Which Mattresses Have Fiberglass

What mattresses have fiberglass? Nine popular mattress brands: Zinus, Linenspa, Lucid, Molblly, Olee Sleep, Sleep Innovations, Ashley Furniture, Purple, and Casper—all include fiberglass. Purple is a brand not affiliated with Amazon but is highly well-known nonetheless.

Which Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Describe Fibreglass:

The two components that make up fiberglass are glass and reinforced plastic. This substance is typically found in mattress covers and memory foam mattresses. As a result of this material’s well-known malleability and durability, manufacturers may quickly deal with it. I

T’s also incredibly simple to mass-make at low cost. Even though fiberglass has a wide range of uses, wall insulation is where it is best known.

Two Name Brands To Avoid:

  1. Nectar
  2. Dreamcloud

The same business owns these two well-known mattress brands. I was hoping you could avoid them since I don’t trust their customer service. When I questioned them about the presence of fiberglass in their mattresses via their online chat service, they talked in circles so horribly that I felt dizzy from all the lines they spun.

They don’t include fiberglass, was the final response, but they ducked the question so much that I didn’t trust them. If you select one of these, buyer, beware.

How To Recognize A Mattress With Fiberglass:

On Amazon:

  • Check out the questions and answers for the mattress on Amazon. Seek out firm declarations from the company selling the mattress that there is no fiberglass. Please don’t rely on replies from other customers; I’ve seen them make mistakes repeatedly.

  • View images of the mattress from customers. As awareness of the fiberglass issue increases, more consumers are taking photos of the care tags on their mattresses, revealing whether they contain fiberglass. What you need is glass fiber. I’ve observed that the amount of “glass fiber” can range from 12 to 68% of the material in or under the cover, which is how it is typically stated.

Off Amazon:

  • Contact customer service outside of Amazon. If an online mattress manufacturer provides poor customer service, avoid them and look elsewhere. They MUST have excellent customer service to exist. Zinus and Purple should be commended for this since they both gave me clear-cut answers to my questions about fibreglass.

  • If a mattress has a fiberglass fire barrier, look for mattresses with removable covers.

  • If a mattress is made entirely of natural materials, such as natural or organic latex (like the hugely popular Avocado Green Mattress), the fire barrier will typically be made of organic cotton or wool.

Do All Memory Foam Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Sure, you’d expect natural mattresses like latex to contain wool or cotton for a fire barrier instead of fiberglass, but if memory foam mattresses don’t have fiberglass, what do they have? Is it true that all memory foam mattresses contain fiberglass?

Fortunately, the answer is no. There is a plethora of memory foam mattresses available that contain no fiberglass at all. Those not using fiberglass often use silica, occasionally combined with wool to provide a fire barrier. I want to reassure you that you can buy a memory foam mattress without fibreglass because I’ve read a lot of articles on different mattress types that don’t contain it.


You don’t have to give up comfort to be secure. You now have a list of the best mattresses free of fiberglass from the many available mattresses. To assist you in selecting the perfect bed for you, consider your firmness preferences and mattress type in addition to looking for items without fiberglass.

What Brands Of Memory Foam Mattresses Are Free Of Fibreglass?

Five excellent memory foam mattresses without fiberglass are listed below:


Puffy offers three top-notch memory foam mattresses that are all created in the nation. Instead, I was informed by their customer service employees that their mattresses instead contain a silica and wool combination rather than fibreglass. Puffy is the ideal option if you want a hybrid mattress that combines a coil support foundation with memory foam comfort layers.

Tuft and Needle Original :

However, if you’re wanting to purchase a memory foam mattress on Amazon, this is an excellent alternative. Amazon giving you a 100-night sleep trial is unusual. In response to my inquiries, the customer support agents at Amazon reassured me that this mattress is devoid of fibreglass. I’m primarily referring to the original T&N mattress; please keep in mind that not all T&N mattresses are like this. Please be aware that the Mint is likewise free of fibreglass but that the Tuft & Needle Nod and Nod Hybrid are not.


Is it feasible to talk about memory foam without mentioning the original manufacturer’s name? Although Tempur-Pedic mattresses don’t contain fiberglass and have detachable covers, they are significantly more expensive than the other mattresses I’ve mentioned.


Another well-known brand on Amazon is the Casper Element mattress, a budget option without fiberglass.

