How to Buy Electric Bikes Online in California?

Christmas is coming, and I am thinking to gift any unique sports-related item to my teen son. Due to this Covid-19 pandemic, it is tough for me to visit different e-bikes stores in Los Angeles, CA. That’s why I am considering e-bikes online stores like this to make this purchase. However, when I ran an online search for it, I found too many options, and it became tough for me to pick a single store.

How to Buy Electric Bikes Online in California?

Hence, I am going to share some credible online electric bikes stores with you. And I would like to know your suggestions and views regarding this purchase.


Though Meego Inc. launched in 2020, and basically it is a new e-bike store. But I prefer Meego because it is not only a California based online electric bike provider but from here I would get e-bike directly from the manufacturer. No doubt, both of their e-bikes Meego S and Meego X look very advance but don’t you think they are offering limited options. I would also like to know your views about Meego e-bikes if you have already used them.


Amazon also own a variety of adult, fat, folding and mountain e-bikes of different brands. It is easy to decide on and pick the right seller based on reviews here but, don’t you think retailers at Amazon are charging higher as compared to the manufactures? Also, are Amazon deliveries taking more time in this pandemic? Actually, many of my friends are not much happy from Amazon in this lockdown period.


The holiday deals of Walmart e-bikes are also lovely, but I never purchase electric bikes or their accessories from Walmart before this. Withal, if I go with Walmart option, then I wouldn’t be only able to get many discount offers, but I am also excited to get their gifting facilities. I hope my son would be surprised to see e-bike in a gift wrap.


On the contrary, I am also thinking to use eBay to buy e-bike online in California. Mainly, I like their used e-bikes because they are available in the first-class condition. I think it would be a better idea to buy an electric bike from a California-based seller and in this way, I would also get the bicycle at a low rate. Yes, pre-owned e-bikes usually come with a low-price tag.

Buy Electric Bikes Online in California?

Right E-Bikes for Teens

In the same token, I would also like to know your recommendations about the best e-bikes that could be the best fit for teens. Here are my favorite e-bikes that I shortlisted last night.

Propella 7-Speed:

This e-bike is coming around $1,199, and it is the most acceptable option if I prefer a lightweight e-bike.

Cannondale Quick Neo SL:

If I go after a versatile e-bike then Cannondale Quick Neo SL could be the right option for me. All of its features are amazing, but its price is a little high. Yes, it is around $2300. Maybe I can get a pre-owned one at a low price.

Meego X:

The price of this e-bike is around $1699, and I prefer it because it could be an excellent overall option. I think my son would love to ride it to beaches, mountains and other campsites.

Final Words

Now, I would like to know your suggestions about the right shop to buy e-bike online in California, and you can also give advice instead of the stores mentioned above. I will be grateful if you share few e-bike models that you think are the best for teens.

Waiting for your responses.