FAQs For New Content Writers

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Before Starting Off, Please Watch This Video On “To Get Started On HowToDiscuss”. Here It Is:

Also, do read The Howtodiscuss Content Posting Guidelines Before You Start Your Work!

Important Instructions To Be Followed By All The Writers

  • You must add a clickable link to your howtodiscuss profile from your LinkedIn.

E.g look at the Linkedin Profile of our Content Specialist => Fatima, how she has done the same,




  • You must make sure your Linkedin profile has a CLICKABLE link to your Howtodiscuss Profile! This will be reviewed at the time of making your 1st payment. Payments can be delayed if you don’t do this.


This checklist is very important. The articles/replies will pass through this checklist to make sure that they are following all the mentioned points. It is advised to all the writers to write their articles/replies according to this checklist:

Google Adsense Restrictions

Things To Remember While Writing The Content

  • Make sure the topic title is the exact keyword. For example; if your topic is “how to screenshot on Mac”, don’t write “how to screenshot on Mac-the easiest way”. This type of title will never rank on google.

  • The topic title must be H1. When you write the title, it automatically becomes H1.

  • It is said that “A well-structured content contains only one H1”. So follow this rule and keep only one H1 in your content.

  • You must use LSI keywords in your content. Here’s a link to the LSI graph that you can use to search for keywords. They are basically synonyms.
    If you are writing on “keto diet” and you want to search for related keywords then you can do so like this:

    Then you will get a long list of related keywords. Choose the best ones and start writing your content

  • There is a chrome extension called “Keywords Everywhere”. You can install it and get free keyword ideas for your content.
    Keywords Everywhere - Keyword Tool - Chrome Web Store
    Keywords Everywhere is a free chrome extension that shows you monthly search volume, CPC & competition data on 15+ websites. It also shows you the Trend chart, Related keywords, and “people also search for” keywords in widgets on the right-hand side of Google. They can also see the estimated organic traffic and the top 5000 keywords for all pages on Google.
    Download this extension, it is of great use. It will help you get related keywords easily.

  • All writers, must install this chrome extension in your browser, it will show you related keywords and their search volume on the Google search page itself. Keyword Surfer - Chrome Web Store

  • Always use COPYRIGHT FREE images when posting on our site’s articles/replies. Use pics from the copyright-free sites. Never use someone else’s site picture, if you ever use the pic from someone else’s site or google, always add a reference to that image below the image as a caption, as this guy shows in this video:
    Protect your website from copyright images DMCA complaint Google Adsense account disabled (Hindi) - YouTube

  • Include summary after every heading. A summary is a brief description of the topic.

  • There should be Introduction, Bullet Points, Lists in your content. Make your content engaging and interesting so that people should enjoy reading it. Include images, videos, etc.

  • Don’t forget to add FAQ’s at the end of your content.

  • To rank No.1 on Google, watch this video and follow the techniques. It describes amazing techniques that are helpful in ranking easily
    How to Rank #1 in Google (7 New Strategies) - YouTube

  • A conclusion should also be there at the end.

  • When writers write a high quality content, then google shows it in the search snippet like this:

Visit the link below to see more Information about the article:

  • Follow the layout of Healthline articles, they are written in a very good way and the layout is amazing.

  • Add related links.

  • If the image is not visible in the article, make sure you add an alt tag with it. You can google “how to add an alt tag for image”. Don’t create an empty image just to add alt.

  • All writers are requested to write content like these topics on howtodiscuss.com
    as they are ranking on 1st position of Google.

  1. Content must start with exact keyword

  2. Content should define, explain, and answer exactly the question of the topic.

  3. Content should be very detailed and informative with related content and related internal links.

  4. Content must answer related FAQs

  5. Keywords and LSI keywords, use headings and fully SEO optimized throughout the content.

  6. Create well-structured and detailed articles like these shown below:

How To Embed Maps In Articles

To embed maps in the articles, Watch the video below:

Snippet Optimization

Watch the video below and bring your article in Google Search snippet on first position. It is very useful and will help you alot.

ALL HOWTODISCUSS.COM WRITERS MUST WATCH ALL SEO VIDEOS LIKE THESE, AND IMPROVE THEIR TOPICS IN SUCH A WAY, SO THAT GOOGLE CAN BRING YOUR ARTICLE IN FEATURE SNIPPET ON 0 POSITION It is not a difficult thing to do, if you know the strategy and techniques, and if you are a good writer, You can easily do this in less than 10 minutes and bring any of your articles on 1st position of Google. Try it out and inspire us with your successful results.

All HTD writers must follow these instructions.

