Who makes Kirkland vodka?

Who makes Kirkland vodka?Kirkland Signature French Vodka is a famous drink among Costco customers, and has often topped Grey Goose in blind flavor exams. The drink’s production process stays in large part a proprietary mystery, but the distinction might not matter as lots given federal guidelines.

Who makes Kirkland vodka

Kirkland Vodka Costco

What makes a Terrific Vodka Besides?

  1. These questions are relevant to a viral claim that’s circulated on line for years.

  2. “Is Costco’s Kirkland Brand of Vodka The Same As Grey Goose?” a piece of writing from the recipe web page 12Tomatoes reads.

  3. The question breathed existence lower back right into a years-old notion among many who the large field shop’s much less expensive and reportedly great vodka was genuinely the prestigious vodka emblem in one of a kind packaging.

  4. Claims that comparable products are being offered underneath manufacturers with wildly specific price tags is nothing new.

  5. But Grey Goose expressly denies the claims are real, mentioning the particular qualities and manner of its brand.

  6. Other factors, consisting of the production and foundation of the vodkas, imply that whilst the two merchandise can also taste comparable for a few, they may be different beverages.

Differences between the vodkas

“No, Grey Goose Vodka does now not produce nor privately label Kirkland vodka,” Joe Cantata, Grey Goose’s Global Head of Education, told USA TODAY. “This is a viral declare that has turned around Grey Goose for decades and it’s completely false.”

  1. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, which regulates the sale and importation of alcohol, has permitted simplest one Certificate of Label Approval for Kirkland Signature vodka.

  2. That certificate states the logo is produced with the aid of the Leveler Corp. In Mira Coma, California.

  3. The certificate issued for Grey Goose’s diverse American products all state the products originate in France, confirming Grey Goose statements to USA TODAY.

  4. “From harvest to milling to distillation to bottling, every step is performed in France. Only Grey Goose makes use of unmarried starting place Picador wheat and water from our herbal limestone properly in Gen sac-Los Angeles-Pallet to craft a gluten free spirit of extraordinary person,” Cantata advised USA TODAY.

  5. Costco does now not reveal its components’ origins, although a 2016 VICE report found that Kirkland Signature’s French Vodka additionally faucets a nicely in the Gen sac Springs area.

  6. Grey Goose told USA TODAY its vodka is distilled handiest once “as a way to keep the first-class herbal elements and profiles of its components.” Kirkland Signature French Vodka states on its bottle that it’s far distilled five instances.

Determining vodka high-quality and charge

“If all vodkas had been the equal we’d simplest have one vodka. The differences are subtle,” Tony Ab ou-Ga nim, a gemologist and the writer of “Vodka Distilled,” told USA TODAY.

At its middle, vodka is distilled alcohol and water, however the components and procedure used to make the alcohol vary by means of brand and country.

Vodka fanatics contend that high high-quality ingredients and a greater stringent process, like the one utilized by Grey Goose, justify its high rate tag, Ab ou-Ga nim explained.

“It fees extra to produce a vodka with rye or wheat than with sugarcane, for example. The source of your water may want to element into the fee, after which there’s importation costs,” he stated.

While variations within the fees of wheat, water and the machinery used for distillation may be for my part small among products, those preliminary expenses can compound to produce huge versions in rate.

“And optimistically, in flip, for the extra fee that you installed, the customer will have a better enjoy on the quit,” Ab ou-Ga nim stated.

Cheap vodka, great flavor?

Despite these variations, the Kirkland-made-through-Grey Goose claims increase questions of how specific luxury brands actually are from their inexpensive opposite numbers.

  1. Grey Goose argues its investments and one-of-a-kind get right of entry to to ingredients offers its brand “a richer, deeper taste profile,” consistent with Cantata.

  2. “Everyone has a few sort of perspective on Grey Goose; it indicates something. But in case you placed six vodka glasses in the front of human beings and ask them to flavor for the high-quality, they’re not always going to choose it,” Ab ou-Ga nim said.

  3. That doesn’t imply that Grey Goose isn’t high first-rate, however that “you need to pass and do the work to determine what’s the right flavor for you,” Ab ou-Ga nim stated. “It’s OK to love and use a couple of form of vodka!”

  4. Kirkland Signature French Vodka is a famous drink among Costco customers, and has often topped Grey Goose in blind flavor exams. The drink’s production process stays in large part a proprietary mystery, but the distinction might not matter as lots given federal guidelines.

