Crip Mac Age

Crip Mac Age (C.M.A.) is an African-American rapper from Los Angeles, California, United States. He was born on January 10, 1983, in Compton, California. His stage name was given to him by his cousin when he was young after hearing the beat of Crippin’ Mac on his cousin’s boombox and his love for football player John Elway. He started writing lyrics when he was 12 years old, inspired by his friends he met at the youth center.

Crip Mac Age

  1. Formerly known as Spooky Muenz, Crip Mac Age began his tenure as an emcee in 2007. Over the years, he has managed to be featured on some of hip-hop’s most prestigious labels.

  2. Despite not being very active on social media, Crip Mac Age is regarded by many as one of the leaders in the Midwest independent rap scene.

  3. In 2013 Crip, Mac released Ultralight, an 11-track project he felt was his best work. With positive feedback from all corners of hip-hop’s underground, Crip decided to put his music career on hold to focus on other projects and ventures. He spent a year at Apple in sales and recently finished working on several music videos.

  4. Crip has taken music in a different direction on his latest EP, Rose Garden. In contrast to Ultralight, which out-of-state producers mainly produced, Rose Garden showcases all of Crip’s talents as a producer and gives him complete creative control.

  5. Although he has been busy working on other projects over the past few years, Crip plans to release a new scheme in 2015.

  6. Originally from Lansing, Michigan, Crip moved to Chicago, Illinois, in 2011. He has since relocated to Denver, Colorado, to pursue his music career full-time. When he’s not working on music, Crip is usually skiing or skateboarding.

  7. He doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings and aspires to visit every country on earth. . . Over time that probably won’t happen, but you get where I’m going with it!

  8. Music has been a part of Crip’s life since he was young. At age 13, while living in Lansing, Michigan, Crip started writing poetry and began recording demos.

  9. His father used to be heavily involved in producing music and had a lot of connections in Detroit’s underground rap scene.

What the Crips Code

The Crips Code is what we live by; it teaches us right from wrong and keeps us on the right path. It teaches us to stand up for one another and not back down.

The gang operates under three rules: - Respect all females regardless of race or color; - Live by any means necessary; - Keep your mouth shut when police are present.

Members earn different names as they climb up in rank. Recruits are called Crips, moving up to Youngbloods, then Aces, and finally Soldiers. The higher your position, the more responsibility you carry on your shoulders. For example, lower-level members can act without the permission of a higher-up, but it is considered dishonorable to do so. You don’t want to be kicked out of Crips!

There are several legends about how Crips started, but no one knows. Some believe it began with a group of ex-gang members hanging out on Piru Street in Compton and called themselves Crips because they wore blue bandanas. Others say it began as a gang war between Bloods and Pirus over territory.

It is estimated that there are between 30,000 and 35,000 members of Crips across more than 3,000 gangs.

The colors associated with Crips are blue (and black), and members almost always wear bandanas or other clothing to identify themselves as Crips.

The group is well known for violent behavior, and many of its older members have been sent to prison on murder charges.

Another fascinating thing about Crips is that its founder, Stanley Williams, went on to become a pastor and publish books that condemn gang life.

He was convicted in 1996 of ordering two murders and sentenced to death row but has been denied several appeals. Today he is incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison.

Is Crip Mac Still Alive

  1. Many wonders if the legendary Crip Mac is still alive. The long and short answer is that nobody knows for sure, but there’s more evidence in favor of him being alive. Here’s a breakdown of the theories…

  2. To start, we must look at his second alleged death. On May 15, 2017, Crip Mac sent out a message to all his close friends on Facebook, claiming that he had been involved in a car accident and had died.

  3. He gave details of what happened and provided an obituary link where they could find information about how he lived and when he passed away.

  4. Crip then allegedly showed up at one of his friend’s homes two days later and confessed that he had made it all up. He told his friend that he wanted to play for a bit, which is why he faked his death.

  5. This fake death proved to be controversial for several reasons. First, many believed that it was a suicide attempt by Crip, and they wondered why he would fake his death instead of just doing it if he wanted to end his life.

  6. It also caused issues between Crip and one of his closest friends, who were absent during that period. Not only did Crip Mac die, but so did their friendship, as they didn’t talk again after that point.

