Why Stay Away from the Book of Enoch?

Why Stay Away from the Book of Enoch? Because it sets you free to the point where you have to take responsibility for your actions. It shows you that you can have a relationship with God without a pastor in the middle. Self-control and self-awareness on your part hurt their tithing. They couldn’t prove the writer of the Book of Enoch was Enoch. Yet, that doesn’t mean God wrote it and should be in the Bible.

Why Stay Away from the Book of Enoch?

Book of Enoch

In the bottom chart, you can see some facts about the book of Enoch.

No. Facts
1 Depending on where you learned about Christianity, you might have heard of the “Book of Enoch,” but it’s not in the Bible.
2 People think the Book of Enoch is pseudepigrapha.
3 It was written under a fake name. It is a dishonest way of giving credit to work.
4 The author says they are someone, but that isn’t true.
5 Back when the Bible was written, it was common for people to write under a false name.

Who Was the Bible’s Enoch?

In the Bible, Enoch is the name of four different people (Genesis 4:17; 5:18; 25:4; 46:9). But you should note that only the New International Version (NIV) uses the name “Hanok.” Other versions use the word “Enoch.” Hanok means “Enoch” in Hebrew (Genesis 4:17, 5:18). Some versions, like Hencoch or Hanoch, spell it .

Adam’s Grandson

Adam was Enoch’s great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather. Genesis 5:22–24 says, “After he had Methuselah, Enoch walked with God and had other sons and daughters for 300 years.”

Noah’s Grandfather

Enoch lived for a whole year and a day. Since Enoch had walked with God, God should take him to the end of his life. In addition, Noah was a great-great-grandchild of Enoch.

Before He Died, He Tried to Please God

We can also find more about Enoch in Hebrews 11:5, in the Hall of Faith:
“Because of his faith, God took Enoch out of this world so he wouldn’t die”.
The Bible says, “You couldn’t find him because God had taken him away.” Before he was taken, he was praised as a person who made God happy."


Most people think Enoch and Elijah are best known for being “taken away.” It is an interesting fact. Both men were the only two people mentioned in the Bible who God chose to live.

Enoch seems to have been given this privilege because he “walked faithfully with God and made God happy.” God didn’t say in the Bible why he took Enoch to heaven, but most people think it was so he could be one of the two witnesses in the end Times. Elijah, a prophet, is believed to be the other witness.

Ungodly Sinners

Jude 14:14–15 mentions Enoch. “Enoch, the seventh person from Adam, told these men, To judge all humanity, the Lord is returning with thousands upon thousands of his holy ones. Convict all the wicked of all the sinful things they’ve done and spoken against him.”


There are four Enochs in the Bible (Genesis 4:17; 5:18; 25:4; 46:9). Only the NIV says “Hanok.” Other versions say “Enoch.” Enoch (Hanok) in Hebrew (Genesis 4:17, 5:18). Hencoch or Hanoch are named in some versions.

10 Facts About The Book Of Enoch

Some people think the Book of Enoch is a lost book that was left out of the Bible-inspired books by mistake. The main reason it keeps going is that the Bible quotes some verses from the Book of Enoch.

1. Noah is in the book of Enoch.

Enoch Noah is talked about in verses one through three of chapter ten. Even though the Bible says that Enoch went to heaven before Noah was born**, Noah was born many years after Enoch. Disputes what the Old Testament says**

2. The Watchers’ Book

The book’s first part is about “The Watchers,” a group of “angels” sent to earth to watch over people. 200 of these angels broke the rules by having sexual relations with humans. This led to the birth of a race called the Nephilim."

3. The Dream-Visions Book

The history of ■■■■■■ is written about in the Book of Dream-Visions, which is part of the Book of Enoch. It was written before the flood in Genesis, and the Maccabees probably wrote it.

4. Book of the Writings About the Stars

This book chapter discusses the motion of the heavenly bodies and the sky. When Enoch was taken to Heaven by Uriel, Enoch received instruction in this subject from Uriel.

5. All bad things are blamed on ■■■■■■.

In the Book of Enoch, Chapter 10, verses 8 and 9, God says that a demon named Azazil is to blame for all the evil on Earth.

6. Demons can no longer talk to God.

Not only does the last verse of the Book of Enoch, which I read, say that demons changed their minds. It also says that demons could no longer communicate with God after the first rebellion. It says they could no longer talk to God or look up to see him.

