What Type Of Oil For Cub Cadet Xt1

What Type Of Oil For Cub Cadet Xt1? The recommended oil type for a Cub Cadet XT1 lawn tractor will depend on the engine model. Kohler recommends using Kohler [10W-30 oil] (SAE30 vs. 10W30) or an equivalent oil that meets API Service Classification SF, SG, or SH for their engines. Briggs & Stratton recommends using Briggs & Stratton 10W-30 oil or an equivalent oil that meets API Service Classification SF, SG, or SH for their engines.

What Type Of Oil For Cub Cadet Xt1

What are the cub cadet xt1 engine types?

Cub cadet engines have

1. 2x durability,
2. 20% more usability and
3. It started at -20°C.

Engines for cub cadets

Two main engine types of Cub cadet are:

1-IntelliPower TM

IntelliPower engines are best to use in the area of tall wet grasses and heavy snow. They provide 20% more available energy. The result is thus more consistent in the cut.

Essential features of it are

Features Functions
Power Delivers up to 20% more available power
Better Cut Quality Blades maintain speed and won’t bog down in heavy work.
Clearance Provide consistent clearance.
Smooth ride Smoother and quieter ride by a stable speed
Start Reliable staring without electric coke

2-Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

It eliminates the fuel-related starting issues & reduces the number of beginning steps by minimizing the fuel consumption by 25% less than the other engines. Thus, we need less fuel filter replacement.

Features Functions
Start Start in all weather conditions
Storage Provide off-season storage
Lower fuel used Use up to 25% less fuel
Maintenance cost No need for regular maintenance and oil change
Fuel acceptance Reduce problems by using gasoline-ethanol fuels

What kind of oil does a Cub Cadet xt1 need?

Kohler recommends using their Winter Oil, 5W20/5W30, for LT 1050 operating at around 32 °F. However, they recommend using Kohler Command Oil Mark or 10W30 for temperatures below 0°C and above.

What type of oil for the Cub cadet XT1 Video Guide?

Here is the video guide.


The Cub Cadet Cars are heavy-duty small tractor-type vehicles made only in America. Their engine has 2x durability, 20% more usability, and starts at cold temperatures at -20oC. They use two types of engines, IntelliPower TM and Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI).

What kind of oil does a cub cadet car use?

The amount and the grade (viscosity) of specific oil for cub cadet cars are on the operator’s Manual for a particular engine type. The Manual also contains information about oil change procedures. Always use only the recommended oil; otherwise, the engine’s efficiency is reduced or damaged.

The recommended general grades of oil for outdoor power equipment;

1. Summer- SAE30
2. Winter-5W30

Oil grades applications:

Oil grades for Cub cadet and different engines, including Honda, Kohler command, Powermore, etc., are as

1. Summer-10W30
2. Winter-4W30

What is the difference by the way 10W30 & SAE30?

Cub cadet cars during summer use both of these oils. Both are similar but not the same. From their name, it is clear that 30 in both titles is the viscosity grade in summer. And 10W30 has 10W means ten viscosity in winter as indicated by SAE30 vs 10W30 analysis.

The fundamental difference is as below.

SAE30 10W30
Older engines use Newer engines use
30 viscosity in summer 30 in summer & 10 in winter
Better in warm conditions only Good in both warm and colder conditions
Low price High price

# # What if I switch from SAE30 to 10W30 in my lawn mower?

Yes, you can switch to 10W30 from SAE30 if you want. Sometimes this switch has a good impact and is necessary. It can be the decision of anybody mowing in colder conditions because using single-grade oils can cause a problem. But you can use a single-grade oil with flexibility in hot temperatures and lawn mowers. Because in hot weather, both oils 10W30 and SAE30 can go with the same flow.

10W30 has the same viscosity grade at operating temperature as SAE30, so you can go smoothly without any problem. As 10W30 is a multi-grade oil, it has 30 degrees in the hot season, while in the cold season, it has 10-grade viscosity. This characteristic enables the engine to adapt to whatever weather conditions. So, you can use it with flexibility with any temperature conditions. Nowadays, many new mowers recommend 10W30 grade oil in their engines.

