Autism: A Comprehensive Guide

Autism is an acronym for ASD – autism spectrum disorder. It is a complicated condition in which the patient suffers from behavior and communication problems.

Autism has various signs and symptoms. It can be a minor problem or disability. If your child has shown signs of ASD, a skilled psychologist in UAE could help you with its treatment. Since there is a subject on child development, psychology undergraduate students learn all about the assessment of autistic children regarding diagnosis, cognition, and the child’s perspective of the world.

The psychologists use an array of techniques that include behavioral techniques, emotional regulation, and social skills training to help children with ASD so they lead better normal lives.

What does an Autistic Patient Go Through?

Autistic people have trouble expressing themselves. They find it hard to communicate or understand what other people think and feel. That’s why they find it hard to communicate their feelings through words or gestures or facial expressions.

Also, these people have problems with learning as well because their skills develop unevenly. But at the same time, regardless of their issues with communication, they can be good at art, math, music, and memory.

Autism – Signs & Symptoms

Here are signs and symptoms of autism so you can take timely action before taking the child for autism treatment in Dubai:

  • Lack of eye contact

  • Repetitive actions (words, phrases, movements)

  • High sensitivity to sounds, touches, smells, or sights that may be normal to others

  • Intense interests in certain topics or narrow range of interest

  • Not wanting to be held close or cuddled

  • Not listening or looking at other

  • Not responding if someone asks to look at something

  • Trouble adapting to changes in routine

  • Talking in a sing-song or robotic voice

  • Problems understanding or using facial expressions, tone of voice, speech, and gestures.

Some autistic children also suffer from seizures and they might not surface unless the child reaches his teenage. There is also an autism test for teens that may help with diagnosis.

Autistic - Causes

As per the researcher’s findings, there is a difference between the brains of those with autism and normal people. They are larger and have a different way of processing information. The exact cause of ASD is unknown as yet.

Some of the suspected risk factors include:

  • An autistic family member

  • Fragile X syndrome or other genetic disorder

  • Genetic mutations

  • Low birth weight

  • Metabolic imbalance

  • Being born to older parents

  • History of viral infections

  • Exposure to environmental toxins and heavy metals

The connection between autism, genetics, and the environment are being explored by the researchers.

Autism – Disorders

What were once perceived as separate conditions now come under the autism disorders. These include:

Asperger’s Syndrome

Some people suffer from Asperger’s syndrome. These children do not have a problem with language but have social problems and not many interests.

Autistic Disorder

You can take your child to an autism spectrum disorder clinic if you suspect them of the symptoms that may not be autism. They deal with these issues using communication, interactions, and playing in children younger than 3 years old.

Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

These children have normal development for at least two years. They begin to lose some or most of their communication and social skills soon after that.

Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD or Atypical Autism)

The teachers in autism schools in Dubai or your doctor may use this term if your little one exhibits signs of autistic behavior such as delays in communication and social skills.

Autism - Treatment

Autism does not have an exact cure. However, therapies and other treatment methods could be of significant help to make people feel better and reduce symptoms. These treatment approaches include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy

Weighted blankets, clothing, and massages lead to relaxing effects. These treatment results may vary for each other. Some people may respond well to certain methods some don’t.

Alternative Treatment Methods

Some alternative treatment methods for treating autism include:

  • Chelation therapy (flushing metals from the body)
  • Taking high-dose vitamins
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Melatonin for alleviating sleep problems

Before opting for any of these alternative treatment methods, parents must calculate the research and financial costs.


Early diagnosis and intervention could significantly improve the quality of your child’s life, and make them lead a better adult life.

So, if your child is showing any signs that make you suspect autism, take them to a reliable, skilled, and well-known psychiatrist doctor in Dubai. It will help both you and your child learn about handling this condition from there onwards.