Free enterprise

Free enterprise,

Definition of Free enterprise:

  1. Free enterprise, or the free market, refers to an economy where the market determines prices, products, and services rather than the government. Businesses and services are free of government control. Alternatively, free enterprise could refer to an ideological or legal system whereby commercial activities are primarily regulated through private measures.

  2. An economic system in which private business operates in competition and largely free of state control.

  3. Business governed by the market forces of demand and supply, un-restrained by undue government interference through excessive controls and regulations. In general, a synonym for capitalism.

  4. In principle and in practice, free markets are defined by private property rights, voluntary contracts, and competitive bidding for goods and services in the marketplace. This framework is in contrast to public ownership of property, coercive activity, and fixed or controlled distribution of goods and services.

Synonyms of Free enterprise

Autarky, Bimetallism, Bourgeois, Capitalism, Capitalist, Capitalistic system, Economic self-sufficiency, Finance capitalism, Free competition, Free economy, Free trade, Free-enterprise economy, Free-enterprise system, Governmentalism, Individualism, Individualistic, Isolationism, Laissez-aller, Laissez-faire, Laissez-faireism, Let-alone policy, Let-alone principle, Liberalism, Line, Localism, Managed currency, Noninterference, Nonintervention, Nonsocialistic, Nullification, Party line, Party principle, Planned economy, Policy, Polity, Position, Price supports, Private enterprise, Private ownership, Private sector, Private-enterprise, Protection, Protectionism, Public policy, Pump-priming, Rugged individualism, Sectionalism, Self-regulating market, State capitalism

How to use Free enterprise in a sentence?

  1. When Steve was growing up, he used to think that communism was interesting, but then he got involved in business, and saw the benefits of free enterprise .
  2. Some economic professors harp on the fact that we wouldnt have such a robust economy without having a free enterprise within our market.
  3. Some form of free enterprise capitalist economy and some form of pluralist democracy were clearly called for.
  4. Many people laud capitalism for its focus on free enterprise without all of the government interference that other financial systems are hindered by.
  5. Free enterprise refers to business activities that are not regulated by the government but are defined by a set of legal rules such as property rights, contracts, and competitive bidding.
  6. The argument for free enterprise is based on the belief that government interference in business and the economy hampers growth.
  7. A free enterprise legal system tends to result in capitalism.

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