  5. For years, the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Code mandated that vodka ought to be distilled and treated till it is “with out one of a kind man or woman, aroma, flavor or coloration.”

  6. Some argued the regulation flattened the variety of tastes that vodkas to be had within the U.S. Should have, which is why the TTB these days redefined vodka as any “impartial spirits” that could include “up to two grams in line with liter of sugar and up to one gram in line with liter of citric acid.”


The pass acknowledges that flavored vodkas and other styles of vodka popular some other place within the global exist and opens the possibility for more varieties of vodka to be produced inside the United States. “Vodka isn’t always about what you install but what you are taking out earlier than the final product,” Ab ou-Ga nim stated. “Really, the best manner to learn greater is to taste.”

Kirkland Signature Vodka

All modern evidence shows that Kirkland Signature French Vodka, nor some other products bought by Costco, are in any manner affiliated with the Grey Goose emblem.

  • While the brands may additionally have a few comparable substances and distillation practices, these are not coordinated efforts. Regardless, consumers can determine for themselves that’s the better vodka. We fee this claim FALSE.

  • While rumors have persevered for years that Kirkland Signature Vodka, aka Costco’s residence emblem, is honestly the same as Grey Goose, this rumor is not simply an oversimplification, but it’s naturally simply no longer actual.

  • To address the first difficulty regarding the Grey Goose rumor, there are absolutely two kinds of Kirkland vodka: a cheaper American version and a pricier French version.

  • It is handiest the French vodka this is in reality similar to Grey Goose, and what’s extra, Grey Goose categorically denies the rumors, as does the Bacardi logo that owns Grey Goose, in keeping with Thrill.

  • The very last phrase on this question of vodka origin comes from the U.S. Authoritarian’s personal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

  • They have issued one and only one Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) for Kirkland-branded vodka of any kind, and that certificates states that each one Kirkland vodkas from 2005 on (the database handiest lets in a 15-yr seek parameter) were produced by way of the Leveler Corporation in Mira Coma, California.

Where does Kirkland vodka come from?

Kirkland’s French vodka, consistent with Vice’s Munchies column, is crafted from water that comes from the identical Gen sac Springs in France’s cognac vicinity where Grey Goose receives their own water — even though the pricier logo does, of route, declare to use an “one of a kind” nicely, in addition to the usage of wheat milled thru a proprietary method.

  • Munchies also makes point out of the reality that Grey Goose and Kirkland are distilled some 800 kilometers apart, which interprets to just beneath 500 miles.

  • In the case of Kirkland’s French vodka, Leveler may also only serve as the bottler and distributor, because the spirit itself is obviously distilled in Europe.

  • While nobody has achieved this kind of thorough research of Kirkland’s American vodka, it is able to well be produced in addition to bottled in Mira Coma.

  • Does it in the long run remember who makes the stuff, even though? Kirkland’s French vodka often beats out Grey Goose in blind flavor exams.

  • Even in case you opt for the lower-priced American Kirkland vodka, it’s nonetheless taken into consideration one of the quality Costco-branded liquors for sale.

  • In reality, spirits expert Fred Dominick informed Business Insider that, in his opinion, “Vodka is purely advertising — there is not anything unique about it [since] it is meant to be thrown in with some thing else and take at the man or woman of whatever it’s miles blended with.”

  • If you are on a finances — or definitely a smart shopper — you already know that shopping for accepted products, like cereal and soda, get you pretty much the identical meals for less cash.

  • Some human beings even grow to be greater unswerving to residence brands in the long run. Anyone who grew up close to an H-E-B virtually knows.

  • In addition to foodstuffs, increasingly more retailers are moving into the private-label game. However none have stuck the attention of clients quite just like the options at Costco.

  • Their in-save label Kirkland Signature has already been declared as the “exceptional store emblem there ever changed into” by Bon Appetite, however it’s now not just their natural produce and pantry staples which have human beings signing up for Costco memberships.

  • Kirkland Signature liquors have emerge as a “cult favourite” that bartenders love. Not handiest are they a awesome fee, however many of them additionally rival their name-emblem counterparts as far as fine goes.

  • Of direction, now not the entirety can be a winner — on occasion the shop genuinely misses the mark and it’s higher to simply go with the call-emblem.

  • These choices for the high-quality and worst Kirkland liquors allow you to determine out which spirits to select up the subsequent time you’re at Costco and which ones to keep away from.