7. The Secret Book

The term “secrets” is prominent in the title of 2 (Slavonic) Enoch. The word is in some old books called “The Secret Books of Enoch” or “The Secret Books of God.”

8. Heaven is talked about in different ways.

The Book of Enoch says things about God and heaven that are not at all in the Bible. In Revelation 21, verse 21, the Bible says that the ground in the city of Heaven is made of gold.

9. Angels Married Women

Chapters 10 and 12 of the Book of Enoch talk about:

The Watchers, angels from heaven who came to earth, married women, and had children with them.

The world became bad because of what they did, so God sent the flood.

10. The Book of the Law

In the Bible, the Book of Judgement tells about God’s final act of judging the world to decide who is good and who is terrible. It starts with 1 Enoch 1:4–9, which talks about the last things God did to destroy evil and reward good.

How Did the Bible’s Books Get Picked?

“Canon” is a word that we use to talk about the books of the Bible that God inspired. Jewish rabbis and scholars were the first to try to figure out what was inspired by God. It’s important to remember that God decided what should be in the Bible.

God guided and inspired the people who wrote the Bible and did the same for those who decided which books should be in the Bible. The Hebrew Bible’s canon was the first step in this process.

Muratorian Canon

The 1st “canon” was the Muratorian canon, assembled in 170 AD. It included all New Testament except James, Hebrews, John 3 and 1 and 2, and Peter. The Muratorian Canon was the first canon. They put it together in 170 AD. The entire New Testament, except Hebrews, James, 1 and 2 Peter, and 3 John, was part of the Muratorian Canon.

The Old Testament and the first 26 books of the New Testament were recognized as canonical and required reading in churches by the Council of Laodicea in AD 363. It covered everything but Revelation.

Later, in 393 and 397, the Council of Hippo and the Council of Carthage also agreed that God wrote all 27 books of the New Testament.

To consider it as inspiration Word of God had to follow the following rules.

  • Who wrote this? Were they an apostle themselves or else connected to one? Was the message’s integrity verified by miracles or other means?

  • Do the book’s high moral standards and spiritual principles represent the activity of the Holy Spirit? Can lives be changed by reading this book?

  • To what extent did this text adhere to standard orthodoxy?

  • Does the Church believe this text to be valid? Did the original hearers receive it as the Word of God?

  • Even though these are human ideas, it is essential to remember that God alone decided what would be in the Bible. We do know without a doubt that our ways are not God’s ways.

Scripture Reminds Us

There is the following Scripture that the Bible advises us to do so given below in the table.

Name Advises
Timothy 3:16 It has been said that “All Scripture is breathed forth by God and useful for teaching, for reproof, for correcting, and for training in righteousness.”
Hebrews 4:12 For God’s Word is “living and active,” “sharper than any two-edged blade,” “discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart,” and “piercing to the dividing of soul and spirit, of joints and marrow.”
Deuteronomy 4:2 The Lord directed me to give you these rules and judgments to live well.


An imperfect human process collected these books, but God, in His omniscience, knows what we need to feed our souls and guide our spirits from His Word. That is to say, the Bible “stands strong in the skies” since it was written by God and is, without question, infallible from the beginning (Psalm 119:89).

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Many questions are related to this topic, but a few are very important, given below.

1 - Why Does the Bible Not Have the Book of Enoch?

Some think the ban is due to detailed stories of fallen angels destroying human women. Others believe the text didn’t influence Church founders.

2 - Does the Book of Enoch Contradict the Bible?

The original Book of Enoch unmasked. Danger lurks in the pages of the Book of Enoch due to its many inconsistencies with the rest of Scripture, as well as its distortions of God’s love and redemption plan, as well as its hate for God’s temple, and its proclamation of the destruction of the Jewish people.

3 - What Book of the Bible Tells the Story of Enoch?

At least four different people are known as Enoch in Genesis. However, Genesis 5:18 mentions one Enoch that the Bible speaks of most. This Enoch was a descendant of Adam.

4 - Is Enoch’s Book Authored?

Not Enoch (seventh Adam) wrote the Book of Enoch. The Enoch book contains various texts authored by different writers from 300 BC to 100 AD.

5 - Is the Book of Enoch an Authentic Biblical Book?

