Definition of Development:

  1. The process of starting to feel or suffer from an illness or emotion.

  2. The process of chemically treating photographic films to create an visible image.

  3. The process of economic and social change based on complex cultural and environmental factors and their interactions.

  4. Systematic use of scientific and technical knowledge to achieve certain goals or needs.

  5. The process of development or progress.

  6. The process of bringing your character into the game early in the game.

  7. The process of adding improvements to a property, such as: B rating, subdivision, drainage, access, roads, facilities

  8. An extension of the theoretical or practical aspects of a concept, design, invention or invention.

Synonyms of Development

Sequel, Angle, Statement, Tone, Offspring, Orthogenesis, Drill, Situation, Story, Abiogenesis, Gimmick, Pullulation, Proliferation, Issue, Twist, Slant, Gradual change, Ornament, In-service training, Upsurge, Offshoot, Seasoning, Device, Refrain, Drilling, Budding, Growth, Measure, Folderol, Crescendo, Uptrend, Sprouting, Contrivance, Effect, Up, Recognition, Progress, Embellishment, Action, Eventuation, Interlude, Harvest, Gemmation, Architecture, Vocational education, Snowballing, Harmonic close, Line, Rising action, Monogenesis, Distillate, Resolution, Flowering, Bourdon, Tailpiece, Advancement, Switch, Natural development, Burden, Nurturing, Maturation, Multiplication, Working-out, Derivation, Fetching-up, Fostering, Hike, Resultant, Unfolding, Furtherance, Discipline, Aggrandizement, Archigenesis, Improvement, Elevation, Swelling, Burgeoning, Perfection, Aging, Bloating, Increase, Homogenesis, Thematic development, Rearing, On-the-job training, Isogenesis, Maturing, Progression, Blastogenesis, Sequence, Headway, Widening, Heterogenesis, Accession, Gush, Jump, Breaking, Period, Merogenesis, Incident, Edema, Happening, Mood, Scheme, Tutti, Birth, Growth, Maturity, Corollary, Vocational training, Occurrence, Addition, Outgrowth, Rise, Topic, Practice, Expansion, Eumerogenesis, Accumulation, Event, Upbringing, Subject, Chorus, Leap, Maturescence, Evolving, Accretion, Division, Figure, Pangenesis, Grooming, Precipitate, Fruit, Senescence, Genesis, Enlargement, Stanza, Blossoming, Movement, Nurture, Spontaneous generation, Conditioning, Buildup, Phrase, Reproduction, Access, Military training, Continuity, Biogenesis, Characterization, Buildout, Logical outcome, Upping, Greatening, Evolution, Augmentation, Expatiation, Beautification, Dilation, Motif, Refinement, Exposition, Background, Inflation, Boom, Response, Tutti passage, Verse, Boost, Tempering, Bass passage, Maturing, Gain, Outcome, Preparation, Color, Derivative, Extension, Denouement, Introductory phrase, Mellowing, Exercise, Excrescence, Rehearsal, Cultivation, Atmosphere, Architectonics, Breeding, Histogenesis, Manual training, Variation, Peripeteia, Natural growth, Appreciation, Local color, Expansion, Broadening, Waxing, Amplification, Germination, Training, Vegetation, Upgrowth, Part, Complication, Raise, Anacrusis, Condition, Secondary plot, Mythos, Parthenogenesis, Accruement, Upshot, Argument, Digenesis, Burgeoning, Circumstance, Musical phrase, Design, Episode, Elaboration, Subplot, Metagenesis, Cadence, Accrual, Ripening, Section, Ascent, Flood, By-product, Epigenesis, Progress, Catastrophe, Readying, Blossoming, Upswing, Eventuality, Anagnorisis, Generation, Procreation, Accomplishment, Sloyd, Tumescence, Evolution, Basic training, Fable, Success, Bridge, Upturn, Strain, Spread, Consequent, Housebreaking, Spread, Enlargement, Legacy, Mounting, Intermezzo, Passage, Nonviolent change, Result, Evolvement, Apprenticeship, Sequela, Advance, Evolutionary change, Productiveness, Falling action, Developmental change, Consequence, Theme, Blooming, Overgrowth, Surge, Ballooning, Plan, Increment, Explication, Structure, Coda, Ritornello, Plot, Phenomenon, Musical sentence, Ongoing, Product, Raising, Sequent

How to use Development in a sentence?

  1. The development of fractures.
  2. Continue with romance.
  3. A good development team at your company will help you come up with many new ideas to try.
  4. Stirring is used during film processing to ensure dynamic growth.
  5. I tried to take advantage of the development of black people with disabilities.
  6. I had to spend more time in the smaller leagues because the coach told me it would be better for my development as a pitcher.
  7. The development of our business plan has been very good, which shows that we have really laid the foundation for success.

Meaning of Development & Development Definition

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