Advantages of using AngularJS for Web Development

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is another feather in Google’s crown. Primarily it was developed by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons but it is now owned by Google. The Foundation of AngularJS lays in the programming language JavaScript. It manages user interactions within the web browser. With it one can develop a structural framework of front-end used in dynamic web applications. It can also be applied if one needs to develop single-page applications. It can efficiently be used to take HTML as a template language, and forward its syntax to frame the application procedures in brief but also in a clear manner. Dependency injection and Data Binding stand as two of its main features. They can be used to shorten the coding part and execute it in a well-organized manner. Here in the primary stage HTML page is interpreted which after that produces the embedded tag attributes. These attributes are further treated as commands. Companies like Google, Udemy, Delivery Hero are using AngularJS in their tech stacks.

The Advantages of using AngularJS are as follows:

• It has all the features needed for the development of a web app framework. It is based on JavaScript and managed by Google. Learning and using AngularJS is very easy. One can experience it by adding attributes to HTML and getting a simple angular application. It can also be recognized that HTML attributes can drive to Angular directives.

• AngularJS has many filters. The benefit of using filters is that they allow one to make the code more precise and convert data easily. They can be used frequently in multiple places.

• AngularJS is an open-source web development framework. The base of AngularJS is JavaScript. It is a framework that provides the HTML, DOM with additional attributes that takes it to the next level. This framework makes the elements productive for the user’s actions and also helps them to use HTML as a template language. This contributes to a rich internet application that offers developers a client-side application.

• AngularJS is a huge framework that already has many built-in performance enhancements. It is an MVC structure that makes it easy for developers to build web applications from the scratch. These MVC frameworks help to manage web page interactions and data collections.

• It offers to reuse the components. It provides the facility for developers to create reusable components, that can be used all through the complete application. These components can also deliver their own custom components. The directives in Angular JS are component, Structural, and attribute. This application has many basic built-in directives as well.

• AngularJS provides a smart way to make Single Page Applications with the help of HTML. It has ready to use modules to formulate these pages. These applications help a lot in the real world. They can work without an internet connection as all the pages are already loaded.

• Customized Directives in AngularJS is an advantage to several developers. Here they can create a web browser that can do a couple of tricks for them like making custom HTML tags or decorating elements with behavior. Additionally, they can also manipulate DOM attributes in many ways.

• Data-binding in AngularJS application automatically coordinates data between model and view components. Here the implementation of data-binding treats the model as the single-source of data in the application. The view is a projection of the model every time. When the model changes, the view also reflects the changes and vice versa. Thus, two-way data binding helps front end developers of the web application.

• As the view in AngularJS is the projection of the model, the controller totally separates from the view and is unaware of it. This simplifies testing as it is easy to test individual controllers without the view and the related DOM/browser dependency.

• AngularJS has the feature dependency injection. Dependency Injection (DI) deals with how components get to keep track of their dependencies. There are several benefits of using dependency injection containers. These reduce dependencies and dependency carrying. The feature also makes code more reusable, readable, and testable.

• AngularJS is quite a precise framework as here developers can reuse the codes. They can reuse the components of codes. It is easy to remove components. If a directory is deleted, the script will be removed automatically.

• Last but not least AngularJS is free as there is no cost to use it. One can use code written with it, in projects with other licenses including other open-source licenses and commercial projects.

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