Child Gohan (Son Gohan) is a mutt Saiyan and quite possibly the most unmistakable characters in the Dragon Ball arrangement. He is the senior child of the arrangement’s essential hero Goku and his significant other Chi-Chi, the more established sibling of Goten, the spouse of Videl and father to Pan. He is named after Goku’s receptive granddad, Gohan.

In contrast to his dad, Gohan comes up short on an energy for battling (despite the fact that, he has a solid force inside him) and likes to do so just when his friends and family are threatened.[6] Nevertheless, Gohan battles close by the Dragon Team in the safeguard of Earth for a lot of his life.

Gohan takes after Yamcha in haircut, yet acquires his dad’s facial highlights and bruised eyes. Simultaneously, he has his mom’s light peach appearance as opposed to his dad’s light tan. Likewise taking after his dad, Gohan acquired a Saiyan tail, which was long and prehensile with earthy colored hide. It was taken out and regrew a couple of times during his youth until eliminated for all time by Vegeta in their first fight.

At the point when previously presented as a small kid, he had short and spiky however generally very much kept hair. He wore a white sleeveless shirt and green jeans with dark boots with white binding, this outfit was shrouded in a Hanfu-style top that was yellow with green sleeves and on the front his family name, ‘Child’, written in kanji inside an enormous white circle with dark coating. He additionally wore a red cap with the Four-Star Dragon Ball connected to the top. He later eliminates the Hanfu-style top to show his outfit when he is prepared to prepare with Piccolo.

Gohan as a child

Gohan was brought into the world in May 18 of Age 757, about a year after Goku and Chi-Chi wedded after the finish of the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. As an infant, he continued for a period without a name until Goku’s granddad’s name was referenced, which Gohan preferred, instead of the name his mom picked (Einstein). His youth was a spoiled one, not at all like his father’s. His life was generally even with a caring family and a pleasant home. Gohan was balanced and astute, however dissimilar to his dad as a youngster, he came up short on any friendship for battling and was handily terrified at a level that most ordinary kids would be. Goku gave Gohan the four star Dragon Ball and put it into a cap for him to respect his grandpa. Once, Goku and Chi-Chi were strolling through a knoll with Gohan on a buggy, yet the carriage was inadvertently delivered, making them pursue it. Gohan was then sent flying out of the carriage, however his dormant forces’ concise arousing not just permitted him to endure colliding with a tree, yet in addition furrowing an opening through the storage compartment, astonishing Goku at the secret force of Gohan

Goku in adolescence

While preparing with Piccolo, subsequent to losing his past outfit from changing into a Great Ape, he wears an outfit like Goku’s unique, comprising of an orange gi and dark belt with a dark undershirt, blue wristbands, and dark boots with yellow lasing. In the Anime, his uniform is equivalent to Piccolo’s comprising of a purple gi with a red scarf and armbands, bronze grass shoes, and a middle class around his neck. Simultaneously, he wore with the ‘Mama’ image and his hair became out additional into a mullet-style that arrived at his shoulders. By the battle against the Saiyans, Gohan becomes observably more solid for a kid and wears a comparable clothing to the Namekian fighters. He likewise donned a white handkerchief. Gohan’s hair has been trimmed short and has three thick edges on his head. Prior to going to Namek with Krillin and Bulma, Gohan is at first seen wearing an outfit worn in private grade school and later his Namekian outfit. During his fight against Frieza, Vegeta gave Gohan a Battle Armor, which comprised of a blue jumpsuit with white gloves and boots, and a white middle assurance with yellow shoulder braces.

Gohan as a youthful young adult

During the Androids Saga, his hair developed significantly more, arriving at his thighs, and his Namekian outfit was altered to incorporate dark kung-fu shoes and white shins. While preparing in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, he wore a comparative Battle Armor from Planet Namek, which needed shoulder braces. Subsequent to leaving the Time Chamber, he becomes discernibly taller (generally Krillin’s stature), and furthermore stoutly created for his age. He returns to Piccolo’s attire for the Cell Games, with the expansion of Piccolo’s white cape and weighted shoulder braces. During this time his hair is spiky similar as Goku’s. Gohan’s outfit in Bojack Unbound which looks precisely like the one Goku wore in the Androids Saga and Majin Buu Saga.

As a grown-up toward the finish of Dragon Ball Z, Gohan’s hair would be like how it was in the Buu Arc short the bang which looks like Yamcha’s hairdo from the Androids Saga. In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Gohan’s wears glasses, a blue vest with a long white undershirt, and earthy colored pants with dark shoes.

Gohan in Resurrection ‘F’

In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’/Dragon Ball Super, having since resigned from battling totally and relaxed in his preparation, Gohan turned out to be gaunt in form. His hair is likewise smoother and a lot compliment. Gohan will in general wear formal garments as he studies to turn into an educator comprising of a dim neckline shirt with a blue vest and red jeans. On Frieza’s appearance on Earth, he wears a green tracksuit in light of the fact that he failed to remember where his gi was. After he continues preparing with Piccolo, Gohan slicks up his hair again to have spiky finishes. When of the Tournament of Power, Gohan’s preparation with Piccolo reconditioned his body, turning out to be essentially just about as strong as Goku. While fighting, he would smooth his hair back up again and eliminates his glasses. Additionally for the competition, in the anime Gohan wears a similar style gi he wore against Super Buu, while in the manga he wears a gi essentially indistinguishable from what he wore at the Cell Games, less the white cape and shoulder braces.

In Dragon Ball GT, he holds his hairdo from the finish of Dragon Ball Z with the lone contrast being it is somewhat more and is completely cleared up, not having any hanging bangs. He is generally considered dressed to resemble an educator or a financial specialist, in a suit and a tie. He likewise wears eyeglasses, however he evidently just necessities them for perusing, because of the way that he showed no weakness without them for the fight to come. When confronting Syn Shenron, Gohan wears a gi taking after that of the ones Goku used to wear all through Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.

In the Assault on the Hell Gate Saga, GT Gohan wears a gi indistinguishable from Piccolo’s, however without the cape and turban.


As a kid, Gohan is a bashful and diligent scholarly kid who does not have the Saiyan battling soul, so he needed to use his staggering mutt Saiyan potential and passionate stores to ensure those he adores, getting perhaps the most remarkable Z Fighters. As a grown-up, he accomplishes his fantasy profession of turning into an extraordinary researcher.

Being just half-Saiyan, Gohan is uncommon in his qualities and character contrasted with most full-Saiyans. These exceptional qualities and character separate him from unadulterated Saiyans; however amazing as he seems to be, he doesn’t care for battling a lot. In any case, when he is compelled to battle, he shows uncommon interest in ensuring his loved ones. Like his dad, Gohan has a really unadulterated and delicate heart, aside from having the common Saiyan craving and will eat anything.[3]

In spite of the fact that he guarantees he doesn’t share the affection for battling Goku has, Gohan does in fact adore hand to hand fighting and experiences. It is additionally unmistakably clear that he makes the most of his superhuman forces, and he extraordinarily appreciates utilizing them to be a hero, however he loathes accepting the popularity and consideration that accompanies it and likes to stay under the radar, which is the reason he made the Great Saiyaman persona, to stay quiet about his character. This is considerably more obvious when he didn’t recognize Cell’s loss at his hands to the general population after Mr. Satan erroneously took validity for it. During the Zeno Expo, he conceded that his Saiyan half was getting energized from the test appeared by Top of Universe 11, exhibiting that despite the fact that he disdains silly savagery, he really appreciates battling as a game. It is conceivable that he doesn’t like to battle because of the numerous abhorrent and agonizing battles he encountered before, and in view of these fights, Gohan has negative feelings related with battling.

Be that as it may, despite the fact that he is normally brilliant, modest and kind, Gohan himself has been his very own casualty power before, at whatever point Gohan gets an enormous force support, he gets pompous and presumptuous, basically getting tanked in his force, regularly recognizing and in any event, making the most of his predominance over his adversaries, as he did when he initially turned into a Super Saiyan 2 against Cell, and later in his life when he accomplished his Ultimate structure, and battled Super Buu. This tragic defect of his champion character may be a real result of his Saiyan-legacy, since Saiyans like Vegeta, or Nappa, have been known to act also when smashed in their own force while battling. This needed to lead him extremely close to crush on a few events and has later needed to manage the outcomes of his activities, for example, the passing of his dad because of Cell, or Super Buu engrossing him and imperiling the whole universe all the while. Nonetheless, on account of Piccolo, Gohan chips away at conquering this imperfection of his, to not allow his own better force than dazzle him on the combat zone until the end of time.

After the fight with Cell, Gohan surrenders combative techniques to zero in on his investigations and just continued his preparation at the command of his younger sibling Goten. In spite of the fact that he recognized he had dropped clumsy and come up short on the battling ability of his dad and Vegeta, Gohan gave all that he had as he battled Majin Buu and was anxious to slaughter Buu for killing his loved ones. In the years to come, he kept on preparing on-and-off while having a profession and being a family man. He weds Videl, with whom he became hopelessly enamored regardless of her being Mr. Satan’s girl, and has a girl named Pan. Gohan ends up being a caring spouse and gushing dad who takes savor the experience of showering his little girl with consideration and warmth.

In contrast to his dad, Gohan exhibits interest in young ladies, for example, Videl however he is by and large timid with regards to young ladies around his own age and is deferential more towards young ladies and ladies because of his mom’s impact (as Chi-Chi guaranteed that he and his sibling would be wise to habits and instruction than their dad). Anyway he can be now and again similarly as unaware as his dad with regards to sentiment as he is amiable character as shown when he proposed Videl trim her hair for pragmatic reasons however she accepted it was on the grounds that he favored young ladies with short hair and irately reprimanded him when she took in his actual reasons as she, at the end of the day, was gradually building up a pulverize on him at that point and mixed up his carelessness as a sign that he wasn’t intrigued, however she later followed his recommendation a lot to his absolute disarray. Anyway he too gradually created affections for Videl in the wake of investing energy with her and was profoundly enraged when she was mistreated by Spopovich to the point he rage made him automatically change into a Super Saiyan making him lose his handkerchief, while doing all that he could to limit himself from intruding on the match. He was even resolved to retaliate for her by crushing Spopovich in the competition however this eventually didn’t happen and Spopovich was slaughtered by Babidi. He additionally concealed his job in Cell’s loss from her keeping in mind her and her dad, however later confessed all during the contention with Majin Buu however she, when all is said and done, was really assuaged as she had in every case furtively scrutinized the legitimacy of her dad’s cases and just made her affections for Gohan more grounded as she remembered he was genuinely an amazing person as he was unassuming about his accomplishment and never tried to benefit from his loss of Cell as he might have effortlessly disproved Mr. Satan’s cases had he needed to by just crushing him in a demonstration of force.

