Ethnic Monitoring

Ethnic Monitoring,

What Does Ethnic Monitoring Mean?

Trace the ethnic origins of company employees and ensure that all races are fairly represented.

Literal Meanings of Ethnic Monitoring


Meanings of Ethnic:
  1. Refers to all groups of the population (within a large or dominant national or cultural group) with a common national or cultural tradition.

  2. Members of ethnic minorities.

Sentences of Ethnic
  1. Ethnic community leaders

Synonyms of Ethnic

race-related, ethnological, genetic, inherited, racial


Meanings of Monitoring:
  1. A device that constantly observes, examines, or records something.

  2. Television receivers are used in the studio to select or view images sent by some cameras.

  3. A student with a particular discipline or task.

  4. The tropical Old World lizard is large, with a long neck, narrow head, prickly tongue, strong claws and short body. It was thought that superintendents would warn crocodiles.

  5. A flat warship was mounted on top of one or two heavy cannons for bombing.

  6. Periodically check (some) progress or quality. Keep it under review.

Sentences of Monitoring
  1. Cardiac monitor

  2. The measured value can be displayed on a television screen or external monitor

  3. She is a school teacher and choir member

  4. A good example of this is the Savannah Monitor, an African monitor lizard that weighs about five kilograms and roams the area in search of most tasty insects during the day.

  5. Devices have been installed to monitor air quality.

Synonyms of Monitoring

scanner, study, track, keep under observation, keep an eye on, prefect, examine, praepostor, keep under surveillance, oversee, superintend, watch, detector, observe, check, keep track of, record, scan, surveil, keep a check on, keep watch on, note, supervise, recorder