How To Be A Successful Online Student?

The word “online” started being used somewhere around the early 20th century, whereby people meant ‘located on rail lines’ when they uttered the word. It was only when the mid-20th century rolled around that it began being used for other things, with modern terminology referring to the activities performed over the Internet.

From “online shopping” and “online banking” to “online learning”, the plethora of activities that can be carried out over the internet has slowly but gradually taken over our lives.

In this article, we will be focusing especially on the prominent aspect of e-learning, which most students sought when the pandemic made it difficult for students to step out of their homes. Whether it is to attend school classes, take online coaching to prepare for competitive exams or to upskill yourself by taking up some certification online courses, the technological world has opened its gates for all to become possible with just a few clicks. So, let’s discuss some effective study tips for students to become good online learners.

Tips for Online Learners

1. Learn the basics

The first and foremost thing that is mandatory for every new concept is to learn the basics. So, even in the case of online learning, it is essential to gain familiarity with your chosen platform, the course offered, and other logistics like the medium of classes, how assignments and study material will be provided, etc.

If you are a novice user when it comes to the tech field, there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube as well as the official websites of any learning platform usually provides students with extensive detail about what they are offering, making it extremely easier to get a hang of it.

2. Make a schedule

Studying online can be of two types viz the one which has fixed timings and the other in which you are the boss and can set your study timings as per your suitability. For the first one, you will have to restructure your entire day keeping in mind your class timings.

But for the latter one, the level of strictness is considerably low. Though in both cases, you will have to make a plan or schedule so that your studies are not hampered.

And while the second case might provide you with some relaxation, dedication and intense concentration are requisite in both cases.

3. Stick to your goals

The traditional way of schooling inculcates a sense of discipline in every student. It bounds us to meet our goals in time citing the pressure put by the teachers on us.

But learning online has this element missing due to which there are high chances that some of the students may get diverted from their actual path.

The teachers were the authorities who were given the job of keeping a regular check on our activities, be it by assigning homework or conducting regular tests to monitor our learning.

With these checks missing from the self-paced e-learning, it becomes our responsibility to keep a check on our activities like timely completion of assignments. This can be done by planning the day as per the goals that need to be met in a day and more so, by sticking to those goals.

Just set deadlines related to your work and be vigilant so that you complete it in the prescribed time.

4. Use search engines frequently

“Just Google it!” is the slogan for millennials. Google is possibly the best gift that the internet has given to mankind, especially students since they can now gain extensive knowledge through it.

Ranging from checking ingredients of the recipe to finding a cure to a disease, we are largely dependent on Google for any and every problem. So, why not add it to our regular study routine? Not only the information available on the internet is never-ending but you can get over 100+ answers for the same question.

And while not everything is relevant, sometimes you do end up discovering real pearl from that ocean of information.

5. Take short breaks

Breaks are the most eagerly awaited time for any student who has studied straight for over 2-3 hours and it is definitely a fantastic idea to include some short breaks in your study schedule, especially when learning online.

A big reason for these breaks is that when the mode of studying is a computer or any digital gadget, it can lead to eye strain. Many problems like dry eyes, blurred vision etc. are experienced by numerous online learners.

So, make sure to have breaks and do anything during that time like grooving to your favourite song or doing any recreational activity that helps you destress and relax a bit. But an important point here is that we have to take small breaks in between studies and not studying in between breaks.

6. Enjoy your studies

Be it any mode of learning, what matters the most is whether you are enjoying what you are studying or not. If you treat your learning process as a burden, it will do no good to you. Sometimes, we take up a subject that we end up not liking.

In these cases, you have to remind yourself that studying is not an option but a necessity. So, irrespective of your likings, it would be a rather good option to try and enjoy the process.

E-learning is a thrilling adventure in itself. You tend to discover a lot of things which were untouched all these years. So, the best advice that we can give you here is to add more fun elements to this process to make it more delightful for yourself.

7. Limit Social Media

No, online studying does not mean that you can toggle to your chat room in between. This is definitely not acceptable! Using social media can be fun and there is no doubt in that but using it in between the learning process can do more harm than good.

It will only cause a distraction for you, hindering your ability to concentrate. Hence, make sure that you log out from all your social media accounts or chat rooms till the time you are studying.

Social media is a recreational activity, don’t let it hamper your studies is all that we can advise for the fellow students.

Disadvantages of Studying Online

Much like almost anything in our world, studying online also has some negative aspects. Our motive to educate online students with effective study tips will definitely be incomplete if we don’t cover the disadvantages that online learning is associated with. So, let’s get started.

1. Requires good knowledge of technology

Studying online implies that you will have to connect to the teacher or the instructor via the internet. This means that a lot of hardware and software use comes into play. And while it may be a cakewalk for tech-savvy students, it can lead novice users to be on their wit’s ends, thus lowering their morale.

2. Problems in doubt solving

The biggest benefit of classroom learning is that with a teacher present in front of you, your doubts can be resolved in seconds. But with online learning, you cannot talk to your mentor directly and there is a glass wall between you and them.

You can post your doubts in the chatbot or email it to your teacher but more often than not, there is a low probability of it being answered.

3. It increases the likelihood of procrastination

Without anyone keeping a tab on our activities, there is a high chance that you might want to procrastinate tasks as per your own likings. The topics which are difficult or which require more time and energy may be deferred. This is definitely not ideal and can affect your overall performance negatively.

4. Leads to self-isolation

Mobile learning means you will have to be in front of your PC or your smartphone the whole time you are studying. Well, this can lead to developing a sense of self-isolation and there can be many instances when you find yourself being cut-off from your social or family life.

5. Restrict/ Elevate your freedom

Yes, this is true in some ways. Mobile learning can restrict your freedom. The most vital reason for this is that since this is an unorganised form of learning, it might be possible that your plans may not align with your class schedule.

A reverse case of this is that in absence of any check on your activities you might be subjected to too much freedom which can also be lethal.

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