Dragon Ball Z

In spite of Goku’s fights, Chi-Chi self-teaches Gohan to be a researcher until he is four, preceding Goku takes him to Kame House to acquaint him with Master Roshi, Bulma and Krillin. Right now, he is appeared as a bashful, yet extremely brilliant kid who additionally has a tail like Goku once had before it was eliminated. He is additionally extremely touchy and shows up apprehensive at certain occasions. While Goku reunites and chats with his old companions, Gohan rides on Turtle’s back, and plays Rock-Paper-Scissors with a crab, having a ball. After Goku’s sibling, Raditz, clarifies his Saiyan inceptions and assaults Goku effortlessly, he seizes Gohan while the last hurried to his dad’s guide, putting Goku at an impasse, that in the event that he doesn’t kill 100 people relatively soon, Raditz will dispose of his nephew.

Gohan conveys an overwhelming hit to Raditz

Gohan before long gets secured up Raditz’s space case, in light of the fact that Raditz can’t stand his steady crying. It is during this time that Raditz finds that Gohan is possibly far more grounded than Goku himself. During the fight between Goku, Raditz, and Piccolo, Gohan loses control and breaks liberated from the space pod he is being held hostage in when he spots Raditz tormenting Goku by over and over kicking one of Goku’s messed up ribs. He conveys an overwhelming hit to his uncle, giving Goku and Piccolo time to kill the insidious Saiyan, however Goku kicks the bucket in the process too.

After the fight with Raditz, Piccolo, having seen Gohan’s force direct, chooses to take Gohan out preparing in the wild. He lets Gohan be to make due against dinosaurs and different risks for a half year, however during this time he watches Gohan cautiously. During the initial six evenings, while whining about the harsh kind of the apples Piccolo has given him, Gohan incidentally takes a gander at a full moon and changes into a Great Ape. Piccolo (seemingly[9]) obliterates the moon, making Gohan return into his ordinary structure before Gohan annihilates a lot of the land. Piccolo yanks his tail off, at that point reconstitutes his apparel, giving him a uniform like Goku’s. The distinction: it bears the Demon image, to represent him being Piccolo’s understudy. For the remainder of the year, Piccolo shows no benevolence as he shows Gohan how to battle. Before long, Gohan’s splendid and lively nature makes Piccolo defensive over the young man. As the kid develops on Piccolo, both of them have a couple of discussions about Piccolo’s past and why he did the things he did and Gohan discloses to Piccolo he thinks he isn’t pretty much as awful as everybody has advised him.

Gohan utilizing Masenko, in the wake of getting angered by Piccolo’s demise.

Ultimately, the opportunity arrives for the Z Fighters to take on the excess two Saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa. Piccolo detects the Saiyans making their methodology and advises Gohan to be prepared, when he abruptly faculties a third ki from another bearing. They think it is another Saiyan yet before long discover that it is Krillin who goes along with them to battle the Saiyans. The Saiyans discover them and before the battle begins, they choose to test their Saibamen against the Z Fighters. Before long Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, and Chiaotzu go along with them in the battle. While Yamcha and one Saibaman battle, Gohan can’t stay aware of their speed through his eyes alone, so Piccolo orders Gohan to think and discover them utilizing Ki Sense, which Gohan is ultimately ready to dominate rapidly. At the point when Nappa starts to battle after Yamcha is killed and the six Saibamen are annihilated, Gohan can here and there control his dread however gets terrified and takes cover behind rocks on the grounds that now and again his age finds him. This keeps him from being compelling in the fight, with the exception of short spans, for example, a moment that he without any help kicks Nappa through a rock. During one piece of the fight, Piccolo brings forth an arrangement for Gohan to impact Nappa after Piccolo has kicked him towards Krillin, and Krillin at that point will kick Nappa towards Gohan for the assault. The initial 66% of the arrangement work appropriately, however when the ball is in Gohan’s court, Gohan grovels behind more stones, messing up the arrangement, bringing about Piccolo considering him a useless defeatist. At the point when Vegeta gives the gathering three hours for Goku to show up, Piccolo loses all expectation in Gohan, and after some quibbling, he arranges Gohan to return home. Notwithstanding, Gohan declines and even acknowledges Nappa would not release him away.

Goku and Gohan severely beaten by Vegeta

At the point when the battle proceeds after Goku neglects to show up on schedule, Gohan recovers his certainty and puts forth a valiant effort to change for his past weakness. Piccolo incubates another arrangement for Gohan to assault Nappa after Krillin occupies him and Piccolo gets his tail. Despite the fact that Gohan rapidly goes on the attack, the arrangement bombs when Nappa is appeared to have defeated his tail’s shortcoming. At last, when Nappa fires a deadly energy impact at Gohan, Piccolo hurls himself before Gohan and takes the effect. Gohan watches his coach gradually kick the bucket, and keeping in mind that Piccolo admits his actual bond with Gohan, Gohan’s feelings by and by assume control over, beginning to cry in outrageous displeasure. When Piccolo gradually passes on, Gohan thusly fires an incredible Masenko at Nappa, which harms his arm. With that last Masenko burning-through all the energy he had left, Gohan chooses to surrender and meet his destiny, in spite of Krillin’s fights for him to run. He is nearly crushed by Nappa, however is saved by the Flying Nimbus when the restored Goku at long last shows up to the fight. In the wake of eating a Senzu Bean with Krillin, he watches Goku overwhelm Nappa. At the point when Vegeta slaughters Nappa, Goku advises Gohan to allow him to fight Vegeta alone, not needing Gohan to get injured once more.

Great Ape Gohan battles Vegeta

Later on, after Vegeta transforms into a Great Ape utilizing a Power Ball and harms Goku, Gohan gets back to the fight. After Yajirobe cleaves off Vegeta’s tail, causing him to change back, Gohan was shocked by the genuine forces of Saiyans. He at that point battles Vegeta alone while Krillin and a messed up Goku plan to fire a Spirit Bomb, the final hotel. Krillin fires the Spirit Bomb, yet misses. Gohan skips it back, hitting Vegeta, however not slaughtering him. Gohan himself changes into a Great Ape in the wake of taking a gander at Vegeta’s Power Ball. He overcomes Vegeta via arriving on him after Vegeta cuts his tail with a Destructo Disk. Subsequently, Goku releases Vegeta, wanting to one day face him once more.

Frieza Saga

Fundamental articles: Namek Saga, Captain Ginyu Saga, and Frieza SagaAfter recuperating from his wounds in West City medical clinic, Wukong Hospital, Gohan decided to go to the planet Namek with Krillin and Bulma to accumulate the Namekian Dragon Balls to resurrect back his companions, since Piccolo’s passing caused Kami’s demise as well, which caused the Earth’s Dragon Balls to go to stone. Gohan was on an individual mission to wish back Piccolo, and ventured to such an extreme as to wear a duplicate of Piccolo’s dōgi to respect him.

Gohan and Krillin seeing Frieza’s treatment to the Namekians

After their long outing, with a couple of derails, at last make it to Namek, where they discover Vegeta has additionally come looking for the Dragon Balls, alongside his previous undeniably more remarkable chief, Frieza. While exploring the planet with Krillin, Gohan spots Frieza and his cronies, Zarbon and Dodoria, torturing Namekian townspeople. At the point when Gohan sees Dodoria, one of Frieza’s top partners in crime, assault a little Namekian youngster named Dende, he goes out and assaults him. A short time later, Dodoria pursues Gohan, Krillin and Dende, however they ultimately lose him and Vegeta kills Dodoria.

Gohan just after his secret potential was opened by Guru

Gohan and Krillin bring the youthful Namekian Dende to their concealing spot. Bulma anticipates them in a Capsule House and is shocked to see Dende. After a dinner, Dende discloses to them that there is a Dragon Ball remained careful with Grand Elder Guru, the leader of the Namekians. After Dende takes Krillin to see Guru, Bulma sees that the Dragon Radar is getting a singular Dragon Ball in a detached (where Vegeta concealed it before submerged), and has Gohan go recover it. Gohan takes a Dragon Ball that Vegeta has covered up in a lake for himself, and even deceives Vegeta who runs into him on his way back from recovering the ball. After Gohan gets back to the fort he gets together again with Krillin who takes him to see Guru where he opens his secret potential. Vegeta at last sorts out that Gohan took his Dragon Ball and becomes rankled, however the appearance of the Ginyu Force causes Vegeta to need to shape a coalition with Gohan and Krillin to get every one of the Dragon Balls and set up a battle against Frieza’s dreaded Special Forces. Tragically, when they accumulate the entirety of the Dragon Balls, they are trapped by the Ginyu Force. The most vulnerable of them, Guldo, is to take on Krillin and Gohan, yet flops as Vegeta steps in and beheads him with his hand.

Gohan wearing the Battle Armor Vegeta gave him

At that point, when Vegeta is facing a losing conflict against Recoome, Krillin and Gohan step in and battle, however it is as yet insufficient. Gohan is near the precarious edge of death until Goku appears with Senzu Beans. Goku assumes most of them, however has his body exchanged by Captain Ginyu. With Goku totally powerless in Captain Ginyu’s body, Gohan needs to attempt to battle Captain Ginyu in his dad’s body (in spite of the fact that he is at first hesitant to do as such, notwithstanding realizing it isn’t his father, as he actually feels he is harming his father thusly). Skipper Ginyu can’t completely sort out Goku’s forces and after a short battle with Gohan, Krillin, and Goku in Ginyu’s body, Vegeta murders Jeice and eventually crushes Ginyu. After Captain Ginyu winds up in a frog’s body, Gohan and the others assemble the Namekian Dragon Balls and wish for Piccolo to be resurrected on Namek.

