How To Create the most renowned e commerce marketplace platform with Sellacious?

Developing an eCommerce marketplace involves high-level think design, ■■■■■■■■■, and monitoring. The tremendous efforts involved in this life cycle of e-Commerce creation and operation could be minimalized when adopted as the right e-commerce marketplace platform development tool.

eCommerce marketplace

Sellacious, the ultimate platform, stands out from the crowd by providing more than 5000 essential features at no cost and full potential. These features are sufficient to let any enthusiast create their b2b, b2c, c2c, niche, or multi-vendor marketplace. The store owner can leverage a lot more if they upgrade themselves to the enterprise version.

Sellacious is an open-source eCommerce development platform that solely believes in letting its users customize their marketplace as they wish to. Moreover, it allows owners to reflect their thoughts by customizing the front end without hassle. The pick-and-drop-based UI components make it easier for the store owners to manage the grid and component orientations.

It is an important feature unlike what cs cart development has to offer. It is extremely important to know that many platforms provide services like cs-cart development, where the user is expected to have technical knowledge. In the case of the CS-Cart, a user should be familiarized with the block design mechanism.

Sellacious comes with two paid versions - Lifetime and Enterprise. Lifetime version, a user can participate on any Joomla provided to a theme. Therefore, a subscriber gets a one-year subscription with full support to any Sellacious plugin and can install the auto spell checker widget. It has a special bend towards emphasizing security across the platform. For login/registration, it has a multi-level authentication system.

The core team is working dedicatedly 24x7 to resolve all your issues(if any), and there will be an assured free configuration session and services demonstrating how to set up the website quickly within 15 minutes.

In addition to the lifetime version, the Enterprise version has offered many exciting features. Such as 200k+ product handling, access to install advance level taxation module, discount, CLI based ■■■■■■■■■ for the peeps with technical background, shipment, and coupon.

Also, they offer a backend integration with the AWS infrastructure, a free 12-hour configuration session, and access to premium Sellacious made front-end theme with enhanced security protocols.

The platform has more than 65 payment methods to offer to the store owner to let their customers make payments for the product they like without any constraint. PCI DSS compliant practice for payment by the payment service providers is assured.

Also, the store owner could integrate Power BI and Tableau for data visualization and analysis. The marketplace could scale up to 60 million listings and 5 million products.


The core team is on a mission to provide support and cater to every client’s custom requirement with on-time delivery. They work round-the-clock with complete transparency to work deliveries and time-to-time demonstrations to achieve this target.

The solutions could be either completely custom to the customer itself or made publicly available, generic to all, after a declared tenure, only if the customer wants to get the solution at cheaper prices. eCommerce entrepreneurs willing to start their marketplace or migrate from a trouble-making to a more relishing platform could look out for Sellacious.


Through this platform, store owners could leverage better ways to promote vertical marketing of their products and services. A store owner should be registered on Joomla.

After downloading and hosting the quicks tart package from the Siliceous official site, the administrator could do multiple jobs and accomplish the task of launching a fully-functional online store within just 15 minutes.

Features of Platform

This platform is power-packed with some of the most rarely available features at economic value. Such as tax imposition on more than 65 payment methods, carts, or individual product value. Impose tax rules on geolocation parameters, cart or individual product value, translation, status, and permissions for staff/client/seller.

Product upload and vendor listing. Loyalty and affiliate program, coupon and discount management, defined commissions based on membership level, caching, multi-variant products, Advertisements, SEO, e-wallet, SEO-friendly shop outputs, Email marketing, and 24x7 freely available humblest support team for customers.


1. Que: What is Sellacious?

Ans: Sellacious is an eCommerce marketplace platform packed to build an eCommerce website. It has huge facilities and features for a modern eCommerce website with good-looking storefronts, supported with any Joomla template. No need for coding and design to create a store and run it.

2. Que: Is Sellacious helpful in building an eCommerce website?

Ans: Yes, Sellacious is a helpful eCommerce service provider. It provides shelf and white label eCommerce marketplace solutions. Sellacious gives the simplest way to create an eCommerce marketplace website within 15 minutes.

3. Que: Is there a DETAILED RULE FILTER in Sellacious?

Ans: Yes, it has a detailed rules filter option. The tax, discount, and shipping rules are based on geographic location, date, quantity, size, Etc. More than 500 combinations to choose from here.

4. Que: Are there comparable products in Sellacious?

Ans: Yes, there have comparable product facilities. From two or more Products you can find the best among them. Can easily turn this setting off from the configuration.

5. Que: Are Sellacious have a SPECIAL CATEGORIES feature?

Ans: Yes, Sellacious has Outlay the fee to your sellers based on foregrounding, highlighting, defining, Bordering, or any other distinction of their listings.


You can customize the marketplace on the fly as you need without any external support from third-party developers. The documentation is well described, precise, and easy to understand. The support staff is responsive, hears out any platform with full patience, and assures guaranteed support as early as possible.

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