When Is the Mexican Pizza Coming Back?

When is the Mexican pizza coming back? The chain just announced that we could expect the return of the beloved Mexican Pizza on September 15. In November 2020, Taco Bell announced that it was parting ways with its Mexican Pizza. The Mexican Pizza was available for delivery or pickup via the Taco Bell app.

When Is the Mexican Pizza Coming Back?

What is the Mexican Pizza?

The name gives it away: the meal is reminiscent of pizza, with seasoned beef and refried beans sandwiched between two tortilla shells and topped with “Mexican Pizza sauce,” a three-cheese mix, and chopped tomatoes. It first appeared in 1985 under the name “Pizzazz Pizza.”

Taco Bell said in May that sales of its Mexican Pizza were seven times greater than when the item first appeared on its menu in 2014. According to Taco Bell, one California location sold 1,018 Mexican Pizzas in one day, while one client placed an order for 180 Mexican Pizzas.

  • On September 15, when it returns, it will be back for good.

  • May saw the return of Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza, and with it came news that the chain will be staging a musical based on the dish.

  • The musical with Dolly Parton and Doja Cat was scheduled to debut on TikTok on May 26.

  • After being taken off the menu, production had to be halted, but Taco Bell has promised to announce plans for a big comeback party very soon.

Others, however, questioned if Taco Bell was engaged in a marketing strategy similar to that of Coca-Cola in the 1980s when it transitioned to “New Coke” and then back to its old product.


Taco Bell claims it did not know about the alleged switch-bait-switch-bait scheme. In an interview with The Washington Post in May, Taco Bell’s global chief brand officer Sean Tresvant stated that company management was “surprised” by the original response and didn’t plan the comeback as a gimmick.

What Happened to the Mexican Pizza?

Taco Bell announced that it discontinued its Mexican Pizza in November of 2020. This piece of information was not received gently. Customers were dismayed that the menu mainstay, which has been available since 1985 and was formerly known as Pizzazz Pizza, would no longer be available to them.

As a result, they took their complaints to social media platforms. Even though the petition received over 170,000 signatures from committed fans, we were forced to abandon plans to bring back Mexican pizza.

However, Taco Bell paid attention to its devoted customer base in 2022 and brought it back on May 19 of that year. On the other hand, Mexican Pizza started running out of stock throughout the country, and the demand ended up being seven times more than what was predicted.


As a result, the original intention to conduct the show for six months was reduced to just two months. Taco Bell patrons made it clear they meant business with their Mexican Pizza when this happened.

Taco Bell Has Announced That Its Mexican Pizza Will Be Available Again in September.

The quick-service restaurant business said that the Mexican Pizza would return to the Taco Bell menu on September 15 as a permanent offering. Before reintroducing it in May of this year, the restaurant chain, which Yum Brands own, removed the dish from its menu in 2020 to streamline its offerings.

But Taco Bell stated they could not meet customer demand due to a lack of ingredients. This demand was partly helped by rapper Doja Cat’s marketing efforts on the TikTok platform.

After the item became available again in May, Taco Bell said that the demand was seven times larger than when the item was previously accessible, which exceeded the company’s capacity to produce the product. It was reported that a single establishment in the state of California sold more than one thousand slices of pizza topped with meat and refried beans in a single day.

According to a statement released by the corporation, the concerns over the supply have been resolved. According to what was said on the website, “Taco Bell worked tirelessly to overcome depleting ingredients and supply chain difficulties.” Other fast food menu items that have had shortages in the past have also helped generate interest, like Popeyes’s first statewide chicken sandwich, which will be released in 2019.


Customers of Taco Bell who are looking forward to the return of the pizza may also be looking forward to the release of “Mexican Pizza: The Musical,” which stars Dolly Parton and Doja Cat and was pushed back along with the meal itself. These devoted customers were advised by Taco Bell to “remain tuned.”

Is Mexican Pizza Coming Back Permanently?

A celebrity’s life isn’t always a bed of roses. Try asking for Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell. When the restaurant announced in September 2020 that they would be taking their unique take on pizza off the menu in November of that year, it appeared as if the fad had finally died.

A petition drive garnered support from the general public, and celebrities like Doja Cat and Dolly Parton threw their weight behind the cause. That’s why this year, in April, Taco Bell declared the return of the Mexican Pizza in May, along with plans to give the menu item its very own musical.

But things can turn around quickly; after the initial return of the Mexican Pizza became so popular that it began selling out across the country, the musical was pushed back, and Mexican Pizzas were once again removed from the Taco Bell menu, like so many Nacho Fries, with a promise to return later this year.