The conclusion is that the SAE30 is the choice of older mowers but needs dual-checking. A single-grade oil is best for simpler and most predicted devices. And due to the high viscosity range, 10W30 oil is increasingly used for new mower engines.

Oil grade identification:

The American Petroleum Institute (API) service symbol indicates motor oil quality. Always use oil having an API symbol; it assures the oil’s quality, grade, and service ratings. Standard oil rates are SAE30 and 10W30, used in cub cadet cars.

What is the service rating?

The service rating of oil is the age range of engines appropriate for a specific oil. It is evident by the specific two-letter combination by the [API.

These letters are SN, SM, SL, SJ, etc.

Two-letter combination Indicates
SN For the engines of 2011 & older
SM For the engines of 2010 & older
SL For the engines of 2004 & older
SJ For the engines of 2001 & older

Cub cadet Xt1 oil capacity

The engine oil capacities of Cub Cadet Cars vary with model, series, and manufacturer. The exact degree of any specific engine describes in its operator’s Manual. The cub cadet oil capacity is usually 2 quarts. When draining oil for cleaning, some residue may remain, resulting in a slightly lesser amount used.


There are four types of recommended oil for Cub Cadet Cars; SAE30, 10W30 (summer), and 4W30 & 5W30 (winter). SAE30 & 10W30 oils are for summer use, but you can also use 10W30 in winter. The cub cadet oil capacity is 2 quarts.

Cub cadet xt1 oil filter

Any material used to filter dust and rust from the fuel is known as a fuel filter, manufactured from cartridges containing filter paper. You can find it in the internal combustion engine. Filtration is a vital function in modern vehicles because unfiltered fuel has many impurities that reduce the efficiency of machines.

Fuel filters improve the machine’s working ability because oil can burn smoothly without impurities. After regular intervals, fuel filters need to be maintained.

For a long-lasting and smooth-running engine, clean filters are of vital importance. Pre-cleaner, oil and fuel filters, or air filters keep Cub Cadet’s engine clean and running. Only use original filter equipment from Kohler, Honda, Briggs & Stratton, and Kawasaki. To select the best filter, you can use the parts diagrams tools of your Cub Cadet Car to find the best filter for it. Or if you have a filter and want to know which part it is? Then you can go to the part finder option.

Cub cadet car filters are according to their model.

Models Filters
LT1042 & 1045 25-050-S
LT1046 & LT1050 12-050-01-S

As different models require different filters, the installation process is the same. Cub cadets recommend changing the oil for these filters every 100 hours.

Kawasaki engine oil

A blend of 10W30, 10W40, and 20W50 create for use in low and high temperatures. It is the best option for changing the temperature. This engine’s most recommended oil is 10W40, but it needs a good change according to the temperatures. Or you can mix Sae 30 and 10W30.

Cub cadet xt1 oil change

Every engine’s cub cadet xt1 oil change schedule is on the Manual. You should clean your cub cadet hood after every 10 hours. Check the engine oil in your cub cadet car before every use and change it every 50 hours. The oil filter for cub cadet xt1 also changes after every 50 hours.

Cub cadet Xt1 oil kit

Many types of Cub cadet xt1 oil change kits, are available. Two of these are here.

Maintenance Kit 32-789-02-S 10W30 Pre Cleaner Fuel Filter Spark Plug for Kohler 7000 Series is a handy display pack of everything needed for periodic maintenance. The product description is as follows, Air Filter 32-083-09-S, Oil Filter 52-050-02-S, Pre-Cleaner 32-083-10-S, Fuel Filter 25-050-22-S, Oil 25-357-06-S, Spark Plug 25-132-03-S.

4-EFI cub cadet oil Kit

This quicksilver cub cadet xt1 oil change kit contains Industry-leading quicksilver 25W040 Marine Engine Oil. After five years of struggles in engineering and development, we went into an extra protective formula with an advanced set of anti-wear additives that provide 33% better protection.

Quicksilver 25W-40 marine Engine Oil held higher viscosity grades than other oils. Due to its unique design, it is only possible to maintain the engine’s reliability and performance. Quicksilver filters team up to provide the highest protection on the water.