Gohan kicks Frieza

Not long after, Frieza ambushes them, making them slow down for Piccolo to come. In the Z Fighters’ fight against Frieza’s subsequent structure, Krillin is harmed by the dictator and is sent into the profundities of the water beneath. Gohan races to save his companion from suffocating, yet Frieza stops him. Blowing up, Gohan assaults Frieza with a flood of punches and kicks followed by the Gekiretsu Madan (an enormous influx of energy impacts), circling back to a Masendan to complete the work, that would push the despot to the brink of collapse. At the point when Piccolo (presently extraordinarily fueled up subsequent to intertwining with the Namekian legend Nail) shows up on the war zone, he faces an even conflict against Frieza while Gohan and the others watch in surprise.

Gohan trains with Goku and Piccolo for the following three years

After the battle, he advises the others to follow him to when and where Goku will show up. Subsequent to holding up two hours (three in the manga), Goku shows up on Earth and he and the young have a private talk. With the discussion over, the adolescent withdraws to his future, yet vows to meet them again when the Androids show up. During the following three years, Gohan prepares hard with Goku and Piccolo to plan for the Android danger.

Androids Saga

Vegeta, Goku, and Gohan concluding who will battle Pui

At the point when they get inside the spaceship, they are told they should overcome the three contenders on the off chance that they need to obliterate Babidi and leave the boat. At the point when the main warrior, Pui, shows up, Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta play Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who will battle first. Eventually, Vegeta dominates the game, and steps up to battle Pui. Pui uncovers that on the off chance that they take any harm, it will be changed over to energy for Majin Buu. Vegeta easily overpowers Pui wihout changing. All together for his crony to acquire a benefit, Babidi transports the inside of the space to Pui’s homeworld: Zoon. Notwithstanding, Vegeta’s gravity preparing made him insusceptible to the expanded load of the planet and Pui was effortlessly butchered by Vegeta’s Double Galick Cannon. With the loss of Pui, they can continue to the following stage. Goku gets anxious, while Vegeta examines simply obliterating the floor, however Shin demands he mustn’t, in case he upset Majin Buu. Vegeta thinks this Majin Buu is presumably nothing uncommon, actually like Dabura. Goku concurs, thinking Dabura is likely probably however solid as Cell seemed to be seven years prior.

Gohan and the others transported to Planet Ankoku

Next at level two, Babidi sends Yakon to acquire energy from the three Saiyans and Goku goes ahead to battle the monster green monster. After a fast battle, Babidi mindfully chooses to move the champions to Yakon’s homeworld, the Dark Star, so he could battle at his best. Upon appearance, it is obvious that the name holds up, as the planet is totally dark. Yakon accepts he has the advantage, since this is his homeworld and that he is obviously nighttime. Notwithstanding, he before long acknowledged exactly what he is facing when Goku, regardless of some shock at the new climate, effectively beats him around. Goku clarifies that he can feel and detect out Yakon’s developments without expecting to see. In any case, Goku changes into a Super Saiyan, illuminating the encompassing zone. Yakon continues to suck in Goku’s energy, causing him to return to his base structure. Gohan hollers out to his dad to not turn into a Super Saiyan any longer, on the grounds that the beast eats light energy. Yakon affirms this, however he would in any case very much want to have another serving of that extraordinary light. Goku sees directly through the procedure, and permits Yakon to suck in another group of light energy. Just this time, Goku flaunts a trace of his Super Saiyan 2 force and Yakon swallows excessively, which crushes him. With Yakon’s demise, the four warriors continue to level three.

Gohan affirms that he will confront the following enemy

While they sit tight for the following contender, Goku inquires as to whether he has sufficiently prepared, since his turn is straightaway. Vegeta says that Gohan has gotten more vulnerable in these seasons of harmony and that he and Goku are more grounded than him now. Despite the fact that, Vegeta accepts if he somehow managed to blow his top like with Cell, at that point Gohan could deliver his full force. Abruptly, the entryway starts to open and Dabura, the last and most grounded of Babidi’s contenders, goes into the room. Dabura adulates them on overcoming Yakon and making it to Stage Three, however questions they can crush him. Vegeta says Babidi should get frantic to send him out unexpectedly early. Dabura essentially laughs and reveals to them all to assault, yet Gohan says that he’ll be the one to crush Dabura and requests that Babidi transport them elsewhere. Babidi asks Dabura where he might want to battle, and the evil presence ruler answers that he wishes to battle on a world like Earth. They are moved to a sloping reach and take part in fight.

Gohan engaging Dabura

From the start, Gohan is battling somewhat corroded against Dabura because of not preparing during the seven years after the Cell Games, yet subsequent to changing into his Super Saiyan 2 structure, Gohan figures out how to battle equally with the Demon King. Dabura starts to utilize his Evil Flame on various occasions, all of which Gohan avoids. At the point when Gohan endeavors to hit him, Dabura utilizes the Afterimage Technique to go further away and hits him with an Evil Impulse impact, which sends the youthful half-Saiyan into the encompassing water. Gohan flies back up to the surface and discards his worn out Great Saiyaman garments, which leaves just his dark leggings. Gohan flies toward Dabura once more, however the evil presence spits at him. Gohan places his hand up without a moment to spare to impede it, so it hits his glove, and he rapidly throws the glove away as it goes to stone. Dabura at that point mysteriously makes a sword and endeavors to cut’Gohan, yet the half-Saiyan rapidly gets it, and snaps the cutting edge down the middle. Vegeta gets shamed with Gohan’s absence of inspiration and communicates his dissatisfaction, trusting Gohan to have topped in power.

Gohan as the Great Saiyaman

In the wake of talking momentarily with Krillin, Gohan sees the parasite slide into the sewer. The news cover the story, yet Barry rapidly dips in and claims it was an exposure stunt for the film and the Great Saiyaman isn’t chipping away at the film as he is a cleaned up has-been legend who needs him to get him some spot light. Gohan imparts his irritation to Mr. Satan and during the discussion, Cocoa gets Gohan exposed. Gohan is stressed over his work But Cocoa says that she couldn’t care less and thinks that its cool that he is only an ordinary individual under the head protector and requests that Gohan fly her home so she can see things from his perspective.

While flying her home, Jaco, trusting Gohan is tainted with the parasite, fires his Super Elite Cannon at Gohan who shouts at Jaco to stop. Jaco clarifies that he is after a parasite named Watagash who draws out the evil in individuals’ souls. The more scorn they have the more grounded the outcome. In the wake of returning Cocoa home and rehearsing a few lines, Cocoa separates and uncovers that Barry is coercing all her Gohan in her condo all night so the paparazzi can get photographs of them together as vengeance for Videl making Barry resemble a blockhead. In the wake of completing the process of rehearsing, Cocoa kisses Gohan who at that point anxiously takes off rapidly, however not before Barry gets a few photographs of them. Gohan returns to home base and is welcomed by Videl, who was under the feeling that Gohan was doing a late evening recording.

Gohan gazes intently at Barry Khan

Barry shows up at their home and endeavors to extort Gohan and Videl with the photographs he took. Videl, infuriated at Barry, calls him unfortunate and ailing in self-assurance saying that Gohan has a justification it and trusts him. Gohan advises Barry to leave and Barry endeavors to scare Gohan, yet Gohan shoots him into a divider with a frail Kiai and requests he leaves. Outside, Barry is maddened when Watagash contaminates him. With his new force, Barry sneak assaults Gohan and Videl with Gohan saving her and taking the assault which takes him out. At the point when he stirs he sees Pan is absent with a message composed into the divider advising him to go to the TV station.

Infuriated, Gohan takes off to face Barry, who has been acquiring a great deal of media consideration on top of the studio with Pan. Gohan charges at Barry and overpowers him, thumping his changing body to the ground. Barry, presently unrecognizable, keeps on controlling up because of his disdain and now bigger than a high rise, assaults Gohan who understands that Barry is far quicker then he is, appearing to really transport and thumps Gohan around. Gohan endeavors to keep up, yet is at last gotten and squashed in Barry’s grasp and impacted into space with a gigantic eye shaft.

Gohan versus Watagash

Videl and Pan shout to Gohan who is gliding over the mists harmed from the impact. Hearing Pan, Gohan reminds himself he won’t ever lose and controls up to Super Saiyan and flies down. Not sitting around Gohan starts to energize a Super Kamehameha while Barry energizes a much bigger Eye Beam and flames it. Gohan fires his assault, considering it the “Very Great Saiyaman Beam” and easily drives through Barry’s assault and almost slaughters him, overcoming Watagash and Barry, prompting Jaco coming and recovering Watagash.

After seriously presenting, Gohan apologizes to Videl for making her concern. The Director works the fight into the last scene of the movie which is gotten overwhelmingly sure by people in general. Cocoa extorts Barry, disclosing to him that in the event that he uncovers that Gohan is the Great Saiyaman, she will uncover to the public that Barry was the beast who assaulted the city. Gohan and his family at that point go to a screening of the film, where Goku concedes he nodded off during the film.

Gohan (Great Saiyaman) as a Super Saiyan

After this Chi, Goten and Gohan head out to the fields and notice Goku furrowing the fields and preparing. Goten uncovers that father needs a fighting accomplice and considered Gohan. Gohan endeavors to receive in return by referencing Whis, Vegeta and Piccolo however they are on the whole occupied. Gohan uncovers he couldn’t want anything more than to yet he doesn’t battle any longer yet knows somebody who does and transforms into the Great Saiyaman and approaches Goku who calls him Gohan at first. Gohan fights and reveals to him he got him mistaken for another person.

