Custom Mailer Boxes

Custom Mailer boxes are a must for most businesses, which usually carry different kinds of goods to their customers. As a business owner, there are a few things to find when it comes to your marketing strategy, and one of these is to make sure that you use mailer boxes properly. You need to find a company that will provide you with great mailer boxes so that they can make your business grow. As a business owner, there are several things to consider regarding marketing strategy, including the kind of box you will use to maximize your business’s potential to get leads.

How custom mailer boxes are the best packaging option?

Getting custom mailer boxes to provide your customers with a better packaging option. They will help you add a professional touch to your branding campaign. As a result, your customers will easily recognize your brand and know who you are as a reliable company. You can add the benefit of durability with these boxes as well, which is essential.

These mailing and packaging boxes will accommodate all kinds of objects when shipped. However, you must choose the suitable material so your TV won’t crack or break under pressure. For example, aluminum boxes are great for shipping electronic items such as computers. These are strong and can withstand any kind of force when being transported. Cardboard boxes, on the other hand, are known to be more fragile, but you can fix them with cushioning materials like foam and rubber. Still, you should invest in custom boxes that will not easily break under stress.

How to select the right size, style, and design for the box?

When choosing custom mailer boxes, you must consider factors such as color, design, and size. For example, it would be inappropriate to order custom mailer boxes that have black writing on them because most people would think that it is a very dark color. Instead, opt for dark brown or black letters to stand out. On the other hand, it is better to use bright colors to make it easier for your customers to spot your brand and logo. Think about the colors most appropriate for your brand, and then choose from there. Also, selecting a mailer box with a unique design is essential.

Something that many companies forget to do is to provide their employees with custom mailer boxes so that they will be able to easily find their stuff at any point in time. Most people prefer printing mailer boxes as they find them more convenient and easy to handle. With printed mailer boxes, your workers can keep their belongings safe from thieves since they can easily see who is sending the packages without opening them.

How are corrugation boxes similar to mailer boxes?

However, some things make corrugated boxes better than custom mailer boxes. Firstly, corrugated boxes are more environmentally friendly because they are made of cardboard. Containers made of cardboard can be recycled again, which means you will not be making new boxes for every single item you send. Instead, all you have to do is collect the items and break them down into smaller pieces. If you want to have your cardboard boxes reused, all you need to do is recycle the corrugated part of the boxes and reuse that.

Another advantage of a custom box is that it will look much more professional than a corrugated mailer. When you recycle your corrugated box, you will notice that the color is slightly faded compared to a white corrugated cardboard box. This is just a small price to pay, though, because a white box looks nicer. If you are worried about the environment, you should buy a recycled corrugated box rather than a custom one.

If you use white corrugated cardboard in your mailer boxes, then you should be aware that the corrugated cardboard has been processed to make paper from which to print on. A good thing to know about these printed mailer boxes is that the printed area might have had ink removed so that it will look like it is made out of actual corrugated cardboard instead. This makes the box look much more natural looking and much cheaper to ship.