  • The following charges had been accurate as of February 2019, however they’re continually situation to adjustments through the years and with the aid of vicinity.

Kirkland Signature American Vodka

The Kirkland Signature American Vodka is the Costco opportunity for folks that pick home vodkas such as Tito’s. At below $20 for 1.75 L, it’s one of the maximum pockets-friendly alternatives at the listing. It’s offered reportedly distilled six instances for extremely-smoothness.

Having a superb fee isn’t always the best issue that makes Kirkland’s American Vodka a terrific choice.

  1. Reviewers praise the for its mild and sweet aroma in addition to its easy and barely citrus flavor. And it comes with a “Highly Recommended” Tastings rating.

  2. However, like maximum inexpensive vodkas, this is possibly now not the great preference in case you’re trying to take pictures all Russian Tanya fashion.

  3. As stated with the aid of the professional reviewers over at Good Cheap, Kirkland’s American Vodka is a bit too harsh and skinny inside the mouth for pictures. It’s great served with something in it, be it ice, a mixer, or maybe a splash of juice.

  4. A top notch way to use this American vodka is in a Moscow Mule which, in spite of its call, is a conventional American that debuted in the 20th century.

  5. Fill a tall glass (or, preferably, a copper mug) with ice and top with 2 ounces of vodka, 4 oz. Of ginger beer, and a squeeze of lime juice. Stir gently and garnish with more limes earlier than serving.

Kirkland Signature Blended Scotch Whisky

You’re likely asking yourself “how does a company primarily based out of Washington nation make a scotch really worth drinking?” Well, like cereals in a bag and maximum different everyday merchandise, it is no longer Costco it truly is actually producing the product.

  1. While Costco continues their lips tight and shut in terms of who precisely produces lots of their liquors, the word on the road (and at the bottle) is that the producer of this one is Alexander Murray & Co.

  2. The Kirkland Original Blended Scotch Whisky has a pleasant, caramel color and heady scent notes of vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, and — of path — peat.

  3. Flavor-smart, you will observe recommendations of brown sugar, plums, orange, and malt. It’s no longer overly-complex; as a substitute, it is a completely simple scotch prominent by using its clean drink ability. Overall, Tastings ranks Kirkland Original as an “Exceptional” mixed scotch whisky.

  4. Now, is this combined scotch whisky the bottle you have to turn to if you’re trying to treat yourself to a tremendous dram on a unique event? Probably now not. B

  5. UT that absolutely does not imply that Kirkland Original Blended Scotch Whisky would not have its makes use of.

  6. It’s a top notch scotch to have available if you want a nightly scotch and soda earlier than you hit the hay.

  7. It’s also a terrific option in case you want something it is satisfactory and dry, ideal for your favorite scotch or blended right into wintry weather punch.

  8. At much less than $25 for 1.75 L, you can without problems find the money for to be heavy-surpassed with this mixed scotch whisky.

Kirkland Signature Blended Canadian Whisky

Crown Royal enthusiasts, have a good time! The Kirkland Signature Canadian Blended Whisky is taken into consideration a outstanding dupe at a higher fee as compared to the call-logo in the pink bag.

  • The Canadian Whisky become one of the 3 Costco spirits chosen to be examined in a Buzz feed blind taste check.

  • Panelists cited that once compared visually, the two facet-by means of-facet appearance “precisely the same” as a ways as shade and readability go.

  • Flavor-smart, you could count on that harsh burn on the the front followed through the sweet, smokey, and (duh) maple-y finishing notes that human beings enjoy from their Canadian whisk.

  • The beginner taste-testers were cut up 50/50 when determining which whisky turned into the real-deal and which was the Costco model, that’s a quite properly indicator that with regards to choosing among the two, you have got an either/or scenario reachable.

  • There are even a few whispers at the internet that the 2 are made through the same distillery.

  • Kirkland Signature Blended Canadian Whisky is some other Costco spirit it truly is earned an “Exceptional” score from Tastings, scoring an excellent ninety one factors via their blind taste check.

  • Best of all? Kirkland’s Canadian Whisky fees much less than $20 for the 1.Seventy five L bottle; compare that to the $40-$45 you will spend for the same amount of the name-logo stuff!

  • As some distance as values go, half-off is not something to which one have to flip up their nostril — it’s a quite stable good deal if you’re partial to Canadian whisky on your highballs.