Gohan challenges Goku to take him on and he is here to help somebody needing a fighting accomplice. Goku acknowledges and charges Gohan. Gohan, while at first shocked by Goku’s speed, had the option to obstruct the shot and really push back his dad, with Goku uncovering he was trying him and powers up to Super Saiyan with Gohan losing the Saiyaman cap and going Super Saiyan too. Eventually, their match closes when Chi shouts at them to stop as they wound up annihilating the whole field and open country.

Gohan finds out about the Tournament of Power.

Subsequent to discovering that Future Zeno needs a review of what a combative techniques competition is and just allows Goku an hour to discover two more colleagues. Goku in a split second heads to Earth in line with Beerus, who hollered at Goku to assume liability for the annihilation of 11 different universes. Goku in a flash heads to Vegeta who turns him down saying he is trusting that his youngster will be conceived and recommends his child. Goku takes a gander at Goten and Trunks who are preparing together, yet says they aren’t prepared at this point. Unexpectedly, he sorts out who Vegeta was discussing and goes to Gohan. Goku asks, yet Gohan is indeed reluctant and says that he actually doesn’t have his senses back. Goku discloses to Gohan that a decent battle is everything Gohan should get his impulses back and helps him to remember their battle in the fields a couple of days prior. Goku chooses to mention to Gohan what the stakes are and Gohan is terrified and asks his father how will they respond on the off chance that they lose and Goku says they will manage it. Gohan, baffled with his dad’s wildness, quiets down when he sees Pan and Videl, with Videl advising Gohan to participate in the battle and to tune in and regard his father’s desires sometimes. Propelled, Gohan consents to battle. As of now Hercule and Buu show up with Goku persuading Buu to battle, bringing along Hercule to go about as Buu’s controller. Gohan having tracked down his gi indeed shows up on the Sacred World of the Kai’s. Beerus was at first unamused with Gohan and Buu as the decisions however he rapidly gets used to Gohan after Goku uncovered that Gohan proposed they keep the annihilation of the universe on the off chance that they lose calm as it would cause a frenzy, which Beerus thought was an extraordinary thought.

Gohan versus Botamo

After Universe 9 is deleted, Gohan is similarly just about as stunned as different contenders. They are assaulted by Universe 10’s Dium, yet Gohan effectively redirects his impact and reminds his colleagues to not go hard and fast and that as long as in any event one of them endures as far as possible, they will all be successful. Dium goes for Gohan out of resentment at nearly being hit, yet Krillin and Master Roshi rout him. Gohan observes Kale’s frenzy. After her frenzy, Gohan is isolated by the others, however they effectively refocus. Subsequent to concluding that his arrangement would at this point don’t work dependent on the present status of the front line Gohan recommends it is ideal to sever into gatherings of 2, with Tien and Master Roshi being one and Gohan and Piccolo taking off in another. While pondering Gohan is assaulted by Botamo and assaults. Botamo at first derides his endeavors when Goku shows up to watch the battle and questions what’s happening with Gohan. At last Gohan’s arrangement is immediately acknowledged as Gohan’s assaults lift Botamo clear off the ground with Gohan easily ready to punch Botamo off to the ring side and kick him high into the air and shoot him over the edge with a Kamehamaha. Goku and Piccolo both pleased with Gohan as they head out in different directions once more.

Gohan while battling Obni

Soon after Piccolo and Gohan are assaulted by Obni and Rubalt, the last overcomers of Universe 10. Rubalt rapidly assaults Piccolo sending him taking off letting Gohan be with Obuni. In his base structure Gohan can undoubtedly coordinate with Obni. Notwithstanding, when Obuni starts to utilize his strategy of dislodging his ki across a few duplicates of himself Gohan starts to battle tracking down the genuine one. Whis calls attention to this is an issue for Gohan as Gohan doesn’t really utilize his eyes to track down his rival but instead intuitively his faculties all things considered. Having an arrangement Gohan controls up and challenges Obuni to attempt that once more. Obuni obliges and Gohan endures the shot yet this time doesn’t move. Piccolo shows up having immediately discarded Rubalt and watches Gohan retaliates now. Gohan endures one more shot and counters once more. Whis brings up that Gohan’s arrangement is successful and will work yet depends on Gohan having the option to outlive his adversary because of enduring such countless incredible shots. Beerus, concerned, begs Gohan to not fizzle. In the end Obuni’s runs out of ki because of utilizing very numerous bluffs and Gohan starts to beat him and overpower him, a lot to the pleasure of Beerus, Shin, Old Kai, and Whis. Gohan unexpectedly does his very own bluff blinding Obuni and hops into the air and flames a Super Kamehameha thumping Obuni clear out of the ring. Gohan terrains and discovers a memento Obuni had around his neck which was of his family. Gohan gets pitiful and sorrowful of what he has recently done yet Piccolo snaps him back to the real world and that they should be moving.

Gohan versus Dyspo

At the point when Beerus condemns Frieza for having the opportunity to near the edge of the ring, shout to Frieza, Gohan leaves 17 to hold off Top with the goal that he may save Frieza. Frieza helps Gohan to remember what his identity is and asks Gohan how might he respond in the event that he deceived him. An unamused Gohan reproaches Frieza, expressing that he will dispose of the undead ruler himself should such a double-crossing happen. Frieza isn’t dazzled however consents to work with Gohan. With his greatest speed, Dyspo can avoid Gohan and Frieza’s assault of assaults anyway Gohan stuns himself when he understands he is really equipped for seeing his developments, something Frieza can’t do. Understanding this, Gohan orders Frieza to trap himself and Dyspo in a Cage of Light so Dyspo can’t move to such an extent. Frieza, at first reluctant, yields and concurs. Gohan charges Dyspo and permits himself to be hit so Frieza can trap them. Dyspo attempts to prevail upon Gohan. In any case, Gohan says he couldn’t care less and assaults. Dyspo endeavors to move yet learns he is entirely quick and hits the Cage of Light.

Gohan and Dyspo in Frieza’s pen

Dyspo draws in Gohan in a no holds barred battle utilizing his speed to endeavor to hit Gohan quicker anyway Gohan amazingly can stay aware of Dyspo’s speed and starts to exploit over him and rapidly overpowers him because of his unrivaled strength and battling expertise. Before Gohan can land the completing blow, Frieza fails to keep a grip on his pen and it breaks. Dyspo endeavors to utilize his speed to dispense with Gohan however, due to having the option to see his developments, Gohan gets Dyspo in a back bare gag and orders Frieza to dispose of them both. Frieza acclaims Gohan’s arrangement, saying he is surely deserving of being called their chief, and flames a Death Cannon, killing both Dyspo and Gohan. After his end, 18 keeps an eye on Gohan and inquires as to whether he’s OK. Gohan says he is fine as Piccolo and Master Roshi acclaim Gohan’s arrangement of taking out Dyspo and Beerus just grins in endorsement at the youthful saiyan. Goku additionally voices his pride in his most seasoned child.

Gohan seems to save Piccolo

Jaco advances toward Earth, requesting that Bulma assemble a couple of heroes so they can become uncommon individuals from the Galactic Patrol while they manage the circumstance in regards to Moro and his group, explicit to make reference to Gohan. At the point when Jaco shows up at The Lookout, he asks where Gohan is just for Krillin to reveal to him that he is presently going to a school address.

Later when Piccolo is battling against Seven-Three, the Namekian is overpowered and apparently crushed yet is really saved by Gohan. Piccolo tells Gohan of Seven-Three’s capacity and that he is at present the most grounded being on Earth because of Goku and Vegeta’s nonattendance similarly as Gohan plans to join the fight.

Gohan drives a punch into Seven-Three’s waist, sending him plunging back to the ground, yet he rapidly fights back with Piccolo’s Hellzone Grenade. Gohan can get away from the subsequent blast and shows up quickly behind his rival, where he strikes him adequately hard to put him down. Seven-Three uses the Great Namekian strategy to develop to an enormous size. Notwithstanding, this gives Gohan a benefit in mobility, as he can evade all of Seven-Three’s assaults and sends him falling to the ground.

Gohan prepared to impact Seven-Three

Seven-Three gets to his feet and starts to utilize Piccolo’s Demon Hand to expand his arms. Gohan goes on the hesitant and forces up a Ultimate Kamehameha while flying all through the stones, prior to getting ready to dispatch it off straightforwardly towards Seven-Three’s face. All of a sudden, Seven-Three’s thirty minutes are up and Piccolo’s capacities wear off. Jaco desires Gohan to fire the impact in any case to polish him off while he gets the opportunity. As Gohan dispatches the Kamehameha, Shimorekka yells at Seven-Three to utilize whatever he has available, as he takes advantage of Moro’s capacities to devour the energy wave with. Jaco clarifying that Seven-Three is really ready to change to other replicated capacities, having the option to save to three personalities all at once. Seven-Three starts to ingest the energy from the Earths fighters leaving them depleted. Exploiting the circumstance Shimorekka and Yunba beat them until they are requested to return by Saganbo. After they leave, Gohan discovers that they will return in two months time.

Moro takes out Gohan’s teeth with a punch

At the point when Vegeta gets back to Earth to confront Moro, Gohan by and by observes as a passive spectator alongside Piccolo. From the start uncertain of what Vegeta’s system is, he before long notification the energy spilling from Moro shaping into a ball in the sky. Goku clarifies that this is known as Forced Spirit Fission. Shockingly, Vegeta’s benefit doesn’t last as Moro accomplishes more noteworthy force subsequent to engrossing Seven-Three, causing Gohan a deep sense of stun. Moro can take Vegeta’s capacities for himself and brings him down. Gohan and Piccolo assault as one against Moro with Piccolo ready to grasp a Moro and occupy him long enough for Gohan to trap him utilizing Gotenks’ Galactic Donut method so Goku can plays out the Instant Kamehameha. Moro rapidly recovers the harm and drives his arm through Goku’s chest. Gohan at long last snaps and assaults Moro, however can’t to such an extent as make him recoil before he’s punched in the face, getting a few of his teeth took out therefore.

