Where Is 713 Area Code?

Where Is 713 Area Code? Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas are served by area code 713. It has three overlays that cover the same territory (281, 346, and 832). One of Texas’s original four area codes in 1947 is area code 713.

Where Is 713 Area Code?
“Where Is 713 Area Code?”)

The Background of Area Code 713

In 1947, AT&T and the Bell System created 86 area codes, and 713 was one of them. At first, it served Southeast Texas, which included Houston. Area code 281 was established in 1996 and is currently a 713 overlay. Area code 832 was established in 1999 and is presently a 713 overlay.

Where Can You Find the 713 Area Code Numbers?

There are cities or places where you can find phone numbers with the area code 713. These areas have access to those numbers.

List Name
1 Deer Park.
2 Houston.
3 Huffman.
4 League City.
5 Spring.
6 Sugar Land.

An Area Code

Telephone numbers in the United States are assigned an area code to designate their geographic location. According to the North American Numbering Plan, there are around 320 area codes in the United States at the present time (NANP).

The Time Zone Is Area Code 713

The area code 713 is located in the U.S. state of Texas. Area code 713 primarily serves the city of Houston (population: 2,992,167) and covers 2 Texas counties. Chicago, Illinois, is in the Central Time Zone, and the area code 713 is also in the Central Time Zone. On January 1, 1947, the 713 area code was activated.

How Do I Automatically Set the Timezone?

The following are some suggestions for setting the timezone automatically provided below.

Number Name
1 In the bottom right corner of the screen, click the time interval.
2 After that, a calendar will appear; click the Date link.
3 This interface will be visible; ensure sure the timing switch is set to activate automatically.
4 Find the switch marked “Set time zone automatically” and flip it on.

The world Follows GMT.

A nation’s standard time is GMT. It is primarily utilized by British subsidiaries like the Royal Navy, the BBC World Service, and the Met Office. Many nations are incorporating GMT into their laws. These are Belgium, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Use of the Area Code

To avoid having to wait on hold for an operator to connect your call, area codes were created. Because there weren’t enough human operators to handle the demands of the expanding population, area codes helped redesign the antiquated phone system.

What Difference Does the Area Code Make?

If you take your old area code to a new location, they can make you feel like you’re back home. When they move, most people don’t change their area codes. Getting a distinctive local number is no longer possible, just like dial-up internet and landlines. How wealthy you are may also be indicated by your area code.

Area Codes for Pennsylvania in the 610

Southeast Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia, including Lehigh Valley, but excluding all of Bucks County, excluding the northernmost and eastern half of Montgomery counties. 717 Harrisburg, Lancaster, and York, all in south-central Pennsylvania.

What Was Pennsylvania’s Original Area Code?

412, 215, 717, and 814 were the area codes in use in Pennsylvania in 1947. After the addition of 610 in 1995, there have been several further splits and acquisitions. In addition to the 610 area code, there is an overlay for the 835 area code—specifically, dial plans and city code listings for North America.

Country Code in 3 Digits

ISO 31661 The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published ISO 31661, a subset of ISO 3166, which defines Numeric Codes (or number 3), three-digit country codes used to identify nations, dependent territories, and regions of particular geographic significance.

How Can You Change Your Area Code?

The following recommendations can help you alter your area code.

  1. Locate your mobile phone’s electronic serial number (ESN).

  2. You should contact your mobile service provider’s support staff.

  3. Give your ESN to the agent and explain that you want to alter your area code.

The Houston City

The majority of the residents of Houston are served by the Texas area code 832. It also provides service to a portion of eight surrounding counties, including overlay codes 281, 346, and 713. Harris, Fort Bend, Chambers, Brazoria, Montgomery, Galveston, Liberty, and Waller counties are included in this list.

713 Stands For

July 13, also called “713 Day,” is a day to honour everything H-Town. The day is named for the oldest area code in the city. It was created in 1947 as a component of the North American Numbering Plan, and up until 1996, it served as Houston’s sole area code.


713 Day honours everything Houston. The city’s initial area code is celebrated on this day. Up until 1996, it was the only area code for Houston. An area code identifies the U.S. location of a phone number. The U.S. has 320 area codes, including overlays, according to the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).

Population Statistics for Area Code 713

According to the 713 area code, there were roughly 2,770,000 people, approximately 1,380,000 men and 1,390,000 women, in the 2010 Census. The median home value in the 713 area code is $100,457.69, and the average household income is $45,219.31.


Furthermore, the 713 area code’s population comprises about 54% white people, 36% Hispanic people, and 21% black people. The remaining population includes Asians and people of other racial groups—the city with the highest population in the 713 area code in Houston, Texas.

Major City

Houston will have 2,304,580 residents in 2022, making it the second most populous city in Texas. It is the county headquarters and significant city of Harris County and the main metropolis in the Greater Houston metropolitan area. Houston, also called the “Bayou City,” “Space City,” “H-Town,” and “the 713,” has developed into a major international city with a focus on culture, science, and medicine.