Any material used to filter dust from the fuel is called a fuel filter. For excellent quality engine work, filtration at regular intervals is necessary. Always use manufacturer-recommended oil filter for cub cadet xt1. Pre-cleaner, oil and fuel filters, or air filters keep Cub Cadet’s engine clean and running.

Cub cadet riding mowers oil

Cub Cadet recommends using SAE30 motor oil for their riding mowers.
According to the cub cadet manufacturers, the suggested cub cadet riding mowers oil must contain an API rating of SF or greater.

You can also use 10W30 oil, but it can increase the oil consumption compared to the SAE30. But this grade is best in all types of weather. So, you can use a synthetic type of SAE 5W30 Oil. It is the best for starting in all temperature scenarios with low oil consumption.

Can I use the synthetic Oil for Cub Cadet Car Xt1?

Yes, you can because it is acceptable to use when following the engine oil change interval recommended by the manufacturer. When you don’t mind it, synthetic oil loses its lubrication in the colder season.

Can I use regular car oil for the cub cadet Xt1?

You can use the car as your Cub Cadet riding mowers oil if you have a newer four-stroke engine. But not with the old two-stroke engine.

Cub cadet xt2 oil type

The Cub Cadet Xt2 oil SAE 10W-30 uses two quarts. “The Cub Cadet XT2 with a 22HP Kohler 7000 series OHV engine and intelligent choke requires one Kohler oil filter and comes with a reusable easy-drain oil pan. Its oil capacity is 2 quarts.”


SAE30 motor oil is the better choice, but the manufacturer suggested oil with API ratings of SF is best. You can also use synthetic and regular car oil in your cub cadet Xt1. But with the regular oil change intervals and warm temperature conditions.


Q1. What kind of oil is for cub cadet Xt1?

SAE30 is better to use in lawnmowers. In the cub, cadet cars can also use 10W30 or 10W40.

Q2. How much oil does my cub cadet Xt1 take?

The engine oil capacity of cub cadet cars is 2-3 quarts.

Q3. What is the oil capacity of the Cub Cadet XT2 in quarts?

The cub cadet oil capacity is usually 2 quarts.

Q4. What type of grease is for cub cadet Xt1?

251H EP is the recommended [car grease for it.

Q5. Is the Kohler engine used in the cub cadet?

Yes, it gives high-performance Power.

Q6. What type of transmission is in cub cadets?

Cub cadet cars use Hydrostatic transmission-LH-918-05128A.

Q7. What is the difference by the way Xt1 & Xt2?

Both are the same. But Xt2 has a front bumper as an additional safety tool.

Q8. What is the cub cadet oil capacity?

The cub cadet oil capacity is 2 quarts, 1.9 litres.

Q9. Can I use synthetic oil in cub cadet?

Yes, you can use synthetic oil. But only when

  1. Recommended oil used for the first time.

  2. And should be regulated oil change intervals.

Q10. Can we use regular car oil in cub cadet cars?

Yeah, 10W30 and 10W40 oil types use in cub cadet cars as in standard cars and vehicles.

Q11. What is an oil filter for cub cadet xt1?

The oil filter for it is 25-050-25-s and 12-050-01-s filters of the different models of Cub Cadet Cars.

Q12. Which country produces cub cadet cars?

The USA is the manufacturer of cub cadet cars.

Q13. What is the type of engine a cub cadet has?

POWERMORE® engines have in cub cadet cars.

Q.14 Which oil is best for cub cadet oil in summer?

Both SAE30 & 10W30 oils are suitable to use in summer.

Q15. What is the main difference between 10W30 & SAE30?

Viscosity grade is the main difference between these oils. SAE30 has 30-grade viscosity in the summers, while 10W30 has 30 grades and 10-grade thicknesses in winter.


What kind of oil is for cub cadet Xt1? Some oil types are used for cub cadet xt1 as SAE30 & 10W30 in summer and 4W30 &5W30 in winter. Summer oil 10E30 can also use in winter because it has 30-grade viscosity in summer and 10-grade viscosity in winter.

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