Gohan is in the long run mended by Dende and he and the others get back to the combat zone during the last fight among Goku and Moro. At the point when Goku is having his energy depleted, Gohan and the others give their energy to Vegeta so he can give it to Goku trying to renew him. After one last push, owed to Uub, Goku routs Moro unequivocally. Gohan and the remainder of his loved ones praise their well deserved triumph thereafter with a blowout at Satan House.

Dragon Ball Heroes

All inclusive Conflict Saga

Primary article: Universal Conflict SagaIn the manga, Gohan empties residents from the zones close by to where Hearts is assaulting. At the point when the God Meteor is broken, Gohan annihilates a portion of the falling rubble.

Universe Creation Saga

Principle article: Universe Creation Saga

Gohan and Krillin

In the anime, Gohan is seen preparing close by Goku and Vegeta, fighting with Piccolo, Krillin and Android 17, when Xeno Trunks and Xeno Pan abruptly show up looking for Tokitoki. Out of nowhere the twelve Gods of Destruction additionally show up, erroneously expecting that the bird will obliterate the universe later on, confusing it with another bird. At the point when Xeno Pan withdraws alongside the bird, the Gods get ready to decimate them. Gohan gets his dad together with his companions close by when they must choose the option to face Beerus.

Gohan and the others stay behind on Earth

Nonetheless, they repeal from endeavoring to fight Beerus when Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta mediate to reveal to them it’s inconsequential and point towards the Universe Tree overwhelming the Earth. At the point when Fu shows up and makes everybody mindful of his arrangements to make another universe, Gohan and the rest offer to look for the wellspring of the tree toward another path right when Goku, Vegeta and Xeno Trunks prepare to look for the source.

New Space-Time War Saga

Fundamental article: New Space-Time War Saga

Tranquil World Saga

Fundamental article: Peaceful World Saga

Ten years after Kid Buu’s loss, Gohan has at long last become a researcher, hitched Videl and had a girl named Pan. At the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku partakes and battles Uub, the rebirth of Kid Buu. After an equivalent fight, Goku takes in Uub as his understudy to prepare him and better control his force. Goku says goodbye to Gohan and the others before Goku and Uub fly away to Uub’s town.

Dragon Ball GT

Dark Star Dragon Ball Saga

Gohan is stunned to see that his dad has become a kid once more

Five years after Goku meets Uub, Gohan is utilized by Bulma’s organization as a specialist and, similar to Trunks, he seldom prepares, however obviously, even in the Earth’s tranquil time he has not dismissed his training.[13] He currently is more worried about being a decent spouse and father. He is one of the first to find out about Goku’s change once again into a youngster because of a wish made to the Black Star Dragon Balls by Emperor Pilaf. They all before long discover that if the Black Star Dragon Balls are not gathered and taken back to Earth inside a year’s time, the planet will detonate.

The World’s Strongest

Primary article: Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest

Gohan in The World’s Strongest

After Oolong saw the Dragon Balls being congregated to one spot, Gohan went with him to the cold mountains to explore (with Oolong specifically intending to want for another arrangement of undies). Notwithstanding, upon appearance, they wound up seeing Dr. Kochin utilizing the Dragon Balls to free Dr. Wheelo’s Fortress. Gohan and Oolong later wound up assaulted by Dr. Wheelo’s Bio-Men, however Piccolo wound up saving them, despite the fact that at the expense of being caught (with Gohan trusting him to have been murdered). He and Oolong were subsequently defied by Chi-Chi and Goku with respect to the vanishings of Master Roshi and Bulma, where they conceded what they had seen.

He figures out how to escape his home and alongside Krillin head to the post where they save Goku from a completing blow. They fight for themselves against Ebifurya and Kishime, however their surprising capacities give them inconvenience and Goku is compelled to break liberated from the ice to save them. They head further into the post to where Bulma is detained. At the point when Gohan see’s Piccolo he is glad to see him yet doesn’t see that he is being controlled, he attempts to get Piccolo to see reason yet it doesn’t work. Irate at Dr. Kochin for what he has done, Gohan starts to let out a deluge of force that makes gadget on Piccolo break. At the point when Dr. Wheelo joins the fight, Gohan fires a Kamehameha alongside Goku, Krillin and Master Roshi however it takes no harm. Not long after Dr. Wheelo brings Gohan down effortlessly. At the point when Goku is energizing a Spirit Bomb, Dr. Wheelo heads to the sky and Gohan heads up after him to delay. After Dr. Wheelo is obliterated by the Spirit Bomb, Gohan joins his companions and offers in a giggle to Roshi’s detriment.

Super Android 13!

Gohan in Super Android 13!

Gohan goes to his folks in shopping, as Gohan had prior consented to go through Summer School. While having a dinner at a penthouse eatery with his family, they get together with Future Trunks, Krillin, Oolong, and Master Roshi. Gohan and the others wind up enduring an endeavored bombarding just as save different supporters when Android 14 and Android 15 abruptly show up, focusing on Goku because of Dr. Gero’s cravings of vengeance against him. Gohan later endeavors to help Goku and Future Trunks in defying the elements answerable for the assault be that as it may, Chi-Chi attempts to stop him generally because of his obligation to Summer School. Gohan, be that as it may, briskly finds out if his investigations were a higher priority than guaranteeing Goku made due against the Androids, with Chi-Chi being sufficiently stunned to release Gohan.

Gohan amidst the fights

Krillin later went with Gohan (the last being compelled to follow along by Chi-Chi) to help Goku, and in the end followed him, Future Trunks, Android 14, Android 15, and the recently shown up Android 13 to a cold region. He later meddled and supported Goku when it was turning out to be evident that Android 13 was having the advantage in battling Goku, and was himself saved by Piccolo. A short time later, when Android 13 changed into Super Android 13 through parts from Androids 14 and 15 (who had been obliterated by Future Trunks and Vegeta, individually), he was assaulted by the Super Android in the wake of saving Krillin’s life. Gohan endeavors to help Goku with the Spirit Bomb by assaulting Super Android 13 to divert him sufficiently long to guarantee Goku got the energy required yet it brought down simultaneously. He later wound up hospitalized for the wounds where his mom indeed helps him to remember going to Summer School.

The Return of Cooler

Fundamental article: Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler

Gohan’s punch enters a Cyclopian Guard

Gohan goes with the other Z Fighters to New Namek, when they all notification that the whole planet has been taken over by a huge planet-eating machine known as the Big Gete Star. Every one of them set out to examine, seeing that the Namekians have been taken prisoner. Gohan is quick to act, saving a Namekian from being murdered. It wasn’t some time before they discover that Cooler had returned, and he sent his new automated fighters to kill them. Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin do fight with their metal adversaries, yet it doesn’t take well before they start splitting the Cyclopian Guards up by increasing their assault strength. In spite of the fact that they begin improving, Gohan and Krillin are taken to the Gete Star and detained, fit to be consumed for their energy. Caught in an enclosure, Gohan hollers that he doesn’t need any of his companions to analyzed for the Big Gete Star.

After a long fight between Goku, Vegeta, and Cooler, the Saiyans overwhelm the Gete Star, and Piccolo takes that risk to save Gohan and the remainder of the going with Z Fighters. They escape before the whole Big Gete Star is obliterated. Together, Gohan and most of them get back to Earth.

Wrath of the Dragon

Fundamental article: Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon

Gohan stops a quickly moving vehicle

At the point when a couple of outfitted burglars are speeding hazardously all through the city, Gohan shows up and ends the vehicle with his foot, wearing his Great Saiyaman camouflage alongside Videl in her own ensemble as the Great Saiyaman 2, they catch the crooks prior to getting back to Orange Star High School. Not long after showing up, Videl gets another trouble call and Gohan can escape class subsequent to saying he feels wiped out. Close by Videl, the two head over to an alleged self destruction jumper and Gohan saves him from a fall.

Subsequent to safeguarding him, the elderly person presents himself as Hoi and educates the two regarding the amazing fighter Tapion and that he needs their assistance in delivering him from the music enclose he is being held, as the Earth would be imperiled on the off chance that he were not delivered. Gohan attempts to open the container with his gigantic strength yet without any result. Hoi encourages them to utilize the Dragon Balls to open the crate and Gohan and Videl bring Hoi and his container over to Bulma at Capsule Corporation to check whether she can sort anything out. Incapable to, Gohan and the others head out to assemble the Dragon Balls where they at that point bring Shenron and request that he open the crate which discharges Tapion from repression.

Battle of Gods

Four years after the loss of Kid Buu, Gohan and companions go to Bulma’s birthday celebration. There, he becomes inebriated and in his Saiyaman appearance attempts to get Mai to shoot a slug as a feature of a show for the others where she is holding Trunks prisoner, however in all actuality she was in undermining his life regardless of his superhuman strength making him in no genuine peril. One of the projectiles that Gohan redirects hits Videl in the leg, Dende at that point recuperates her and learns she is pregnant. Another hits Beerus yet Vegeta can quiet him somewhere near singing and moving in front of an audience.

Before long, a battle between Good Buu and Beerus breaks out, Gohan, Android 18, Piccolo, and Tien Shinhan act quickly against the God of Destruction yet are intensely outmatched, with Gohan endeavoring to limit Beerus in a full-nelson just to be flipped and kicked away. Not long after learning of the Super Saiyan God, he gets together with Vegeta, Trunks, and Goten in a fruitless endeavor to help Goku change, however before long discover that they need another Saiyan to effectively play out the custom and Dende uncovers Videl’s pregnancy, driving Gohan and the others to cheer in satisfaction prior to playing out the custom once more, this time effectively changing Goku into a Super Saiyan God. Afterward, Gohan and the others follow Goku and Beerus’ fight. Eventually, Beerus wins however he doesn’t obliterate the Earth.


