Chanel Santana Row

Chanel Santana Row is one of the busiest places to go shopping. You will find the Chanel Santana Row in the Westfield Valley Fair building. The Chanel store in Santana Row is open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Chanel Santana Row

Santana Row History

Frank M. Santana, who sat on San Jose’s planning committee in the 1950s and is also the namesake of the area’s Frank M. Santana Park, gave Santana Row its name. This location was formerly a Town and Country Village.

The largest structure in Santana Row (Building 7, “Santana Heights”) caught fire during construction. The blaze was reported at 15:36. At least 15 minor fires were ignited by embers, and a nearby apartment complex lost 39 apartments, displacing 132 people. The primary fire needed five alarms, while the subsequent fires demanded six. It was the greatest structural fire in the history of San Jose, with estimated damages of $129 million.

The 42-acre “village inside a city” was constructed between 2001 and 2002 as a luxury, mixed residential, and shopping area at $450 million. It was “the most ambitious project of its kind in the United States.” In 2010, it was described as a “potentially viable mixed-use development.”

In 2016, Santana Row continued to evolve. Santana Row has a community of 24,148 within a mile and 740,000 within a five-mile trading zone.

Buisnesses Famous Brands Parks
Local boutiques Nike Valencia Park
Spas Madewell Frank M. Santana Park
Restaurants Chanel Santana Row Park
1 Theater H&M
Hotel Lululemon
Salons Best Buy

Honour Award For Santana Row

The environmental design business was part of the initial master-planning team. It was in charge of designing the vision for the location, determining uses through demographic research, and then producing concepts carried out in the numerous little elements that thrill and engage the user.

  • With more than 42 acres, Santana Row is one of the largest urban districts dedicated to various uses.

  • The design process took five years to complete.

  • Imported from Europe and recreated on-site, found artefacts such as a French church facade, antique metalwork, ceramics, and fountains added a feeling of antiquity and patina.

  • Metalwork, ceramics, lamps, chandeliers, ponds, street signs, corner protectors, and entrances were among the custom-designed and -fabricated things.

  • In addition to naming the streets, the designers produced building and residential ids with logos, signage, addresses, and entrance information.

In establishing the texture of an urban cityscape where information is advantageously layered over time, the designers accounted for every element in the design of signs, which were intended not only to aid in navigating but also to contribute to the feeling of the place.


The 42-acre “village inside a city” was constructed between 2001 and 2002. It was “the most ambitious project of its kind in the United States”. Santana Row has a community of 24,148 within a mile and 740,000 within a five-mile trading zone.

Santana Row Things To Do

Santana Row, the Rodeo Drive of Silicon Valley, gleams with elegance and fashion. Every day of the week, the gorgeous retail and entertainment area in the style of the Mediterranean will be brimming with joyous vitality. Spend the day wandering down the Row and delighting in luxury brands, avant-garde boutiques, and delectable cuisine at the 70 stores, 20 restaurants, and nine spas and salons.

Winchester Mysterious Mansion

Explore the world-famous Winchester Mystery Mansion, a unique and enigmatic home just across the street. The mansion is an elaborate Victorian labyrinth with miles of winding corridors, stairs that lead nowhere, secret tunnels, and excitement around every corner. Try a visit during a flashlight tour. If you dare, you may feel a shiver from an invisible presence.

Cocola Bake Shop

You will want to spend an entire day here, so get an early start. Cocola is a French bakery and café where you may indulge in pastries and cappuccino. Feeling more like a late brunch? Left Bank Brasserie provides outside dining. With companies like Kate Spade, Gucci, Boutique Harajuku, or California-inspired Kit and Ace, where trendy meets practical, it will be difficult not to indulge.

Vintage Wine Bar

Suppose shopping isn’t your idea of luxury. In that case, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to unwind and get pampered at one of the nine luxurious spas or a garden wine bar where you can soak up the sun. And when it comes to gastronomic delights, there is no shortage of tasty, diverse, casual to expensive eateries. Local favourites such as the V-Bar and The Tequila Bar are among the lounges and patio bars where happy hour is held.

Chanel Brand Backstory

In the instance of Coco Chanel, their style is particularly feminine and ageless. Since its establishment in France, it has successfully combined its consumer-facing image with the personality of its creator. The outcome is a powerful brand that embodies human characteristics and qualities.

