Why star maps are a great gift for your loved one?

Stars are magical and a look at the night sky will prove it. This magical quality affects everyone’s lives on Earth and is a major area of study. The position of the stars and planets are believed to create a huge impact on our lives. It affects our health, actions and decisions. Since they are so important have you thought what might have been their position on a particularly important moment in your life? For instance, their positions are extremely important in birth charts. Many people also study their positions to understand the course of events and the future. Such an interest has led a star map to become an interesting gift item for many.

Getting a star map

If you want to get hold of a star map you will require an important date and a particular location from where you want the sky to be studied. Hanging a star map on a wall is a great way of remembering a particular event. If you are interested in studying constellations then the sky map online can be really handy. Constellations have a story to tell so it can be very interesting to have in your house. These customized star maps are completely reliable because the data is drawn from Nasa’s astronomical observations and planetary missions as well as lab measurements. This makes the maps completely authentic and a décor worthy of your wall.

Here are some events where a star map can be a wonderful gift item.

The birth of your child

The birth of a child is big affair in any household. Getting a star map is the perfect gift for the family because it helps in celebrating the event. The child will feel important and loved when he or she grows up to understand the star chart on the wall.

Celebrating your anniversary or engagement

Whether it is your marriage anniversary or the day you two met, getting a chart to commemorate the events is an extremely romantic idea. It goes to show how much importance you are bestowing on the occasion. Meeting the right person gives meaning to everyone’s life and you should never forget the date or the star positions of the same. Not just your anniversary, you can do the same for the day you met your best friend or an important member of the family.

Starting your business or retirement

Just as meeting your partner is an incredibly important day of your life, similarly, the day your find your calling is also equally memorable. You can hang a star map to remember the day you joined office or started your business. If you won a particularly important trophy or award then you can remember it in a similar way!


For some people retirement is also an important date that brought about a major change in their lives. If you have spent a hard and long working life then retirement should be a great time to plan a vacation. Celebrate that day by adding a decorative star map to your wall.