What Area Code Is 221?

What Area Code Is 221? 221 is the area code of Senegal which is in South Africa. 221 is a General Purpose area code issued to a geographic location. 221 is a spam number.

What Area Code Is 221?

What Is the Area Code?

In a telephone number, an area code is a part that indicates the general location of the phone that is receiving the call. It’s the part that comes right before the area code and right after the access code and the country code.

Even if the caller’s phone number is located within the same geographic region as the caller’s, this segment is not required to be dialed. When dialing a local number in the United States, you’ll need to know your area code, which is made up of three numbers for the prefix and four for the suffix.

As opposed to an area code, which refers to a wider geographic area like an entire city or county, the prefix of a local number represents a more localized location, such as a city, a town, or a neighborhood.

Which Country Has an Area Code of +221?

The country of Senegal is the one that makes use of the area code +221. This implies that to make a call to or receive a call from a phone number that is located in Senegal, the number will begin with this prefix.

  • In addition, this prefix is required to receive a call from a Senegalese phone number.

  • Additionally, it is essential to be aware that international prefixes might begin with either the “+” sign or the number 00, and then the number of the mobile phone.

If you get a call from a number that starts with either the international dialing code 00221 or the domestic calling code +221, you may be quite certain that the call is originating from Senegal.

Importance of Area Code

Area codes are used worldwide to denote the geographical location of telephone companies and users. They’ve been used for more than 70 years and aid suppliers and users. With the rise of cell phone services, we must ask if we still need these digits and why. In this essay, we’ll explain the importance of area codes that are vital in this digital era.

1. Businesses Benefits

1947 is when these digits became important. Before this year, dialing a non-local number required telling the operator who you were attempting to reach and where they lived. This needed the operator to personally link you.

This job required speed, precision, and attention to minimize errors. This laborious job became impractical as more individuals used telephone companies. To aid with the manual effort, area codes were developed, and since then, users may contact anybody they want without calling an operator.

2. Find Scams

This is the main reason we need these digits. We’ve all gotten an odd number when someone called us, and if we didn’t know our state, nation, or city numbers, frauds would be easy. If you get a call from a weird number, especially one that starts with unfamiliar numbers, it’s likely a scammer.

This helps consumers defend themselves and helps providers discover hackers. With these codes, the location may be established, and the person responsible can be found using the following phone number. You can share a phone number, but not in the same city or state.

3. Show Geographic Locations

These numbers indicate someone or something’s location. Some miss a former home. It may help companies with marketing and client confusion. Extra numbers can be added if additional people need new lines.

Residents and lines with a number before the changeover can preserve it. These digits might be related to the city or state’s history. This page illustrates that numbers can contain timezone, city, and state. These three numbers aren’t only the area code.

4. No Further Costs are Necessary

This system was implemented before the 1950s. It’s helped users and providers since then. Remember that eliminating area codes today would be difficult. If carriers stopped utilizing the codes and only used one code per nation, they’d need pricey new equipment.
Providers and users save money by using these three numbers. Phone firms don’t need to invest much in new gadgets and technology, so they can keep pricing stable and not worry about customers.

Note: Even while some plans have gone more costly, analysts warn removing the most popular area codes would double or treble pricing. Despite advances in technology, many products still cost a lot of money.

5. Part of Your Personality

Identity last. These numbers aren’t your identity, yet they show you. Your phone number includes location-specific digits, whether you’re in the U.S. or another country. Mobile phones don’t need an area code, but landlines must. This is important for firms and large corporations since the digits indicate users where to locate them and use their services.

This helps consumers and businesses target customers. Your phone number is part of your identity and may identify your location. This prevents fraud and reduces confusion. These are some reasons we need these figures and what they may tell us about a person or corporation. New numbers may be added, but they won’t be replaced soon.

Is the Area Code +221 Specific Only for One Country?

The location of the 221st country code will never change under any circumstances. That is to say, any phone call made from inside Senegal to a number that is situated outside of the nation will invariably be answered by a call that originates from a number that is based in the same area code as the original call.

In the past, mobile phones that were developed could not automatically determine both the country and the geographical location from where an incoming call originated. This limitation prevented older phones from providing this information. Senegal will be the correct response to the question as a direct result of the aforementioned reasons.

How Do I Call Senegal?

If you are calling a Senegalese telephone from outside the country, the first number that you need to dial is the international country code, which is +221. Then, you need to dial the nine-digit telephone number that you are trying to reach.

It is vital to keep in mind that the cost of any call made from one nation to another country will be much higher than the cost of a call made inside the same country. This difference in cost is reflected in the fact that international calls cost more.

After the call has been finished, the total cost of the call will be determined by the telephone company with which the call was placed.

What Is Area Code Day?

Area Code Day commemorates area codes’ birth and significance. Pre-call codes are dialed. Area Code Day honors area codes’ inventiveness. AT&T, Bell implemented area codes in 1940. Time changed area codes. In 1947, the U.S. and Canada profited from the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).