In practically every element of her life, Gabrielle Chanel was considered self-taught. She was a visionary in the conception of her brand, which she introduced to the world as a milliner in 1909 (and not the crazy kind, like in Alice in Wonderland). Following the end of World War I, she established herself as a wealthy and, most importantly, independent French high fashion designer.

  • Aware of the significance of her name, she developed a style that set her apart from everyone else.

  • She owned Chareau de Cremat in Nice in the 1920s.

  • Chanel fell in love with the castle’s emblem, which consisted of two interlocking Cs.

  • She became one of the earliest 20th-century businesswomen.

  • In addition, she was the founder and manager of her brand.

Because of the personality of its founder, Chanel is regarded as a mythological brand. Its strength has remained unchanged since its beginnings. Independence, strength, and independence are unparalleled in femininity. This entrepreneur deserves to be regarded as one of fashion’s all-time greats. As a woman model, she deserves special recognition because she became a very lonely lady.


Gabrielle Chanel was a visionary in the conception of her brand, which she introduced to the world as a milliner in 1909. At the end of World War I, she established herself as a wealthy and, most importantly, independent French high fashion designer.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

People asked many questions about “Chanel Santana Row” We discussed a few of them below:

1. Who is the owner of the Westfield Valley Fair?

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield owns Westfield Valley Fair, sometimes called Valley Fair, an upmarket retail centre in San Jose, California’s Silicon Valley. It is situated on Stevens Creek Boulevard in San Jose and Santa Clara, one of the best retail areas in Silicon Valley, and close to Santana Row.

2. Why is the street named Santana Row?

Frank M. Santana, who sat on San Jose’s planning committee in the 1950s and is also the namesake of the area’s Frank M. Santana Park, gave Santana Row its name. This location was formerly a Town and Country Village.

3. What does the Chanel brand stand for?

It offers apparel, perfumes, handbags, and watches. The brand’s “little black dress,” Chanel No. 5 perfume, and Chanel suit are its most recognizable products. In 1983, Karl Lagerfeld became the creative director of Chanel, a position he held until his death in February.

4. What is the biggest shopping centre in Northern California?

The Great Mall, the largest indoor outlet in all of Northern California, contains so many shops, fashion boutiques, and discount stores that you may easily spend an entire day here.

5. How many businesses are there at Westfield Valley Fair?

Valley Fair has 214 retailers, including the only Balenciaga in Northern California, and 58 eating options, including Eataly and Din Tai Fung, which the New York Times selected as one of the world’s top restaurants.

6. Which department shops sell Chanel purses?

Neiman Marcus provides an impressive assortment of CHANEL fashion, including ready-to-wear apparel, handbags, shoes, accessories, leather goods, sunglasses, and more.

7. Is Santana Row parking free?

Parking is free for self-parking and $10 per day for valet service.

8. Who is Chanel’s intended market?

The Chanel target market comprises both sexes between the ages of 20 and 80. Typically, the brand’s consumers are rich and can buy its premium goods. However, many would say that women are Chanel’s major market.

9. What is famous about Santana Row?

Santana Row is the top outdoor shopping, eating, housing, and working area in Silicon Valley. Santana Row, surrounded by beautiful gardens, parks, and plazas, contains over 50 stores, 30 restaurants, the boutique Hotel Valencia, and a six-screen movie theatre.

10. Are Chanel bags produced in China?

Hopefully, these facts were sufficient to dispel the notion that Chanel is manufactured in China. Ignore every rumour. You might find things created in Asia but not original Chanel if you purchase counterfeits or copies. Genuine handbags are exclusively manufactured in France, Spain and Italy.


Santana Row has one Chanel shop. Chanel Santana Row Santana Segment is the head shopping, devouring, living and working objective in Silicon Valley. Santana Street is fixed with nurseries, parks, and squares, more than 50 shops, 30 eateries, an Inn Valencia store, and a six-screen film. Six-screen film.

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Chanel Santana Row, who knows me well, knows that I am not your Typical severance package typical Cheapest states to live fashionista, but I do have my moments where I want to feel and look like a million bucks even if it’s just for one night. That’s why I love shopping at Chanel Santana Row in Los Angeles’ Koreatown district near the Wilshire Center Metro stop. Not only are the fashions of great quality, but you can find the hottest designer names on sale!

Chanel Santana Row

Chanel Santana Row opened in Las Vegas in 2008. They have been providing customers with designer fashions at a fraction of the price since their inception. Customers can save up to 80% on designer brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and more!