Kirkland Signature XO Cognac

What in the heckling heck does the “XO” in XO cognac even stand for? Well, as it seems it way “more old,” which type of makes feel thinking about that Kirkland Signature XO Cognac is one of the pricier Costco liquors to make it to the listing at a healthy common rate of $50 for 750 L, even though that rate may additionally vary by using area.

However, evaluate that price tag to the minimal $one hundred thirty for 750 L you will pay for another bottle of XO.

  • To be taken into consideration “XO,” the youngest cognac within the combination ought to be aged as a minimum 10 years with the average age of all of the character liquors going for walks twenty years or older.

  • The end result is a sweet and barely highly spiced that pairs well with cigars and is nice served immediately or, at maximum, with multiple ice cubes.

  • It’s taste is “very light, very floral” with just a trace of spice at the end and sufficient notes to inform you that you’re consuming a rich, complex cognac for the cash. Kirkland Signature XO Cognac received a “Highly Recommended” score from Tastings with an 89 point score that is simply shy of “Exceptional” repute.

  • If you need to make this good deal bottle sense fancier while you sip it, shop it in a pleasant decanter and no person will recognition the distinction.

  • Grab it while you see it though — this one is regularly simplest to be had throughout the vacations.

Kirkland Signature Irish Cream Liqueur

A lot of the “satisfactory” Costco liquors are considered so due to the fact they’re indistinguishable from their name-brand opposite numbers (we’re searching at you, Bailey’s) even as costing considerably less.

What allows the Kirkland Signature Irish Cream Liqueur stick out from the % isn’t best for its pockets-friendliness (it ought to most effective set you back around $15 for 1.75 L).

However professionals additionally locate that taste-clever it is better than the name-brand counterpart as it’s far “smoother, less harsh, and more balanced.”

  1. At first whiff of Kirkland’s Irish Cream, you will choose up aromas of cocoa, cream, and — of route — Irish whiskey.

  2. As a long way as taste goes, it is distinctly smooth and very sweet. You’ll probable flavor notes paying homage to sweet: chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut particularly.

  3. Given its inherent sweetness, the majority enjoy Irish cream both chilled and served immediately or over ice, but it is also delicious poured into a cup espresso or within the center of a a home made Mudslide.

Kirkland Signature French Vodka

Ah sure– the one that got the buzz over Costco liquors within the first vicinity; this listing wouldn’t be entire without Kirkland Signature French Vodka.

It turned into one of the three liquors covered inside the Buzz feed blind flavor check, and the panelists had some exciting things to say about the way it tastes…

It’s like “ingesting Alex Mack if Alex Mack was a liquid.”

Drinking Kirkland Signature French Vodka “feels like I need to be on a rooftop veranda.”
The vodka is “so clean it’s almost dangerous,” therefore “purchase with caution.”

Despite the rumors, Costco is not without a doubt bottling Grey Goose and calling it their very own.

As mentioned through Vice, Kirkland Signature French Vodka is “made from the identical water supply” as Grey Goose (even though they use a special properly), which has received decrease ratings in many blind taste assessments AND prices extra than two times as an awful lot.

Kirkland’s French Vodka has a extraordinary viscosity, “silky, with a medium-weight heft akin to white wine,” in line with Kitchen.

Its taste is easy and vibrant with a diffused sweetness that makes it a splendid vodka for consuming instantly or on the rocks.

All of that and it’s handiest going to fee you around $25 for the 1.Seventy five L bottle– no wonder it has a lot buzz!

Kirkland Signature Small Batch

This recent addition to the Costco shelves isn’t always to be careworn with Kirkland’s longstanding and underwhelming 7-year small batch bourbon.

While the bottle lacks an age assertion, it is one of the uncommon Kirkland services that does not require a scavenger hunt to determine out who truly makes the stuff.

Printed proper there at the label is the name of the manufacturer, Barton 1792 Master Distillers, which takes place to be one of the maximum revered distilleries within the bourbon biz.

Since we reported on the discharge in May, the opinions have all started to pour in and the consensus is purchase, buy, buy this smooth-drinking Kentucky nectar which clocks in at 45% alcohol by means of volume.

According to Forbes, the whisky has a easy flavor “… With notes of cinnamon and clove, observed by way of caramel and vanilla notes.”

For 20 dollars a liter, this is an absolute thieve, mainly if you’re seeking to stock your bar with a strong, everyday sipper.

“This is a remarkable value bourbon,” notes a Credit user. “Its brilliant end and even better price supply it a dedicated area on my shelf.”

