Definition of Safeguard:

  1. GATTO / WTO: Signatures that provide bilateral multilateral protection to signatories: (1) the right of importers to impose temporary import restrictions to protect their domestic industry and (2) arbitrary sanctions The right of the exporter or exporter wishing to do so. Market access restrictions.

  2. Protect yourself from danger by taking the right steps.

  3. An action to protect something or something or to prevent something unwanted.

  4. General: A preventive or retaliatory measure for a company that allows it to protect itself and its interests in the event of an attack, threat or breach of contract.

Synonyms of Safeguard

Security, Safety glass, Dashboard, Screen, Full pratique, Guards, Hard hat, Precaution, Guardrail, Pilot, Foresightedness, Windscreen, Cushion, Insulation, Nestle, Fend, Keep from harm, Insurance, Safety valve, Fuse, Guard, Surety, Invulnerability, Insurance, Handrail, Risklessness, Interlock, Foot guard, Safeness, Assure, Bodyguard, Visa, Mask, Protective umbrella, Flank, Guard, Hand guard, Champion, Indemnity, Umbrella, Gentleman-at-arms, Ensure, Preventive, Mudguard, Lightning rod, Care for, Crash helmet, Praetorian guard, Police, Preserve, Armament, Contraceptive, Advocate, Knee guard, Immunity, Safety rail, Keep, Forearming, Protect, Clearance, Safety shoes, Shelter, Governor, Fence, Protective clothing, Guard, Nose guard, Lightning conductor, Cover, Foresight, Shield, Guardsman, Assurance, Prophylactic, Fender, Keep safe, Preventive measure, Ward, Knuckle guard, Protection, Dodger, Buffer, Harbor, Look after, Patent, Face mask, Register, Make safe, Underwrite, Cloak, Passport, Convoy, Safe-conduct, Helmet, Measures, Steps, Precautiousness, Keep safe, Windshield, Laminated glass, Arm, Shroud, Defend, Precautions, Bill of health, Escort, Bumper, Padding, Safety measure, Safety plug, Bless, Screen, Aegis, Goggles, Clear sailing, Lifeline, Forethought, Guard against, Pratique, Pad, Copyright, Defend, Shin guard, Save, Seat belt, Prophylactic, Arm guard, Shelter, Surety, Defence, Buffer, Pass, Harmlessness, Safety switch, Bulwark, Protect, Yeoman, Steps and measures, Ride shotgun for, Secure, Defence, Provision, Palladium, Providence, Provision, Compass about, Shield, Sun helmet, Forehandedness, Preventive, Safety, Insure, Finger guard, Security, Life preserver, Haven, Afford protection to, Protection, Backstop, Precaution, Cover, Armor, Screen, Shelter, Conserve, Forethoughtfulness, Guarantee

How to use Safeguard in a sentence?

  1. Low interest rates provide an opportunity to secure your financial future.
  2. We chose to defend our position because we cannot take unnecessary risks at this time.
  3. There are many precautions to prevent the virus from spreading accidentally.
  4. Robert Prius once remarked that the strongest guarantee is life under a government that is bound to respect the voices of the weak.
  5. The company's regional director ensures safety before approving new changes proposed by the assistant director.

Meaning of Safeguard & Safeguard Definition