States and provinces assigned area codes. State-specific calling codes helped. Area codes are lower in populous states. Chicago, Detroit, and Los Angeles had three-digit rotary phone codes in the 1940s. North America and the Caribbean are composed of NANP.


Mexico wasn’t included in the NANP. AT&T managed the NANP until it was taken over by the Federal Communications Commission’s American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) service. Local and toll-free area codes exist. Non-toll-free prefixes indicate a phone number’s geographic area.

Area Code Day Activities

The greatest method to appreciate is by researching area code innovation and implementation. The impacts go beyond the phone number. Use #AreaCodeDay to share your ideas online.

1. Unexpectedly Call Someone

You may show your loved ones how much you care by making a surprise phone call to them on Area Code Day if they reside elsewhere. You can also reach out to people from your past school years whom you haven’t spoken to in a while.

2. Find Out Area Codes

We get a lot of phone calls from people in various cities, and we’re humiliated when we can’t figure out the area code. Learning some of the most often utilized area codes in your nation might be a huge help if your job regularly necessitates making and receiving a large number of local calls.

3. Area Code Origins

This is the perfect day to study the history of area codes in the United States and how they came to be accepted by the country. Using the hashtag #AreaCodeDay on social media might also help you connect with more people.

Keep in mind: The best way to commemorate this day is to keep the call short and sweet and attempt to make it from your old-school landline phone.

Frequently Asked Question - FAQs

Some related questions are given below:

1 - What area code is 221 in Canada?

If you are phoning Canada from outside of Canada, you will need to dial 011 before the Canadian telephone number. Senegal uses the international dialing code 221 for all calls made from abroad.

2 - What is the area code of a number?

A phone number’s area code identifies its location. Some area codes service many towns in the same region, while others serve a single big metropolis.

3 - What is the importance of an area code?

Area codes identify a phone number’s location. Cellphone and landline numbers all utilize area codes.

4 - Top ten USA area codes?

Top 10 US Area Codes include (310) Los Angeles (818), Hollywood (626), Pasadena (4/5) (512) (Texas) (312) Chicago (415) California San Francisco (617) Boston (305) Florida Keys and Miami (Florida).

5 - What is the area code in South Africa?

South Africa” area code is +27. This replaces the 0 in 3-digit area codes. To call Cape Town, dial (+27)21 followed by the 7-digit phone number.

6 - What is an area code example?

Local and toll-free area codes exist. 800, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888 are toll-free area codes; all others are local. The 900 area code is a “toll” or “pay-per-call” area code that many of us remember.

7 - What is a 3-digit area code?

Three-digit zip codes are the first three digits. Each zip code has three sections. Ten national zones split the U.S. A zip code’s first digit specifies which category an address is in.

8 - What’s a ZIP code?

The NANP divides its members’ territory into numbering plan areas (NPAs), which are encoded with a three-digit area code. Each phone has a seven-digit number unique to its location.

9 - Is Senegal an African country?

Senegal is often regarded as one of the safest countries in all of Africa. Since 1960, Senegal has had three peaceful political transitions. Macky Sall won a second five-year term in February 2019.

10 - Does area code equal PIN?

Postal Index Number code (PIN) Pin code is the numerical system used by India Post, the country’s postal service.

11 - Are all area codes available?

No. You choose your area code and the business’s actual location. Separate time zones are possible. Popular area codes include 202, 213, 267, 281, 302, 310, 330, 347, 404, 425, 510, 512, 630, 646, 703, 732, 805, 817, 818, 916, 925, and 946.

12 - How do I add an area code?

To format phone numbers in the US, Canada, and other NANP (North American Numbering Plan) nations, surround the area code in parentheses, then hyphenate the three-digit exchange code and a four-digit number.

13 - How do area codes work?

The NANP divides its members’ territory into numbering plan areas (NPAs), which are encoded with a three-digit area code. Each phone has a seven-digit number unique to its location.

14 - Does the mobile number have an area code?

All phone numbers have 10 digits (area code plus number). 7513200000 is Gwalior’s area code and phone number. Landline numbers are 8 digits max.

15 - Why must local calls utilize area code?

In the early 1990s, some communities added a second area code for local calls to meet increased demand. The area code and seven-digit number were needed to contact the desired addressee.


Senegal’s code is 221. Dial Senegal’s international code. Senegal’s IDD code follows France’s. Senegal’s phone number is 00221 plus the capital’s area code. Area Code Day recognizes its value. Area Code Day celebrates their creativity. AT&T, Bell implemented area codes in 1940. The U.S. and Canada profited from 1947’s North American Numbering Plan (NANP). This is the Senegal prefix. It takes Senegalese calls. Not changing 221 Senegal always answers same-area-code international calls. Outside Senegal, dial +221 to access a phone. Dial a 9-digit number.

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