  7. Since Crip allegedly showed up two days later, it has left many people believing that he didn’t die at all.

  8. Some argue that he faked his death, but others believe it’s proof that he died.

  9. Either way, there’s still no evidence of him being alive after May 15. However, Crip stated in 2014 that his friends would never see him again.

Crip Mac Bio

I’m just trying to make a life for myself, and hopefully, my music can help people along the way.

Meet Crip Mac Age, the young entrepreneur making a positive impact in his community. With support from family and mentors, he founded a wellness-focused food truck catering to the needs of seniors.

This experience led him to start Rebel Market- a storefront stocked with upscale health foods and beauty products targeting today’s conscious consumers.

In addition to his business endeavors, Crip is also an emcee. He recently released a video for Born A Soldier, earning an award at Hollyshorts Film Festival.

The inspirational track is a powerful reminder of how important it is to give back to those who need help fighting life’s challenges and hurdles.

You can also find him working with inner city youth in Oakland. It’s his way of giving back to those struggling just like he once was.

When I’m not writing lyrics or working on my business, I enjoy going to church and spending time with family and friends, he says. I love to have fun.

Crip’s plans include releasing more music, growing his businesses, and encouraging others to chase their dreams. He understands that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and take action to make it happen.

He’s passionate about lifting and helping his community and believes people can make a positive impact with hard work, dedication, and teamwork.

Crip is a shining example of someone who understands that we are all connected in some way, so to find happiness, you must focus on how you can help others.

Whether using your talents to assist others in need or donating goods and services to charity, there are plenty of ways we can all find a sense of purpose in our own lives.

What is Crip Mac’s Real Name

  1. The name crip mac is a self-given name that the rapper has had since childhood. He chose this because he feels it best defines his rap style and embodies his life experiences.

  2. Age’s pseudonym has led him to success in the underground hip-hop scene, where listeners often look for more authentic music.

  3. Crip Mac, an American rapper from San Diego, California, was born on September 14. He is 27 years old and has been rapping for seven years.

  4. The name Crip Mac stands for two things; crime and music. His most famous song so far is Lifestyle, and it talks about how he lives his life with no regrets, even though people may disagree with what he does for a living (rapping).

  5. His music can be found online on various sites such as SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.

  6. In his music, he mainly talks about things that happen in his everyday life and writes from a first-person perspective.

  7. It is almost as if he is telling a story with his songs. For example, in one of his most famous songs,’ Lifestyle,’ Crip describes what it feels like to live a life in which you can never relax because you are always looking over your shoulder and worried about someone trying to attack you.

  8. Although Crip Mac has never disclosed his exact Age or where he is from, it is well known that he comes from a rough background.

  9. As a result of his childhood, he became involved in crime early and spent most of his teenage years in jail.

  10. This may have influenced some of his songs, as many others have taken inspiration from their own negative experiences to write songs and share them with others through music.

  11. During his career as a rapper, Crip has had several run-ins with the law and has spent time in jail for various offenses.

  12. He was even charged with drug possession but managed to get off when a witness testified against him.

  13. Despite all of these obstacles he has faced in his life, Crip continues to make music and share it with his fans worldwide.

Crip Mac Height

I’m Crip Mac Age, and I live in Houston, Texas. I am a full-time student at Prairie View A&M University, majoring in Exercise Science with a concentration in Psychology and Sports Science. My hobbies include dancing, playing basketball, and staying healthy.

We have built up a solid fanbase on social media. We are most popular on Instagram, with over 240K followers.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to learn more about Crip Mac. Please feel free to follow us on social media and watch our growth.

We hope you continue to support us as we do whatever it takes to make it in our field and be role models for young people like ourselves.

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Crip Mac Voice

  1. Growing up in the streets of San Diego, things were never the same for me. I was always trying to find myself doing things my momma would have told me not to do, but I couldn’t help it.

  2. The streets raised me, giving me what I needed to survive in this crazy world we live in. My way of survival was making music and telling stories about life on the west coast for as long as I can remember.

  3. For a long time, I have considered my music career more of a hobby than anything else. I just never knew if there was an audience for what I was doing until people started reaching out and telling me how much they loved my music.

  4. The love and support of my fans pushed me to work and write more songs. People started asking if I had anything on iTunes, and I had no idea what they were talking about.