Snuggle Pedic:

Another excellent mattress created in the U.S. with a silica fire barrier is the Snuggle Pedic, which sold out on Amazon. Keep an eye on this location to find out when they will be back up.


Memory foam mattresses without fiberglass are available on Amazon. It’s unusual for a retailer to provide a 100-night sleep trial, but Amazon does.

How Can I Tell Whether My Bed Contains Fibreglass?

However, we can use the following three methods to assess whether a mattress contains fiberglass:

:one: Read the label to learn the materials used to make the mattress. You’re looking for words like “glass wool” or “glass fiber,” as well as the apparent “fiberglass.”

:two: Examine the instructions for your mattress. If it states, “do not remove the lid” (or something similar), fiberglass is probably within. Hot Tip: Despite being marked “do not remove the cover,” some mattresses have zips on their coverings. This zip is a requirement for production; it does not constitute a request that the cover is removed. Touch a mattress with a zip and a warning to never remove the cover.

:three: Having trouble finding the first two? What makes me think a memory foam mattress has fiberglass? It was pretty comfortable and reasonably priced ($500 for a queen or king-size mattress). Additionally, it is made in China.

How To Handle A Fiberglass Mattress:

You’ve learned that the memory foam mattress you own contains fiberglass. Do not panic, first of all! Although the fiberglass is not poisonous, it could be hazardous and annoying if it escapes from the mattress (more on that further down the post). Here’s how to take care of your mattress to preserve the fiberglass inside:

Do not take off the lid:

A fire-retardant layer of fiberglass is used on top of the memory foam underneath the cover. You run the risk of exposing the fiberglass if you remove the cover. Put it under control!

We should use a Mattress protector

An opening in the mattress cover could allow fiberglass to escape. Keep in mind that while these mattresses are frequently inexpensive, the cover material may be thinner or less sturdy than those of more expensive brands. Cover your mattress with a high-quality protector to prevent rips (and use it to extend the life of your mattress).

Think about replacing it

If having fiberglass in your mattress gives you anxiety, it would be worth it for your peace of mind to switch to a mattress without fiberglass. I’ve already provided several excellent possibilities for you in this article.

To Summarize

Fiberglass is not toxic, but it could be bothersome and even dangerous if it escapes from the mattress. Fiberglass might escape notice if the mattress cover had a hole in it. To protect your mattress, use a high-quality mattress cover (and use it to extend the life of your mattress).

Why Is It Used?

All mattresses sold in the United States are required by federal law to have a fire barrier or fire retardant. Fiberglass is often utilised as a fire barrier since it is inexpensive and non-toxic. Similar to liquid glass, it will melt in on itself during a fire without releasing any harmful chemicals.

Although fiberglass is non-toxic (we use it for insulation and other uses throughout our homes), it might not be enjoyable if it gets into the wrong locations.

Why Does It Matter?

Have you ever worked with a wall-mounted insulation panel? However, this caused you to scratch. Due to their extreme fineness and pointiness, fiberglass fibers may irritate and scrape some people.

Cleaning up after fiberglass removal from the mattress will be very challenging. Your bedding, clothes, and floor may accumulate fine particles. However, getting them taken out can cost a lot of money.

This short video [shows the hazards of fiberglass if it escapes from a mattress and how it is a mighty fire barrier (watch the mattresses burning at around 2 minutes in).

How To Know If Your Mattress Has Fiberglass?

Most fibreglass is cheap, and memory foam mattresses cost less than $1,000. A cheap material reinforced with fibre to provide security is fibreglass. In addition to mattresses, we may commonly find it in other materials.

But what sets it apart from other mattresses is that it is adequately insulated to pose no threat to health. Fiberglass under a mattress’ top layer makes cleaning much more challenging.

Fiberglass in mattresses has a benefit:

  • A mattress with fiberglass encased beneath its cover often serves a single function: preventing fires. Its primary purpose, which is why memory foam mattresses frequently have one, is to steer the mattress clear of potential fire hazards.

  • Why? Memory foam, on the other hand, is a synthetic memory made of poly-foam produced from petroleum. You may already be aware that petroleum is a highly flammable substance that could [explode and ignite your home.

  • To prevent the mattress from burning, remember that the fiberglass tucked inside the cover’s outer layer would melt if your room caught fire.