Article Review

  1. your heading types r wrong use h2 to h6 headings. learn html on page best strategies

  2. add internal links in faqs.

  3. add spaces in faq numbers.

  4. your faq answers are not correctly answered. recheck and add correct answers.

  5. add YouTube video


Passage Strategy

Before you used the ‘related keywords in the first paragraph of your content but according to the new passage strategy, you also need to use the keywords in the sub-headings too. Google will now index passages. So please follow this strategy and get your content ranked on Google. Still, Confused? Watch the video below:

Here is a complete guide to on-page SEO. You must read it and follow it to make your content SEO optimized.


you can also watch this video on “how to rank #1 on Google”. Follow the strategies defined in the video and implement them in your work.

See this article of Healthline. How well-structured it is and the layout is amazing. It is also easy to read. You need to follow this structure and make your content like this with proper headings, table of content, introduction, conclusion, etc.


Read Investopedia articles and see what they are doing which you are not doing. Follow them and make your article the best.

I am new to Howtoduiscuss.com what tasks can I perform?

The New writers can perform the following tasks:

  1. Write a new article

For creating new articles, you need to read these FAQs thoroughly because everything is there in the FAQ.


You can read these guidelines and checklists in order to perform this task:

You can join the following group for creating new articles

  1. Creating Replies

Replies are created by new writers. So you need to start of with replies by joining the following groups:

  1. Approving Guest Posts

If you are interested in approving guest posts, you need to read the follow document:

and join this group

Q 1. Is HowToDiscuss a legal registered company & business?

A. Yes, The company name is How To Discuss. If you use LinkedIn, please update your profile that you work in HowToDiscuss Content Team. https://www.linkedin.com/company/howtodiscuss

You can also find Howtodiscuss on Crunchbase, which is the world’s largest database of biggest companies.
Please see https://howtodiscuss.com/t/congratulations-how-to-discuss-is-now-officially-on-worlds-largest-companies-database-crunchbase/14903

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:arrow_right: As a content writer, we hire two types of content writers

                         1. Those who want to join us as full-time content writers
                         2. Those who want to join us as part-time content writers

We have separate WhatsApp groups for both types of writers.
If you want to work with us, you have to join any one of the whats group.

The links of both groups are at the end of this page. :slightly_smiling_face:

please read all the instructions carefully and then join any of the groups you want.

The business is registered in Ireland. We are fully legally operating this and have 30+ Content Writers, 10+ SEO experts, and 3 permanent in-house members in Howtodiscuss. Here is a list of all our moderators,

About - How To Discuss

Be proud that you are working in Howtodiscuss! :sunglasses: You are maintaining your own content writing portfolio on Howtodiscuss forever! It is like your content diary, so treat it very special. All your posts/topics are being saved in your profile forever. Please update on your LinkedIn.

You are sharing knowledge & helping lives of millions of people on daily basis like Sadqa Jaeria and Noble Deed !

Q 2. I am a member of Howtodiscuss.com Content Writers Whatsapp Group, Am I selected to work?

A. If you have been added to our Whatsapp group, have shared & decorated your howtodiscuss user profile with us and your details including full name, email, and your area of interest. And if you have been adding genuine value in form of replies or new topics to the site.

If you have met all these criteria, Yes, you are selected Congratulations & Mashallah :+1: :handshake:

Q 3. Being a writer, how do we trust you will make us fair payments?

A. As a writer, based on our initial agreement of PKR per word rate, if you have been genuinely contributing to the site’s content and not plagiarising any material and showing great work quality as per our content writing guidelines. Here they are:
HTD guidelines - Howtodiscuss Content Posting Guide - Google Docs

Then, yes you will be fairly paid for your work done as per our writing rate.

If we find any problems in your writing, or if it’s not as per our standard, we will not release your payments, until you have revised the revisions as per our feedback and improved the writing quality/standard as per our guidelines.

:arrow_right: It’s your responsibility to make a google sheet for all your work done, and put our rate agreement to keep everything in records.

The sheet must contain the following items:

  • Your Howtodiscuss user profile link. :arrow_left:
  • Your full name & email address, contact number. :arrow_left:
  • Your LinkedIn profile link. :arrow_left:
  • Our agreement of PKR per word for writing. :arrow_left:
  • Date of starting = first day you published content. :arrow_left:
  • Your full correct bank details, bank address, bank name, IBAN. :arrow_left:
  • Published topics/contributed topics URLs & their corresponding word count. :arrow_left:

Plagiarised, or copy-pasted content will not be counted towards payment and your content will be checked with premium plagiarism checker tools.

