screen.
2 Initiate a menu or the application’s settings.
3 Pick Merry to go round Backdrop starting from the drop list in the Lock screen choices.
4 You may then handicap the Look on your MI telephone by exchanging the “Turn On” button for the “off” position.
5 The Look will naturally vanish from the Lock Screen shortly.


You’ll enjoy a superior phone insight on the off chance that the Look capability is crippled from the lock screen. The following time you set up a telephone running MIUI, make certain to take as much time as is needed and ensure the Xiaomi look screen is off in the interim.

Safest way to Disable Glance

It is protected from handicap Backdrop Merry go-round since it is just a supplemental component and won’t influence the telephone’s working. You’ll be permitted to look at the accompanying page when you pick the “Glance for MI” choice; you should turn this choice “off” to continue.

This will permit you to eliminate the look highlight from your lock screen. Your inquiry on the most proficient method to eliminate a look from the lock screen has ideally been replied to. You can impair the Look included on your telephone to use it by eliminating or uninstalling it.

Utilizing the End Look Element has many advantages. The utilization of looking highlights may not be accessible to many individuals, or they dislike them. I will make sense of the advantages of handicapping the look element to you today.

Mi is disabled for the following reasons:

1- A few devices might encounter stammering or slack because it utilizes information.
2- You ought to infrequently offer irrelevant data.
3- Deter your decision on wall covers
4- Make some space accessible on your cell phone.


Illuminate any individual who should handicap Backdrop Merry go round on their Xiaomi cell phone about this page. If you want to get to your Mi Android telephone, another way to switch off the Backdrop Merry go round highlight, generously let us in on in the remarks region beneath.

Disable Glance for Following Reason

Various angles impact this request, yet how about we keep things clear:

1- By showing news and adverts, it dials back the gadget.
2- It utilizes portable information without the client’s mindfulness or consent.
3- More often than not, it offers silly data.
4- It can cause slack and stammering on the gadget, contingent upon your settings.
5- Since the framework changes the Backdrop often, you are kept from picking a specific one.
6- Also, it occupies a room on your cell phone that could be used to make it run all the more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ):

Here are some related questions about How to Disable Glance in an MI phone.

1. How would I get a look off of my Mi lock screen?

Open the Play Store and snap “Search” after composing “Look For Mi” in the top hunt field. The Look application will then show up before you. By choosing the uninstall button on the Look application and afterward choosing Uninstall, Look might be eliminated.

2. Everlastingly uninstalling Look for Realme: what’s the technique?

Here are the means you want to uninstall Look from Domain 8 Expert: Select Home screen, Lock screen, and Consistently in plain view in the settings menu. (track down Realme’s Look currently) Switch off. I trust this works; the Look is making me crazy!

3. How to Describe Mi’s appearance?

It is an intrinsic element of a cell phone instead of an application. The artificial brainpower-based customized content given by Look is presented in different territorial dialects. The lock screens of Android cell phones might show these dialects, including English and other significant Indian dialects like Tamil, Telugu, and Bahasa Indonesia.

4. Might you make sense of what Realme Look is?

The domain is Look’s restrictive lock screen content curation stage for its cell phones in India and Jakarta. This organization will permit Look to reinforce its traction in these essential business sectors while likewise giving realme clients an unrivaled substance experience on the lock screen.

5 . Why was Mi Program erased with the update?

The Mi Program Master and Mint Program were previously removed from the Play Store. Xiaomi delivered an update to stop the training after it was accused of gathering information in any event when in secret mode. A couple of months after the fact, this.


We can change the foundations with this component. We can choose their actual area or on the web. We can likewise put our photographs on the lock screen. The Xiaomi look screen element will be naturally turned on when you turn on your fresh box new Xiaomi cell phone. I like having this ability on my telephone.
The presence of adverts indiscriminately is the most horrendously terrible piece of this element. All you want to know is how to deal with it freely if you want to get the Look off your Mi’s screen.

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