  • That is its primary purpose. Some manufacturers, including Zinus, claimed that the fiberglass in their mattresses is concealed inside the inner cover, which is a preferable solution. However, this is the procedure.

How To Determine If A Mattress Has Fiberglass:

Here are some simple methods to determine whether a mattress might be comprised of fiberglass if that is a problem for you. You can also look at our selection of top mattresses free of fiberglass.

Finding Fiberglass in a Mattress: A Guide Details
Price Since fiberglass is a cheap material, as I have explained, it shouldn’t increase the mattress’ price. Cheap mattresses are more likely to contain fiberglass and other dangerous components ($600 or less for a queen size is a decent rule of thumb). Cutting corners might occasionally also mean sacrificing quality
Query the Business You should be able to examine the materials used in a mattress when shopping online, possibly even which materials are used particularly as fire retardants. Send a message or call the business if it needs to be stated on the website.
Verify the Label (and for Greenwashing Terms) To see the materials, always look at the mattress tag. Search for references to fiberglass or other “greenwashing” terminology
Buy organic It would be a good idea to limit your mattress search to only organic options if you don’t even want to consider or worry about fiberglass

The Dangers of Owning a Fiberglass Mattress

  • Having fiberglass in your home comes with several risks. These tiny glass shards with plastic sheets within can easily stick to your skin, clothing, and hair, making removal challenging. More importantly, they might cause critical health issues.

  • There is currently no proof that prolonged exposure to fiberglass could have adverse health effects. However, fiberglass exposure can irritate your skin and make your eyes painfully swollen, red, and irritated.

  • Breathing fiberglass may also make your nose or throat feel uncomfortable. Fiberglass inhalation has even led to acute bronchitis in a few cases. Children and others who suffer from allergies may be in greater danger.

  • Acute issues that last for days may arise from fiberglass exposure and inhalation. In addition to skin redness and irritation of the nose, mouth, and eyes, this may cause swelling and itching. A person exposed to fiberglass over an extended length of time may get bronchitis, cough for days on end, and even leave the house so that the fiberglass can leave the environment.

  • Fiberglass particles may enter your home through your ventilation system, heater, or air conditioner, causing more damage if your home is exposed to too much.

  • Several families were compelled to leave their homes and hired specialists to remove the fiberglass pollution. This approach could be up to ten times more expensive than selling a high-quality mattress.

  • Fiberglass was not regarded as carcinogenic at the time, nor was any long-term risk connected. On the other hand, scientists keep looking into it and learning more about its potential effects, igniting new debates. Studies that examined the relationship between fiberglass and the lethal tumor mesothelioma have generated controversy.

We should also be aware that fiberglass is only sometimes referred to as such and that some producers may continue to utilize it under a different name. These are some more names for fiberglass:

Sr.no Other names of fiberglass
1 * Glass fiber
2 * Glass wool
3 * Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP)
4 * Glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP)

In Short

The mattress won’t catch fire if it has fiberglass in it. Keeping fiberglass in your home carries several dangers. Thus, there is currently no evidence to support the idea that long-term exposure would seriously affect health. Some persons have had acute bronchitis after inhaling fiberglass. Children and allergy sufferers are particularly at risk from this.

Avoiding Fiberglass Mattresses:

One of the most excellent methods to prevent dealing with a fiberglass mattress is to do your research before buying one.

We can take the following actions to prevent a fiberglass mattress from cracking.

If you recently bought a new mattress but are worried about fiberglass, this can also help.

Check the label

Always examine the label of the mattress you’re buying and read up on the mattress retardants to learn more about what the manufacturer uses. The usual rule is that the label should warn consumers not to remove the lid. The presence of fiberglass in the mattress is always evident from that.


If you’re buying a memory foam or hybrid mattress, it’s worth checking, even though this is sometimes a ■■■■ giveaway that the mattress contains fiberglass.


Memory foam mattresses under $500 are more likely to contain fiberglass because the manufacturer wanted to save money on the materials.

Consider Organic Alternatives

If you have yet to decide about a mattress, it’s preferable to choose a more natural option, like a latex mattress or green foam, which is slightly organic. More natural and environmentally friendly versions of the mattress use foam or another component to prevent overheating.

Remove Your Fibreglass Mattress If It Has Holes.

