Specified Disease Policies

Specified Disease Policies,

Specified Disease Policies:

  1. Specified Disease Policies can be defined as, The policy is paid only if you contract the disease mentioned in the policy. (It is also feared in the name of disease policy).

Literal Meanings of Specified Disease Policies


Meanings of Specified:
  1. Identify yourself clearly and distinctly.

Sentences of Specified
  1. The traitor promised elections but gave no date

Synonyms of Specified

frame, spell out, state, define, itemize, designate, set down, draw up, be specific about, set out, enumerate, instance, detail, cite, list, particularize, name, identify, describe, catalogue


Meanings of Disease:
  1. Disruptions in the structure or function of humans, animals or plants, especially those that cause or affect certain signs or symptoms, and are not the direct result of injuries. physically.

Sentences of Disease
  1. Bacterial meningitis is a rare disease

Synonyms of Disease

ill health, illness, sickness


Meanings of Policies:
  1. A practice or principle adopted or proposed by an organization or individual.

Sentences of Policies
  1. You signed a mutual policy

Synonyms of Policies

intentions, schedule, approach, blueprint, code, proposed action, position, programme, scheme, line, system, stratagem, strategy, stance, plans, attitude, notions, guidelines, theory