  1. Flight - The capacity to fly using ki.

  2.  Ki Blast - The most essential type of energy wave.

  3.  Ki Sense - A capacity that permits the client to detect ki and force levels.

  4.  Saiyan Power - A hereditary attribute that ceaselessly allows a Saiyan to increment in execution against affliction, either by recuperating from incredible wounds or suffering extraordinary battle in fight.

  5. Gohan headbutting Raditz in the chest

  6.  Leave My Daddy Alone! - First, Gohan powers up a searing yellow energy atmosphere around his body. At that point, he charges at the adversary utilizing the yellow quality as a safeguard. He bangs with staggering power into the adversary with his head, perpetrating a high measure of harm.

  7.  Hidden Potential - First, Gohan energizes and makes a whitish-blue energy circle around his whole body. He at that point flies forward with his arms before him and flames a gigantic whitish-blue energy wave from his clench hands at the rival, delivering a huge measure of harm.

  8.  Mouth Energy Wave - An energy wave terminated from the mouth.

  9.  Crushing in Hands - The client gets his rival in an amazing hand grasp and pulverizes his/her bones.

  10.  Thrust Counterattack - Gohan evades the adversary’s assault, punches them with his left clench hand, and afterward punches them away with his correct clench hand, causing a high measure of harm.

  11.  Angry Blow - Gohan kicks the adversary to paralyze them, at that point handles a solid punch lastly kicks them away.

  12. Gohan terminating his first Masenko

  13.  Masenko - The client places two hands over the head with the palms confronting the objective and one hand before the other with the fingers going in inverse ways. At the point when the client pushes their hands forward, they consider the name and fire a light emission, white, or orange energy.

  14.  Masendan - First, Gohan places his hands over his head like the ordinary Masenko, however continues to charge it until it shapes an energy circle. At that point, he gets the energy circle with his hand and moves it back up to his side. At last, Gohan yells “Take this!” and tosses the assault at the adversary, exacting a lot of harm.

  15.  Gekiretsu Madan - First, Gohan lifts his hands up to his sides and charges a yellow energy circle in each hand. He at that point puts his hands forward and fires a blast of yellow energy waves against the rival, incurring a huge measure of harm.

  16.  Wild Rush Blaster - First, Gohan kicks his rival a couple of times, he at that point whips them and kicks them aside. He holds one hand with the other supporting it upward in a design like the Explosive Demon Wave and, as he yells “I’ve had enough!”, he frames an energy circle with overabundance energy delivering off of it as medium-sized energy rings. At long last, Gohan presents his hands and flames an amazing yellow energy wave with an enormous energy circle toward the end at the rival, dispensing a high measure of harm.

  17.  Neo Masenko - A more grounded adaptation of Masenko utilized by UM1-14 Gohan (Kid) as his Super Attack in World Mission.

  18.  Ultimate Masenko - First, Gohan lifts his hands over his head and charges dashes of yellow energy around his hands. At that point, he puts his hands forward and frames a white energy circle. At last, Gohan fires a colossal brilliant yellow shockwave of energy from the energy circle against the rival, perpetrating an enormous measure of harm.

  19.  Double Masenko - Gohan puts both of his hands out at his left and right sides, and he at that point fires a Masenko energy wave out of each hand in inverse ways, delivering an immense measure of harm.

  20.  Super Masenko - First, Gohan lifts his hands over his head like the ordinary Masenko, however accuses it of more force. At that point, while it is being readied, a portion of the abundance energy is delivered as dashes of yellow power. At last, Gohan presents his hands and flames the assault at the adversary, exacting a high measure of harm.

  21.  Explosive Madan - First, Gohan lifts his hands over his head and charges yellow energy in his palm. He at that point pushes his hands forward and fires a short, yet goliath yellow stun wave of energy at the rival, delivering a high measure of harm.

  22.  Combined Masenko - First, Gohan and Future Trunks put their hands over their heads and charge their Masenko assaults. At that point, they fire them at the same time so they converge into a huge Masenko impact at the rival, delivering a tremendous measure of harm.

  23.  Masenko Beam Cannon - A joined assault used by Gohan and Piccolo.

  24.  Energy Punch - An incredible punch that is accused of energy.

  25.  Impulse Fist - Gohan center ki into his clench hand. as he utilizing fast development to goes up against the adversary and punch them, bringing about a major shockwave.

  26. Gohan and Goku’s soul terminating a Kamehameha at Cell

  27.  Kamehameha - An amazing ki shoot terminated with two hands in the wake of concentrating a lot of ki.

  28.  Full-Power Kamehameha - While the basics of the method are actually equivalent to an ordinary Kamehameha, the general force of this Kamehameha is considerably more noteworthy.

  29.  Super Kamehameha - A high level and all the more remarkable adaptation of the Kamehameha.

  30.  Ultimate Kamehameha - As for a customary Kamehameha, Gohan cups his hands at his sides and charges blue energy, at that point pushes his arms forward and fires the Ultimate Kamehameha. At the point when utilized as a Super Saiyan 2, it is acted similarly as a standard Kamehameha, however without taking the position ordinarily seen for the strategy. All things considered, Gohan stands totally still while recounting the expression. On the last syllable ("…Haaa!"), he rapidly cups his hands behind his back and flames a gigantic energy wave at his adversary.

  31.  Father-Son Kamehameha - First, Gohan fires a Super Kamehameha at the adversary, who battles against the assault. At that point, the soul of his dad Goku shows up behind him in a Kamehameha position and yells to him “Now!!” Finally, Gohan pulls his hand back and tosses it forward as he charges more force into the assault, overwhelming the adversary and dispensing an enormous measure of harm.

  32.  Twin Dragon Shot - A twofold energy circle controlled rendition of the Kamehameha.

  33.  Electric Kamehameha - First, Gohan energizes a mind blowing measure of ki so the brilliant atmosphere around his body continues to streak. At that point, he carries his measured hands to one side and charges a brilliant yellow Kamehameha. At long last, Gohan presents his hands and flames the assault with the glimmering light exuding from his body at the adversary, incurring an enormous measure of harm, in any event, making a mushroom cloud afterward.

  34.  Bros. Kamehameha - When performing it, Gohan and Goten each set up their Kamehameha assaults. At that point, they fire them at the same time so the two energy waves converge into one enormous Kamehameha impact. At the point when this isn’t sufficient to overcome the rival, Gohan and Goten put more force into the assault, overwhelming the rival and delivering a lot of harm.

  35.  Family Kamehameha - Gohan and Goten fire a joined Kamehameha at the rival, who battles against the assault. With the Dragon Balls set up, Goten wishes Goku was there. Consequently, the soul of their dad Goku dives next to his two children and changes into his Super Saiyan structure. At long last, Goku fires his Kamehameha as he, Gohan and Goten charge more force into the consolidated assault, overwhelming the adversary and dispensing a colossal measure of harm.

  36.  Justice Kamehameha - A circular variant of the Kamehameha utilized by Gohan in his Great Saiyaman outfit.

  37.  Super Great Saiyaman Beam - Gohan’s form of the Super Kamehameha while in his Great Saiyaman modify inner self.

  38.  Menacing Flare - The client fires an Energy Wave at the rival and in the event that it misses, the client will utilize Rapid Movement to convey a flying kick to the adversary.

  39. Gohan utilizing the Special Beam Cannon against Krillin in picture preparing

  40.  Special Beam Cannon - The move is performed by contacting the file and center fingers of one hand to the brow and charging sufficient ki to assault. Its speed changes to the force level of the client playing out the move. At the point when prepared, the fingers are reached out forward, and two slight energy radiates are released from the fingers. One remaining parts straight while different curls around the straight shaft. The subsequent bar is very amazing, boring through most targets, and detonating on the ones it can’t.

  41.  Golden Dome Attack - First, Gohan structures a gigantic brilliant yellow energy safeguard around his body. At that point, he charges more force, gathering the energy safeguard into a huge spiraling energy circle before him. At last, Gohan fires the energy circle at the adversary in a style like an Energy wave, delivering high measure of harm.

  42.  Body Destruction - Gohan charges through the adversary, tearing an opening in them.

  43.  Super Assault Combo - Gohan kicks and punches his adversary in the stomach, at that point he utilizes two roundhouse kicks, lastly punches them to the ground.

  44.  Super Breath - The client breathes in profoundly, and afterward breathes out making an enormous whirlwind like a typhoon.

  45.  Chou Maretsugeki - As he yells “Watch this!”, Gohan charges at the rival and elbows them high up. At that point, he flies high up and snare kicks the adversary in their stomach. Then, he assaults the rival with a punch and a flood of kicks before roundhouse kicking them away. At last, Gohan flies after the adversary and hand hacks them to the cold earth, dispensing an enormous measure of harm.

  46.  Quiet Rage - Gohan tosses a solitary blow while all that becomes blue aside from the foundation which becomes dark, cuts the rival in two, and explodes the body. Sometimes, the climate briefly turns dull as Gohan utilizes the capacity.

  47.  Thunder Bullet - The client lifts their correct hand, charges a minuscule energy circle prior to pointing at the rival and discharging it at them, bringing about a blast.

  48.  Galactic Donut - Gohan executes this assault by raising his forefinger into the air and surrounding it over his head to make a yellow ring of energy, whose appearance is very much like the Destructo Disk. Once made, he moves the round energy ring over his adversary, at that point brings down and homes it on them. This outcomes in the adversary being grasped and caught inside the roundabout assault.

  49.  Soaring Dragon Strike - As he yells “Hello ya!”, Gohan assaults with a sharp snare punch to the adversary’s gut. At that point, he circles back to a quick uppercut to the rival’s jaw, thumping them away and perpetrating a high measure of harm.

  50.  Ultimate Soaring Dragon Fist - A more grounded variant of Soaring Dragon Strike utilized by Super Saiyan 4 Gohan (GT) in Dragon Ball Heroes and World Mission.