The Book of Enoch is an actual “historical” text, but it has not been included in the canons of Jews or Christians except by external references. Perhaps this is because its origin cannot be fully established, as it is one of the oldest books, but it is mentioned in the New Testament in the book of Jude.

6 - What Is the Banned Book of Enoch?

The Book of Enoch was banned by later Church Fathers primarily because of its theme of the nature and actions of fallen angels as heretics. This material has angered some Church Fathers. And some rabbis wouldn’t even believe it.

7 - Why Is Enoch Not in Bible?

The Book of Enoch is incompatible with the rest of the scriptures. Because they are like God’s angels in heaven and do not marry or have children after the resurrection (Matthew 22:30 NIV). Angels are not sexual beings; thus, this means.

8 - Why Is Enoch Not Canonical?

The Book of Enoch is not Scripture. Therefore, the thousands of his holy Spirit did not lead the Church to include her in the canons of the Holy Scriptures.

9 - What Did Aleister Crowley Do with the Book of Enoch?

He also wrote many of Enoch’s books on angels. Aleister Crowley followed the Book of Enoch and John Dee’s Enochian apocryphal writings to perform Enochian magic.

10 - Is It Ok to Read the Book of Elohiym?

I don’t think it’s from reading. It has been used to promote doctrines that are flawed and unreliable. I had it and threw it away. I am fine. I just read a few words from this disgusting book and realized that this is not Elohim.

11 - What Do Bible Scholars Know About the Book of Enoch?

You will see that the Book of Enoch also claims to be an author before the typical biblical flood. Scholars know only one copy of the Book of Enoch in Ethiopia this century. The book is presented in Aramaic and Greek. The most common idea of ​​its origin is traced back to the 4th and 6th centuries.


Self-control hampers their tithe because you’re accountable for your choices and can connect with God without a preacher. Because the Book of Enoch can’t be credited to Enoch, it’s not inspired by God and shouldn’t be in the Bible. The Book of Enoch is real and credited to Enoch (and numerous of his successors), the seventh Adam, and Adam foresaw the labor of one or more rabbis or scribes.

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Is the book of Enoch in Bible? No, the Book of Enoch is not in Bible. I think the Book of Enoch is not in the Bible because it is the only book in all the scriptures that contains more information about the enemy and the origin of evil. Praise Jesus for being the anointed of the Holy Father or the Head of days.

1 - Why stay away from the book of Enoch?

Why stay away from the Book of Enoch? There is no need to stay away from the book of Enoch. It comprises the war in Paradise, the messiah (messiah), and the resurrection. Letters from the 2nd and 3rd centuries laid the foundation for later necessary ideas.

2 - What did Aleister Crowley do with the Book of Enoch?

Aleister Crowley has written many of Enoch’s books on angels. Aleister Crowley followed the Book of Enoch and John Dee Enochian apocryphal writings to represent Enochian magic.

3 - Why is the Book of Enoch removed from the Bible?

The book of Enoch was removed from bibles because some people believe that the creators of the Church didn’t find the book divinely inspired.

4 - Why is Enoch’s Book not in Bible?

What do people think about the book Enoch without a mask? The Book of Enoch is dangerous because it denies the Bible, lies about the biblical universe, Does not accept God’s temple, and does not distort God’s grace and plan of preservation. The Book of Enoch declares to have been written by Enoch (seventh Adam), but this is not true.

5 - Who wrote the Book of Enoch?

The Book of Enoch declares that Enoch (seventh Adam) write the Enoch, but I think this is false. The Book of Enoch is a crowd of books written from 300 BC to 100 AD by several writers.

6 - Which Book of the Bible tells the real story of Enoch?

The Book of Genesis, which is the Book of the Bible, tells the story of Enoch.

7 - Is the Book of Enoch biblical?

The Book of Enoch is true record text, but it is not included in the rules of Jews or Christians except in exterior sources. This is because its origin cannot be fully created, it is one of the oldest books, but it is represented in the New.

8 - Why is Enoch not approved?

In Short, The Book of Enoch is not Holy writ. Therefore, the Holy Spirit did not lead the Church to include her in the rules of the thousands of his Holy Good Books.

9 - Who was the Father of Enoch?

Jared was the father of Enoch.

10 - Do People Refer to God as Elohim?

Many people do not know much more about the term Elohim. When we reach Christianity today, they often say their God simply as God, just as the sun is the sun, and the fire is the fire. They believe that there are only things in the world near us, so only a simple concept they require.

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