The Primary Sectors in the 713 Area Code

Since oil was found in 1901, energy has been important to Houston’s economy. There are about 3,600 energy-related businesses in the Houston area, including 600 exploration and production firms and 170 pipeline firms. Given the presence of these businesses and a technically proficient and experienced workforce, Houston will undoubtedly continue to be the centre of the U.S. oil industry.

Additionally, Houston is a leader in the chemical industry globally, with downstream chemical operations using about 40% of the nation’s capacity for producing basic chemicals. By the way, a significant part of Houston’s economy is financial services.

The most well-known industries where persons with the 713 area code work are the ones listed below.

  • In the 713 area code, around 17% of the population works in the health, social services, and education sectors.

  • About one-fifth of the labour force provides professional, scientific, managerial, administrative, and waste management services.

  • The retail trade employs about 11% of people.

  • 11% of people work in manufacturing.

  • 9% of people work in the construction industry.


In 2022, Houston will be the second-most populated city in Texas and the largest city in Harris County. It serves as the hub of the Greater Houston metropolitan region, which will be fifth-most populous in the nation. It is 54% white, 36% Hispanic, and 21% black in the 713 area code. Asian and other races are other races.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

The important questions related to this subject are listed below.

1- Is the 713 Area Code a Toll-Free Number?

No. There is no toll-free number for the (713) area code.

2 - What American Country Code Is 731?

North American Numbering Plan area code 731 serves western Tennessee (NANP). Jackson, Tiptonville, Savannah, Union City, Dyersburg, Lexington, Ripley, Martin, Brownsville, Paris, and Bolivar are included (NPA).

3 - What Does the Angel Number 333 Mean?

According to numerology, angel number 333 signifies your guardian angel’s support while you make difficult life choices that you may not want to make. This message is meant to uplift you and guide you toward self-acceptance and love rather than tear you down.

4 - What Beach Is the Nearest to Dallas?

Look beyond the breathtaking Bolivar Peninsula for the closest white sand beach to Dallas.

5 - How Far Is the Beach from Houston?

Just over 90 miles separate Bolivar Beach from Houston, but the trip is worthwhile, especially if you plan to stay for several days. It would help if you took a 15-minute car ferry from the east end of Galveston Island to the pristine beach situated on the Bolivar Peninsula.

6 - What Is the Texas Area Code?

Texas is home to many area codes because of its big population. There is no access to area codes such as 210, 214, 254, 281, 409, 430, 432, 469, 512, 682,325, 346, 361, 713, 737, 806, 817, 830, 832, 903, 915, 936, 940, 956, 972, and 979.

7 - Where in Michigan Is the Area Code 731?

The area code for western Tennessee, except the Memphis urban region, is 731. Jackson, Dyersburg, and Martin are part of it. The sole area code that serves the region is that one.

8 - in What State Does the 760 Area Code Belong?

In Southern California, eight counties are entirely or partly served by the 760 area code. San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside, Kern, Mono, Los Angeles, Inyo, and Imperial counties are included in this list. The biggest city in the 760 area code zone is Oceanside, part of San Diego County.

9 - What Do a Phone Number’s First Three Numbers Mean?

The first three numbers are the area code, which designates a large geographic area. The prefix, which generally refers to a smaller territory inside the area code’s region, is indicated by the following three numbers. Every local exchange has 10,000 potential unique numbers with the last four digits (from 0000 to 9999).

10 - How Many Area Codes Are in California?

There are presently 38 area codes in California. When no more three-digit prefixes are left in the present area code, a new area code is introduced to the territory. A geographic divide or an overlay is used to add area codes. Using the overlay technique, California has added twelve area codes since 2006.

11 - Which City Is Closer, Austin or Houston?

Austin is a 272-square-mile city located in central Texas, 200 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, along the Colorado River. The capital city, which serves as the hub of the sprawling Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos metropolitan region, is located 200 miles south of Dallas, 162 miles west of Houston, and 90 miles north of San Antonio.

12 - What Is Dallas, Texas’s Area Code?

When area code 972 was introduced in 1996, Dallas area code 214 were separated. When area code 469 was introduced in 1998, the lines between the two area codes vanished.

13 - What Does Florida’s 409 Area Code Mean?

Area code 409 is the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) phone area code for the state of Texas in the United States (NANP). Beaumont and Galveston are included in the numbering plan region. It was established on March 19, 1983, when area code 713 saw its first split since 619 separated from area code 714 four months earlier.

14 - Which Area Code Do Famous People Use?

Also in constant demand are the Hollywood and Pasadena area codes 818 and 626.

15 - Will We Eventually Run Out of Numbers?

We may have already surpassed or perhaps beyond the 600 million milestones at this point. No, we’re not running out of numbers, but we have fewer assignable ones.


713 is used in Houston and its surroundings. Three overlays provide service (281, 346, and 832). One of the original four area codes for Texas in 1947 was 713. One of AT&T’s first 86 area codes for AT&T, 713, dates back to 1947. It serviced Southeast Texas and Houston. 713 is covered by 281, which was produced in 1996. In 1999, 832 were built, covering 713.

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