Apple Tag Price

Apple tag price is $29, but if you want a bundle of four, the price is $99. To connect an AirTag to a product, you’ll need to purchase additional accessories from Apple.

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Apple Airtag Range

Because AirTags functions within the range of Apple’s Find My network, they don’t have a specified range. The Air tag can passively interact with any iPhone (or other Apple device) within Bluetooth range and then assist you in locating it.

For example, if a person with an iPhone goes near an AirTag that is hundreds of miles away, you can find it. For example, in the woods behind your home, where no one is likely to stroll by, you’re less likely to find an AirTag as quickly.

According to rumors, Apple’s AirTags can be tracked within 800 feet of each other using Bluetooth 5.0, which is the same technology that is used in the most recent iPhones.

Apple AirTag Features & Design

Customization options include an engraving and a silver backing for the AirTag, which is a little button-shaped monitoring device. The CR2032 batteries that power AirTags need the use of extra attachments.

AirTag has a diameter of 1.26 inches and a height of 0.31 inches, which equates to 8 millimeters. It has a gram weight.

Engraving using AirTags

Up to four text or emoji characters may be etched on each AirTag, albeit there are certain space constraints on multiple emoji. Apple’s content screening also places restrictions on some emoji strings and phrases.


In iOS 14.3, Apple introduced the “Items” page to the Find My app, where AirTags may now be created and maintained. In the Find My iPhone app, each AirTag is shown on a map so you can see where it is. Using Bluetooth, AirTags can connect to your iOS and Mac computers.

The Find My network can assist you in recovering an AirTag that has been misplaced or stolen. You can use the Find My Network app to find an AirTag using the hundreds of millions of iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices that are connected to the Internet.

Auto-notifications will be sent out when someone in the Find My network discovers your AirTag, and you may add your contact information so that anyone who finds it can contact you. The AirTags firmware is constantly updated by Apple and has been since the AirTags were released.

Precision Finding, a feature available on iPhones with a U1 chip, including the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, allows you to get exact instructions on how to locate a misplaced AirTag. Precision locating makes use of AR, sound, and haptic feedback to aid in the search process.


NFC-enabled smartphones may be used to access contact information if a lost AirTag is found. If you discover anything, scan it to find out who owns it. This works on both iPhones and Android smartphones. If the AirTag is in Lost Mode, it will also notify its owner through the Find My network.

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Pros & Cons of Apple AirTag

With the Apple AirTag’s Precision Finding function, you can locate everything from your wallet or keys to your bag or luggage in a matter of seconds.

Pros Cons
Incredibly simple to put together Work is needed on privacy features.
a little footprint Android phones are unable to use this feature.
Precision Locating is very effective. Design is easily scuffed.
Multiple pieces of equipment. No response from AirTag while attempting to ping an iPhone.

Apple AirTag Accessories

Among the many options available from Apple for the AirTag are a leather keyring, leather loop, and a loop that attaches to a belt loop ($29). AirTag Hermès leather accessories start at $299 and go up to $449 if you’re feeling very affluent.

AirTag accessories from Belkin, Nomad, Spigen Moment, Dbrand, and others will also be available. Several third-party alternatives are reasonably priced. AirTag accessories from Belkin start at $12.95.

Apple AirTag Battery

CR2032 coin cell batteries are used in the AirTag, and Apple claims that they have a lifespan of more than a year. However, it would have been good if the battery could be recharged.

How to Use Apple AirTag?

Setting up AirTag couldn’t be easier. These are the demonstration steps below that you need to follow.

  1. When you remove the AirTag from the packaging, it comes with an insert that prevents the battery from attaching. Remove the insert and the battery is connected, and AirTag is activated.

  2. When you place the AirTag near your iPhone, the iPhone will recognize it and begin the setup procedure immediately.

  3. The AirTag should have a name.

  4. Use your Apple ID to sign up.

  5. All is OK with AirTag. It’s time to attach it.

AirTag Privacy & Security

No one else can monitor your AirTags since they are tied to your Apple ID. Devices that communicate the position of a lost AirTag remain anonymous, and location data is encrypted during the transmission process.

If someone else’s device picks up your lost AirTag, you’ll be able to view its location on a map, but you won’t know who helped you recover it. End-to-end encryption prevents Apple from knowing where AirTags are situated.

To guarantee that you are never followed from one location to another, AirTags contain unique Bluetooth identifiers that cycle often.

Anti-Tracking Measures

To prevent AirTags from being used for tracking reasons that are not authorized by Apple, the company has implemented security measures.

Your iPhone will notify you if an AirTag belonging to someone else has been in your possession for a long time and has been traveling with you, preventing someone from following you with a planted AirTag. When you return to your home address or to a place you usually visit, you will get an alert on an AirTag that is with you.

An “AirTag Detected” message will pop up when this occurs and you may touch it to deactivate the AirTag. You may disable “AirTag Detected” alerts for one day if the AirTag is tied to an item you’re borrowing. It’s possible to disable Safety Alerts for members of your Family Sharing group if the item is from a member of your family.

No need to worry about friends or family members with AirTags nearby as the notifications for AirTag Detected is only activated when an AirTag is away from its owner.