  51. Super Saiyan Gohan (Teen’s) Full EX Dragon Fist in World Mission

  52.  EX Dragon Fist - A sort of CAA Special Ability and variety of Dragon Fist in Dragon Ball Heroes and World Mission. At the point when an Attacker from R2 (Round 2) ahead, enter EX Dragon Fist Mode during his group’s Attack Phase after every standard assault, Co-operation assaults, and additionally Super Attacks. In the wake of energizing the Dragon Ki meter by means of EX Dragon Fist Mode’s Card Action, the client transforms the Dragon Ki into a brilliant Shenron-like dragon that shows up behind them as they charge forward to punch through the adversary’s body. Slide VR Card to bargain

  53. more DMG with EX Dragon Fist. Accomplish Full Charge to trigger extra impacts relying on the variety. Can be just utilized once per fight.

  54.  Full EX Dragon Fist - A variety of EX Dragon Fist utilized by UM1-CP3 Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Teen) in World Mission. Accomplish Full Charge for a lasting +4000 to possess PWR.

  55.  Explosive Demon Impact - As he yells “I’m not completed!”, Gohan charges at the rival and roundhouse kicks them in their face. At that point, he charges at the adversary again and snare kicks them away, exacting a high measure of harm.

  56.  Kiai - It is a strategy where the client influences the air flows around him with ki to create incredible shockwaves to strike the adversary.

  57.  Justice Finishing Pose - Fighting Poses utilized while as the Great Saiyaman.

  58.  Telekinesis - A method that permits the client to control objects and others with the force in total agreement.

  59.  Full-Nelson - The procedure comprises of the client putting their arms over their rival’s shoulders by going under the arm pits, making the adversary unfit to move as uninhibitedly of course.

  60.  Justice Punch - Gohan plays out a Victory Uppercut followed by a Super-Hero Punch.

  61.  Explosive Combination - First, Gohan yells “Here I come!” as he punches the adversary in their stomach. At that point, he punches the rival very high and moves behind them to reverse somersault kick them down on their shoulder. At long last, Gohan flips back up on his feet and puts both of his hands forward to impact the rival away with a blue energy wave, incurring a colossal measure of harm.

  62.  Super Explosive Wave - The client stands charging energy around their body, at that point they detonate with a huge energy circle around their body.

  63.  Ultimate Knuckle - A solitary punch with the rear of the client’s clench hand used to shock a rival.

  64.  Healing - In the manga, due to being a follower of two Supreme Kais, Gohan have the capacity to recuperate individuals, reestablishing them to consummate wellbeing and full endurance even from the edge of death. Notwithstanding, he presently can’t seem to play out this capacity.

  65.  Super Strength - Gohan blocks one of the rival’s assaults and upward kicks them in the jawline, dazzling them. Gohan at that point completes the assault via handling a solid punch to the adversary’s stomach, perpetrating a lot of harm.

  66.  Burst Rush - Gohan charges at the adversary, elbows them in the jawline, and punches them in the stomach. He at that point snare kicks them, and kicks them very high. At that point, he flies out of sight and assaults the rival with a punch to the face, another punch to gut, and a roundhouse kick to the jaw, thumping them further high up. Then, he flies up and shows up over the adversary to strike punch them to the cold earth, constraining the rival to arrive on all fours to recuperate from the bone-pulverizing blows.

  67.  I’m Here to Kill You - As he says possibly “I’ll make you pay” or “I’m here to murder you”, Gohan kicks his adversary in the stomach. Then, he does a 360 twist, kicking the adversary in the neck. Last, Gohan moves behind the adversary and wrecks him to the ground with a left snare, causing a gigantic measure of harm.

  68.  Power up to the Very Limit - A strategy which permits the client to right away recapture the entirety of their ki.

  69.  Great Saiyaman Beam - An orange finger pillar Gohan made for use as the Great Saiyaman.

  70.  Sonic Kick - A Flying Kick procedure initially utilized by his coach Piccolo which Great Saiyaman utilizes as a Super Skill in Xenoverse 2.

  71.  Full Power Energy Blast Volley - The client fires whirlwinds of huge, brilliant ki impacts that is more remarkable than the normal energy volley. It is valuable for fast, successful, just as making gigantic collections of harm the adversaries. The distinction with the Full Power Energy Barrage Wave is that the client doesn’t move his hands while terminating it. The actual waves simply pursue the adversary.

  72.  Tenma Defense - Gohan charges his ki and lets forward an enormous white hindrance to either thump away adversaries or divert assaults.

  73.  Continuous Energy Bullet - The client typically carries their arms to their sides, energizes ki, and afterward he tosses his hands forward in a steady progression as he quickly shoot numerous energy impacts.

  74.  Swordsmanship - During his endurance preparing under Piccolo, Gohan figured out how to use the blade that Piccolo had made for him utilizing Magic Materialization in self protection and chasing. During his preparation under Shin, Gohan eliminated the unbelievable Z Sword from its resting place which he was at last ready to employ subsequent to becoming accustomed to its tremendous weight. He can likewise employ the Z Sword in some computer games like Supersonic Warriors 2, Dragon Ball Heroes, and World Mission.

  75.  Z-Sword Slash (ゼットソードスラッシュ) – An assault named Z Sword Slash in Dragon Ball Heroes, while it was formally restricted as Z-Sword Slash in World Mission. Gohan bounces into the air and cuts the adversary with the Z Sword when he lands. In World Mission, it shows up as the Super Attack for the SH4-CP1 Supreme Kai Apprentice Gohan (Adult) card.

  76.  Persuasion - A client of influence are unfathomably powerful and can carry anybody to comprehend and feel for there perspective, and can persuade others regarding essentially anything.

  77. Voice Actors

  78.  Japanese: Masako Nozawa

  79.  English names

  80.  Ocean Group names: Saffron Henderson (kid/pre-youngster; scenes 1-67 [1-53 edited]; 123-165 [108-150 edited]), Jillian Michaels (pre-teenager; 166-194 [151-179 edited]), Brad Swaile (high schooler/youthful grown-up)

  81.  Animaze name: Lex Lang (grown-up)

  82.  Funimation name: Stephanie Nadolny (kid/pre-high schooler; DBZ and different media until 2010), Kyle Hebert (youngster/youthful grown-up), Colleen Clinkenbeard (kid/pre-adolescent; DBZ Kai and different media since 2010)

  83.  Blue Water name: Scott Roberts (youthful grown-up; DBGT)

  84.  AB G


Gohan is the senior child of the arrangement’s essential hero Goku and his better half Chi-Chi, the more seasoned sibling of Goten, the spouse of Videl and father to Pan. Gohan is the main mixture (half-Earthling, half-Saiyan) to show up in the arrangement. He is named after Goku’s assenting granddad, Gohan.


1. Is Gohan Goku’s sibling?

The Son family eating The Son family started from Grandpa Gohan, who embraced the baby Saiyan youngster Kakarot, whom he renamed Son Goku in Age 737. Goku was brought into the world on Planet Vegeta as the second and most youthful child of Bardock and Gine, making him the more youthful sibling of Gine and Bardock’s oldest child, Raditz.

2. Is Gohan more grounded than Goku?

In the manga, Gohan goes facing Kefla, the combination of the two Universe 6 Saiyans, Caulifla and Kale. … Preceding the Tournament of Power, Gohan neglected to beat Super Saiyan Blue Goku’s Kaio-ken method. Apparently in the brief timeframe that passed since that battle, Gohan had the option to get impressively more grounded.

3. For what reason is Gohan so incredible?

Gohan’s secret force was discussed from practically the absolute first scene of Dragon Ball Z until almost the end. To the extent he goes, his solidarity comes from the way that he was tossed into taking on life and demise conflicts when he was only 4 with the appearance of Raditz and his preparation under Piccolo.

4. Is Vegeta Goku’s sibling?

They aren’t siblings. Vegeta was the ruler of the Saiyan planet before it was annihilated by Frieza. Goku is the child of a Saiyan hero Bardock who passed on alongside their planet. Goku had a senior organic sibling, Raditz.

5. Could Goku beat Gohan?

Back in Dragon Ball Z, Gohan figured out how to outperform Goku when he turned into the principal Super Saiyan 2 in history during the battle with Cell. This was an earth shattering achievement, in spite of the fact that it wasn’t some time before both Vegeta and Goku dominated this structure themselves and Goku later appeared Super Saiyan 3, outperforming his child significantly more.

6. Is Gohan more grounded than Vegeta?

Gohan is more grounded than Vegeta in just something single and that is excusing foes. At the point when Gohan arrived at SSJ2 against Cell, he allowed Cell to give up. At the point when Mystic Gohan battled Buu, he allowed Buu to give up.

7. Who is the most impressive Saiyan?


13 Strongest: Broly

Presently, he is the most grounded of the Saiyans in Universe 7 who even brought down even any semblance of Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza in a battle. To beat Broly, Goku and Vegeta utilized the Metamoran craft of combination.

8. For what reason is Gohan detested?

Fans needed to the legend ride in on his pony and beat the whomever was the large, awful beast at that point. This is incompletely why fans disdain that Gohan proceeded to quit battling.

9. Will Gohan go Super Saiyan 3?

The Old Kai enabled Gohan to get to the force from his Super Saiyan structures without squandering the energy to change. Basically he can control up to Super Saiyan 3 without squandering the energy to change, or the strain of keeping up that structure.

10. Does Gohan disdain battling?

Numerous fans feel that Gohan not having any desire to never really take on and train for conflicts for his entire life implies that he loathes battling. This simply isn’t the situation by any means. Indeed, during Dragon Ball Super we really see Gohan appreciating battling with his dad.