If you are producing great content and following SEO based best practices and your content is ranking on 1st on Google. You never have to worry about losing this job or payments. :innocent:

Q 4. What will be the payment schedule/payday?

A. All payments will be made by end of the month or on 1st day of the next month. Please keep your working sheet updated on daily basis to avoid delay in payment. Payment will be made only if you reach a minimum threshold of 10,000 PKR in 1 month. If you haven’t reached this threshold, then you can continue writing and your due payment will be added to next month on payday.

If you have reached at least PKR 5000 in your word count payment, we will still pay you. But make sure you are publishing content regularly following the guidelines.

Tip: Don’t worry about getting paid, focus on producing great quality content :moneybag: will follow you! Inshallah

Q 5. Payment method?

A. Payments will be made directly to your bank accounts in Pakistan.

Q 6. Is there any limit on the number of words we have to write per month or per day?

A. We expect you to produce content and publish it on daily basis. The more content you create the more you will grow our business and the more you can earn. There is no fixed limit of daily word count. But at the end of the month, your daily activity/performance will be measured from your HTD profile. We will like to work with you if you have an active daily and regular publishing record (quality & punctuality) over the last month.

Also, please be real and write fairly, there is no way for a writer to add 15000 or 20000 words in 1 day on our website. If you do something like that to hack the system or by using copied content, we will not accept its payment.

You should write regularly a fair number of words which most writers normally do to keep your payment in our budget.

Tip: The more content you publish regularly, the better it is for everyone. :coconut:

Q 7. During work, if I cannot work and need to take some days off, Can I freeze some days and continue back?

**A.**Yes, you can. Again, your payments will be calculated based on how much word count you are writing.
So its totally a work and get paid as you work a job. No max limits on daily working hours or daily content words. The more content you make, the more money YOU will make.

Q 8. Who should I ask my day-to-day work-related queries?

A. You can Inbox your manager Hamza for work, but first, read the guidelines in detail before asking.

Discourse Guidelines

The forum is based on Discourse, so learn it and Google it. Here’s a link to the discourse guidelines. Read them, there are a lot of useful things in there:

It is like WordPress and a lot of online help on this is already available.

Our Admin is @Hamzakhan

For detailed guidance, you can watch this SEO based content writing video tutorial in which our Chief Editor has explained everything:

Writing Good Quality Content

Good quality content with SEO optimization is all that is required. if you want to write a content that attracts users, then open the video below:

Tip: Learn Discourse, SEO, and quality content writing. Make well formatted and well readable nice-looking posts/topics. Always Google, research, and read guidelines before asking! :innocent:

Q 9. Can I delete a content/post? Edit it if you have made a mistake. DO NOT DELETE.

A. No, you are not allowed to delete/remove any post or topic once created. Always re-edit it, if you have made a mistake. if you don’t see edit pencil, contact us.

Whatever content you write on Howtodiscuss will become HTD’s content so you cannot delete it, however, you will maintain your own profile forever (with all your work) so you can always show it to others and link it on any page on the internet :slight_smile:

Q 10. I have not yet been assigned any keywords to work for, what do I do?

A. You can contact your manager Hamza he will assign you the keywords to work on and will guide you all the way

Your replies should be of minimum 500+ words and a maximum of 2000+ words. The reply should be related to the topic and should have all the relevant details.

If it’s too long and you have still not assigned keywords, contact your Admin @Hamzakhan

Normally you should be assigned keywords in 2-3 days of your joining. But before that, you are supposed to create replies on the topics that are there in the google sheet. Please read this FAQ completely. Once you post more replies you will get used to how howtodiscuss.com works! it is very important that you are fully familiar with site features before you can impress us.

Tip: Take self-initiative and find creative ways how can you improve your portfolio on HowtoDiscuss and start publishing anything on our website, reply/answer/topics, start viral discussions, share on social media, etc. :handshake:

Q 11. Are new writers allowed to publish their own introduction on Howtodiscuss?

A. Yes, you must decorate your profile to look good and well presentable. Publish your intro on your Howtodiscuss profile page itself

Q 12. How can I expect an increase in my PKR per word rate and after how long?

A. There is no fixed time limit for this, Whatever PKR per word rate we have agreed with you is because of your own experience and skills.

If your 30 high-quality unique articles are on Rank 1 on Google only then we can discuss increase your PKR per word rate. :blush: :sunny: As your work is bringing visitors to our website! This is good for your and our success!

Q 13 If I am willing to approve guest posts, what should I do?

The writers who are interested in approving guest posts must read this doc:

Q 14. My written content/articles are not ranking on Google, what do I do?