You should check it for holes if you already own a fiberglass mattress and have lately learned that it is made of the material. It is advised to cover your mattress with a mattress protector if necessary if there isn’t. Get rid of it if it’s outdated and replace it with a new one.

Fiberglass Mattress Manufacturers

Looking at which brands to avoid when practicing applying fiberglass to mattresses is one of the best ways to learn more about the material. Find out what to avoid by looking at this list we put together.

Nectar is one of the most well-liked and affordable memory foam mattress solutions. The inner protective layer, on the other hand, is almost entirely made of fibreglass. The good news is that there is a second barrier separating the customer’s body from the fibreglass.


It’s crucial to know that this mattress contains fiberglass as a fire retardant because it is one of the least expensive and outstanding values available.


Like Nectar mattresses, Zinus mattresses include a barrier that, even in the event of a rip, keeps the customer from getting the fiberglass deep inside the mattress. However, we’re highlighting this choice to make sure you’re aware of it out of a sense of caution.

The purple mattress’s fiberglass is intricately woven into the layer that ensures the mattress’s safety. This clever setup makes sure that no fiberglass is removed. But it’s still best to be informed.


Another well-liked option on Amazon, this one is a top seller. But knowing that their mattress contains fiberglass is comforting.

Ashley Furniture

Memory foam and hybrid mattresses made by Signature Ashley Furniture are renowned for being breathable and comfortable. Unfortunately, the mattress is also woven with fiberglass.


The manufacturer does not deny that its mattresses contain fiberglass. However, because they are woven into the strands, it is ■■■■■■ for them to contaminate your house and room.

Frequently Asked Questions

However, the following are some frequently asked questions related to which mattresses have fiberglass.

1. How can I tell if my bed is made of fiberglass?

Your mattress contains fiberglass if the label says it is made up of XX percent glass fiber. Do not remove the cover, as stated on your label, as this releases the fiberglass pieces into the air.

2. How typical is fiberglass in mattresses?

Several mattress producers [incorporate fiberglass into their goods. Fiberglass is the last thing you’d expect to find in a mattress. There is a low-cost solution to comply with industrial fire regulations and keep you safe while you sleep on your lovely, comfortable, but combustible bed.

3. Do all beds have fiberglass in them?

Natural latex mattresses are least likely to contain fiberglass. Although it’s not always the case, mattresses made of memory foam, composite materials, and innerspring are more likely to include fiberglass. Instead of fiberglass, brands will use wool, silica, or plant fibers as flame barriers.

4. Does Ashley use fiberglass in their mattresses?

Signature Ashley Furniture guarantees to offer comfortable, breathable memory foam and hybrid mattresses. However, some mattresses do contain fiberglass.

5. Are Zinus mattresses safe to use?

It has a five-year warranty and is CertiPUR certified, devoid of dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde and flame retardants. You can select from thicknesses ranging from six to twelve inches.

6. Do mattresses made of avocados contain fiberglass?

Our Avocado Green Mattress and Avocado Latex Mattress do not include any form of flame retardant. Our organic products are not treated with harmful chemicals, “fire socks” made of fibreglass or rayon, boric acid, or any other unknown substances.

7. What is the purpose of fiberglass in memory foam mattresses?

Some memory foam mattresses contain fiberglass as a flame retardant. Federal legislation mandates that memory foam in the U.S. contain fire retardant. Fiberglass is a low-cost, typically non-toxic component of memory foam that complies with American federal fire rules.

8. Is fiberglass used in Serta mattresses?

With its patented blend of natural and synthetic fibers, Serta’s FireBlocker technology aids in containing and thwarting the spread of fire. Serta mattresses are created from finished components, and none of our manufacturers employ chemicals to create them.

9. Are mattresses from Sealy Posturepedic toxic?

With this certification, you can be sure that the foam conforms with laws governing indoor air quality and is free of dangerous substances and heavy metals. The only foam used by Sealy in their mattresses is certified.

10. Does fiberglass appear in memory foam toppers?

Many memory foam mattresses are constructed with a fire-retardant knit fabric barrier consisting of glass fibre threads to meet U.S. federal mattress flammability standards, according to Rick Leckner, corporate communications manager for DHP Furniture.


You don’t have to give up comfort to be secure. You now have a list of the best mattresses free of fiberglass from the many available mattresses. To help you select the perfect bed, consider your firmness preferences and mattress type and look for items without fiberglass.

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