The store opened in 2008 and has been popular ever since. Chanel Santanta Row offers customers designer products for an affordable price.

Some products are available on discounts with only certain terms. Still, regardless of your deal, you’re sure to get amazing discounts from Chanel Santana Row!

Chanel Santana Row’s products are available on its website. Customers have an easy time shopping online, and there’s no sales tax for residents from Nevada. When you order from Chanel Santana Row, they make it easy to find what you want by categorizing items into different departments. There are men’s, women’s, and kids’ departments; all categories include shoes, handbags, and much more.
To find out if they offer special deals or discounts, visit their website or check them out on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Chanel Santana Row has an A+ rating from BBB, so that you can buy confidently. They accept PayPal and offer a money-back guarantee on all orders. You have 30 days to return any products you’re unhappy with, so look through your order thoroughly when it arrives!

Cinearts Santana Row

Suppose you’re looking for designer fashions on a budget, head over to Chanel Santana Row. This new shopping centre offers designer labels like Chanel and Balenciaga. Still, they cost much less than those found in traditional boutiques. You’ll also find high-end restaurants and spas at Chanel Santana Row - so you can have lunch and get your nails done all day.

To learn more about Chanel Santana Row, visit their website. Contact local business consulting firms for information on all businesses opening in your area. Most professional companies and real estate groups offer consulting services for new business owners. For some locations, it’s even free! Call and schedule an appointment today!

Santana Row Hotel

Santana Row was conceived in the late 1980s as an urban, modern shopping and residential district. Originally designed by Victor Gruen Associates, it has since been redesigned by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners.

  • With over 150 stores, restaurants and residences, there are many things to see and do at this popular destination. Santana Row has everything from high-end luxury stores like Gucci and Louis Vuitton to more affordable brands like Levi’s.

  • If you prefer more casual fare, check out some Santana Row restaurants. Furthermore, if you’re planning on staying overnight, there are many hotels near Santana Row. The San Jose Marriott and Courtyard by Marriott San Jose Downtown are just two examples.

  • If you’re in San Jose, California, and looking for some great shopping and dining options while staying near Santana Row, check out these hotels. You’ll get all that you need without sacrificing comfort or style.

  • These accommodations offer complimentary breakfast, wireless internet access, and shuttle services to Santana Row. And with their proximity to this vibrant part of downtown San Jose, you’ll have plenty of time left in your day to explore everything else.

If you’re planning on visiting San Jose, book accommodations near Santana Row. This historic part of downtown offers shoppers and diners plenty to explore. In addition, there are hotels near Santana Row offer convenient amenities like free breakfast and 24-hour shuttle services. These lodgings will keep your stay comfortable while making it easy for you to get around San Jose.

Things to do in Santana row

Chanel Santana Row is the place for you if you’re looking for designer fashions but don’t want to break the bank.

Visit Chanel Santana Row in San Jose, CA, and enjoy designer fashions. The San Jose location has a wide selection of designer brands, such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and more. The store features free shipping on all items. It provides personalized service with a friendly staff dedicated to superior customer service.

Located at S Santana Row in San Jose, CA, Chanel Santana Row carries designer fashions and accessories that are available for purchase.

The location also offers personal shopper services, so if you aren’t sure which item will go best with your wardrobe or how to wear something that doesn’t look right, they’ll help you find what will work best.

Santana Row Stores

The first thing you will notice about Chanel Santana Row, or CSR for short, is that it feels like an authentic Parisian boutique. The high ceilings and beautiful design elements make this store feel like an exclusive destination.

A wonderful shopping experience awaits inside, with prices as low as for designer clothing. If you want something more upscale, stroll down one of the mall’s many corridors.

Here, you will find nearly 50 stores selling designer fashions. The shops are all organized in sections, so you can easily shop by brand and focus on your favourite designers.

In addition, CSR has ten food locations for you and your family to enjoy after visiting some of your favourite stores. If you are looking for speciality items, CSR has a Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th store where you can find rare designer fashion and luxury home goods. Santana Row Stores

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If you’re looking for designer clothing, Chanel Santana Row is the place to find deals that will make your wallet happy and your wardrobe. Chanel Santana Row has something for everyone, with designer fashions and accessories from top designers like Christian Louboutin, Gucci, and Valentino available for less than half their retail price. Just one trip will have you walking out with bags full of fabulous finds that are sure to turn heads.