  5. After learning how people could get my music, I spent a lot of time figuring out how to make that happen.

  6. When I finally got it figured out, there was no way I wasn’t going to push myself to make it as big as possible!

  7. It has been an awesome ride, and I can only imagine what is next. Music is my passion, and I hope it will always be something that drives me to do more. With that being said, all of you fans have helped make me who I am today, so thank you!

  8. Thank you for staying by my side because none of what we have done would have been possible without you guys.

  9. I would like to end by saying that you will hear much more from me in 2017, so stay tuned! Now is your chance to catch up on what we have been doing over these past couple of years.

  10. Crip Mac’s new album, Landmine, with 15 songs. This is my first official album, and I’m excited for you guys to hear it. Enjoy!

Crip Mac House

Most importantly, Crip Mac House is a safe place to be. People can come in with no shame, and it provides a safe space for people that have been hurt. It also offers many resources, like assistance with housing and a free food pantry.

Another one of the many goals of this house is to provide peer mentoring, empowerment, and education for the community.

This house helps many people through challenging times by assisting them to get off drugs and alcohol. It gives people a support group to help them in their struggles with making decisions they would not usually make.

These houses offer much more than just a roof over someone’s head; they offer an entirely new way of living. There are many great homes like these in Columbus, but I would love to see more.

Many of these organizations work tirelessly to provide the best for those who need it most. I think there should be at least one of these homes on every street corner because sometimes we all need help, and when we ask for it, we don’t always get what we need or want.

It is so important to give back and help others in need. Organizations like these that make a positive impact in our community are what makes Columbus great.

Not only does this house provide access to these necessities, but it also offers mental health services and recovery coaches. Mentors from home will walk clients around the neighborhood, which helps promote independence.

They create activities that promote responsibility, accountability, self-respect, creativity, and growth for each resident.

Residents must sign contracts stating that they will abide by specific rules such as no stealing from other residents or participating in illegal activity while under Crip Mac House care.

Crip Mac’s Birthday

  1. Crip’s birthday is December 17, 1997. He was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and resides in Brooklyn.

  2. Growing up in South Florida meant he never had a shortage of entertainment; there were always free concerts all the time that he would attend with his dad.

  3. Music was always an essential part of his life as a young boy: because of this, Crip developed an immense love for Hip-Hop culture and frequently dreamed about being successful in the rap game one day.

  4. Crip spent his childhood listening to all kinds of different music and had always dreamed of being a successful rapper. He started making beats when he was 15 years old.

  5. However, Crip realized he would never be able to make it in rap unless he developed some real skill behind the mic and started taking his craft seriously.

  6. Thus, he began writing raps daily, frequently attended freestyle rap battles, and hosted them.

  7. He managed to accomplish a lot in his young life. In high school, his peers voted him Most Likely To Be Famous.

  8. He graduated from high school with an A average and earned many accolades for his ability as a student-athlete.

  9. Crip then went on to attend Florida Atlantic University (F.A.U.), where he continued pursuing athletics while also furthering his music career.

  10. Two defining moments in Crip’s life helped him get to where he is today. The first came when he dropped out of college and moved to Brooklyn with a close friend already living there.

  11. In New York, Crip became immersed in music and culture, inspiring him to work on his craft.

  12. This decision also sparked many meaningful relationships with influential individuals within different facets of hip-hop culture and allowed him to grow as an artist and a man.

  13. The second defining moment occurred when Crip decided to return to college and finish his degree. In 2014, he enrolled at Montclair State University, where he continued to develop as an artist and mature as a man.

  14. He graduated in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in communications and was invited back by his professors to speak about his success story at graduation.

What is 60s Crip

While Crip Mac has collaborated with other rappers in the past, he is best known for his solo efforts, where he shares candid thoughts about the ghetto and gang culture.

His name is a homage to another rapper who passed away in 1987 from diabetes.

In 1998 Crip released his debut album Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number which includes a poignant track called What’s Hatin?

Crip Mac dropped his second album, Piece of Mind, in 1999. The following year he released Urban Legend, which rose to No. 15 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

Over time, Crip has matured as an artist and has begun to use his art for the greater good by donating much of his proceeds to charity.

Crip has been hailed as a role model for his dedication to his community and positive message. He is preparing to release his new album in 2019, which will be a classic.