And for those of you who prefer a bourbon that is a tier or two better on the shelf, keep your eyes peeled for 2 extra Kirkland collaborations with Barton which can be positive to be a success: a unmarried barrel bottle and a bottled-in-bond version.

Kirkland Signature Ready

There is no better way to fight the sizzling summer season heat than a fruity , in particular inside the form of a frozen Popsicle.

Essentially adult Otter Pops, Kirkland Signature Ready to Freeze won’t reach the lofty requirements of a mustachioed gemologist, but they will cool you down and come up with a chunk of a buzz (the alcohol via quantity is most effective 8% extra or much less splitting the distinction among a lager and a rose) so we are truelove not complaining.

This is a selection % so that you’ll get to experience 3 fresh flavors: Strawberry Freeze, Lime Drop, and Watermelon Hibiscus.

Each Popsicle is most effective 100 calories and includes nary an synthetic sweetener.

While preceding versions have been made with vodka, the cutting-edge supplying makes use of Other Than Standard orange wine because the addition.

Since this is a Costco buy, you can assume lots of pops (18 pouches in each $13.Ninety nine bundle). But If freezer area is an trouble, not to fear.

These are geared up-to-freeze so you don’t ought to load them all in without delay unless you’re throwing a celebration, in which case, clean out lots of room.


Kirkland Signature liquors have emerge as a “cult favourite” that bartenders love. Not handiest are they a awesome fee, however many of them additionally rival their name-emblem counterparts as far as fine goes. Of direction, now not the entirety can be a winner — on occasion the shop genuinely misses the mark and it’s higher to simply go with the call-emblem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Kirkland get its vodka?

And while the manufacturer of Kirkland’s Signature Vodka does distill the vodka from Grey Goose’s same water source in Cognac, France, according to a comprehensive article in Munchies, Goose told the publication that it gets its water from an exclusive well.

Is Kirkland vodka the same as Titos?

Tito’s Handmade Vodka resembles the tasting notes of Kirkland Signature American Vodka. Meanwhile, Pinnacle Vodka comes from the same region as Grey Goose and Kirkland Signature French Vodka. Both Buffalo Trace and Ketel One produce vodka with a soft and smooth texture, almost like Costco’s Kirkland Vodka.

Is Kirkland French vodka Grey Goose?

A tale of two Kirkland vodkas

Topping the list, however, was Kirkland’s French (red label) vodka, perhaps one of Costco’s all-time best buys. While it is not actually repackaged Grey Goose, it is sourced from the same waters — the Gensac Springs in France’s Cognac region (via Vice).

What is Kirkland American vodka compared to?

For those unfamiliar with the Costco vodkas, the simplest way to differentiate between the two is by comparing them to their more well-known counterparts. The French vodka is commonly likened to Grey Goose, while the American version is said to mimic Tito’s.

Is Kirkland vodka made from wheat?

As long as the vodka you’re purchasing is pure vodka with no additional flavoring, Kirkland vodka is gluten-free. If it is flavored, you’ll want to check for a gluten-free label.

Which Kirkland Vodka is best?

Best: Kirkland Signature American Vodka. The Kirkland Signature American Vodka is the Costco alternative for those who prefer domestic vodkas such as Tito’s. At under $20 for 1.75 L, it’s one of the most wallet-friendly options on the list. It’s sold reportedly distilled six times for ultra-smoothness.

Is Kirkland American vodka made from corn?

Kirkland American Vodka is the Costco label vodka. It’s “distilled six times” from an undisclosed base or distillery. Distilled from any agricultural product, most commonly grains or potatoes.

What is Kirkland vodka equivalent to?

Grey Goose
Vodka enthusiasts say this is why Costco’s Kirkland bottle tastes so good. It has frequently defeated Grey Goose in blind tastings despite being a third of the price: Costco’s 1.75-liter French vodka costs $19.99, while you can expect to pay about $60 for the same-size bottle of Grey Goose, which is owned by Bacardi.

What is Costco vodka comparable to?

What Is Kirkland Vodka Equivalent To? The Kirkland bottle from Costco tastes good because of this, say vodka enthusiasts. Even though it costs a third as much as Grey Goose, Costco’s 1 has frequently won blind tastings. $19 is the price of 75 liters of French vodka.

Who makes Tito’s vodka?

Fifth Generation Inc. Tito’s Handmade Vodka is distilled and bottled by Fifth Generation Inc. in Austin, Texas on the very same land where the whole venture started.


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