An AirTag that has been away from its owner for a period of eight to 24 hours will emit a sound to notify you. Before a software upgrade in June, AirTags would produce a sound after three days. However, this was changed to prevent AirTags from being used for tracking reasons.


AirTag was built from the bottom up to ensure the privacy and security of location data. AirTag does not physically store any location data or location history. No one, not even Apple, has access to a device’s location data when it communicates with the Find My network since communication between the two networks is end-to-end encrypted.

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Does Apple AirTags Come With Additional Expenses?

You don’t have to pay a monthly fee for the Apple Air Tag after you’ve bought it. However, you may have to fork up a little extra cash for other accessories, such as:

  1. Keychains

  2. Wallets

  3. Watches

  4. Loops for Pet Collars

  5. Loads of suitcases and luggage labels

In most cases, the cost of these items is cheap, and they’re often one-time purchases. You may claim that the Apple Air Tag is reasonably priced because of its low cost.

Apple Air Tag’s battery life is around a year. A new CR2032 battery must be purchased each year when the old one runs out, which adds up to an annual expense. Apple Air Tags can only be used with iOS devices. To use the Apple Air Tags, you’ll first need an iPhone or iPad, which may jack up the price if you’re not already a fan of Apple.

This is a good thing since there are alternatives to Apple Air Tags that don’t need a particular phone operating system, like Tile’s version. You may wind up paying extra for the device’s usage in the end.

Are Apple AirTags Required To Be Paid Monthly?

You may attach the Apple Air Tag to your keychain or wallet. On iOS devices, the Find My app allows you to find and monitor your missing Air Tag. There are several security measures built into the Air Tags to ensure that you and your privacy are protected. You may be asking whether there is a monthly subscription for using the Apple Air Tags because of their extensive functionality.

A subscription to Apple Air Tags is not required. After paying $29, you’ll get access to all of its functions. The Find My app on your iOS device is required, though.

Apple Air Tags are tiny devices that may help you track down lost or stolen property. They may be attached to bags and key chains. You can track all of your Apple Air Tags with the Find My App.

Apple Air Tag is unique in that it does not charge a subscription fee like other similar tags. For a one-time fee, you get access to the Find My App, which is also available for iOS devices

Apple Air tags cost $29 per or $99 for a four-pack. In the long run, it may be more cost-effective to purchase the Apple Air Tags in bulk if you want to use them on several devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs related to Apple AirTag:

1. Is Apple AirTags worth it?

They do exactly what they say on the tin, and do it well. Non-Apple users can’t use them, and Apple-branded accessories for them are rather pricey. However, for those who are prone to misplacing their valuables, such as their keys or wallet, they are an excellent investment.

2. Is there a monthly charge for using Apple AirTags?

If you want to connect them to your keys or bag, there are many attachments available that do so without charging you a monthly charge. You can use an AirTag in three ways to locate your item. It all started with a simple sigh.

3. What is the purpose of Apple AirTags?

As a method to easily keep track of common objects like your keys, Apple debuted its AirTag device in April of last year. Apple’s Find My App function may be used to locate the product, which costs $29, thanks to Bluetooth technology.

4. How long are AirTags good for?

We won’t know for sure whether Apple’s promise that an AirTag’s battery should last a year is correct until a year has passed after the device was released.

5. What is the range of an Apple tag?

For initial setup, an AirTag connects to an iPhone through Bluetooth, and an iPhone must be within 33 feet of any Bluetooth device to do so, according to Apple. The working distance is 10 meters, regardless of how far an AirTag can send a signal.

6. Do AirTags operate without wifi?

Because it does not reveal its position or may be accessed directly through Bluetooth, it is essential. To use the AirTag, you must have an internet connection.

7. How accurate are the AirTags?

When it came to locating the AirTag, the U1 chip in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 performed well. The Ultra Wideband frequency allows you to follow objects as close as 15 feet away, down to a few millimeters.

8. Is it possible to recharge Apple tags?

Apple Air Tags are not rechargeable and do not have a connector to recharge. If the device’s battery runs out or dies, you’ll need to acquire CR2032 batteries; just make sure they don’t have a bitterant coating when you go to buy them.

9. Do AirTags have changeable batteries?

Your AirTag’s battery may be replaced. The following is an example of how to do it this way. There is a risk of choking or other damage to young children with AirTag, the battery cover, and the battery.

10. Is it possible to monitor a vehicle using AirTags?

In public places like malls and parking lots, AirTags are used to target high-end automobiles, according to the statement. Because the owner of the car can’t locate them, they hide the tag. Track the vehicle to its owner’s house, and then snatch the vehicle from the driveway.


On the Google Play Store in December 2021, Apple launched “Tracker Detect,” an app that enables Android users to scan for AirTags and other Find My-enabled goods using their smartphones. Android software that checks to see whether any AirTags or Find My-enabled gadgets are being utilized for tracking is now available for users. If an AirTag or other Find My-enabled accessory is nearby, the app will find it and allow Android users to activate the device’s sound to help locate it. The program also explains how to remove the battery from an AirTag to make it inoperable.

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