A. You can continue working with us on the same PKR per word rate we agreed with you. If you are still generating good quality content, learn from other topics that are ranking on Google, improve your SEO skills, learn SEO, promote your topics and make them viral on social media and on the internet. If your produce great quality detailed content (SEO optimized) and promote it regularly on other internet sites, and if real people start liking, commenting, and reading your topics then inshallah you will see your topics ranking on Google over time.

Even Miracles Take A Little Time To Happen :hugs:

Q 15. Where do I start publishing content? How and where do I start the work?

A. Just go to the homepage and start a new topic if you have been assigned keywords. Else, just start posting replies and answers on other people’s topics.

Q 16. When do I share my work worksheet?

A. On the 28th of every month, you must update all your work done in the last 28 days of the month and share it on hamzaalikhan2050@gmail.com

For easier management, just make 1 Google sheet with multiple sub sheets for each writer.

Q 17. What kind of replies am I supposed to post on the articles being a newbie?

Any reply related to the article’s topic will help in optimizing the content abruptly. Means your reply should add value and extend the quality of the currently written topic. You must add inter-related links to other related pages of howtodiscuss.com at least 10 interlinks. Try to give your own opinion, thoughts, and detailed explanations of current discussions. Look at popular topics on the site to learn, e.g How to Meditate

Q 18. Will I get paid for just posting replies and answers on other people’s topics? Instead of creating new topics myself?

A. If you have not yet been assigned SEO keywords to write your own new topics, then you are supposed to start posting replies/answers on other people existing topics on howtodiscuss.com

If your replies are longer at least 500+ words or more, and you add SEO value and add useful content to increase the value of the topic, then yes we will consider those words count in your payments.

If you are just posting replies 1 or 2 sentences, and saying things like:

Cool article!
Nice, very useful info.

Such small comments/replies will not be counted towards your total word count payment. You must add value to your content if you want to get paid by writing longer & useful content. You can even simply add your own thoughts/opinion about the currently discussed topic and other people’s comments, as long as it is adding value to the topic, we will count it towards your payment.

Q 19. Do I have to work full-time or part-time on HowtoDiscuss?

A. We have no restrictions. It’s your choice if you want to work full-time OR if you want to work part-time because you have studies or another job. Whatever way you work, you are being paid per word count basis (this is not a fixed salary job). This means you will only get paid for the number of words you write as per our content writing guidelines. So if you work more, you get more pay and if you work less you get less pay. But you must have at-least written content worth 5000 PKR in the last 28 days to receive payment at end of the month, otherwise, your balance will go to next month’s payment. As we cannot make short payments less than 10K PKR.

Q 20. My question is not answered on these FAQs.

Then post your question in the WhatsApp group, and edit this topic and post your answer on this topic to keep this updated.

Q 21. The Questions That Beginners Usually Ask Are:

How To Insert HTML Headings H1, H2...H8 In A Topic?

HTML heading tags are used to make headings in a document. These are basics of HTML. Here is a detailed video that tells about adding the heading h1, h2, h3… in a topic. If you are finding it hard to insert headings, then watch this video and make your life easy.

How To Add Images In How To Discuss?

Adding images in HowToDiscuss is not a hard and fast rule. Make sure not to insert an image directly from a site. You need to copy the path and then paste in on HowToDiscuss. The image should be selected from a free website.
This video tells in detail how to add images and a table of content in the topic created on How To Discuss. If you are a beginner and don’t know about these things, then here is the video. Watch it and learn.

How To Create A Google Sheet?

Google sheet is used to save records for future use. If you are new on HowToDiscuss and don’t know how to create a google sheet, then watch this video and become an expert. One of the easiest ways to create a google sheet is described in the video.

How To Perform Interlinking From One Page To Another?

Interlinking is extremely important in SEO and also very useful. You can interlink related topics so that there is no difficulty in finding them. Interlinking is no more difficult watching this video. This video tells in detail about interlinking - how can we easily interlink from one page to another.

How To Add Alt Attributes In An Image?

The alt image specifies an alternate text for an image if the image can not be displayed. Here’s a complete video on how to add alt attributes in the images. Follow the link below and make your articles SEO-friendly.

Rules for Full Time Writers

If you want to work as a full-time writer, join the full-time writer’s WhatsApp group. Send us a message there and we will provide you with a sheet of keywords for article writing. Also watch this video:

HTD New Writer Discussion WhatsApp Group

Please do not forget to read the description of the group :innocent:

HTD Admin Instructions/Review 2 WhatsApp Group

Please do not forget to read the description of the group :innocent:

You can also contact Hamza Ali Khan your SEO Manager directly by clicking this link: