Dynamex Shipping Customer Service

Dynamex shipping customer service is easily accessible in multiple ways. You can call them at 972-227-0495 or email them at dynamex.us@dynamex.com. Dynamex is one of the best logistic providers in Canada and the United States.

Dynamex Shipping Customer Service

About Dynamex

Name Dynamex
Founded Date 1992
Phone Number 972-227-0495
Email dynamex.us@dynamex.com
Industries Enterprise Software, Logistics, Transportation
Parent Company TFI International Inc
Headquarters Regions Greater Atlanta Area, East Coast, Southern US

Dynamex is an entrepreneurial-minded transportation services firm competing in Canada and the USA with a special focus on same-day logistics and outsourced transportation services.

In applying this new standard to Dynamex and its workers, the Court decided that there was an adequate commonality of interest among the number of drivers concerning sections B and C of the test to affirm the class certification awarded by the California Court of Appeal.

How Long Does Dynamex Deliver?

The delivery service provided by Dynamex is renowned for its speed and dependability throughout North America and Canada. The firm provides a variety of shipping options at reasonable pricing, including the following:

  • The same day: the product is picked up before 2:00 p.m., dispatched during the day, and the client delivery is planned for between 5:00 and 9:00 a.m. the next morning.

  • The next day: the shipment is despatched the day after it is received, and delivery is anticipated within 48 hours.

The time it takes for packages to be delivered might vary depending on several circumstances, such as the weather, holiday seasons, national holidays, and the possibility of delays at customs.

How Can I Contact Dynamex?

The following addresses serve as the corporate headquarters of the Dynamex company:

  • Canada: 107 Alfred Kuehne Boulevard, Brampton, ON L6T 4K3

  • Dallas: 14881 Quorum Drive, Suite 700, Dallas, TX 75254, USA

There is always someone accessible to assist customers around the clock, seven days a week:

Information About Dynamex Deliveries

The firm offers local and regional distribution transmission services in the US and Canada, with over 60 distribution sites. Dynamex offers same-day, expedited, planned, outsourced, and specialized fleet delivery.

Dynamex may aggregate deliveries (send numerous orders) to give flexible delivery and cost. Dynamex offers air or land freight solutions without customs delays. Its outsourced service optimizes routes and GPS tracking to deliver a cost-effective transport package.

Tracking Numbers of Dynamex Delivery

The format for Dynamex tracking numbers begins with DXAMZ, is followed by a letter or number, and then continues with six digits, like in this example: DXAMZF0000000 or DXAMZEC000000.

The different tracking states Dynamex

  • Out for Delivery

  • Received at Delivery Installation

  • Received at Sort Facility

  • Expected by

  • Delivery Delayed

  • Delivery Time

  • Bad Address

  • Shorts Cartons

  • No Access

  • Expressed by the Shipper

Significance of Dynamex

There were simply too many lawsuits, according to the lawmaker. We decided to get to work on it right away after that. Another legislative goal is to guarantee that workers who are misclassified as independent contractors instead of employees enjoy the essential rights and protections they are entitled to.

As the legislation evolved, the AB5 test was expanded to include sections of the Labor Code, such as payment orders and unemployment insurance regulations. On September 11, 2019, a final version of the bill that included these revisions was enacted and signed into law. On January 1, 2020, new legislation came into force.

The business community, particularly the California Chamber of Commerce, as opposed to the Dynamex and AB5 decisions. Companies like Uber and Lyft that rely heavily on workers being classified as independent contractors have resisted the ruling and legislation from its inception.

Note: More than a dozen of these corporations and their supporters have promised $110 million to defeat the law in a 2020 ballot measure. Others have voiced their concerns about losing their jobs due to the measure.


Some of the questions about Dynamex are given below:

1 - What is Amazon dynamex?

As a transportation services firm, Dynamex specializes in same-day logistics and outsourced transportation services in Canada and the United States.

2 - What Courier is dynamic?

Final mile integrated logistics company Dynamex (TForce Logistics) serves Canada and the United States. TFI International is a member of TForce Integrated Solutions.

3 - Do you know what Dynamax is used for?

Except for Shedinja, a Pokémon may use Dynamaxing only once during a fight, and the effect wears off. It also changes the moves of the Pokémon and doubles their maximum and current HP in combat.

4 - How do I track my package with dynamic?

For Dynamex shipment tracking, just put your tracking number into the above area or visit the track my package section on Ordertracker’s website. Our parcel tracking system is unmatched by any other postal service.

5 - Can you tell me where my t-force shipment is?

Do you know where my Tforce order is? You may monitor a Tforce package with Ordertracker by pasting your tracking number into the box above or visiting our area devoted to tracking your package. Our parcel tracking system is unmatched by any other postal service.

6 - What does dynamic mean?

Dynamex is a countrywide same-day courier and delivery service for companies and the general public that provides on-demand, same-day pickup, and delivery. In the years preceding 2004, Dynamex considered its drivers in California to be employees.

7 - Is Dynamex still sound legal advice?

Although Dynamex’s retroactivity was left unresolved, the state’s Supreme Court has ruled in Vasquez v. Jan-Pro Franchising, Inc. (2021 WL 127201 (Cal. ),(January 14, 2021)(“Vasquez”) that it does apply retroactively.

8 - Is Dynamex retroactive in nature?

The California Supreme Court found that Dynamex addressed an issue of first impression and did not modify a well-established rule of law.

9 - Who is the new owner of UPS Freight?

The acquisition of UPS Freight by TFI International has been finalized, the firm stated on April 30. An $800 million deal was announced in January to acquire UPS’s dedicated truckload and less-than-truckload operations by TFI.

10 - When a parcel from Amazon goes missing, how does it happen?

This item may have been damaged in transit. Perhaps the delivery guy misplaced it. Even Amazon FBA deliveries can be delayed or lost in transit, so be ready to respond quickly if necessary.

11 - Is it legal for independent truckers in California to operate?

A federal court reversed an earlier judgment that enabled truck drivers to work as independent contractors on Wednesday. The new California legislation now requires businesses to give benefits to additional workers.

12 - What’s going on with my Amazon package?

Most deliveries arrive on schedule, although tracking may indicate that your delivery has been delivered even though you haven’t received it. The following steps should be taken if you cannot locate your shipment 48 hours after it was supposed to be delivered and your tracking information indicates that it was delivered. Please note that certain carriers may continue to deliver packages until 10 p.m.

13 - Is FedEx Freight more expensive?

FedEx offers lower delivery costs and improved tracking for its customers’ shipments. Regarding packing, delivery, or logistics, FedEx and UPS are extremely similar.

14 - What is the dynamic ABC test for?

This decision by the California Supreme Court reversed three decades of precedent to see if a worker is an employee for the California wage rules.

15 - What Courier is dynamic?

Final mile integrated logistics company Dynamex (TForce Logistics) serves Canada and the United States. TFI International is a member of TForce Integrated Solutions.


Dynamex is a company that specializes in transport and logistics. Parcelway Systems Holding was established in 1992 as the company’s original name. Dallas, Texas, is where the company’s headquarters are located. In 1995, Dynamics was renamed to its present name. Distribution services are offered in the local and regional areas. Same-day delivery, expedited delivery, the use of a specialized fleet, and outsourced delivery are also available. It has more than 60 locations in the US and Canada and serves customers from coast to coast. The company’s website allows customers to keep tabs on the status of their orders.

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