OK, so it’s later in the year, but what gives with the Mexican pizza? Fortune claims to have spoken with Taco Bell CEO Mark King, and as a result, they have exclusive information. King stated, “It will be reintroduced around the middle of September, and it will be a permanent item.”

When I discontinued Mexican pizza, I had more letters of complaint than any previous time. According to a company email, Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza is coming back on September 15.

King further enlightened us with some new information. The Mexican pizza was supposed to have a six-month run, but it only lasted two months since the demand was so high after its comeback. The CEO said, “What we learned is that one of the keys to our magic is that customers truly appreciate specific goods.”

Keep in mind: He then gave an example, saying, “My generation liked the Bell Beefer.” Still, the Taco Bell hamburger isn’t making a comeback anytime soon. King claims he was “booed out of the room” when he pitched the product as the next major return item for the business.


Some related questions are given below:

1 - When exactly did they stop making the Mexican Pizza?

After 35 years on the menu, Taco Bell shocked its customers by removing Mexican Pizza from its offerings in November 2020. The dish consisted of ground beef and refried beans sandwiched between two tortilla shells and topped with cheese, tomatoes, and pizza sauce that had been available to customers for 35 years.

2 - Is Taco Bell 2022 planning to bring back the Mexican Pizza?

Is the Mexican pizza available once again? On September 15, 2022, Mexican Pizza will again be available as a staple on the menu. Taco Bell Rewards members, on the other hand, will get early access to the Mexican Pizza beginning on September 13, 2022, and can place orders for in-store or drive-thru pickup via the Taco Bell app.

3 - What kind of dough is used to make the shells for Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza?

Taco Bell’s version of Mexican pizza uses a couple of flour tortillas as the crust instead of traditional pizza dough. These tortillas are cooked until crispy and can withstand the toppings in the same manner as a conventional pizza crust should. Following that, a layer of taco meat that has been seasoned and a layer of refried beans are put to the bottom “crust.”

4 - Is there any chance that Taco Bell will bring back the bell Beefer?

It has been stated that the Bell Beefer would come back in full force in the middle of 2023, although many questions whether this assertion is true.

5 - Why isn’t there any more Mexican pizza?

According to the CEO of Taco Bell, the dish, which had been known as the “Pizzazz Pizza” when it was initially introduced in 1985 and remained on the menu for many years after its inception that year, was unexpectedly removed from the menu in the year 2020 owing to the pandemic. King remarked that the process required a lot of time.

6 - Is there going to be a revival of the chili cheese burrito?

Taco Bell has sneakily brought back ANOTHER customer favorite to make up for some of the menu choices they’ve made in the past (which I may or may not have forgiven yet). After being taken off the menu in 2020, the Mexican Pizza made a triumphant comeback, but the Chili Cheese Burrito, often known as the “Chilito,” quietly made its way back into the menu without much of a fuss.

7 - Why didn’t Taco Bell keep more Mexican Pizza in stock?

This item consisted of seasoned beef and refried beans sandwiched between two fried tortillas, with cheese, sauce, and diced tomatoes placed on the top tortilla to resemble a pizza. Taco Bell has stated that it was overwhelmed by the sudden demand for this item.

8 - Have all of Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizzas been sold?

Previously, in 2020, Taco Bell removed its Mexican Pizza from the menu, citing a goal to create a quicker and “more seamless” restaurant menu and experience amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

9 - Did Taco Bell Mexican Pizza come back?

To the dismay of loyal customers, Taco Bell “tried to simplify its offerings” in 2020, which resulted in the removal of the popular dish Mexican Pizza from the restaurant’s menu. The meal was reintroduced in May after having been absent for two years.

10 - How were they able to deplete their supply of Mexican pizza?

Two weeks after the dish was reinstated to the Taco Bell menu, the fast food company was already running out of Mexican Pizza. In a statement, the restaurant chain, which Yum Brands own, said that it is working with its locations and suppliers to get the dish permanently reinstated onto the menu by the autumn.


Taco Bell has announced that it will return its Mexican Pizza to its menu the following month, so fans won’t have to wait nearly as long to get their hands on their old favorite. To the dismay of loyal customers, Taco Bell “tried to simplify its offerings” in 2020, which resulted in the removal of the popular dish Mexican Pizza from the restaurant’s menu. The meal was reintroduced in May after having been absent for two years. Due to the very strong customer demand, Taco Bell had to temporarily remove the item from their menu a few weeks after its reappearance of the item.

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