How to deliver a Webinar PowerPoint presentation?

How to deliver a Webinar PowerPoint presentation? The pandemic has flipped around our lives and numerous things have endured a shot along these lines. The working style of organizations has changed as the majority of the employees have been working from home and all the presentations, occasions, gatherings have been dropped in light of the social distancing standards. However, the world can’t stop and the option in contrast to actual occasions and gatherings is currently virtual meetings and presentations so the work can run efficiently. Applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet have contributed a decent amount to make the virtual meeting simple and viable.

With the ascent in virtual presentations, individuals additionally needed to get familiar with the important abilities needed to deliver a virtual presentation. There are numerous elements one ought to consider before delivering a webinar PowerPoint presentation and we’ll talk about some important steps to make your presentation more successful and noteworthy.

Don’t get too comfortable

Regardless of whether it’s a virtual presentation, you actually should be at your top game. Try not to get too comfortable because you are in your home. The presentation will be seen by your partners, potential financial investors, and individuals who don’t know much about you. Dress well and prefer wearing a formal outfit for the presentation. Prefer using a table and seat for your next presentation as it looks proficient and helpful for you to use the framework without being messy.

Pay attention to the aesthetics

Aesthetics are important in a virtual presentation as others will see your surroundings, so it’s essential to pick the spot cautiously. Always prefer a clear background, it could be a wall or curtain. Do not choose a vibrant background, because then the focus of the audience will get diverted towards the background instead of the presentation.

Just like the presentation, your background is important to keep the audience engaged.

You can also pick a background resonating with your product or organization. For example, on the off chance that you are delivering a creative company profile ppt, you can put the logo or a banner of the organization in the background to leave an effect on the crowd.

Use amazing visuals

The greatest test in a PowerPoint presentation is to catch the crowd’s consideration and keeping them engaged during the presentation. In an actual presentation, you can see the reaction of the crowd, yet in virtual ones, you can’t focus on everybody’s reaction so it’s fundamental that you should have visuals that can impart well and assist with catching the crowd’s attention.

Apart from great visuals, you should also choose a decent template for your presentation. The best presentation templates are available on the internet and you can download them for free. If you want a more creative approach, hire a presentation design agency as they can design some of the best presentation templates and those templates would be unique. Aside from using visuals, don’t deliver the presentation as it’s another tedious errand for you. Change your voice balance, use talking points in your presentations so when you quit talking, and begin sharing your screen in virtual meetings individuals would not lose interest in the PowerPoint presentation.

Always schedule a Q&A session

After the presentation, always plan a Q&A session with the members of the virtual presentations. In virtual presentations, taking inquiries and noting them appropriately demands time, so it is encouraged to plan a different Q&A meeting so the crowd doesn’t have any questions left which will build your opportunity of conveying an effective presentation.

Taking inquiries is a part of communicating with the crowd which further reinforces your image as an incentive on the lookout. It likewise increments your height in the organization as your partners and seniors will presently see you as an important and thoughtful employee.

Hi rathorekeerti its a great experince to read your article i don’t know much about to represent a webinar but your article help me alot as i am student of virtual university as name shown you have to just idea its a university of online study I received notifications of webinar after every few day but i am busy in my daily busy job life routine that why i couldn’t attend but its seem to be interesting to deliever your speech virtually to other people I want to try this as a read many things about bussiness cummination and well known about the how to deleiver your main idea how to you again the attention of your readers but its become more interesting when you do this with powerpoint slide you gain more attention yours readers or listener because it is more easily to understand with slides

Webinar Presentation:

The presentation which we deliver through PowerPoint slides or any other software is called a webinar presentation. Webinar presentations are on-trend due to this pandemic; because people are obliged to stay at home. They also have to run their business.

To make a highly proficient presentation and delivering this presentation is now a need of time. Well! People are scared of making the presentation by using multimedia resources. Here I’ll teach you the best method and tools for delivering and making the presentation effectively.

Highly demand of Webinar Presentation:

The webinar presentations are on the top trend all around the world. The global pandemic bound every individual and industry to stay within their boundaries. But the world cannot stop. However, people took the initiative of webinar presentations during this pandemic. Now every country is using this way to deliver the message appropriately to others. Industries, Educational institutes, Organizations, Corporatist, and every small or big institution make webinar presentations to deliver their message.

