What To Look For In A Delivery Management App?

What Look For In A Delivery Management App?. A delivery management app provides the operational teams with an interface to schedule pickups and deliveries. The first and most important part is the automatic dispatch, Real-time tracking that is mainly assigned to the agents keeping the track of their presence and availability.

What Look For In A Delivery Management App?

If you’re in the delivery industry, having a good delivery management app can really help you scale up your business quickly and automate many of the normally time-consuming and physically-frustrating processes for you in the food service industry.

In truth, it may be argued that many businesses in the delivery industry cannot survive without a quality delivery management system managing its own logistics and delivery.

Therefore, what exactly are some of the things that you should look for in delivery management app?

Effective Logistics Management

As mentioned earlier, one of the primary functions of any delivery management system is to manage and control your logistics. For example, if you have multiple delivery locations in various areas of the country, and each location only gets a certain amount of time during the day, how do you ensure that your drivers get to their delivery locations on time?

The answer is that by using an efficient delivery management system, you can ensure that your drivers are always getting the road time they need to make sure that they are making every delivery location as reliable as possible, every single day.

This means that if you want to expand your delivery fleet and get more drivers trained for all of your current locations, you can do so very easily simply by adding a driver app to your website or application.

Real-time Update and Tracking

Real-time Update and Tracking

Another important function that the delivery management app will perform for your company is that of providing real-time updates and statistics regarding your delivery teams. With such a useful tool, you can monitor the productivity and efficiency of all your delivery teams in terms of delivery times, route efficiencies, frequency of pickups and deliveries, and more.

As such, you can greatly improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your entire delivery fleet. You’ll be able to see everything in one glance, allowing you to pinpoint problems and quickly solve them, which can lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Route Optimization - Maximize efficiency and productivity

Of course, having an efficient delivery management app is only part of the equation when it comes to running a successful delivery business. To truly maximize its potential, you must also employ strategies that will help to minimize the amount of time that your drivers spend in the various delivery locations that they manage.

For example, how can you optimize routes to maximize revenue? Optimizing routes to take the least number of stops possible will drastically cut down on driver wait times and increase revenues. How can you do both?

Automatic Customer Alerts

First, you need to allow your users to set up notifications. There should be no restrictions on when notifications should be sent or how often they should occur. It’s far too easy for people to accidentally miss a delivery notification while in the process of scheduling a pickup.

To prevent this, your delivery management app should provide easy to use and convenient scheduling functions that allow you to set up automatic notifications with the push of a button. You should also be able to set up recurring or daily alerts so that your customers receive an email or text message anytime there is a delivery change.

Delivery Auto Scheduling

In addition to features like notifications and scheduling, you should also look for delivery management solution apps that provide comprehensive analytics. You want to know everything about how you’re paying your bills and what you’re spending money on every month.

Some solutions offer detailed reports on billing patterns, expenses and more. Others even allow you to export your billing data to external software.

Delivery Auto Dispatching Notification

Delivery Auto Dispatching Notification
Another important feature is dispatchers and their ability to update customers on their next pickup.

It’s important for dispatchers to be able to give their driver’s directions, since many drivers aren’t comfortable asking for directions if they’re not good at remembering them. With all of the devices now in use in today’s society, dispatchers should be able to send text or email notifications when a pickup is made or completed.

This will help to improve the customer experience and ensure that they have the information they need to make informed decisions.

Of course, having great customer service is also crucial. The delivery management software that you choose should allow for easy updates to customer support and customer service departments.


The best solutions integrate with customer management systems and the dispatch systems of your fleet vehicles, so that any driver can simply click the “chat” button on their smartphone to contact customer service representatives during business hours.

Having this type of customer support and engagement feature means that you are providing your drivers with the tools they need to be a great driver and help keep your clients happy and satisfied.