Crip is among a small group of artists who defy categorization because he makes music to help his community and support other like-minded artists while also making relevant music that appeals to hip-hop fans.

It’s a double threat in an industry where few people have reached their level of success, especially at such a young age. But Crip has earned his notoriety with unwavering tenacity, exceptional talent, and hard work.

Crip’s latest album, Crippled America: From Poverty to Privilege, is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

Anyone who pre-orders his new album will receive three exclusive tracks. Copies of his single, My Girls, are also available for purchase on iTunes and other major digital platforms.

Crip Mac Age


Legendary Gangster rapper, Crip Mac Age, is known for his signature style and rhyme, which sometimes change with the tone of his lyrics. His music discusses struggle and poverty in the hood, oppression, and the government shutdown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Important Questions For Your Knowledge:

1. Who is the head of the L.A. gang, the Crips?

The Crips are an African-American gang founded in Los Angeles, California. The band was formed in 1969, primarily by Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams. They’re one of America’s most significant and violent gangs.

2. Who is the chief of the Crips?

In 1969, at 16, Stanley Tookie Williams began developing his future gang namesake. Crips are so called because the streets of South Central Los Angeles are where most of their members come from, where most of their early activities occurred.

3. What clothes do the Crips wear?

The Crips are one of the most well-known gangs in America. This powerful gang is not to be messed with because they will do anything in their power to protect their name. You’ll usually see a Crip from the Western neighborhoods around Southern California and West Los Angeles wearing blue Adidas shoes, Nike Dunk Sb’s or Sketchers, L. Dodgers clothing and various colors of caps on their heads.

4. Who gave Crips their name?

Crips got their name from a member who used to be known as C.R.I.P., or ‘crazy red Italian mama,’ and the kids started to call him. He then became CRIP Mac, which was eventually shortened to Crip. The name is rumored to have come from an incident where he jumped out of a moving car to avoid being caught by police officers.

5. What is the founding date of the Crips?

The Crips are an infamous gang with origins tracing back to Southern California. Started by African-American teenager Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams, the Crips began in Los Angeles in 1969 as a self-defense organization for those who migrated to Los Angeles in the 1960s from Texas and other parts of the American South.

6. When did Crips emerge?

In the late 1960s, an estimated 16,000 gang members were distributed across at least 136 gangs in Los Angeles. The rise of Crips was mainly attributed to a six-member Westside gang originally from the Rampart district who called themselves the cripplers. When challenged by other teams, such as the Pirus, a large fight broke out, and it took 20 minutes for police to break up the fight.

7. One of the Crips’ rivals is the Crips.

It’s one of the Crips’ rivals. I don’t know if they are seen as an enemy, but from the looks of it, I’m guessing they aren’t allies. They all seem to want to kill one another for some reason. It would be interesting to know more about why they are so aggressively against one another. The Crips are all black, and the Crips’ rival is mixed-race.

8. How long was Crip Mac in the business?

In the game of business, Crip Mac is one of the youngest moguls in his age group. He has a variety of skills that he utilizes to come up with new ideas and hustle through them as well. His hustling ability comes from his high school football days, where he often made quick money on the field during halftime or halftime. You can catch him making short films on youtube and Instagram that speaks to how society feels in this current generation.

9. Are you sure Mad CJ Mac is a Crip?

I can’t speak for all gang members in Compton, but I am pretty sure that Mad C.J. is not a Crip. He is an artist from Compton and has been involved in local projects with the music industry and community centers. I wouldn’t say he’s gone mainstream, but he has collaborated with Lil Durk, which isn’t as much about being in the gang life as it is about collaborating to put out good music.

10. What is the original meaning of the word Crip?

It was shortened to and then evolved into the term gimp. It is typically an offensive term used to describe someone who may have a disability or that has a handicap. The words and gimp are often used as synonyms of disabled, handicapped, impaired, crippled. A person with a limp would be considered Crip, while someone in a wheelchair would not.


Everyone always wants to know who the Crip MacAge is. That’s the question that will never get answered. It’s funny how people would like me to be one person when I can’t identify myself. People say, Tell us about your childhood or what you like to do for fun. They want an answer from someone who doesn’t exist and only embodies a particular lifestyle.

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