  • Educational institutes deliver webinar presentations to convey their teachings to their students and also for many other purposes.
  • Many companies conduct webinar presentations too because they want to show their projects and ideas electronically to their employees.

Hence, it is clear that online business and online banking highly demand webinar presentations. Real wisdom is in delivering the webinar presentation generously. Here are some tips which make you an effective presenter of any webinar in the world.

Best Applications used for Virtual meetings:

In this period, a lot of multimedia applications are using for conducting webinars. The most widely used app is Zoom meeting app, Google meets, and Microsoft Teams, etc. These all applications are commonly used for virtual meetings. In the zoom meeting, app, and Google meet, the procedure is the same for conducting the webinar. Also, individuals needed to get familiar with some things that are mandatory to deliver virtual meetings.

There are some key elements that you have to adopt before delivering the webinar PowerPoint presentation. These all-important steps are as follows;

:diamonds: Use more and amazing visuals:

In the face-to-face presentation, people can see you if there is no slide is showing on PowerPoint. But in the virtual presentations, you have to use amazing visuals to engage your audience towards you. If you are not using the appropriate place, then the attention of your audience would divert. Use some animations in your slides to get the focus of your audience. The crucial step of a webinar presentation is to get audience attraction. Because in the face-to-face presentation, they can see you and could be attracted to you. In virtual presentations, if your presenting style is not attractive they would not get focused.

Highlight what you want to show your audience:

Most webinar software used a drawing tool to make highlighted some items of presentation. But all the people have not used those drawing tools. I suggest you use arrows, different shapes, flow sheet diagrams, and hierarchy. This thing would help you to get the focus of your audience. The crowd will also attract by your slides. The great advantage of highlighting the points and making the flow charts is that this pattern will convey your message efficiently to your audience.

Pay attention to your background:

In the traditional presentation, the crowd became attracted by your dress, and there is no of paying attention to aesthetics. But in virtual presentations, you have to keep your background appropriate. If your visuals would not match with the webinar, then your audience would divert from your speech. They will look at the back of you. You should use vivid and disciplined background.

:arrow_right: If you are delivering a presentation to your company, then you should use a logo or monogram of your company at your back.
:arrow_right: If you are delivering a presentation to your educational institutes, then use the library setting behind you.
:arrow_right: The best way is to use a clear painted and well-furnished wall or curtain behind you to deliver the webinar presentation.

:arrow_right: Don’t get too comfortable or Informal:

:point_right:When you are delivering a PowerPoint webinar, don’t show your rough dress or frank behavior. Just like your background, the dress also matters. Your facial expression and hand movement also divert or attract your audience. If your body language does not match your verbal communication, the audience will not listen to you properly. Always select a dress according to the webinar conditions.


PowerPoint webinar is an engaging event in which one speaker or group of speakers deliver presentations to a large group audience. In the webinar, people can participate by submitting their questions. Presentation content engages your audience. Your background, actions, hand movement, gesture, and audio connection all these things play a crucial role in making your presentation effective. Slides animation helps you to get crowd attraction. An effective way to conduct a webinar is to enhance your communication skills. You should make the use of language that is easy to comprehend.

Confidently deliver your webinar presentation:

:point_right:There are some steps. Keep these steps in your mind before delivering the webinar;

  • Use the best content which matches your webinar purpose.
  • Always use good headphones.
  • Pay attention to the aesthetics.
  • Use appropriate hand movement and dress style.
  • Pause after delivering your half content
  • Highlight your key slides and make a flow chart
  • Ask a question from your audience and let them know about your presentation.


Hence, In PowerPoint webinar presentation only content would not meet the basic purpose but also, aesthetics, facial expressions and proper network matters a lot. You should make use of head phones, clear network and try to make your voice active. Above mentioned all points will help you to make a persuader.
:pen:# Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:What is a webinar, how does it work?

A webinar is an online event where the host shared his slides, videos, and audios in front of an audience. Webinars typically consist of audio and video components.