Why Custom Kraft Boxes are Popular in the Packaging Industry?

Traditionally, marketing was known to be based upon four ‘Ps’ which were Product, Price, Place, and Promotion, but in modern times, another ‘P’ is added to the mix and it is ‘Packaging.’ In these fast competitive times, companies have realized the importance of designing and developing customer-centric products.

Unique Design

If there are products of the same category with little difference, then the customer will always go for the product with the most alluring and exquisite packaging. Previously, consumer brands focused on the product and paid little attention to the packaging, but now ‘Packaging’ is considered a deciding factor for customers to make a buying decision.

There used to be common shapes and designs in packaging, but the advancements in technology have led to a wide array of distinctive styles made exactly to match the product description. But even with a wide range of exquisite designs, what matters most, in the end, is the quality and durability of the packaging material.

Custom packaging providers know the value of both the unique design and quality of the packaging, which have allowed them to develop and deliver the best custom boxes according to specific requirements. Cardboard boxes are regarded as most essential in storing, moving, and shipping all kinds of products.

The Popularity of Kraft Material

In the packaging industry, Kraft material has become the most sought after packaging material due to its diversity and flexible use in making custom boxes in various shapes and styles. Kraft is a paperboard that is made due to the chemical conversion of wood into wood pulp; the process is called ‘Kraft’ hence the name ‘Kraft’ material.

Kraft material has become a popular choice to market consumer goods due to its sturdiness and durability and its sustainability and eco-friendliness. The corrugated pinewood layers provide the required strength and allow storing and delivering different consumer goods such as food items, cosmetics, gifts, jewelry, apparel, and electronic gadgets.

Custom Kraft boxes are lightweight, which means the weight of the package while placed in the box does not increase the shipping costs and make delivery to clients and customers economical. The corrugated layers provide protection and prevent any damage due to pressure to the products placed inside the box.

The Advantages of Custom Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes are the first choice of many consumer brands looking to market their products in a fabulous and sophisticated style. The numerous advantages of using Kraft material in custom packaging are

Customization Options

Custom packaging is all about designing the box according to the product specifications and attracting potential customers. Kraft material allows the implementation of a wide range of personalization options from laminations to printing and embellishments. The Kraft boxes are available in a variety of sizes, and custom options include

  • Gloss, Matte, Spot UV, or Aqueous Coating.

  • Gold/Silver Foiling, Raised Ink, Die-cut window, Embossing, and Debossing

  • Digital and offset printing with a stylish company logo, colorful artwork, and graphics

  • Decorative options such as ribbons, bows, and flowers

Variety of Shapes and Styles

Due to its flexibility, Kraft material can easily be styled in various authentic and extravagant shapes, sizes, and styles. Some of the common shapes are rectangular, square, and oval, and some of the modern styles include a sleeve, auto-lock, flip top, hexagonal, pillow, mailer, window display boxes.

Best suited for Gift Packaging

People are always struggling to find the best packaging option when presenting a gift to family members or friends on special occasions. Kraft material quality makes it ideal for any themed event or occasion such as Birthdays, Weddings, Bridal Showers, or any religious festival.

Use in Delivering Food Items

Kraft boxes are favored by many companies involved in the food business, such as bakery and restaurant. The boxes come with custom handles that make it easy to carry food items such as cakes, pastries, sandwiches, cupcakes, pizzas, and other items.

The Role of Packaging Providers

There are few quite amazing packaging providers that can help you design the best custom Kraft box to improve your sales or present a gift to your loved one. Kraft boxes have quickly become a unique way for a business company to be distinctive and promote their products in the most alluring way.

Kraft material is eco-friendly, which means the custom box will not add to the carbon footprint. The Kraft boxes can be broken down and recycled or serve as an ideal storage box for your household goods and accessories. The stylishly designed Kraft boxes have a subtle finish with vibrant color options that help to gain the attention of potential customers and improve sales.


Packaging providers have a creative design team that allows you to pick a suitable design from their portfolio of styles or send your own original design. A demo design is made first, and you can amend it, and then the boxes will be made if you require boxes in bulk quantity, then you can get amazing wholesale rates and discounts.