Why Use Custom Mailer Boxes & their Benefits?
If your business requires constant shipping and delivery, you wish to find new and efficient ways to improve your shipping process. Mailer boxes are essential for business that usually transport different types of products to their clients. To protect the product from any damage, and to ensure customers receive the best product you must use modern types of boxes such cardboard boxes, mailer boxes, and corrugated boxes. As a business owner, you have several things to consider and deliver your product in variety of customized boxes other than a basic brown box. Custom Mailer boxes assist you in aligning the supplies you are delivering, whether you are launching an innovative business model, creating a new brand. Here are some reasons, a logistics companies use custom boxes as they can help your business in the short or long term
Lighter in weight:
The mailer boxes are used to transport different objects because they are easy to carry. Mailer boxes are not only used in factories or warehouses, but also used by people who want send gifts or valuable things to their loved ones and friends. The most important benefit of being weightless is that the weight of the box is not charged in shipment cost.
Safe transport:
The cardboard packaging boxes manufacturers customize boxes according to the shape and size of the product, which has to be shipped. Mailer boxes are used for safe transport your products and goods, so that you do not have to worry about any damage to your products in the middle of the journey. Custom mailer boxes are made with a material which suits your need. Mailer boxes are robust in design and sturdy to protect objects from any damage.
No external packaging:
If you want to send some gifts or any special thing to your family or friends, you do not need any additional fancy packaging on the exterior. cardboard box packaging design are customized to your preferred or recommended designs; therefore, you do not need fancy wrappings and packaging.
Everybody can afford these mailer boxes as they have a moderately low-price range, which is the most significant benefit of these Custom Mailer Boxes. The price may vary with the material used by the cardboard packaging boxes manufacturers.
Available in all sizes and shapes:
The best advantage of mailer boxes is that they are offered in numerous sizes and shapes. Just let your dealers know about the cardboard box packaging design and the size of the item you need to ship. Your preferred design with your mention material will be delivered at your doorstep with all the requirements fulfilled.
Mailer boxes are eco-friendly as well as harmless for nature and natural inhabitants in the present era of global warming. The mailer boxes are made from eco-friendly as well as non-toxic material.
Easy to label:
Custom Mailer boxes are modified in such a way that all the required and compulsory information is written on the mailer box. Mailer boxes are more suitable for labeling purposes and box top advertising.
Swift printing:
Swift printing is the best benefit for companies in mailer boxes business; you can print anything on a mailer box as per your customer demand. Everything with the mailer box is much more organized and clearer.
Customize your own:
You can design your Custom Mailer boxes at any moment. You can add your desired color, with your desired design, in your preferred print, and your selected shape. You can also direct your seller about the material you require for your mailer boxes.
Provides your customer an exclusive experience:
As a marketing tool, a custom box top advertising can be a very influential and effective in good customer service. When a client receives a custom design box for the first time, your package should provide a warm feeling towards your company. This can be achieved by adding brand name colors or some simple message which please your customer.
All our lives, we’ve been using the brown cardboard boxes and it’s needless to say that we’ve considered them all alike. But to be honest, they are all different. As compared to big brown cardboard boxes, the corrugated boxes are designed and manufactured differently. The corrugated boxes tend to be pretty unique in terms of customization. These boxes were first introduced back in 1871 in New York. Ever since it’s been released, they have been getting used all around the world for different purposes because they settle in every purpose perfectly. If you’ve been wondering about the corrugated mailer boxes, this article is a perfect fit for you. In this article, we are sharing a wide range of benefits adhered with the corrugated mailer boxes.
If you’ve some storage and shipping needs, these mailer boxes will work perfectly for your needs. As compared to other cardboard boxes, the users will be able to prevent tearing, splitting, and bursting with these corrugated mailer boxes. So, even if you’ve to ship something to foreign lands, you’ll be assured that it’s going to reach its destination without any damage.
There was a time when corrugated boxes were all simple but over all these years, they’ve been improved in design, material, and manufacturing techniques. This also means that corrugated boxes are resistant to water because they’re coated with the material that promises zero impact on the boxes or the items in it.
Once you are done with shipping and other things, you can easily store these corrugated boxes. This is because these boxes are easy to store and they can be unfolded into flat cardboard. So, it’s all easy with these boxes.
The shipping needs of the businesses are increasing as businesses are going global. This is why businesses need to ship their products and goods to foreign lands. With this notion, it’s needless to say that businesses are in need of shipping equipment, such as boxes to ensure zero compromises on the product’s quality. There have been multiple instances when the boxes were the prime reason for product breakage and damage. So, if you’ve been trying to ensure top-notch and uncompromised shipping of your products and goods, you need to be vigilant in choosing the boxes. While you are at it, the corrugated mailer boxes will fit your needs just fine. These boxes are the epitome of providing the value of money to the users.
This might be the topping point of the corrugated mailer boxes but corrugated boxes will be pretty easy on your pocket. This is simply because the raw material used in the corrugated box is readily available, making them the cheaper alternatives to other materials and cardboard boxes altogether.
If you want to offer a customized experience to your customers, printing the designs and logos on the corrugated mailer boxes will be an apt choice. These boxes can be easily printed as well that reduces the hassles.
Advantages of Using Corrugated Boxes:
If you’re in the business of shipping hazardous, dangerous or sensitive goods, ensuring that your products get from Point A to Point B safely and without incident is of extreme importance. That’s because if you’re not taking the proper precautions and measures, you’re potentially causing harm in the transporting process (to people and the environment) and opening up your business for hefty fines and possible lawsuits. So it should go without saying that using the right type of packaging for such shipments is critical. That’s where corrugated boxes come into play. Aside from helping manufacturers stay within safety regulations, corrugated boxes offer a variety of benefits compared to more conventional packaging options.
Benefits for using corrugated boxes:

  • Protective: The boxes are made from paper and designed so that they’re light weight and high strength. Specifically, corrugated boxes are crafted with an arched paper design that’s known as “fluting.” That is, these “flutes” act as protective liners that fit between two sheets of paper. This construction design not only helps protect shipped items from impact, but also from accumulating moisture. Coatings can also be applied to these boxes to ensure that they’re flame, water and shock resistant, greatly minimizing damage during transportation. Flutes and liners can be built in all different sizes, thicknesses and strengths to fit just about any application, which brings us to our next point.
  • Flexible: An additional benefit of corrugated boxes is how flexible they are. Boxes can be made in a large variety of sizes and can be single, double or even triple walled for more protection. Air Seal Containers offers custom corrugated boxes upon request. In fact, there are thousands of possible combinations as far as corrugated boxes go, making this one of the most flexible packaging options today.
  • Recyclable: One bonus feature of using corrugated boxes is that they’re environmentally friendly. They’re made from recycled materials (think: newspapers and cartons) and can be broken down and recycled again following their use. What’s more is that research and development teams are constantly investing time and energy into making even better corrugated boxes from renewable resources, so this shipping option is only going to become better – both in terms of the transportation process and in the positive impact they have on the environment.
  • Cost Effective: We get it – you’re always worried about your bottom line and want to make sure that any of your overhead costs – like shipping materials – aren’t impacting it too much. You won’t have any worries with corrugated boxes, as they’re among the least expensive shipping options available. They’re cheap because they’re easy to build and also because they’re using renewable resources in the building process – not virgin materials like other shipping options. So not only are corrugated boxes one of the best and safest way to ship sensitive and dangerous materials, but they also won’t have a huge impact on your bottom line.
  • Streamlined: You likely have taping machines and other advanced packaging equipment that plays a role in your facility. Corrugated boxes fit seamlessly into any packaging operations, allowing your facility to stay efficient.
    Finally, we should also mention that while packaging materials might seem the least bit high-tech, corrugated boxes are designed and engineered using advanced software and simulation and, as we told you previously, R&D dollars are continuing to be spent in this realm. So if you’re looking for one of the best ways to ship sensitive goods and materials, you should be looking at corrugated boxes. Otherwise, you could have a problem just waiting to unfold.