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Unlike his father, Gohan lacks a passion for fighting (although, he does possess a strong power within him) and prefers to do so only when his loved ones are threatened. Nevertheless, Gohan fights alongside the Dragon Team in the defense of Earth for much of his life. When first introduced as a young child, he had short and spiky but relatively well-kept hair. He wore a white sleeveless shirt and green pants with black boots with white lacing, this outfit was covered in a Hanfu-style top that was yellow with green sleeves and on the front his family name, ‘Son’, written in kanji within a large white circle with black lining. He also wore a red cap with the Four-Star Dragon Ball attached to the top. He later removes the Hanfu-style top to show his outfit when he is ready to train with Piccolo. While training with Piccolo, after losing his previous outfit from transforming into a Great Ape, he wears an outfit similar to Goku’s original, consisting of an orange gi and black belt with a black undershirt, blue wristbands, and black boots with yellow lasing. In the Anime, his uniform is the same as Piccolo’s consisting of a purple gi with a red sash and armbands, bronze grass shoes, and a white collar around his neck. At the same time, he wore with the ‘Ma’ symbol and his hair grew out more into a mullet-style that reached his shoulders. By the fight against the Saiyans, Gohan grows noticeably more muscular for a child and dons a similar attire to the Namekian warriors. He also sported a white bandana. Gohan’s hair has been cut short and has three thick fringes on his head. Before going to Namek with Krillin and Bulma, Gohan is initially seen wearing an outfit worn in private elementary school and later his Namekian outfit. During his battle against Frieza, Vegeta gave Gohan a Battle Armor, which consisted of a blue jumpsuit with white gloves and boots, and a white torso protection with yellow shoulder pads. During the Androids Saga, his hair grew even longer, reaching his thighs, and his Namekian outfit was modified to include black kung-fu shoes and white shins. While training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, he wore a similar Battle Armor from Planet Namek, which lacked shoulder pads. After leaving the Time Chamber, he grows noticeably taller (roughly Krillin’s height), and also quite muscularly developed for his age. He reverts to Piccolo’s clothing for the Cell Games, with the addition of Piccolo’s white cape and weighted shoulder pads. During this time his hair is spiky much like Goku’s. Gohan’s outfit in Bojack Unbound which looks exactly like the one Goku wore in the Androids Saga and Majin Buu Saga. As a young adult, he becomes similar in height to his father. His hair is much shorter and stands on end in a spiky formation, with a single bang hanging over the right side of his forehead. Having slacked off in training, he looks noticeably skinnier and leaner in frame, though still respectfully muscular. Also similar to his father, Gohan is noted as being very attractive by many females such as Erasa and Angela. He alternates between a school uniform, his Great Saiyaman costume, and a blue gi similar to the Piccolo clothing. While wearing his blue gi, his obi, wrist bands and shin guards are red but in Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming , the shin guards are reverted to white. During the Buu Saga, he wears Kai clothing given to him by Kibito. In his fight against Super Buu and reuniting with his father and Vegeta after they defeated Kid Buu, Gohan wears an outfit identical to his father. At the party for the celebration of the defeat of Kid Buu, he wears a blue suit as part of his formal clothing. As an adult in the end of Dragon Ball Z , Gohan’s hair would be similar to how it was in the Buu Arc minus the bang which resembles Yamcha’s hairstyle from the Androids Saga. In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods , Gohan’s wears glasses, a blue vest with a long white undershirt, and brown slacks with black shoes. In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ /Dragon Ball Super , having since retired from fighting completely and slacked off in his training, Gohan became very scrawny in build. His hair is also smoother and much flatter. Gohan tends to wear formal clothing as he studies to become a professor consisting of a grey collar shirt with a blue vest and red pants. On Frieza’s arrival on Earth, he wears a green tracksuit because he forgot where his gi was. After he resumes training with Piccolo, Gohan slicks up his hair again to have spiky ends. By the time of the Tournament of Power, Gohan’s training with Piccolo reconditioned his body, becoming basically as muscular as Goku. When battling, he would slick his hair back up again and removes his glasses. Also for the tournament, in the anime Gohan dons the same style gi he wore against Super Buu, while in the manga he dons a gi virtually identical to what he wore at the Cell Games, minus the white cape and shoulder pads. In Dragon Ball GT, he retains his hairstyle from the end of Dragon Ball Z with the only difference being it is a little longer and is fully swept up, not having any hanging bangs. He is usually seen dressed as like a professor or a businessman, in a suit and a tie. He also wears eyeglasses, though he apparently only needs them for reading, due to the fact that he showed no impairment without them for battle. When facing Syn Shenron, Gohan wears a gi resembling that of the ones Goku used to wear throughout Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. In the Assault on the Hell Gate Saga, GT Gohan wears a gi identical to Piccolo’s, though without the cape and turban. As a child, Gohan is a shy and studious intellectual child who lacks the Saiyan fighting spirit, so he had to utilize his incredible half-breed Saiyan potential and emotional reserves to protect those he loves, becoming one of the most powerful Z Fighters. As an adult, he achieves his dream career of becoming a great scholar. Being only half-Saiyan, Gohan is unusual in his values and personality compared to most full-Saiyans. These unique values and personality separate him from pure Saiyans; as powerful as he is, he does not like fighting much. However, when he is forced to fight, he shows special interest in protecting his family and friends. Like his father, Gohan has a truly pure and gentle heart, apart from having the typical Saiyan appetite that had been dampened because of his human genes and will eat anything. Though he claims he does not share the love of fighting Goku has, Gohan does indeed love martial arts and adventures. It is also clearly obvious that he enjoys his superhuman powers, and he greatly enjoys using them to be a superhero, though he dislikes receiving the fame and attention that comes with it and prefers to keep a low profile, which is why he created the Great Saiyaman persona, in order to keep his identity a secret. This is even more evident when he didn’t acknowledge Cell’s defeat at his hands to the public after Mr. Satan falsely took credibility for it. During the Zeno Expo, he admitted that his Saiyan half was getting excited from the challenge shown by Top of Universe 11, demonstrating that even though he despises senseless violence, he actually does enjoy fighting as a sport. It is possible that he prefers not to fight due to the many gruesome and painful fights he experienced in the past, and because of these battles, Gohan has negative emotions associated with fighting. However, even though he is naturally smart, humble and kind, Gohan himself has been a victim of his own power in the past, whenever Gohan gets a gigantic power boost, he becomes arrogant and cocky, essentially becoming drunk in his power, often acknowledging and even enjoying his superiority over his opponents, as he did when he first became a Super Saiyan 2 against Cell, and later in his life when he achieved his Ultimate form, and fought Super Buu. This fatal flaw of his warrior-personality might be an actual side-effect of his Saiyan-heritage, since Saiyans such as Vegeta, or Nappa, have been known to act similarly when drunk in their own power while fighting. This had to lead him to the brink of defeat on several occasions and has later had to deal with the consequences of his actions, such as the death of his father at the hands of Cell, or Super Buu absorbing him and endangering the entire universe in the process. However, thanks to Piccolo, Gohan works on overcoming this flaw of his, to not let his own superior power blind him on the battlefield ever again. Besides concerning himself with his family (and his studies), Gohan has a strong attachment with his mentor: his father’s former archrival Piccolo. After the death of Goku, Piccolo chose to train Gohan as he sensed the boy’s potential power, which would be harnessed to help defend the Earth from the attack of the Saiyans. At first, the relationship with Piccolo is a frightening one, but after just one year, Piccolo admits his change because of the friendship he develops with Gohan and even sacrifices himself to save the boy from Nappa. Gohan has even openly come to think of Piccolo as a surrogate uncle to him. While Gohan does care about his mother, he like his father has a fear of her temper to the point in Dragon Ball Super he informs his mother that Goku planned to leave to train under Whis, stating that he had to tell her for his own safety, though fortunately Chi-Chi surprisingly calmed down after Goku left with Whis. However, Gohan will defy his mother if it is important as he tells his mother off after she refuses to let him go to Namek to revive Piccolo using the Namekian Dragon Balls, due to feeling responsible for Piccolo’s death at the hands of Nappa. After the battle with Cell, Gohan gives up martial arts to focus on his studies and only resumed his training at the behest of his little brother Goten. Although he acknowledged he had fallen out of practice and lacked the fighting expertise of his father and Vegeta, Gohan gave all that he had as he fought Majin Buu and was eager to kill Buu for murdering his family and friends. In the years to come, he continued to train on-and-off while having a career and being a family man. He marries Videl, with whom he fell in love despite her being Mr. Satan’s daughter, and has a daughter named Pan. Gohan proves to be a loving husband and doting father who takes delight in lavishing his daughter with attention and affection. Unlike his father, Gohan demonstrates interest in girls such as Videl though he is generally shy when it comes to girls around his own age and is respectful more towards girls and women due to his mother’s influence (as Chi-Chi ensured that he and his brother had better manners and education than their father). However he can be at times just as oblivious as his father when it comes to romance as he is good natured personality as shown when he suggested Videl cut her hair for practical reasons though she assumed it was because he preferred girls with short hair and angrily told him off when she learned his true reasons as she herself was slowly developing a crush on him at the time and mistook his obliviousness as a sign that he wasn’t interested, though she later followed his advice much to his utter confusion. However he too slowly developed feelings for Videl after spending time with her and was deeply angered when she was brutalized by Spopovich to the point he rage caused him to involuntarily transform into a Super Saiyan causing him to lose his bandana, while doing everything he could to restrain himself from interrupting the match. He was even determined to avenge her by defeating Spopovich in the tournament though this ultimately did not occur and Spopovich was killed by Babidi. He also hid his role in Cell’s defeat from her out of respect for her and her father, though later came clean during the conflict with Majin Buu though she herself was actually relieved as she had always secretly questioned the validity of her father’s claims and only made her feelings for Gohan stronger as she recognized he was truly an awesome guy as he was humble about his achievement and never sought to profit from his defeat of Cell as he could have easily refuted Mr. Satan’s claims had he wanted to by simply defeating him in a show of power. However he is somewhat bashful about his feelings for Videl due to his shyness. In Xenoverse 2 , while working as an Instructor with Videl his oblivious personality is still present despite his feelings for her (as they are from a time period after the Kid Buu Saga, though still in the early stages of their relationship) as he obliviously asks the Future Warrior to join them when Videl suggests they go to the movies unaware that she was subtly asking Gohan out on a date causing her to angrily uninvite him stating she and the warrior would go to the movies without him out of frustration (she however enlists the Future Warrior’s assistance in learning what Gohan likes in an effort to impress him as her attempts have been frustrated by Gohan’s well-meaning but pure-hearted obliviousness)