Santana Row San Jose

Santana Row, located in California, is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Silicon Valley. The centre’s mix of upscale and high-end stores and reasonable prices make it easy for locals and visitors alike to find something they want. Whether you’re looking for designer fashions or need a new pair of jeans, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re looking for designer fashions or need a new pair of jeans, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. As far as shopping destinations in Silicon Valley go, it doesn’t get much better than Santana Row in San Jose. Stores like Nordstrom, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry are just some of the shops that call Santana Row home. In addition, there are dozens more stores and restaurants located nearby.

For example, if you’re looking for a new top or pair of jeans, you might head to Banana Republic, J. Crew, or Levi’s Outlet Store. When it comes time to pick up accessories, Michael Kors and Nordstrom Rack are great options. If your tastes run more toward jewellery, opt for Chanel or David Yurman Jewelers. And if you’re hungry, consider grabbing something from Cheesecake Factory or Original Joe’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria.

Even if you don’t plan on spending money, you’ll still have plenty of options. Grab a coffee and enjoy live music while browsing local boutiques like Joan’s on Third or jewellery stores such as Le Vian. You can also visit one of several restaurants, including Elephant Bar, Weber Grill Restaurant, or California Pizza Kitchen. In addition, several retailers call Santana Row home but aren’t part of its anchor stores.

Santana Row Apartments

This spot is for you if you’re skimming for designer clothes but can’t afford the exorbitant prices. Chanel Santana Row offers some of today’s most popular designers up to 80% off retail. Plus, the store has tons of sample sales and other great deals.

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With the help of her staff, Chanel Santana Row has built a thriving business specializing in designer fashions at affordable prices. The selection includes clothing, shoes, handbags, jewellery and more from brands like Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Coach. In addition to being an expert on fashion trends and styles, Chanel dedicates herself to delivering excellent customer service.

1. What department stores carry Chanel bags?

Chanel bags are among the most sought-after in the world. They’re also one of the most expensive. But not anymore. Now you can find authentic Chanel bags on sale for up to 50% off retail prices at Chanel outlet stores. One such store is Chanel Santana Row, located in San Jose, CA, just a short drive from many Bay Area cities.

### 2. How many Chanel stores are there?
Chanel has been around for more than a century. The company was founded by Gabrielle Chanel, and she opened her first store in 1909. More than 100 stores worldwide, including New York City, Paris, and Tokyo.

3. Who is the global ambassador of Chanel 2021?

If you like designer dresses but don’t have an unlimited budget, then Chanel Santana Row is the place for you. This boutique offers designer fashions at discounted prices so everyone can afford them. This store has everything whether you’re looking for formal or casual clothing.

4. Are Chanel bags cheaper in France?

The cost of designer goods in France is comparable to that in America. For example, Chanel bags are cheaper and more expensive than they are on American soil. The average price for a Chanel bag in France ranges from €2,250 – €3,500. In America, it can range anywhere from $4,000 – $6,000.

5. Is Chanel cheaper in Paris or Italy?

If you are looking for designer fashions but don’t want to pay the hefty price tag, Chanel Santana Row covers all your needs. They offer high-quality designer fashion at a fraction of the price. Whether you’re looking for clothes, shoes, or accessories, Chanel has it all!
The best part about Chanel is that they offer free shipping on every order with no minimum purchase required. It’s as simple as clicking ship and waiting for your items to arrive.

6. Is polite a luxury brand?

Polene is not traditionally considered a luxury brand, with its price points often lower than other brands. Many people like it as much or more than other high-end designers.

7. Are Longchamps cheaper in Paris?

While some people think that Longchamps are cheaper in Paris, they are actually not. The Longchamps store in Paris sells bags for €240 and up. If you want to buy one for less than €240, you should go to a different store, such as Decathlon or Primark.

8. Is Longchamp cheaper at the airport?

It’s not uncommon for people to be lured in by their favourite brands and buy more expensive items than they intended. But make sure you check if the price is comparable anywhere else.
Chanel Santana Row is one time-tested place to find designer fashions at a fraction of the price. You’ll find clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and more without spending your whole paycheck.

9. Is Hermes cheaper in Paris?

You’ve had your sights set on a Hermes Birkin bag, but the price tag is too steep. Don’t worry! With Chanel Santana Row, you can find the same bag for less than half of what you would pay in Paris.


If you’re looking for designer clothes, shoes, and accessories without paying designer prices, Chanel Santana Row is the place to find them.

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